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[WotC] The MOCX Initiative
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[WotC] The MOCX Initiative

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Because two sets of enemies that could muck up your battles wasn't enough. (This means they fight with the aliens)

The MOCX Initiative introduces humanity's worst enemy to the game: itself. Starting by default with May, you run the risk of facing enemies that effectively resemble XCOM on the battlefield: they have their own classes, they gain ranks, they even have PCSes.

Normal MOCX squads will be introduced to most missions as a SITREP modifier (added through special means in the mod itself: there is a rookies variant that is treated as a normal SITREP.): you should see it when deciding whether to set up a squad for the mission, if it's been rolled for it.

The good news is that in contrast to the endless alien hordes and ADVENT clones, MOCX soldiers are relatively unique and not easy to train, they can run out of soldiers to throw at XCOM for the month, whether through death or because all of them are injured. They won't be constantly coming back like the Chosen. In addition, if you work with the factions, you can ultimately topple them and stop them from taking any further action in your campaign. It will take time however, time and Covert Actions that could be used for other purposes.

They are also disallowed from spawning on a mission if an alien ruler will already be active in that mission.

Check the discussion tab for pinned topics for specifics on stuff like MOCX ability availability, when MOCX can appear, how to customize MOCX, the rules for using units from the character pool, etc. It also contains information on just how MOCX upgrades throughout the campaign.

Known Issues
If you happen to not have a mission spawn, type in MOCXSpawnFirstMission, MOCXSpawnSecondMission, or MOCXSpawnFinalMission depending on how far you were in to the mission chain.

Other Mod Support
Use Extract Corpses and try your hand at Metal Gearing from new recruits from MOCX themselves.

The alternate mod launcher will say there will be conflicts if Genji Redux, A Better Advent WotC, or World War L is installed. This is a false positive.

Thanks to CMDBob for Total Advent Weaponry, which this mod uses for custom weapons.

Thanks to Pavonis Interactive, for the Coil tier of weapons this mod uses.

Thanks to robojumper for overhauling the backend and adding in the MOCX Photobooth functionality
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Masterman 2 hours ago 
Is there a way to change the name of MOCX to something else? eg EXALT?
RealityMachina  [author] Aug 11 @ 10:35am 
When you have the highlander as the only mod active, do you see a version number in the lower right when you get to the main menu?
Ayla Aug 11 @ 10:28am 
The alternate mod launcher will say there will be conflicts if Genji Redux, A Better Advent WotC, or World War L is installed. This is a false positive.------ Then why wont my game launch when i have ABA and this turned on? I have even tried a fresh install and only turning on highlander, ABA, and Mocx and game crashes before title screen appears. This mod is highly uncompatible and breaks with many many other mods. That sucks because i would really like to use it, but it doesn't work with half the other mods i use.
I Darkstar X Aug 7 @ 10:28am 
So I think I got it to work. I copied Dragon32's exmaple, and all the MOCX are wearing the (broken) exalt shirt an dhave the face mask. (I was a moron and didnt turn the sound on so I dont know if they used the crackly voices.)
Magatsu Keshin Aug 6 @ 9:24pm 
@Dragon32 Yes
Dragon32 Aug 5 @ 3:30am 
@Magatsu Keshin:
Are the pool soldiers you want to use set as Dark VIPs?
p6kocka Aug 5 @ 1:52am 
Is it only bad RNG or something else, because I´mgetting ALMOST always MOCX SITREP only...
Magatsu Keshin Aug 2 @ 7:10pm 
How do you get MOCX appearance to pull from the character pool and use all the cosmetics? I looked in the files and I found var bool UseEntireAppearance so I said "= true" and then I don't think anything really changed. Is there some other variable like that in there?
Mother Joe Aug 2 @ 11:17am 
I have "Do MOCX Covert Action" listed in the objectives tab while on the map; how do I complete that objective?