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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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+ BIG: More Decapitations! (a Better Improvements for Gameplay mod)
Created by sp0ckrates
Makes it easier to chop off their heads!
If you're like me, you're captivated by Skyrim's decapitations. I mean, don't you just love the irony of separating a bandit's head from his shoulders just moments after he makes the vain threat, "I'...
Albion The Earl
Created by uschtenbrau
Albion The Earl

One-handed sword, can be crafted at any forge, if you got skill Steel Smithing.

Model and Textures made by me.

Feel free to use model in your project.

Hope you’ll like my work. Enjoy =)

Value 100
Weight 8
Damage 16
Crit ...
Alchemist's Shack - Housing Skyrim's Wilderness
Created by BEEF WOMEN
Part of the Housing Skyrim's Wilderness collection, this mod improves on Alchemist's Shack adding a potions/ingredients store room, more plants to harvest in the garden and more items.

Alchemist's Shack is located south of Ivarstead, in The Rift.

Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
Created by Enai Siaion
Apocalypse adds 155 new spells to Skyrim that are unique, balanced, lore friendly and blend seamlessly into the vanilla magic system. Also includes scrolls and staves.


· 155 all new spells (31 per school) with high quality custom ef...
Ancient Falmer Crown
Created by Valmaren
Adds the missing Ancient Falmer Crown to Arch-Curate Vyrthur's inventory completing his Ancient Falmer light armor set.

Note that this mod changes the Ancient Falmer Crown from a clothing item to a light armor helm with stats comparable to the other Anc...
Ashland Amulets - Morrowind Artifacts for Skyrim
Created by PrivateEye
This small mod adds three artifact amulets that appeared in Morrowind to Skyrim.
The original designs were used to recreate the amulets.
In Morrowind, "Madstone of the Ahemmusa", "Teeth of the Urshilaku" and "Thong of Zainab", are three amulets that are ...
Ballistic Spells
Created by Minolin
Existing spells like Firebolt or Icy Spear are now affected by gravity.
Makes the game slightly more difficult until you master the physics, but much more fun.

I've altered only projectiles types, so we should be compatible to most other mods. Range an...
Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
Created by 🦎 Sai'Raks

Table of Contents:
What does this mod have to offer
How to get
Version History
Works with these mods
Known mod conflicts
Known issues and bugs

Alternate Start - Live Another Life
Created by Arthmoor
Misery and despair have haunted you all your life. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, you've been arrested and thrown in the dungeons. Your trial was supposed to be weeks ago, only nobody has come for you. It's been so long since seeing dayli...
Bjolt's Armory
Created by Technomancer
Requires Dawnguard DLC


Where did you, the subscriber, see this mod at? I randomly got a spike in views and subscribers on the 29th. Was this featured on some sort of mod showcase I am unaware of?


Alright, so I m...
BIG: Soul Gem Mining (a Better Improvements for Gameplay mod)
Created by sp0ckrates
Gives you a chance to get leveled soul gems every time you mine--even grand and black soul gems!
This mod gives you a 10% chance to get a soul gem anytime you and at any ore vein. It doesn't change the number of ore y...
Bosmer Armor Pack part 1 of 4
Created by Maty743
Parts 2, 3 and 4 are now out!
If you have performance issues with the HD textures you may want to download the low res version from my [url=
Blackreach Railroad
Created by Trainwiz
Deep in the bowels of the earth, the Dwemer constructed vast cities of gleaming bronze and chiseled stone. Their networks criss-crossed all of northern Tamriel, stretching from Hammerfell in the west all the way to Morrowind in the east. Now, rumors of a g...
Craftable Guns
Created by Grey Wolf Jack

This is a simple mod that adds craftable and fireable Flintlock Muskets, Flintlock Pistols, Flintlock Blunderbusses, Musket Balls, and Musket Shot to Skyrim. The Flintlock Musket, Flintlock Pistol, Flintlock Bl...
Become a Bard
Created by Pevey
Tired of being a warrior or mage? Become a Bard!

To those of you who just picked up Skyrim in the Steam sale... WELCOME! Also, please check out this introductory guide to using...
Bosmer Armor Pack part 3 of 4
Created by Maty743
Contains Reinforced Armor (Description in part 1). Please go to part 1 to comment/rate ect as that is what I want to be the main file. Thank you and enjoy :)...
Bosmer Armor Pack part 2 of 4
Created by Maty743
Contains Elder Armor (Description in part 1). Please go to part 1 to comment/rate ect as that is what I want to be the main file. Thank you and enjoy :)...
Black books, Elder Scrolls and Masks for SHF Breezehome Basement
This small mod adds the extra storage and displays to my simple Hearthfires Breezehome Basement mod, for the treasures you find in Dragonborn and Dawnguard. The parent mod, SHF Breezehome Basement is required, as is Hearhtfires, Dragonborn and Dawnguard.
BIG: Earlier Decapitations! (a Better Improvements for Gameplay mod)
Created by sp0ckrates
Why wait to decapitate? Even if you're level 1, you can start chopping off heads now!
If you're like me, you hate to wait. Waiting in line. Waiting for summer vacation. Waiting to get the skill perks to have the thrill of decapitating foes...
3x Richer Merchants - A Better Rewards and Treasure Mod
Created by sp0ckrates
Now merchants and fences have three times the starting gold, and three times the additional gold when you invest in their businesses!
This mod triples the amount of gold street vendors, shopkeepers, court wizards and fences have to spend, so...
All Races Drop Skulls
Created by sp0ckrates
COMPATIBLE WITH THE NEW DISPLAY YOUR SKULLS MOD! This mod gives races skulls, which you may loot from NPCs (non-player characters) after they die. Each skull is as anatomically correct as possible for its race and bears the name of the race. There ...
Archmage Spellcrafting
Created by lil Joshu
I get asked this A LOT... how do you change the spell's settings?
Drop soulgems into boxes. Skyrim doesn't have sliders, so I had to make a different way to change numbers for spell data.You can ...
Automatic Crossbows
Created by J3X
The Thalmor have found some old Dwemer schematics and are rebuilding the Dwemers most fearsome weapons - automatic crossbows! Scouts have found that they have converted Reachwind Eyrie, a Dwemer tower southeast of Markarth and northeast of Dushnikh Yal, in...
Battle Mages - A Better Rewards and Treasure Mod
Created by sp0ckrates
Gives you enchanted light armor, enchanted mage robes and hoods, and enchanted one-handed weapons and magic staffs as loot and payment for quests!
There's also a 3x greater chance of getting light armor and one-handed weapons than there is ...
Bosmer Armor Pack part 4 of 4
Created by Maty743
Contains Hunt Armors (Description in part 1). Please go to part 1 to comment/rate ect as that is what I want to be the main file. Thank you and enjoy :)...
Build Your Own City - Becoming a Lord [ALPHA] - Tier 2
Created by LemurFever™
Join the steam group page for the game I'm currently developing, NOVA:

NOTICE: This is an alpha! This work is only two thirds complete and there may be bugs!
NOTICE 2: You have to have subt...
Chrysamere - a Morrowind artifact for Skyrim
Created by PrivateEye
This is a simple mod that adds the mighty Chrysamere from Morrowind to the game!
I stayed true to the look of the original, but added some details to it. The original was pretty bland.
In Morrowind, you will have to find this balde as part of an Imperial...
Disenchantable Priest Masks
Created by federan
A simple mod that allows players to disenchant priest masks and use the enchantments on helms, armors.
Now it supports all Dragonborn masks.

As requested, a chest containing all masks can be found inside Whiterun Guard Barracks.
Right after you enter,...
Display Your Skulls
Created by sp0ckrates
NOW YOU CAN DISPLAY YOUR SKULLS! This is an add-on mod for All Races Drop Skulls, which is required. Also required is the Hearthfire DLC. This add-on mod adds skull displays ...
Dwemer Buster
Created by piu
=======DWEMER BUSTER=======

This is a new custom weapon I made based on the Dwemers' technology.
Resembling a cannon, you can attach it to your hand and fire projectiles.
You can put it to either hand! It sure looks nice when duel wielded.

Dwemer Autoblade
Created by Acey
This mod adds one new weapon, the Dwemer autoblade. To Download the mod, just press subscribe.
The Model and Texures are made from scratch.

The Mod is also available on Skyrim Nexus, under the account name acey195.

The Dwemer Auto blade is a weapon...
Dwarven Staffs
Created by - Connor Gandy -
This mod add Dwarven Staffs to the game! Then can be crafted once you rech level 10 using 4 Dwarven bars and a relevant material.
There are currently 6 staffs; Fire, Ice, Lightning, Fear, Paralysis and Reanimate!
All the staff types have custom textures!...
Diversified Conjuration
Created by McSchwang
This mod mainly aims to increase the overall number of summons available, without being overkill. Instead of just the three atronachs and dremora lord being available, this mod adds more summons that can be purchased from a vendor in the Sleeping Giant Inn...
Cyrodilic Steel Dagger
Created by fuccboi
Cyrodilic Steel Dagger
This dagger is inspired by the Cyrodilic Steel Dagger from TES:IV. After the Oblivion crisis had ended, and with it the 3rd Era, blacksmiths found new and more cost-effective ways of creating steel daggers. And so, the iconic...
Dwarven Luggage
Created by Vault Boy
When Sinderion entered into Blackreach, he didn't go alone. Years later, the Dragonborn can find the Dwarven Luggage still waiting within the depths of Blackreach by its former master.

During Sinderion's quest to find more nirn root he happened by a st...
Draugr Weaponry Replacer EN
Created by Destero
If you like it, please give it a thumb up, it 's much better now, than the old versions! Thank you! :)

Table of Contents:
  1. Description
  2. Downloadmirror
  3. What you need
  4. My other Mods
  5. Thanks and Credits
EECo. Whiterun Warehouse
Created by MustardOrc
The East Empire Company Whiterun Warehouse is a handy storage area used to hold many goods. Through unforseen circumstances, you end up using this room to live in Whiterun til you can pay for a real house. The door is locked but perhaps there is something ...
Dwemer Spectres
Created by Trainwiz
Throughout Morrowind, they walked, the shades of a once great race. These dwemer spectres haunted ruins all across Vvardenfell forever guarding their puzzles and treasures. Yet, curiously, their presence was absent from Skyrim. But no more. Once again, the...
Dwemer Traps, Bombs and Exploding Arrows
Created by LacunaePhage
Enemies Essplode! by LittleBaron (aka LacunaePhage on Steam)

Your sneaky thief with Ancient Knowledge can now craft Dwemer Traps, Bombs and Exploding Arrows to cause mischief with. Blow your enemies to pieces from the comfort of your current hiding spot...
Enchanting Awakened
Created by egocarib
Welcome to Enchanting Awakened!
~ by egocarib

A mod that completely reimagines Skyrim's Enchanting skill system in an immersive, balanced, and lore-friendly way.


Enchantable faction armor
Created by Mark
Adds enchantable faction armor to the game.

Armor is located in areas appropriate to their style:
- Dark Brotherhood armor is in the master bedroom of the Dawnstar Sanctuary.
- Thieves Guild armor (Guildmaster style) is located in the Cistern, in a ...
Entire Eyes
Created by Mugo99
This mod makes every race(Minus Beasts) be able to have all the different eye colours from all of the other races and the mod also makes every eye unisexual meaning that they can all be used for both sexes....
Created by Yatagan
By Alexander J. Velicky

Version 1.2.1 (Final Version)

Nexus Link:

*Link for intro/outro files at bottom and strongly recommended!

Important Note on 1.2.1
Faction: Pit Fighter
Created by ThirteenOranges
Pit Fighter contains an all new faction to join, complete with NPCs, progression through the ranks, unique rewards and side quests.

"The Pit Fighters of Windhelm were once the city's proud Arena Team, known throughout Tamriel as The Paladins. Since t...
ESP: Better Potion Recipes (an Enchantments, Spells and Potions mod)
Created by sp0ckrates
Adds 40 new potion and poison recipes you can buy from any alchemist, including rare and valuable recipes with four or more different effects!
This mod adds recipes you can buy, which will let you make some of the rarest and best potions ...
Faction: Pit Fighter Travels Add-On
Created by ThirteenOranges
Pit Fighter Travels is an Add-On for An Elder Scrolls Faction: Pit Fighter which provides multiple new pit fight locations and rewards as well as new creatures, weapons and armor. [...
Farengar SecretFire- Ultimate Mage Trader
Created by Mazdak
Farengar Secret-Fire no longer is your low tier mage supplier of tomes and soul gems, he now has every single spell tome in Skyrim, most of the circlets, staves, and every soul gem (excluding azuras star). He will also sell most of the mage clothing in the...
Guard Dialogue Overhaul
Created by Eckss
More Dialogue, More Realism, More Respect. This Mod alters the Guards' Dialogue, changing it from something that breaks your immersion in the world of Skyrim to something that actually increases it. All in the original voices and Fully compliant with Skyri...
Ghost Followers
Created by sp0ckrates
Lets your dead companions keep following you as ghosts!
Gives you a ghost pal (follower) for each follower after he or she dies. Talk to the ghost and it will do everything your follower did before dying--follow you, wait, trade things with...
Heavy Armory - New Weapons: Dawnguard Addon
Created by PrivateEye
For people who are confused: this is an upgraded version of the old Heavy Armory Dawnguard edition. The old version is now outdated and won't be updated anymore. Check out th...
Heavy Armory - New Weapons
Created by PrivateEye
What is Heavy Armory?

The goal of Heavy Armory is to expand the variety of weapons used in the world of Skyrim in an immersive and lore-friendly way. Besides adding some new types of weapons, this mod expands some of the more limited se...
Created by kiphulse
Have you ever wanted to command a zerglike army of minions in Skyrim?

No? That's just me? Oh...


Now you can anyway!

This mod was inspired by the craftable albino spiders added by the Dragonborn expansion, but takes things in a completel...
Faction Crossbows
Created by Deserter
Faction Crossbows adds a craftable crossbow, unique quiver and four types of bolts for each of the following factions:
Companions, Dawnguard, Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Imperial Legion and Stormcloaks.

2K Texture version can be downloaded from [u...
Heavy Armory - New Weapons: Dragonborn Edition
Created by PrivateEye
What is Heavy Armory?

The goal of Heavy Armory is to expand the variety of weapons used in the world of Skyrim in an immersive and lore-friendly way. Besides adding some new types of weapons, this mod expands some of the more limited se...
Home in a Bottle
Created by sp0ckrates
News: A new video has been posted to our Mod Previews page, that gives insight into our next upcoming mod.
Check it out at:

Quick Updates: Added ...
Immersive Patrols
Created by Koda
Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC Required!

No DLC? Use this! Immersive Patrols Vanilla.

Adds fully functional, scheduled patrols of almost every major faction across all DLCs incl...
Index of Shrines
Created by Arxaion
This adds a simple knapsack to the entrance of Riverwood, containins a few helpful items and a book. This book, "The Shrines of Skyrim," lists the kinds of shrines, their major effects, and their locations. This mod should be compatable with any and all mo...
Honorus - The Holy Claymore
Created by Enpremi
- High resolution textures.
- Can be crafted at forge, but requires Steel smithing perk.
- Slightly stronger than an Ebony Greatsword, fully upgrade-able.
- Both one-handed and two-handed versions can be obtained at the Temple of Divines in Solitude...
Hunting & Gathering
Created by Altbert
“Hunting & Gathering” is a remake of my earlier mods “ Hunting Rebalanced”, “Barrels & Sacks”, "Ores, Ingots and Jewelry" and “Fence? No Fence!”. This mod covers all that is provided in these mods, but with lots of further enhancements.

REQUIRES: Skyrim...
IrishRon's Snow Elf Playable Race ver 0.9
Created by IrishRonD
This mod requires Dawngaurd.

This mod is still under construction
- vampirism works 23/8/2013 10:00 EDT.

There should not be incompatibilities with any mods, unless the other mod is race dependant. This mod should even work with ot...
KS Hairdos Lite
Created by Aegis
A special 'lite' version of KS Hairdos - this version features 20 male and 20 female hairstyles that can be applied by visting the face changer in Riften (requires Dawnguard) or by typing 'showracemenu' in the console (can cause Skyrim to crash if you have...
Legionary Vanguard Armor
Created by Maty743
Please note that this is a very old mod from when I was still learning how to do everything so please don't see it's quality as a representation of my more up to date and future projects.

Mastercraft (EN)
Created by Armitage
Plugin gives ability to smith arrows, armor, weapons, clothes, circlets, dinnerware and various luxury items, for the accomplishment of player's home.

( Русская версия: )

- Added abili...
Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer - a Morrowind artifact
Created by PrivateEye
This mod will bring the mighty Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer from Morrowind: Bloodmoon to Skyrim.
How can you roam the land of the Nords without this Nordic weapon afterall?
I based the design of the mace on the original from Morrowind but updated the look ...
Lore Friendly Race Names
Created by Roborob
A simple mod that simply renames the races to their more lore friendly counterpart. High Elves become Altmer, Dark Elves become Dunmer, Wood Elves become Bosmer, and Orcs become Orsimer. The race description text is also adjusted to fit the new titles....
Mercenary War-Gear
Created by Grey Wolf Jack

An Imperial mercenary company has been developing a new type of soldier known as [Combat Engineer] to replace the Mages and get the magical aspect out of warfare completely, since Mages take so many years and so much education to train in ...
Mod Status: Cancelled --- || New concept version in rough progress ||--- Dwemer Accelerator / Dwemer gun
Everyone be aware that i cant support any f my old mods at this point, those files are gone due to my computers cpu being busted, however i am still working on things, i simply cant work as diligently as i once did. for this im sorry i do hope...
Moon and Star
Created by Gan Xingba

A mysterious and powerful criminal has been spotted in Skyrim, his trail dogged by hunters from Morrowind. However, there may be more at stake than it seems, and this criminal may be familiar...

A quest mod for vanilla...
More plants - all DLCs version
Created by numberland
Mod has been cleaned and requires all 3 DLCs - Hearthfire, Dawnguard and Dragonborn. There are a total of 8 versions, some with extra plants and plantables and with or without DLCs. There are three versions here on the Workshop and all are available from n...
Moon and Star + Undeath Compatibility Patch
Created by Gan Xingba

This patch removes several objects that were interfering with Undeath.

Load Undeath and this patch after Moon and Star in your load order to use both mods without interference....
Moonpath to Elsweyr
Created by muppetpuppet
Announcing my new project Oberon's Court
View the teaser trailer here.
support it by visiting my greenlight concept here

If ...
Oblivion Gates in Cities
Created by Arthmoor
During the time of the Oblivion Crisis, it was said that Skyrim was hit especially hard by the Daedric invasion. Yet, a mere 200 years later there isn't a single sign of this event ever having happened anywhere. Such a monumental event in history would sur...
More plants for Hearthfire (base version)
Created by numberland
There are a total of 8 versions, some with extra plants and plantables and with or without DLCs. There are three versions here on the Workshop and all are available from nexus mods at

Adds the following plants to...
Open Cities Skyrim - Legendary Edition
Created by Arthmoor
Open Cities Skyrim is a comprehensive project that aims to bring back at least part of the feel of Morrowind - specifically how most of the cities were a natural part of the world and you could just walk in without loading screens. The added immersion and ...
Whiterun Merchants Remastered
Created by sp0ckrates
Getting tired of your old boring everyday whiterun shops? Not understanding why the merchants of Whiterun can just pull items out of thin air to sell you? Ever wanted to be a master theif and loot merchants with all kinds of variety of awesome loot? Well h...
Werewolves of Skyrim
Created by sp0ckrates
Now you can actually meet werewolves in the wilderness of Skyrim!
This mod adds 4 new kinds of werewolves and a total of 44 leveled werewolves you can meet as random encounters in the wild. The new werewolves you'll encounter are Common, Ch...
Two-Handed Dwemer Rifle
Created by piu

I'm open to suggestions for new features in this mod, just leave a comment and I'll see if I can do it.

This is a new custom weapon I made based on the Dwemers' technology.
It has custom sounds for draw/charge/f...
Useful Dawnbreaker
Created by absol_89
Summon Meridia by your side! Auto lighting without any DLC needed. 15 damage, 8 crit damage, 20 fire and frost damage hurting stamina, with 20 extra damage to daedra & undead. Ice explosion on hit and a rare fire explosion on critical hits. Meridia's bane ...
Trident Spear
Created by Grey Wolf Jack
Adds a craftable Trident Spear with a stabbing melee attack.

(This was accomplished by making a Staff look like a Trident, and then having the trident-staff shoot an invisible and silent spell that only extends as far as the tip of the trident where...
Thieves Guild Tunnels: Winterhold
Created by sp0ckrates
Have you ever been trolling around the College of Winterhold and thought "Hey I wanna sneak kill some of this rude dark elf mages and steal all of the Arch Mage's soul gems but theres no way that I could ever get away with it!" Well now you can! The Sp0ckr...
Thieves and Assassins - A Better Rewards and Treasure Mod
Created by sp0ckrates
Gives you enchanted light armor, and enchanted daggers, bows and one-handed weapons as loot and payment for quests!
So you're a thief or assassin who always wears light armor and wields daggers, bows and one-handed weapons. So why do people...
The Vampire Chronicles
Created by BanO2!
This mod contains a collection of spell tomes that include most (if not all) of the vampires spells....
The Void Walker
Created by Madrilous
The void is the space that lies between the universes. Although it remains unknown to most there are some who are chosen and drawn within. These few are known as the Void Walkers. These rare souls are gifted with immense power, beyond that of the mages of ...
The Soulbug Familiar
Created by Sagittarius

When the Skyrim devs finished their jobs, they were given one entire week to do whatever they wanted with the game. It was then shown in the Bethesda Game Jam Keynote at DI...
The Lost Wonders of Mzark
Created by MrCasual

In the docks of the northern oceans, sailors whisper tales of an ancient ruin, one unlike any other. A strange dwemer machine, that sits far out in the ocean, overlooking the far shores of Skyrim. And while the sailors tell these t...
The Rings of Old - Morrowind Artifacts for Skyrim
Created by PrivateEye

Do you have Dawnguard? Maybe you want to get the Dawnguard version of this mod then! It adds a cool function to the Vampiric Ring. Get it HERE

Both version are...
The Frontier to Cyrodiil
Created by MadFrenchie
The Thalmor closed the Frontier to Cyrodiil...For you to discover why !

-This mod is on the Gamespot top 5 mod of the week, watch the video from 2.00

The Forgotten Weapons of Arcanie 3" Misc and Bows and Lists" (FIXED)
Created by Sam Suphit

Part 3 of 3 : bows and tools WITH Leveled lists
o0o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o0) O (0o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ o0o
Parts 1 and 2 are needed ! Load t...
The Forgotten Weapons of Arcanie " 3(- bis) Misc and Bows Only" (FIXED)
Created by Sam Suphit

Part 3 of 3 bis : bows and tools WITHOUT Leveled lists
o0o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o0) O (0o ~...
The Cheese of Ages
Created by Sloth
The search for a legendary cheese recipe sets you out on a journey across Skyrim. Explore new dungeons and meet memorable characters voiced by an extensive cast of nine excellent voice actors.


Spellcrafter - A Spell Mixing Mod
Created by Patriarachnid
So I read somewhere that in Oblivion, there was some thing that let you create spells. I'm not sure how that works, because I never played Oblivion, but I thought that it was a pretty neat concept. I'm suprised noboby else has made something like this.

Solitude Merchants Remastered
Created by sp0ckrates
Description Pending...
Spell Swords - A Better Rewards and Treasure Mod
Created by sp0ckrates
Gives you enchanted heavy armor, enchanted mage robes and hoods, and enchanted one-handed weapons and magic staffs as loot and payment for quests!
There's also a 3x greater chance of getting heavy armor and one-handed weapons than there is ...
Created by Deadmano

Greetings, Adventurer, and thank you for stopping by!

Curious as to what Skyshards is all about? Well then, let's begin shall we?

This mod was born out of the desire to bring about the Skyshard hunting exp...
Smelting Plus
Created by Red Jay
SmeltingPlus is a lightweight and balanced mod that adds 296 new smelting recipes for raw materials, such as ingots, ores, Instead of dumping all your weak armor, tankards, plates, goblets, and other useless things, Smelting Plus allows you to smelt those ...
Created by snakster
Elegant, PC-friendly UI mod for Skyrim with many advanced features. All improvements seamlessly integrate with the style of the original interface. Version 5 includes better crafting, enchanting, alchemy and smithing menus and several other enhancements.
Skyforge Merchant Remastered
Created by sp0ckrates
This mod is a sister mod to the Whiterun Merchants Remastered mod. It's a small mod, that simply revamps the Skyforge and its merchant. The mod is simple! If you want to have more to steal and see the amazing view that is the remastered Skyforge then subsc...
Sewer Steel [UPDATED]
Created by Tasamashi
-Two bows
1.Grene Bow-
Found at the forge in Markarth

2.Plague Bow-
Can be crafted using Grene Bow, 1 daedra heart and having Poisoner perk.

-One Spell
1.Conjour Born Pestilence
Found at the forge in Markarth

Simple Hearthfires Breezehome Basement
Simple Hearthfires Breezehome Basement is a re-envisioning of my Simple Hearthfires Breezehome, with a detailed, lore-friendly basement and more children's space, compatible with Hearthfires Multiple Adoptions. If you are already using SHFBreezehome, pleas...
Riverwood BBQ
Created by jreese46
This mod just adds a few extra citizens to Riverwood. They have set up a table and a small cooking area, at the edge of the river, across from the Inn. It adds two warriors, a spellsword, and a mage, as well as two visiting Vigilants of Stendarr. I want...
Realistic Merchants - A Better Rewards and Treasure Mod
Created by sp0ckrates
Makes enchanted weapons, enchanted armor and magic staffs more rare in shops, so you can spend less time shopping and more time doing quests!
So after an epic battle you open the chest of the slain creature. To your dismay, the enchanted ar...
Realistic Dwemer Race Beta 1.3
Created by amusquiz
Thanks for the 4 stars the work really paid off so now I am working on a basic player home to go with the mod but if this mod hits 5 or 4 I will make a quest for a player home or maybe a follow.

I was looking in the workshop for a good Dwemer race mod t...
Random Alternate Start
Created by Syclonix
Don't forget to vote if you like this mod!

Be anyone you want to be. Choose from 21 different loadouts then get randomly thrown somewhere in the vast land of Skyrim. Will you end up in the royal court of Solitude's magnificent Blue Palace or will you en...
Radiant Spawn Engine
Created by rymon23
-Dynamic Survival-mode system for hostile locations
-Dynamic war campaign with 60+ occupyable territories
-Settlements are populated by randomized NPCs
-Command your own army and campaign across Skyrim for control of territories
-Mod Co...
WAR: Named Weapons Improved and Two-Handed! (a Weapons, Armor and Robes mod)
Created by sp0ckrates
Makes named weapons two-handed, and gives them new enchantments and better stats!
This mod is for players who believe that since the gods gave you two hands, you should use them both for your weapon! Just subscribe to this mod and transform...
WAR: Blue Glass Armor (a Weapons, Armor and Robes mod)
Created by sp0ckrates
Make cool blue glass armor, which is lighter, more valuable and gives you more protection!
This mod lets you make new blue glass armor, which has the blue hue inspired by the Chillrend sword of the vanilla game. The blue glass armor is li...
Thieves Guild Tunnels: Solitude
Created by sp0ckrates
Have you ever been running around the depths of Solitude and "accidently" stolen someones valuables, or stabbed a random patroling guard? Well no worries!!! You now have the ability to dive into Solitudes intricate underground sewer system and run free fro...
The Worth Of Gold
*This Effect is Global..

-This MOD Makes your Normally almost worthless gold ingot
and gold ore and other objects higher in value
in all of Skyrim..


-The CarePackage is at the Skyforge.

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The Lost Races of Tamriel: Mer
Created by JGart
Adds the Sea Elves, Snow Elves, Dwemer, Ayleids and Chimer as playable races....
SpellTome: Paralysis
Created by Phyr0x
It adds a paralysis spell to the game. With this spell you can paralyse all your enemys for 15 seconds!!!
I also added some shock-damage for thoose who want to kill their enemys.

The Spell:
- Paralyses the Target for 15 seconds.
- It does some shoc...
Skyrim Overhaul: Enemies (updated 12.01.2013)
Created by Valaste

This mod in an overhaul for many of the animals, creatures , undead and other such monstrosities in the game. This mod rebalances them, and in some cases changes their A.I. The starting level of some of the really hard creatures i...
Quest: Sorcery
Created by ThirteenOranges
The forgotten treasure of a great Sorcerer lies hidden in a long abandoned tower, kept away from the world and its perils for many long years. Time has come to unravel the Sorcerer's mysteries. Travel to the mountains of the West Reach to find the Sorcerer...
Quest: The Bigger They Are
Created by ThirteenOranges
A great hero of the Companions lies dead before he could defeat his greatest quest, the slaying of the great giant, Barlok'Gosh. Take up the arms of Holfir Giant Slayer and travel dangerous roads and caves to find Barlok'Gosh and finish what he started.
Provincial Courier Service - Legendary Edition
Created by Arthmoor
Skyrim's courier is an industrious young lad who can be seen all over the province, yet doesn't seem to have anywhere to live and/or work. He seems able to find you at will, but what if you wanted to find HIM? Even if it would be a meaningless encounter, o...
Quest: And the Realms of Daedra
Created by ThirteenOranges
In the early days of the First Era the Chimer warlord Ornarol made a pact with the Daedra before betraying them to his own ends. When his deceit was discovered the three Daedric Princes tore his soul asunder, each taking part of his soul as a trophy, leavi...
Pocket Campsite v1.88
Created by splynter
What's New?
v1.73 Fixed the sound problem with the spell
v1.72 Due to complaints of incompatibility, the Pocket Campsite has been reverted to v1.72. I'll release the newer version under a different name after I make some name changes.
Player Home Portal Room
Created by sp0ckrates

Have you ever bought more then one player home and wanted to move your things from Breeze Home to Honeyside, or from Honeyside to Vlindrel Hall, but had to take around five hundred trips beca...
Ourorax: Remastered
Created by D474TH3D357R0Y3R
This modification adds a continent the size of Solstheim to Skyrim, complete with it's own map, fortress, NPC's with schedules, new expansions, and LOD. You can arrive to this continent via the portal placed by, 47arrows!'s "Rich Merchant," Streik, in Rive...
Enchantment Cleanser
Created by SirReality
Don't you hate how that once-amazing enchantment just won't come off your best looking gear?

Hi, SirReality here for Dwemer Detergent*, the enchantment remover specialist. Never again hesitate to enchant your items for fear of future obsoletion! SImply...
Nirnroot Cultivation
Created by Rickyvantof
This mod allows the player to grow Nirnroot and Crimson Nirnroot in green houses and gardens, just like any other plant.

The player is not required to do anything to gain this ability, just install the mod and grow some Nirnroot!

For people who enjoy...
More Summonables
Created by Metacide
Important Notes:
Various merchants stock these spells. Phinis Gestor at the College stocks the most powerful, but you must be a high enough...
Oblivion Chillrend
Created by Araanim
I've always wanted Chillrend to more reflect the style of the Oblivion glass swords. It always bothered me that it supposedly the same sword but it looks completely different. (Plus I always loved the simplicity of the Oblivion style) So this is a quick...
Moonpath HD texture pack
Created by muppetpuppet
This pack contains 2K textures for the Moonpath to Elsweyr mod..Only useful if you play Moonpath to Elsweyr. If you'd like to experience the jungle and desert enviroments of Elsweyr simply try

Phase Spells
Created by Madrilous
Control the world around you with Phase Spells! Transport yourself and your opponents through space instantaneously. Render your enemies immobile and helpless before crushing them into the ground.

This mods aims to bring much more powerful spells to the...
Pickpockets - A Better Rewards and Treasure Mod
Created by sp0ckrates
Get up to three times more loot picking pockets! Pick the pockets of nearly any citizen--even children! Steal amulets of the nine divines from the pockets of rich and common citizens alike!
Hey, you take a risk to pick the pockets. You des...
Quest: No Mercy
Created by ThirteenOranges
A messenger has been sent from a small chapel of Stendarr to the Vigilant at Stendarr's Beacon, seeking aid against an unknown evil, but the messenger never made it to her destination. Investigate events at Stendarr's Chapel and explore the dark and danger...
Quest: Sea Of Ghosts
Created by ThirteenOranges
The Sea Of Ghosts are the cold and dangerous waters on the northern coasts of Tamriel. Among the mists and fog lie many secrets, treasures and stories long since forgotten. Travel these dangerous waters with the crew of The Winter's Warmth, exploring many ...
Mercenary-War Machine
Created by Grey Wolf Jack

The schematics for a massive Dwemer [War Machine] were uncovered recently by a group of Imperial [mercenaries] in Skyrim. Now they've used those blueprints to build their very own, and have placed it on a cliffside near the top of [The Thr...
Imperial Armory Exspansion
What This Does

This Mod Aims to Vastly Expand The content for imperial soldiers i always felt that as a legionair part of a Real Army not a band of rebels that using Non Imperial Gear was stranger and that it was very confin...
Pocket Magecraft - Arcane Enchanter & Alchemy Lab in your pocket
Created by splynter
An Arcane Enchanting Table & Alchemy Lab that you can summon anywhere. It also summons 4 storage containers that are player owned and non respawning. The containers are stored in-game deep underground and are brought to you when you equip the [Pocket Mage]...
Thieves Guild Tunnels: Whiterun, Markarth
Created by sp0ckrates
Have you ever been running around the depths of whiterun or Markarth and "accidently" stolen someones valuables, or stabbed a random patroling guard? Well no worries!!! You now have the ability to dive into Whiteruns underground sewer system and run free f...
Sounds of Skyrim - The Dungeons
Created by Cliffworms
The Dungeons includes 115+ sound effects to add life to the dungeons. The enemy type that inhabits a dungeon will make itself heard. At dungeons’ entrances, you also hear the exterior weather. If there’s a thunderstorm raging outside, you’ll hear the thund...