Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

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Pyro Main's Dreams
This a collection full of stuff a Pyro Main (me) wants to be in the game so that I can get broke again but still look fabulous.
Items (11)
Happy Hour Hairdo
Created by Svdl
Order up!

Reapproriated scalp and hat for the pyro. Paintable....
Vtoroy Front
Created by Svdl
A fur lined long coat for the Pyro.

See also the rest of the set!...
America's Sweetheart
Created by Svdl
Revenge is a dish best served piping hot.

Waitress uniform for the Pyro....
The Groovy Grease
Created by Petachepas
100% industrial grease!


Concept: Vipes + Petachepas
Model: Petachepas
Normals: Petachepas
Texture: JZeeba
Promos: Tabby + Hotrod McCoolguy...
Smelter's Smock
Created by Svdl
An apron for the prettiest metalworker in the business.

Paintable. Includes jigglebones.

Be sure to check out the rest of the set!

The Grilled Gunman
Created by Hypo
Who won the most prestigious award of Single Best Killer of 2016? You did! Wait, where's your trophy? I'm sure your competitor wouldn't mind lending his head.

Hypo - all animation, video, promo art, backpack icon

Donhonk ...
Taunt: The Catwalk
Created by Nonamesleft~
A new way to strut your stuff and be fashionably late to mid!

See video above for demonstration.

The music in the trailer is not part of the taunt....
Arsonist's Allergies
Created by ToxicWeasel
Nice Flower!...
Taunt: Haunted Hatchet
Created by Codenator
When you don't bury the hatchet, the hatchet buries you!

Codenator: Animation, Promos
Ayesdyef: Promos...
Unusual Effects: Fire Crown
Created by Cheesypuff
It's not team coloured 2 Effects can come in orange or green

Cheesypuff: Particle Design
Saint Lombax: Concept
Duckdog: Promotional Art
DAGREEKHUNTER:Promotional Video...
Amorous Aussie
Created by SgtR007
When an arrow hits your eye, from a plush Cupid in the sky, that's a'morte.

Make love, not war, with this cuddly lil' Sniper plushy. The perfect gift for that special someone, just in time for Valentine's Day!

All-class, paintable, jiggleboned!...