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"Observer" Spy Prop Pack 1
Created by Astute
This is the first of hopefully many prop packs that I will be releasing alongside my workshop submissions. I made a fair number of props to help cultivate the atmosphere I was going for with my renders. Due to the number of props I have, I decided to relea...
"Observer" Spy Prop Pack 2
Created by Astute
This is the second prop pack, adding a few of the extra small props that I didn't include in the first prop pack. This is another batch of small props I made for filling in the gaps in a shot, or adding to the overall ambience of a scene.

Props: ...
"Observer" Spy Prop Pack 3
Created by Astute
This is the third prop pack, featuring large props and structures. I made these structures several months ago as part of a effort to make my own SFM maps for filming/rendering. I wanted a sort of film noire rainy-day european city feel to my shots. Essenti...
'FNaF: The Silver Eyes' Texture Pack
Created by WeaselWare
Various overrides including Silver Eyes eye colors Red, Blue, Orange and Silver (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy respectively). Also includes the blue coloring of bonnie described in the book.
*NOTE* Only tested on Rynfox FNaF 1 models
'Scout Pilgrim' Set for SFM
Created by donhonk
Heres a quick upload of my 'Scout Pilgrim' set, please check it out in the TF2 workshop too!

And if you liked this set, it would be a huge help if you showed your support by voting on the set. Maybe it will get added to TF2. Thanks!
[url={LINK REMOVED}...
(BATIM) Fully Reanimated Bendy
Created by Feddos
because why not?

the base model , gloves , and tie are from the offcial model improved by tigen

the rest of the model is made by me

The model does not have any flexes, 'cause , well, bendy has no other expressions besides his lifless smile
(Extra Voicelines) Heavy Sings "Bohemian Rhapsody"
Created by TheSpyCrap
All credit goes to "Gary Schwartz" (The voice actor for the Heavy Weapons Guy) All I done was convert it to a ".wav" file and put it on the workshop.

Be sure to subscribe if you are interested or if you think this might help you out in future videos!

(SFM) (FNaF_4 Prop) FredBear's hat
Created by BebenTheSteben
"wow a another one!"

took a hour
vert's are (5120)

have fun friend's!


models by stevechannel1gen

port by stevechannel1gen

(stevechannel1gen - 2017)

*FIXED* Super Smash Bros For WiiU: Sonic Sound Effects
Created by MrXBX
Submitted to Sound Resource by Random Talking Bush. Preview Image by me, enjoy! P.S. I fixed all the sounds, sorry about that.

1940 Police Car + TV [Fixed TV Antenna]
Created by Critical Hit!
\\ Tv's Antenna was jumping up and down for some reason, hope it is fixed now.

The long waited police "classic" car is here with it's original textures minus some bodygroup options.

Includes :
-Rigs (light, mirrors,gear handle)
-Better colors
1941 Packard Super 8 Sedan
Created by Astute
A TF2-styled Packard "Super 8" I created for some of my TF2 workshop promos.

It's usually seen in old 1920-1960's Spy movies and other film noire flicks. It comes
with a full interior, fully rigged doors, wheels, and other doodads. I modeled it with...
1943-1945 Red Army Soldiers
1. Skins
2. Bodygroups
3. Faceposing
4. Fingerposing

Models by:
Reto-Moto, Bohemia Interactive ,Tripwire Interactive

Rip H&G models:
President Sears

Models from:
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, Iron Front, Heroes & Generals

1963 Volkswagen Beetle (+ Herbie)
Created by RobGamings
Happy Valentines Day!
Main Model by dimistic
Ported and heavily enhanced by RobGamings
235 Letterbox Overlays
Created by SFM
Got these from the sfm beta files from MaxOfS2D. Includes 3 overlays as show by the pictures above. The one you'll must likely use is the 235mask_crop_vignette, which is shown in the first picture.

To Apply: In the timeline, scroll down to the e...
2D BATIM pack
Created by XboxGamerK
After some time I and Feddos made a 2D BATIM pack! It includes - BendyV2, Reanimated Bendy, Fully Reanimated Bendy, Boris, Alice, Sammy, TheMeatly, Searcher, (small Boris could not be added in the pack, because of some random problems, so it is in the desc...
2k Earth-[SFM]
Created by KiT
A earth model with 2k textures and normal map.

To add an atomsphere to it, spawn the player_intel_trail particle and lock it to the models root transform.

All textures are from NASA data.

3D Source Filmmaker Logo
Created by Cmp™
I modeled this for personal use, but figured someone else might be interested.

Modeling, Texturing, and Testing: Cmp

Logo origin: Valve.

I realize it's not gold quality, but for my first model outside of tutorials, I'm happy with it :D
501st Legion Phase 1 | Clone Trooper Pack
Created by SoSucculent
Models by Sono
Ported by SoSucculent

This is my mega pack based on the 501st Legion, an elite legion within the Grand Republic Army, led by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker. They were famous for their reputation of being one of the most elite regiments ...
8-Bit Crying Child & Shadow Freddy Release
Created by Norstil
Modeler- SpecularDesign

Blah blah blah, do not porn, blah blah

(this message has been removed due to budget cuts)

Springjordan\GoldModels\crying child.mdl
Springjordan\GoldModels\shadow freddy.mdl...
8-Bit Minigame Circus Baby!
Created by FoxyCyber
"Wow! Another FNaF item."


Anyways, yah. Here's 8-bit minigame Circus Baby.

Hate if you want, I honestly don't give a crap xp

This was only commissoned by me. (FoxyCyber)

It was modeled by GoldGames and ported by Katamas. :p

Idk HOW you ...
A net
Created by FZone96
It's a simple net I created and used for an animation.

Now the net itself was very easy to make, yet the posing is one of the hardest things to do.
I hope you like it anyway.

AAC HoneyBadger
All Credits to original model creators i just ported to SFM

Model Name is v_rif_m4a1.mdl

Abandoned Five Nights at Freddy's 1 Map (Day and Night version)
Created by GameBaseSFM
Hey there,

this was something highly requested, so here is it! I hope it looks like you imagined it ;)
As always, completely made from scratch and no edit.
Also, you can leave requests for other Abandoned/Destroyed maps(Does NOT have to be Fnaf relate...
Abandoned Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Map (Day and Night version)
Created by GameBaseSFM
Hello :)

This is a map i made a few weeks ago(completely from scratch, no edit of a existing map), and everyone wanted me to put it on the workshop, so here is it.
The texture issues like you see them in the pictures are already fixed, so don't worry ...
Created by Blade x64
Some kind of scifi underwater volcano base. I made this for TF2 but figured it might be useful over here.

I'm interested in helping out with Saxxy projects. I'm able to modify this map or edit/create any others.

Mayann team for the temples.
Adam, the kid
Created by Gabylan - 0.11?
Adam, a simple kid without anything special is just a kid

i create this character for a soon

Made with Fuse 1.3

Adventure Funtime Foxy
Created by William-Rabbit
Adventure Funtime Foxy.

Old Pics by Jay Wolf

Adventure Funtimes Wave 1
Created by AustinTheBear
Adventure Funtimes not canon so
But I felt like doing them and Spyder Ported them
The Models may be small but all you have to do is resize them :P
Wave 2 will come out when Spyder wants to do them so dont rush.
Models By: Me
Extra Help: Absented Tan...
Adventure Toy Bonnie
Created by Tyrexchip
"Something new!"
Modeled and Ported By Tyrexchip [me]
Errors go to The Error Page
Update 1.7
Adventure Withered Freddy
Created by AustinTheBear
Adventure Withered Freddy From Fnaf world
Model By: Me
Ported By: TF541Productions
Textures By: BatleBrawler
Next Updates:
Update 1: fixed problems X
Update 2: Add Withered Golden Freddy X
Update 3: Final Fixes
Adventure Woger
Created by Chahut Maenad
Guess who it is? Guess again. WRONG. It's STOMEGER.
Your favorite terrible OC with little-to-no effort put into it is back, and smaller than ever!

Put on the workshop by: Woger (aka me you cucks)
Modelled by: WackySpider
Ported by: Woger (aka me yo...
After School Club Room
Created by STBlackST
Model of the School Club Room with stairway and hallway.
Door and Furniture inside the room are posable.
Version 1.01


-added missing door on the second floor.
-added collision model.
-changed resolution of textures.
-changed smooth...
Afton Family Models
Created by Norstil
*Updated description because it was too edgy

Specular Design-Modeler

A simple airhorn model. Made in Blender 2.75.

- HD textures
- SSAO supported
- Enviroment map metal surface
- Easily self editable texture (requires basic knowledge of editing VTF files)
- Movable button
- 3904 polygons (may need more optimizing)
Alan Wake Pack (SFM)
Created by Porky-da-Corgi
~ Alan Wake Pack ~
Bodygrouped jacket, hoodie, and sleeves on regular Alan.
Bodygrouped suitcoat and sleeves on Mr. Scratch.
4 item/weapon props (revolver, flashlight -with 'on/off' skingroups-, coffe...
Alice The Angel version 2 (Release)
Created by William-Rabbit
Alice The Angel model version 2

Improved version with a best rig.

The model have 4 dress with more flexes for all.

Special thanks to TheFnafLich and Torque hor the critiques and helps with the model.

Awesome Posters by:

-Mr Withered

Alien Isolation - Motion Tracker
Created by Lt_Commander
This is the Motion Tracker from Alien: Isolation, it includes two skingroups (on/off), and bodygroups or the number of dots and the top clip.
Individual buttons and toggles are rigged to bones, as are the dots. Have fun animating them!
The model also featu...
All CS:GO Primary weapons (V2-UPDATED_V MODELS)
Created by Assassinated Bear

subscribe to my account for more! this item DOES NOT INCLUDE THE M4A4 it has issues /:


ALL US Money Bills + SaxtonHale Buck (HD&Posable)
Created by ConfederateJoe
Or if you want to support me...
( over download to support me.)
I am out of space for uploadin...
Almost Water
Created by 6000 ANGRY BEES
It's sort of water, but not really. And also it's a standard model so it can be placed anywhere!

Skin 0: Scrolling water texture with fancy refraction effect and envmap.
Skin 1: Same as above, except envmap is tinted to a water-y colour
Skin 2: No refract...
Amazon Echo and Google Home
Includes :
Amazon Echo - paintable with 6 skins for lights
Google Home - paintable with 5 skins for lights

Body groups and bones for everything

Version for Gmod:

Amiibo Box
Created by Doranakal
High-poly box, complementing the Amiibo platform. Updated to have only a generic splatoon texture.

If you plan to make your poster in a black map, like void, make sure to get lighting into the container, since they are traslucent and will not render wit...
Amiibo platform
Created by Doranakal
High-poly rounded platform pretending to be an amiibo.

Spin it with "root_transform" or the "main" bone attached with it.

It's also paintable, and can be edited from the textures itself to make your custom logo.

Note: Probably the model it's so small fo...
Animated Computer Lights [Ambience]
Created by мяFunreal
Various Computers from Team Fortress 2, edited for ambience purposes.
This pack contains several computers that now have animated lights, that way the environment seems livelier. this was originally designed as a TF2 mod, but works just as good in SFM
Animated Forcefield
Created by Soldier
A glowing bubble forcefield model with 5 skin colors.
Update: Improved texture and added scale control.

Animation Group Editor v1.2
This script is used to help with organizing the animation sets of custom models.

right now this script is in beta so report any problems

The save and open commands will save and open your custom animation sets.

How to use
drag n drop the...
Annoying Dog (Undertale)
Created by Pipann
The Annoying Dog, also sometimes referred to as Toby the dog, tobdog, 'stupid dog', and 'meddling canine', is a small white dog that represents the game's creator, Toby Fox.

Gmod will be considered after we finish the queue.
Apartment 2017
Created by renzk
This map is designed for the creation of posters and animations.
A apartment, with a bit of creativity, can turn into a scenary for several scenes!
It's finally here.

Version for Gmod :


Bodygroups :

1 - Apple
2 - Apple bite
3 - Apple cut
4 - Apple half
5 - Apple slice

0 - Leaf
Arcade Machine
With movable sticks.

Version for Garry's Mod :


2 body groups :

1 greens creen
2 RT screen

Tutorial on how to use RT screen : https://...
Arceus V2
Created by Syntax
------------PLEASE READ------------

This is V2 of my original addon - I tried updating the original, however Workshop decided it had enough of my sh!t (even though I never gave it any in the first place) and, instead, broke the addon.
So I've uploaded ...
Architecture From Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
Created by Valve Artists
Architecture From Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

Arctic Uniform
Created by Rotzlöffel
After I noticed that this item can't be accepted to the game, I decided to upload it to the SFM workshop. Some people may be very interested into this item. Please credit me and write down the link of my steam page to your puplished movie which is using th...
Army Truck
Created by Jukebox
TF2 Emporium Vehicle Map Pack Competition entry.

Includes 10 skins


Arrzee Ver. 2
Created by AMB Pineapple
He Livestreams, he sleeps in pants, and he lies to his friends.
A costume for Tails made by Ambassador Pineapple based on Youtuber Arrzee Productions.

Arrzee Production's Tails. Redesigned and retextured. Designed by Arrzee Productions. Modeled by Amba...
Asgore's Trident (Undertale)
Created by Pipann
Asgore Dreemurr's weapon. This is my very first upload, mostly just to see if I could pull it off. It caused me a lot of headache haha. So there is a good chance I didn't do something right. If so please do let me know in the comments. :)

Also let me kn...
Asriel Dreemurr SFM
Created by VicenticoTD
Undertale - Asriel Dreemurr

- Full support to "extract phonemes" function for auto lip-sync
- Clothes can be bodygroup out
- 5 skins

IK Rig:

Gmod version:
Assembly Pack V2
Created by MrBreino
A batch of models i made for an animation, decided to upload them if someone could use them for their own project(s).
So enjoy and go animate!

I might need to adress that these models do not have AO, and that the textures on the shredder are not HD.
Asylum props [Dead By Daylight]
Created by MARK2580
Asylum props from the game Dead By Daylight

  • WMZ - Z230289182916
  • WMR - R172079828218
  • Yandex money - 41001776878245
Atlas - The Lab
Created by tetTris
the AT-D7796 unit from the Robot Repair game in The Lab
kinda somewhat compatible with Src1 Atlas' animations

the flow of Source 2 models continues

let me know for any other bugs or issues

porting to Source 1 - tetTris

Auto-Rigger v1.9 for Biped Models
This script is used to help with creating the ik files for biped models. took about three days to write.

This script supports 1-4 spine bones.

IF your model is not a biped or is more complex then use one of my other IK-scripts :
HA HA fooled you ... those are just some regular 3d objects.

Includes :


All are paintable and have flexes to edit size.

This was requested in my steam group, so join my group and all your dreams may ...
Baby Plushie (Redo)
Created by Norstil
*Updated description because it was too edgy

Note: You need Absented Tangents Sister Location
Models for the materials to be correct.

Please let me know if there's anything wrong, please te...
Baby Talking Tattletail (+ Box and Mama)
Created by RobGamings
Model with Fur! [img] [/img]
This is the official Tattletail model from the game.
Modeled by Waygetter Electronics
Backfire V2
Created by Astute
This is the SFM version of my TF2 workshop submission: The "Backfire"

It's a wire-taser inspired miniature hand-held sapping device. It's designed around various retro spy gadgets found in old school spy movies. It features that tan-gray metal/plastic t...
Background Characters
Just a few models to spice up the backrounds of animations/posters.


Made in fuse by me (Who cares if its just for randomness)

Thank you to Inhalemyverysadstory

Go ahead and reupload. I do...
Bacon Strip
Created by Suijin ▽
Makin' your SFM more delicious!

emt props\baconstrip.mdl
Created by CJ mah dawg

And disgustingly high in polygons for a damn banana (Get ready to turn off lighting, AO, DOF, and motion blur, kids!).

Basketball & Hoop
Created by Calvin JD
A basketball and a hoop

Batman: Arkham Origins - Bruce Wayne
Created by ididntchangemyname
From the game Batman: Arkham Origins by Splash Damage

Originally uploaded for GMod by TrueBobert, thank you. :)

Batman: Arkham Origins - Enigma
Created by ididntchangemyname
From the game Batman: Arkham Origins by Splash Damage

Originally uploaded for GMod by TrueBobert, thank you. :)

Batman: Arkham Origins - SWAT Officer
Created by ididntchangemyname
From the game Batman: Arkham Origins by Splash Damage

Ported directly from Batman: Arkham Origins.

Battlefield 4 - Customizable SCAR-H [SFM]
Created by Auditor ♦
Hello, today i am proud to represent a model of a SCAR-H from BF4, featuring vast variety of bodygroups and skins. Port, skins, specular maps and previews by me.


-3 bodygroups for silen...
Battlefield 4 - Knife pack [SFM]
Created by Auditor ♦
Hello, today i'm bringing you a models of different knifes from Battlefield 4, ported into source and scaled by me, previews mine as well. I might add some more knifes in future, but no promises.

UPDATE - 23.02.2017
- Bf2142 knife
- Improvised...
Battlefield 4 - M82A3 Barret Sniper Rifle [SFM]
Created by Auditor ♦
Today i'm bringing you a model of M82A3 from Bf4, ported into source, bodygrouped and scaled by me, previews mine as well.

Please make sure to rate up and favorite, if you liked the addon or even subscribe if you like what i post, it really helps a lo...
Ben 10 - Character Pack
Created by AustinTheBear
This was personally one of my favorite kid shows from back then.
And honestly didn't expect to actually do this lol.
More coming later on.

Alien Models by: AustinTheBear
Ben Model by: SkuddButt on Patreon
Re Rig of ...
Ben 10 Omnitrix
Created by JaysonJean Channel
Recreated Omnitrix from Ben 10.
Original Omnitrix inspired from Ben 10: Destroy all Aliens

Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix
Created by JaysonJean Channel
More Omnitrixes!
Recreated Omnitrix from Ben 10 Omniverse.
You can now use this with the Sound Effects.

Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Sound Effects
Created by JaysonJean Channel
All the basics Omniverse Omnitrix sound effects.

Ben 10 Reboot Omnitrix Sound Effects!
Created by JaysonJean Channel
Meaning I had to watch this show just to rip the sound effects from it...

Ben 10 Reboot\Omnitrix\Reboot Omnitrix Activated.wav
Ben 10 Reboot\Omnitrix\Reboot Omnitrix Manufacturing.wav
Ben 10 Reboot\Omnitrix\Reboot Omnitrix On.wav
Ben 10 Reboot\O...
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Ultimatrix
Created by JaysonJean Channel
More Omnitrixes!
Recreated Ultimatrix from Ben 10 Ultimate Alien.
You can now use this with the Sound Effects.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Ultimatrix Sound Effects
Created by JaysonJean Channel
All the basics Ultimatrix sound effects.

Bendy Beats | Bendy and the Ink Machine
Created by MinifigJoe
"Build up our machine you DIE Tonight!"

Bendy and The Ink Machine - Made by theMeatly:

Requested by: [url=https://www.youtu...
bendy eye textures & open mouth textures
puplic now shout out to the person who made the model

i made the textures

posters by ~

boombox jc sfm

awesome animate

logan sfm (me)

game duck duck

my textures\ink bendy eye mouth open.vtf
my textures\ink bendy ey...
Bendy Face Textures
Created by Chicken Dinner

Nothing dirty plez.

Please do not claim that you made the textures.

Textures by : ChickenDinner

Please report any bugs or glitchs or clips.

And the textures only work on this bendy ---->
Bendy Gobo Textures
Created by mot-datrix (Chaz)
It is extremely easy to make gobo textures, so don't ask how to make them. Just take an image and make it all white.

Credit me if used.

There are 4 Bendy gobo textures, full body, full body hollow, head and head hollow.

Images are from Th...
bendy mouth
hope you enjoy

models\tf\austin\bendy\reanimated_bendy\body_1 mouth open 1.vtf
bendy mouth 1 tex.
hope you enjoy

models\tf\austin\bendy\reanimated_bendy\body_1 mouth open.vtf
bendy plush tex.

models\kirya\bendyfurniture\face melted.vtf
models\kirya\bendyfurniture\face mouth open.vtf
Bendy's Pitch Fork [Fan-made]
Created by WingedDash
This maybe taken down if it gets the hate But ye :)

If someone alredy made this and now your pissed because I uploaded this, sorry, i didn't know but don't hate and just say it exists and i may take it down... k? :)

I no longer am in any of these cra...
Big Idea
Created by hostilePacifist
A recent TF2 hat submission of mine featuring a fedora for the engi.

if you would like or wouldnt like to have this item in Team Fortress 2, you can vote for/against it here:

this is my fir...
Big Simple Room
Created by GS96|GamerChick
This is just a simple HDR room with a few lights I made as a test in Hammer. Use it as you wish, it is quite large. Maybe it will be good for showing off some of your items, or for random stuff.

It has no additional requirements, all you need is SFM. ...
Bill Preston Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan
Created by BlitzscreekYT
My first fused designed models of Bill and Ted from the Bill and Ted Movies. Hope you guys like it. And be excellent to one another.

Bioshock Infinite - Suchong (Normal & Bloody)
Created by IL a m Ib d a
Suchong from Bioshock Infinite

blood8407\Bioshock Infinite\Suchong\suchong.mdl
Black Eyes
Created by WingedDash
for fnaf also you need to know how to do that Basetexture thing :D

V2 is currently avalible now!:

hope this one works better


Black ops 2 Perk Machines
Created by ThatAverageJoe
These are the new Perk machines featured in Call of Duty: Black ops 2 Zombies.
This pack includes:
Tombstone soda
Who's Who?
Electric Cherry
Vulture aid Elixir
Double tap 2

-Update 1.1 (The Mob of the Dead Update)-
For this addon the perks now ha...
Blaster's Protective Gear
Created by Suijin ▽
An explosives specialist themed set of cosmectic items for the demoman.

"It won't keep you from blowing yourself up, and it'll make you look great, now it's up to you to decide which of those things are good or bad".

Models by [url={LINK REMOVED}...
Created by Tyrexchip
This 999999999999% very horrible bleach will satisfy your taste buds

Model Made By Me

Model Ported By Me


Update 1.0:
Added 1 new skin

Update 1.5 "The Malohn Crash"
wut... update again hope it will never crash maybe.
p.s ...
Blood,bullet,explosion decals,blizzard and fire embers
Created by Dank Meme
Enhanced version of my old mod,now with more blood decals,small blood decal to simulate blood stain on characters,fire embers and a blizzard storm (including snow mist)!
EDIT:a blood decal and wood bullet hole got this weird texture because my pc was glit...
Blue Base Lab
A fun blue team lab for your own use.

Called Bluebase.bsp

Blue Yeti Microphone
Created by Calvin JD
This a high quality microphone made by the company Blue.

The base is twistable to your liking.

Hope you find it useful.

Created by cobra chicken
bone models I made just for that Papyrus4Smash poster

released publicly by request

Bonk Soda Machine
Created by boomsta
A soda machine I did when I was bored. Feel free to let me know of any changes you might want. Interior is illuminated.

Bonk! Sugar Frenzy
Created by Gadget
Bonk! Sugar Frenzy

This is a remake of my very first workshop item.

o Scout Lunch Box Item
o Tweaked mesh proportions
o Jiggle boned slush and straw
o New textures
o Bodygroup for ...
Just a book.

with movable pages
pages are a little buggy


1skin: paintable

If you use this model in a video or a picture i'd love to see it! Please post a link in the comments or in [url=http://steam...
Bop It

Bop It old and new version
Eye popping martian

Body groups and bones for everything

Version for Gmod:


Check out [url=...
Borderlands 2 | Prop Pack 1 [LR]
Created by LowRider
A collection of props and other items from the game, Borderlands 2! The 2nd image shows nearly all of the props apart from Hallway.mdl & HallwayRoom.mdl which are just too big to fit in

Please Note: This was my first try at porting stuff over so the ...
Bowser Jr. Sounds
Created by ItsameWario
Straight from Dolores Rogers and Caety Sagoian's own magical mouth!

Bowser Jr\Bowser Jr1.wav
Bowser Jr\BowserJr01.wav
Bowser Jr\BowserJr1.wav
Bowser Jr\Bowser Jr2.wav
Bowser Jr\BowserJr02.wav
Bowser Jr\BowserJr2.wav
Bowser Jr\Bowser Jr3.wav
Bowser Sounds
Created by ItsameWario
Straight from Kenny James' own magical mouth!

Created by Atnortsi
The update fixed the middle part and added textures. Original textures done by and I modified them to be black

BR 20T Brake Van
Created by james_ae86
There never been a safest railway travel without a brake van, and always helps a train an extra braking power when needed. As well as providing a shelter or keeping a comfortable journey for the guard.

This 3D model was originally modelled by a 3D Sketc...
BR Class 08 diesel shunter
Created by james_ae86
British Rail Class 08 (or sometimes called Gronk) is a class of diesel-electric shunting locomotive. The pioneer locomotive, number 13000, was built in 1952 although it did not enter service until 1953. Production continued until 1962; 996 locomotives were...
BR Class 33
Created by james_ae86
The British Rail Class 33 also known as the BRCW Type 3 or Crompton is a class of Bo-Bo diesel-electric locomotives ordered in 1957 and built for the Southern Region of British Railways between 1960 and 1962.
A total of 98 Class 33s were built by the Birm...
BR Standard Class 5 (5MT)
Created by james_ae86
I've been longing to model a steam locomotive for SFM, and here it is, the British Railways Standard Class 5 (commonly known as the 5MT) 4-6-0 engine, one of the 12 standard classes of steam locomotive built by British Railways and designed by Robert A. Ri...
Created by HardlySeemsFair
A derelict bridge

It's too big to work as 1 model so you have to spawn all 3 parts.
Then for parent one of part's ROOTTRANSFORM bones to ROOTTRANSFORM of others
after that, select child ROOTTRANSFORM and press ZERO slider in animation set editor
that w...
Created by Lt_Commander
These are some neat space-aged metal briefcases I made. They're ever so slightly fururistic but not too over the top. They're also rigged, so the top is completely openable/posable. As an aside, you can move these over to gmod and they're ragdolled.

Bubble Gum
Created by Crash #TSTJ
A pink bubble gum model from an earlier SFM beta. It is no longer included in SFM so I'm reuploading it for easy access. Includes sliders to blow up and flatten it. Perfect for your mouth and feet respectively.


Originally created by Valve.

Bulletproof Battery
Created by Astute
This is the SFM version of my TF2 workshop submission: The "Bulletproof Battery"

It's a makeshift minigun made from a variety of scrap parts, bolted and welded together into a serviceable minigun. The original idea was that the Heavy assembled his minig...
Bulletproof Battery Decal Pack
Created by Astute
This is a decal pack for the "Bulletproof Battery" SFM submission.

I made quite a few decals for demoing the decal feature of the Bulletproof Battery. Several of them were shown on the TF2 workshop page, as well as a few I scrapped before submitting. Th...
Created by Pipann
Now also on Gmod!

Created in honor of my beloved dwarf bunny Pip. Sickness took her away on the 5th of november 2016. She was only three years old. Sleep peacefully, my sw...
Call of Duty: Ghosts Honey Badger
Created by Bae-sia
The Honey Badger Rifle from Call of Duty: Ghosts
Rigged and textured!

This model has been rigged by me.

Credit to giosph569 for the preview thumbnail.
Map in thumbnail: [url=http://ste...
Call of Duty:Black Ops Military Police
1. Skins
2. Bodygroups
3. Faceposing
4. Fingerposing

Models by:


Models from:
Call of Duty:Black Ops, Call of Duty:Black Ops 2

Camp tent [Friday the 13th]
Created by MARK2580

Camp tent from the game "Friday the 13th: The Game"

● 4 skins
● original bones / animations
Special thanks to G[]...
Campus Hallway
Created by Red Menace
Room map port form xna.
thanks to Blaustein for previews.

Red Menace\Props\campus.mdl
Cardboard Bendy [2d + Bones!] (! 2D BORIS IS IN DESCRIPTION!)
Created by XboxGamerK
With some effort and cooperation with Feddos, we are happy to give a spotlight to our 2D Bendy. He has some bones and some bonus props, like: skirt, devil wings, devil tails (2 types), 2 types of head + stander from behind.

~2D BORIS~ https://www.dropbo...
Cartoon/Comic Muzzleflashes SFM
Created by Nonhuman
Originally made as a TF2 mod, released here so people might use it on their wacky-cartoon-comic animations or posters.

This is NOT the TF2 beta muzzleflash MODEL, this is a particle, and it has nothing to do with ...
Cassette Tape
For all your Mixtape Needs.

Version for Garry's Mod :


4 skins:

If you use this model in a video o...
Casual Heavy and Medic Models
Created by Doctor Birdbrain
EDIT 10/16/15: Reuploading these models (which appear to be loading properly into SFM after I subscribed to my own content for some reason) in the hopes that it will fix the problem with the invisible textures. Let me know if they're still broken.

My cust...
Cat by Sumpitueslag
Created by Zeox
Original link to the model here:

Cat Rosalina
Created by lilrobot

Hold your appaws! The Cat-Princess of Space, Rosalina, is here to whisker you away!

- Dr. LilRobot: Porting into Source, animati...
Cellars (Slender Fortress 2)
Created by fucking dust
Even tho I already uploaded a SFM Map. I decided to upload another one, The map is Cellars.
This is also based off of the popular horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

*Includes the Minigame/Spawn area.
*Has SFM-Friendly HDR.
*You may have to p...
Chapter One Map Props | Bendy and the Ink Machine
Created by MinifigJoe
This is the Prop pack for:

NOTE: Not All Props are yet added.

Some of these props originate from Kirya's Furniture pack:
Chapter One Map | Bendy and The Ink Machine
Created by MinifigJoe
The Map Layout of Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter One (Original Demo)

-Expect More Updates in the Future- (a chance it may not happen)

Original Game by: theMeatly
Made with Hammer by: MinifigJoe
Textures Supplied by: Kirya
Ink Machine model - Au...
Cave map
Created by Squid Empire
Here's a map I made for scenebuilding or other use in SFM. I say scenebuilding first because that's what I had in mind when I was making it (My images above illustrate how you might go about scenebuilding). Because of this the map has:

- no lights
- ...
Chapter Two Map Props | Bendy and the Ink Machine
Created by MinifigJoe
This is the OFFICIAL Prop pack for:

UPDATE 1.12: + Radio, Piano, Coffin, Recording Sign

All models in this pack are modifi...
Chapter Two Map | Bendy and The Ink Machine
Created by MinifigJoe
This is The Map Layout of Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter Two!

A Tweet seen by theMeatly Himself!

Charizard [Pokken Tournament]
Created by MagMallow
Main Features

- Rig-script.
- Bodygroups (emotions).
- 2 Skins.

Original Character Model - Bandai Namco Entertainment .

If you want to support me:

PayPal e-mail -

Chess Board 'N' Pieces
Created by SFM
From the SFM Beta Models. Features a board and all 32 pieces, all of which are movable.

Stol...BORROWED from SFM Beta Models[]

Second photo courtesy of General-Santaclaus.

Chess Map
Created by GameAct3
An oversize map to play chess...

Or to make an animation. That works too.

Chevrolet Corvette Thingy
Created by Kirito
Fuck you, St. Louis! If you're dumb enough to fall for this piece of crap, you have came to the right place!

The 2005 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 has arrived to SFM! It can go up to 200 mph in just about 40 hours, awesome, isn't it? Not to mention the low mi...
Chica's Magic Rainbow
Created by Tyrexchip
Modeled and Ported By Tyrexchip [me]
Errors go to The Error Page
Chica's Magic Rainbow ...
Chippers Revenge
Created by Tyrexchip
"You haven't seen the last of me. Freddy Fazbear isn't the one who will be sharpening his teeth on your bones. It will be me."
"It will be me..."
`Chippers Revenge

Model Made By Me [Tyrexchip]

Fnaf By Scott Cawthon


Cigarette pack
2 different packs - rigged
cigarette - rigged with 2 flexes for size

3 skins for cigarette:
2-burning with burning ashes

Gmod version:

Circus Baby's Pizza World (Version 2)
Created by WeaselWare
Version two of my Circus Baby's Pizza World.

***UPDATE: 8\17\17***
-Glowing Walls FIXED-

New features include:
- Updated Textures & Posters
- New Ballora Stage
- Added Funtime Foxy's Stage

*NOTE* Original map is still up since a lot of animat...
Clapper board
Created by Nomad
Very basic clapperboard model with an extra skingroup for your own writing.

Download the psd file HERE:

Created by Magnus
My first Workshop upload. Wew lad.
I've looked for ages to find a clarinet model for SFM. There's never been one. So I took up the challenge.
Original model by Muhc on Blendswap, ported/textured by me.
Many thanks to Pte Jack, whose guide I've been read...
Created by Galaxyi
Small, little claw, with over 30,000 polys!
Model and port by me.

(Please forgive me for FnaF-Related images, this is what inspired me to model this, lel)
(don't hate on me, either, everybody can like whatever they want., thank.)

If the claw is too...
Coat of the Wolves
Created by Hotrod McCoolguy
Your favorite fighting video game reference in Team Fortress 2!

Click here to vote for the item!

Model by Spacedad
Texture by Ertz
Promos by Hotrod/Extra Ram
UV fixes b...
CoD: Ghosts Hazmat suit
Created by Deus ex Nihilo
The Hazmat Suit from CoD: Ghosts` multiplayer.
-face- and eyeposing
-valvebiped joint names
-7 skingroups
Gmod Version avaiable here

coffin casket
Created by ai_chicken
2 casket models with different skins. Openable. Empty (no pillow).
One on the right (screenshot) is glitchy with overlapping faces. Decided to include anyways, cause maybe someone wants to fix it

Colors filters
Created by YoshiPoland

Step 1: Create new folder and call: "colors filters"
Put all files here

Step 2: Go to SFM and make new Materials Overlay Effect

Constraint Helper v1.1
helps create a script for multiple Constraints on one or two models

Important notes
  1. if you Constrain a parent bone to a child bone sfm will crash if you try to select either of them
  2. if you Constrain a target slave p
Construction Debris From Half-Life 2: Episode 1
Created by Valve Artists
Construction Debris From Half-Life 2: Episode 1

Controller's Crux
Created by Astute
This is the SFM version of my TF2 workshop submission: The "Controller's Crux"

It's a large worn marionette cross that's been converted into a blunt weapon by the Medic. The original cross was binded together at the midpoint using epoxy and metal rod...
Conveyor Belt
Created by Populus
Conveyor Belt Seen in the Robotic Boogaloo SFM short

Includes a basic animation sequence.

Cr1TiKaL (aka penguinz0)
Created by NightBlader
This is the greatest model of a YouTuber of All Time.

What's up everyone, it's a model of Cr1TiKaL for Source Filmmaker for PC. Let's do this shit.

This model was done in Fuse. The version that isn't screwed sideways by Adobe.

You can use this mod...
Crescent Rose
Created by BlueFlytrap
I wasted over 2 weeks of my life working on this. It's still as useless as it started out as.

A largely oversized and greatly re-worked version of 3DCustom Girl's original model. Complete with actual uv maps and animations.

Includes mock up bullets...
Crisis City - Sonic 06 level prop
Created by Novarek
This is not a "stage" but around 90% of the level of Crisis City from Sonic 06, ported as prop model, they are scaled into 1:1 (so really big).

How to use: the "stage" has been divided into 3 main part, the top part (which is the first zone of the leve...
Crying Child FnaF 4 (Beta)
Created by XR0N0S
Another generic crying child made in fuse
Enjoy ,':D

Cryo-Stasis Chamber
Created by Pte Jack
A little something I threw together...

The Door(s) and guages have bones...
Is cloakable
and check out the skins...

(I may update this with a cleaner skin later)


Crystal Clusters Prop Pack
Created by cobra chicken
shiny and glowy and was initially made for a mayann project map

-Has 9 skins: 8 different colors and one multicolored skin
-Glow that pulses
-the "mined", or 2nd to the last photo, variants has non-glowy skins

NOTE: If you want to u...
CS GO Weapons and Knives
Created by Joe Salad
All of the weapons and knives from CS GO. They also have body groups for the silencers and the magazines.

Rate if you like.

They are in the weapons file and are easier find if you change the mod filter to workshop.

CS:GO Swat Van - enhanced
Created by Pte Jack
Someone had asked for an enhanced Swat Van and posted a picture of the one from CS:GO.

So here we go.

Here's a list of "some of" the Enhancements...

Rear End
1) Split open the back end and made it a deployment ramp
2) added an inner box to the...
Custom Cubemap Pack
Created by Hyperchaotix

If you're a content creator like me, you know creative freedom is a wonderful thing.

So I made some custom cub...
Custom Masks for Spy
Created by CrashyGuy
Here are some custom faces for the spy mask, if you have any wishes for other faces, go ahead and ask in the comments, i might add it in later updates

Note: This is not a model, its a texture you can add to your mask

How to apply the texture:
*coming soo...
Customizable gobo strips model
For the features please look at the pictures above.


Original model creation and Preview pics : HEAVY SHTOPOR
Uploading addon: SuperCheater5

Customizable Wooden Planks
Created by Pipann
I got inspired by Spore one day (don't ask) and decided to create some cartoony plank props for you all. These are all customizable through flexes and skins. Stretch, squash, bend... Build a cabin, a boat, bridge, stairs... The sky is the limit!

Got sug...
Cut/Faceted Jewels Pack
Created by Pipann
Beautiful little shinies for all those shiny needs.

Now on Gmod!

Cute Eye Texture By ShadowGaming10
Created by ShadowGaming10
More Eye Textures Comming soon!

Eye Blue.vtf
Eye Green.vtf
Eye Pink.vtf
Eye Red.vtf

-Original Textures By Plushiefredbear

PS!: The iries are only small for those models that have small eyes!

Thanks to AndyTheBear For Teaching ...
D.Va: Cruiser - Overwatch
Created by ✨Majora✨
Hey, Daddy-o!

Sedi's D.Va port should be downloaded before using this, if you don't have it, go get it. And I mean like, the most recent Workshop version, not some old version you downloaded off of SFMLab or something.

Here's the new Cruiser s...
D.VA: Officer - Overwatch
Created by ✨Majora✨
Stop right there, criminal scum!

Sedi's D.Va port should be downloaded before using this, if you don't have it, go get it. And I mean like, the most recent Workshop version, not some old version you downloaded off of SFMLab or something.

DAgames logo
Created by Kiryа
Modeled by me, ported by me.

Posters by:


Daisy room
Created by [FR] nighty
Source : Daisy in Summer

== Features & versions ==
- 32 switchable bodygroups (everything can be turned off)
- v1.0 : first release

== Usage & credits ==
- You can use/mod/redistribute the model whatever you want. At least credit me for my work.
Daniel Tosh for SFM
Created by GameAct3
My attempt at making the comidian, Daniel Tosh, and host of his own show that makes fun of internet videos, Tosh.O.

High Fashion.

Dark Cloud TF2 Item/Weapon Pack
Created by Astute
This is an SFM Item/Weapon based pack based around a set I made for the TF2 workshop. These items were made in reference to the game "Dark Cloud" / "Dark Chronicle".

Originally, I made this as a sort of gag set for the TF2 workshop, long before the SF...
Dark Coldfront
Created by Christoffer395
Only 301 days till Christmas, might as well get ready for christmas evening movies!

This map was edited by request, all lights has been removed, all self-illuminating props has been removed aswell, and most cubemapped props has been edited or removed, so ...
Dark_Room_Sky Map
ImperfectAnimator, since i requested it and he made it in like 5 minutes.

It's just like Dark_Room, but bigger and the skybox texture replaced by sky.

The sky isn't really HD though, but it's excusable.

It's suitable for anything outdoors, but don't wa...
Dawko For SFM! V.1
Created by TheCreepsAreReal
What's Going On Guys, Dawko Back Again! This Model Was Made Using Fuse :)! Give Me Full Credit If You Use This Model Please. Check Out Dawko Here -

Deeakron's Very Useful Panel V2.2
Created by Deeakron
The new and improved very useful panel, useful for your scenebuilding needs!

This panel takes every thing that was good with the previous panel and makes it better!
It has 6 more textures, and some of them are special textures (bump map, scroll, self i...
desk lamp
Created by Admiina
Folding type.
Can also be pressed switch.

de_school (March 2016 fix)
Created by Anomidae
This map requires CSS content!

I did NOT make these map...
de_school Missing Textures FIX
Created by Anomidae

These are only textures. Download the map here

These are missing textures that SFM could...
Diamond is Unbreakable Character Pack (JJBA)
Created by Blargman
Here is a pack of the Diamond is Unbreakable characters and stands from the game Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven. This is Version 1, the next update will Include: Shigechi, Harvest, Akira, Red Hot Chili Pepper, and Echoes 1+ 2. 3rd preview image s...
Diner Dark
Created by Patrick Jr.
This is probably my first time removing lights from a map, here's my try at it, I hope it suits your needs.

DIO Pack
Created by Critical Hit!
Update 1: 2 more mouth flexes for Dio ( Small Smile and mouth irritated)

Update 2: Rigged Steam Roller


- Couldn't upload The World because of "unable to find mod path' error, go to the link here:
Dirty lens
Created by YoshiPoland
Step 1:
Right click on "Effects" next click "Add Clip to Track" and choose "Materials Overlay Effect".

Step 2:
Right click on "New Clip" and choose "Show in...
Disc data storage model pack
Includes :

floppy disc 8 - paintable with 2 skins
floppy disc 5.25 - paintable with 3 skins
floppy disc 3.5 - paintable with 5 skins
CD - 4 skins
cd jewel case - paintable with 4 skins
DVD - 4 skins
dvd case - paintable with 4 skins

game Big B...
Created by Hallow
Ditto from da pogeymans x/y

No facial texturegroups yet, will be working on them next tme I have more free time.

This model belongs to Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, Creatures Inc, and Gamefreak and is being used without permission.

Dj booth
Created by Percy Technic
Dj booth with working tables and stuff. Hmm... Not sure if I should have uploaded to SFM's workshop.

dj booth.mdl
record vinyl.mdl
DJProps - DJ Controller
Created by The4thaggie™
I have recieved a good amount of positive feedback, favorites, and downloads on the version posted to my DA. I have decided to upload to the Workshop in case there was anyone here wanting to use it.

This is a complete reupload because I should have seper...
Doctor Alphys (Undertale)
Created by Pipann
Dr. Alphys is a female, reptilian monster that lives in the lab in western Hotland. She is the incumbent Royal Scientist, a position she was awarded by Asgore after the death of her predecessor.

Dollar Eye Texture V.1
Created by TheCreepsAreReal
This Is A Funny Little Texture I Made In My Spare Time. Use It For Funny Purposes Only. And Give Me Full Credit For The Texture. :)

Donald Trump Cutout
Created by Fitne Por
JIGSAW's cutout for all your Trump needs.


What, like I have any more to say about Trump?

Donkey Kong Sounds
Created by ItsameWario
Straight from Grant Kirkhope's own magical mouth!

Donkey Kong\hammerthrow shout donkey.wav
Donkey Kong\SE VO DONKEY 00 DECIDE.wav
Donkey Kong\SE VO DONKEY 02 SUCCESS.wav
Donkey Kong\SE VO DONKEY 03 FA...
Doof Wagon Speakers
Created by [NIИ]Complication
Based on speakers set on Doof Wagon, the musical limb of war armada from Mad Max Fury Road.

Models are far from perfect, they were made for creating one particular poster -, but myabe someo...
Doom: Chainsaw
Created by BlueFlytrap
I couldn't not port the chainsaw.

Specular pbr to source so it's a little finicky if you're not quite versed on the laws of physics. Visually bug free unlike the overwatch models. Well mostly.

Sequence for spinning obviously included. Much...
Doom: Night Sentinels
Created by BlueFlytrap
Aspice Domine, quia facta est desolata civitas plena divitiis, sedet in tristitia domina gentium. Non est qui consoletur eam, nisi tu Deus noster.
Plorans ploravit in nocte, et lacrimae eius in maxillis eius. Non est qui consoletur eam, nisi tu Deus noste...
Doom: Plasma Rifle
Created by BlueFlytrap
No I cannot find the ui elements.

Specular pbr to source so it's a little finicky if you're not quite versed on the laws of physics. Visually bug free unlike the overwatch models. Well mostly.

In addition. An optional visually superior but more m...
Doom: UAC Elite Guard
Created by BlueFlytrap
Every single one of these red boys was apparently a force to be reckon with.
They also had a kill switch. Go figure.

This is the red guard. White guard can be found here:

Specular ...
Doom: UAC Security
Created by BlueFlytrap
Technically you still see these guys wandering around and shooting ingame.
Just not in the sense that they're alive while doing so.

This is the white guard. Red guard can be found here:
Drawkill Animatronics
Created by Latzius X

ATTENTION: I have gotten permission to use these models from the creator of the Drawkill game. Here is the link to his game:

I don't own these models, they belong to thier original creato...
DSLR - Metal Gear Solid 4
Created by Lt_Commander
This is a DSLR Camera model from Metal Gear Solid 4. It's a non-branded design based off of the Nikon D7000 series, best I can tell.

There's skingroups for the body color and bodygroups for the lens/screen RTcam on/off + lens hood and lens bodygroups. I...
Created by Pipann
Originally kind of rushed models created to experiment and find the right 'feel' with the default playermodel rigging, I decided to spruce these up and make them available for posing references and rotoscoping, I guess. :)

[url={LINK REMOVED}...
Created by Calvin JD
This is a stunt/test dummy that you can fling around to your liking.

This is my first time modelling a whole body/human, so it may not look the best.


Hope you find it useful.

Drawkill Springtrap
Created by Latzius X

I don't own these models, they belong to thier original creator.

Original Creator: Ceiling Pie

Gmod Version:

If you want to make preview imag...
DVA - Overwatch [Updated Mech and Gun]
Created by ✨Majora✨

D.Va plays to win, but she's gotta use her mech to do that.

I went ahead and totally redid the D.Va mech and pistol using the original bones and such from Overwatch, I've ...
DVA - Overwatch [With Mech]
She plays to win, apparently.

Has HWM and all that junk.

Now includes the mech and pistol, though the pistol doesn't have the magazine battery thing.

- UPDATED 29/01/17 -
- Revamped materials (Thanks Majora and BlueFlyTrap)
- All non legendary...
DVA: B.VA - Overwatch
Created by ✨Majora✨
it's hip to love bees

Sedi's D.Va port should be downloaded before using this, if you don't have it, go get it. And I mean like, the most recent Workshop version, not some old version you downloaded off of SFMLab or something.

Here's the legendary sk...
Created by Soldier
Earth model with animated atmosphere.

Editable Computer Screens
Created by Detonatress
>> Important! This relies on Override Materials and Element Viewer! First rule: Right click on the model name and Add Override Materials! <<
>> Get VTFEdit, SFM does not support other image files except VTF, so convert your images with this: http://nemesi...
Eevee (Pokemon from Smash 4)
Created by Neo Kabuto
My first port to SFM, hopefully I'll have time to do more soon. The rigging isn't perfect and there's no IK file, but here's the Eevee model from Smash 4! The original model had some smoothing group issues and I tried to clean those up where I could.

Eeveelutions Pack (Gen 1 - 4)
Created by Yunpol
Sylveon is not in this pack! If you want to get Sylveon, get it from RTB's pack!

Egg Gunner Robot - Sonic the Hedgehog 2006
To celebrate the 10 years annivesary of this disaster/amazing game that is Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) I bring to you possibly one of Dr. Eggman's greatest badnik designs to date.

Pictures made by my buddy Shadow759

Electric Chair
Created by isis
The title says it all..

Porting By: MegalexMaster
Modeling By: EmeraldMadness
Textures By:

Make some artwork pls.

Electronics Lab Equipment
Created by Lt_Commander
A few small lab props I made up a bit back, I figure they'll fit the new workshop quite well. They're just nice little background set dressing for a laboratory, and if you're an electrical engineer, you'll probably appreciate the accuracy of the models.
Elgyem (Pokemon Generation V)
Created by EmperorFaiz.vmt
Oh yeah! This cute little egghead has finally arrived to SFM. Enjoy.

- rig_bip_simple compatible
- 4 skins (male, female and glowing dot thingies on the hands)
*Don't forget to enable "show hidden" to use the tail bones after you app...
English PhoneBox V.II (Not quite complete but enough to use)
Created by Pte Jack
As requested by Warmcanofcoke...

Model was submitted to by 3dregenerator in .obj format. There were no materials and it required a lot of rework to get it into SFM. It is not quite finished, but I know of some ppl who really require something ...
Enhanced L4D2 Pickup Items
Created by minic23
By Bloocobalt, reupload from for all SFM-users. Have some bones, bodygroups and skins. Installed content not required.

Garry's Mod version:

Enhanced Spy Items
Created by мяFunreal
Various items that belong to the spy, enhanced for film making.

Knife and Black Rose
  • Arms posable (Blade is parent bone of both arms).
  • Lock posable.
  • "Helper" mesh to guide you in correclty opening/closing the knife.
Enhanced TF2 Jars
Created by Taco
Before/After gif:

Enhanced models of Jarate, Festive Jarate, and Mad Milk.

Polycount is upped to about 2.5x the default, and each model has extended bone and bodygroup control for caps, corks, and the content...
Enhanced TF2 Skeleton
Created by Chaofanatic
An enhanced skeleton from TF2's Scream Fortress 2013 event. It's got a generally higher polycount as well as improved rigging on the ribs, toes, and fingers, as well as a movable jawbone. It's also got a multitude of bodygroups for almost every bone, so go...
Enhanced TF2 Widowmaker
Created by R234
Hi fellow SFMers! R234 here, with the second entry in my personal line of enhanced Team Fortress 2 weapons, the Widowmaker! I happened to check the model in Blender, and surprisingly the magazine was already mostly set up to be detachable.

Changes from ...
Environment Particles
Created by Sapphire Sky
Added a couple of new efects and improved a few of the previous!

Particles used to generate environments randomly. Though you're welcome to adjust the sizes within the editor. More effects will be updated and included over time.

[img]{LINK REMOVED}...
Ernest (Battleborn)
Created by CompletelyDocile
Ever been playing overwatch, and think, "What if junkrat was a bird?"

Its not just any bird though, its a BOMBIRDIER(Actual File Name.) This one has the most individual pieces out of all of them. There is Ernest himself, the grenade launcher, his sticky ...
Evil Laugh
Created by Bob_BoxYT
I did this on Audacity cuz I was bored. Hope you guys like it. :)

(Edit: I meant to do this earlier, but here's a preview if it helps:

Evil Laugh.wav
Created by ✥ℜℵ✥

- Cannonhead
- Antenna
- Suspension
- Steering
- Wheels
- Exhaust

A Tf2 Emporium Vehicle Map Pack Competition entry.

- Reference: Daimler Mk1 Armoured Car

- Blaholtzen...
Exotic Butters
Created by Jfun300
Exotic Butters from Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location! Now in SFM
Image by Pombley

Expanded Gibbed Characters
Created by Populus
Fully bodygrouped and rigged gibbed character pack!

Featured in the Frontline! - A Call To Arms video

Check out the Gmod ver...
Expiration Date Bread Van
The Red Bread Van from Expiration Date (with some repairs)!

Is fully rigged and includes some bodygroups.

Also has a (very basic) interior.

Extra Scout Sounds/Voicelines!
Created by TheSpyCrap
All credit goes to "Nathan Vetterlein" (The voice actor for the Scout) All I done was edit it and split it slightly.

Be sure to subscribe if you are interested or if you think this might help you out in future videos!

Have fun and have a great day. :)

Created by The Animator
This is simply a sphere with the eyeball shader applied to it so that you can have more control over your eyes. It has 13 different materials to choose from:

1 - TF2 Brown
2 - TF2 Blue
3 - TF2 Green
4 - HL2 Alyx
5 - HL2 Breen
6 - HL2 Eli
7 - HL2 G...
Created by VoodooRaisins
It's Fludd from Mario Sunshine. Uploading to the workshop to make it more accesable.
Fall of Cybertron- The Ark
Created by The Mad Demoknight
Classified as the first Vanguard-class Deep Space Interceptor the Ark was larger and more streamlined in design than previous galactic transports. The Ark possessed insufficient armor plating and was armed with only 16 particle combustion cannons and 16 la...
Fancy Sky Particle V2
Created by Tyler
This is another rendition of my sky particle. You won't need the dota 2 assets for this. Let me know if you have any questions/issues. :)
(*Use on void map*)
Confused about how to use this? Here's a guide:
Fandroid and Melody (OFFICIAL)
Created by Coda
*Disclaimer: THESE ARE THE OFFICIAL MODELS OF FANDROID AND MELODY! This porting project was requested by the owner of the Fandroid channel himself, Griffinilla.*

As seen in their many music videos, Fandroid the Musical Robot and Melody are ready to sing...
Farm Feud
Origianl map by Archanor
SFM HDR-lighting support and removed prop fading by 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144

Link to TF2 Workshop:

Farm props [Dead By Daylight]
Created by MARK2580
Farm props from the game Dead By Daylight

  • WMZ - Z230289182916
  • WMR - R172079828218
  • Yandex money - 41001776878245
Fazbear's Fright (SL)
Created by [RESIST] Mr_Mike
"I'm going to come find you..."

This map is a recreation of Fazbear's Fright as you see it in the final cutscene in Sister Location.
It only took me a day or so to make the map, so if you guys think theres anything to add to the map pleas...
Fazbear's Fright Entrance
Created by [RESIST] Mr_Mike
"We found One.. A real One..."

After about a month in production the map is finally complete!
there is soo much that I put into this map that I thought it deserved being Much More then just a new version of the [url=
Femscout's Improved Bodygroups
Created by Prince
[img] [/img]
  • 2 models [Shirtless Physic with Old Enhanced flexes]
  • 2 clothing [With and without bag]
  • 5 Hair [Enhanced ponytail,Normal ponytail, Long ponytail, Jill Valentine Hair, S
FemScout Teenage Hair
Created by ☣ Blu Scoutit ☣
FemScout Teenage Hair


Credits to [EU] Mark Unread | TF2SP for help on model

Fidget Cube
Created by Calvin JD
The very popular fidget cube which gained over 6 million dollars on a kickstarter page.

Paintable to whatever color you want.

If you're having trouble coloring it, here's a quick guide. []

Film Sets for PHANTASM Part 3
Created by Anomidae

These maps may present some issues (including ph_set_urban) so please let me know about these issues if they pop up.

If you want the VMF files, l...
Filthy Frank - SFM Model
Created by ❤Sinty❤
It's filthy frank mother trucker, it filthy frank beatch!
So b0ss, here is this magnificant guy. Why, i don't know...

If you find any problems, plz comment down below ;)

The IK RIG can be downloaded from my workshop, named Sintful1's IK RIG

Final Nights 2 - Burnt Animatronics Pack
Created by _Tangoteds_
Errors Have been Fixed. They are now in SourceFilmMaker's Workshop. FinalNights2

Im Coreyteds, As if you have seen this on Deviantart.
These were originally posted on Da by myself and we found out that the steam workshop works now, so ye
I Hope you en...
Final Nights 3: Reaper Animatronics
Created by JeliLiam
The reapers from Final Nights 3: Nightmares Awaken have finally made it to the SFM workshop!

Reaper Puppet, Golden Freddy, Chica and Final Nights 3 - JeliLiam

Reaper Mangle and Balloon Boy - WillsVids

Concept Arts - EnderZ_...
Fiona Fox, Good and Bad versions
Created by Mike Darklighter
Here's a character I thought we'd never see on Source Filmmaker but here she is! The infamous red vixen who can't count on anyone.

-Comes with 'Good'/bodysuit design and 'bad'/pants and top design.
-Functions with rig biped hedgehog IK rig.
-Has jiggle bo...
Fire particles
Created by BalbertDickens™
I wanted to make some custom particles and upload them to the workshop for you fine people. If you want, you can suggest that I should make more particles that follows the fire theme. Post them in the comments or add me (State why though). Currently has t...
Five Nights at Candy's 3 - Monster Rat
Created by AngryGal
"Go to sleep"

I've been thinking to port this model welp, here it is :)

Model belongs to Kowalski298
Go check him out:

If you wanna get this model for Blender here:
Five Nights at Candy's 3 - Monster Vinnie
Created by AngryGal
"You'll never be able to sleep again"

Here's Vinnie :D

Model belongs to HayStudios
Plaese go support him on DeviantArt:

If you wanna get this model for Blender here:
Five Nights at Freddy's - Animatronics [OFFICIAL RELEASE]
Created by RobGamings
Latest models by Rynfox, dozens of versions to date!
Modeled by RynFox
Ported by RobGamings
Made in 3DS...
Five Nights at Freddy's - Bonnie's Guitar
Created by Opticle - Michael
This is Bonnie's guitar from Five Nights At Freddy's.
Don't expect too much this is one of my first models.


I removed the old guitar and updated it with a new one.


This guitar is probally not big enough for the newer FNAF mod...
Five Nights at Freddy's - Foxy's Stage improved!
Created by Expanix #SaveEvolve
I wanted to make an animation but I needed the curtains to move. It has some bugs, but it's ok.
Thanks to Pte Jack for the help!

The model ISN'T mine, all the credit goes to I6NIS.

Five Nights at Freddy's - Sister Location: Minireena by Newalker
Created by .nikanA [*]
Halloween Release of Minireena model.

Model includes Eyes bodygroup. Bones are prepared for IK Rigging.
Please don't ask for Rig, cause You can make it by yourself. Just download auto-rigger form workshop.

Previews by Maxie, YingYang48, Nightmare-G...
Five Nights at Freddy's - Twisted Ones Pack
Created by AngryGal
"We are your nightmares, what eye sees"

Took me so long to finish this, welp here it is, the pack is ready :)

Models belong to HayStudios
Models ported to SFM by me

HUGE thanks to Mclazycraft for the bump maps

What's included in the pack:

- Twisted Fr...
Five Nights at Freddy's 1 - Animatronics [Improved version]
Created by [S.e.S]^RED_EYE
I got permission to upload these models.
UV corrected
Added body groupes
improved materials
Bonnie eyebrows xD
To Do:
add Golden Freddy skin

Five Nights at Freddy's 1 - Animatronics [OFFCIAL RELEASE]
Created by martindragonrose
"These Characters hold a special place in the hearts of children, maybe you can show them a little respect, right? Ok."

Regardless on my thoughts on the amount of drama surrounding these models, here they are anyways. After loads of teasing and people l...
Five Nights at Freddy's 1 Prop Models Release (Part1)
Created by RobGamings
Textures: SAB, uJidow
Models: SAB, RobGamings, AustinTheBear
Porting: RobGamings

Five Nights at Freddy's 1 Prop Models Release (Part2)
Created by RobGamings
Textures: SAB, RobGamings, AbsentedTangent, YingYanGio1987
Models: RobGamings, AustinTheBear
Porting: RobGamings

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Balloon Boy by SAB
Created by kimo

Apologies for the grainy thumbnail. Can't fix it now.

SAB's accurate as shite BB put into SFM. That's all.

Has some skins and a bunch of bodygroups

Porting assistance and rerigging by Spygineer.

Do NOT under any circumsta...
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Withered + Unwithered Animatronics [OFFICAL RELEASE]
Created by martindragonrose
Ayy, so here are E_A's withered models! I aint got much to say, the pics explain everything there is to know about the models. There are misc models like the Endoskeleton, Bonnie's ripped off face, all that stuffs. Hope you enjoy em!
Also a possible GMOD ...
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Withered Animatronics [Improved version]
Created by [S.e.S]^RED_EYE
got permission to upload these models.
UV corrected
Added body groupes
improved materials
Unwithered models.

Five Nights At Freddy's 2 Soundpack
Created by MrVideoFreak
Here is the five nights at freddy's 2 sound pack.

Any hate comments/another one will be destroyed.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Toys
Created by Splinks
Aʜ...ʜᴇʟʟᴏ, ʜᴇʟʟᴏ! Wᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ɴᴇᴡ ᴀɴᴅ ɪᴍᴘʀᴏᴠᴇᴅ Fʀᴇᴅᴅʏ Fᴀᴢʙᴇᴀʀ's Tᴏʏ ᴍᴏᴅᴇʟs.

Uʜ, I'ᴍ ʜᴇʀᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴛᴀʟᴋ ʏᴏᴜ ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ sᴏᴍᴇ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ ᴛʜɪɴɢs ʏᴏᴜ ᴄᴀɴ ᴇxᴘᴇᴄᴛ ᴛᴏ sᴇᴇ ᴅᴜʀɪɴɢ ʏᴏᴜʀ ɢᴀᴍᴇ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ. Uʜ, ʙʏ ɴᴏᴡ I'ᴍ sᴜʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ'ᴠᴇ ɴᴏᴛɪᴄᴇᴅ ᴛʜᴇ SPECS sɪᴛᴛɪɴɢ ʙᴇʟᴏᴡ ᴛʜɪs ᴘᴀ
Five Nights at Freddy's 3 - SpringTrap Version 2 (By Everything Animations)
Created by martindragonrose
Another FNAF 3 SpringTrap model? Well yeah, since Spygineer still can't upload models to the SFM workshop, I'm going to help them out with uploading models. With that said, here's an updated SpringTrap model made by Everything Animations! Not much to expla...
Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Soundpack
Created by [TCPZ] !Boot
Features all the sounds from FNAF 3, I've gone through each sound file one by one in Audacity to make sure all of them were at a frequency that SFM will accept.

Five Nights at Freddy's Animatronics
Created by Splinks
Hello, hello? Hey! Seems you've made an interesting stumble; let me fill you in.
Freddy and his friends are are here and at your control. Think of them as your puppets

They come with all the goodies a puppeteer as yourself will need.
Such th...
Five Nights at Freddy's Camera Static (OVERLAY)
Created by Trilasent
I thought it would only be fair if anyone who needed this could use it, so here! :)

This isn't originally mine! I extracted the materials file from a GMod addon.
(which can be found here:)
Five nights at Freddy's Plushes (remake) Part 1
Created by Collin Joe
Models by Spygineer

He asked me to upload these, so here you go.

Needs Part 2 & 3

Five nights at Freddy's Plushes (remake) Part 2
Created by Collin Joe
Models by Spygineer

He asked me to upload these, so here you go.

Needs Part 1 & 3

Five nights at Freddy's Plushes (remake) Part 3
Created by Collin Joe
Models by Spygineer

He asked me to upload these, so here you go.

Needs Part 1 & 2

Five Nights At Freddy's Soundpack
Created by Vertigo
A Pack of sounds from Five Nights At Freddy's.

I'm sorry for what's happened since 2014. I take full responsibility for my actions.


Night 1 Phone Call
Night 2 Phone Call
Night 3 Phone Call
Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location - Animatronics [OFFICIAL RELEASE]
Created by RobGamings
You don't know what we've been through...

Made in Blender
Ported from Blender
Modeled by "AbsentedTangent"
Highly enhanced by "Wiirexu"
Ported by "RobGamings"
Five Nights at Freddy's: The Unwithered Animatronics
Created by BurningPenguin
I was puzzeled and sad that Rafa's models were off the workshop, and i didnt want that

EDIT: Here's a few things I wanted to clear out. 1. I can't put these models on G-mod 2. I don't know how to reskin these 3. Just stop comparing E-A's models to Rafa'...
Five Nights at Freddys 3 - Fredtrap Lantern Prop
30 Years. And He's back. But I will return.

Heres a workshop item my friend Umar wanted me to upload for him. :P
Hope you guys enjoy!

BTW, Expect something, soon.. ;)


Five Nights at Treasure Island Models for SFM
Created by ŇõƁóÐÿ
These are some models for SFM from the game Five Nights at Treasure Island. Please note I do NOT take any credit in making the models. ButterShutter and QuentinDylanP take all the credit in making these models, I just simply converted them for SFM uses. (I...
Fixed Crown of the Old Kingdom
Created by FrostNineveh
Your usermod folder must come before the game and workshop folder in gameinfo.txt for this to work

Flag - Multinational
Created by Soldier
A poseable flag hanging on a pole with 22 skins.

Flame & Explosions
Created by Neverstops577
Never play with Fires

Includes Bodygroup for smoke removal

Neverstops577 - Porting, Compiling, Re-Rigging
dasliebesverbot - Models, Textures, XNALARA

Appreciate to him!

For those who wants the muscle pyro model.
FlameThrower separate flame
Created by Albin1997536
Extracted the flame so you can use it for whatever, it can be recolored, resized and lockt to bones.

FNAF - Plush SpringBonnie
Created by RobGamings
Cute on the outside. Dead on the inside!
Made in cinema 4D
Ported from Blender
Modeled by "Cinetix"
Ported By "RobGamings"
FNAF - Purple Guy V2
Created by Victor Lazo
Well, another model. I like this model but IDK. I hope you like it too. This model was created with Fuse. Enjoy!
Modeled and ported by: Victor Lazo (me)
FNAF - Tablet
Created by RobGamings
Made in Cinema 4D
Ported from Blender
Modeled and ported by "RobGamings"
RobGamings Youtube, deviantart, a...
FNaF 1 models by LetIsDoThis
Models made by: LetIsDoThis []
Ported by: Springjordan []
Textures made by: Rynfox []
Icon mdae by: [url={LINK REMOVED}...
FNAF 1- Mike Schmidt V2
Created by Victor Lazo
Well, this is my first model for the workshop. All of this was made with Fuse. I hope you enjoy this model.
Modeled and ported by: Victor Lazo (me)
FNAF 2 - Freddy Fazbear Mask - Prop
Created by √ | Maximo | ♪
No place left to hide...

A friend of mine gived me the idea to make the mask you use on FNAF2 so here it is.

SourceRabbit: for the preview pic

Five Nights At Freddy’s © Scott Cawthon...
Fnaf 2 Remake Map
Created by AustinTheBear
This is the Fnaf 2 remake map since kiethy never uploaded his to the workshop i made one because i can and thanks to everyone who beta tested the map it was useful but now this map is in sfm now so yeah also if there are any concerns consult me and not the...
FNaF 2 Withered Plushies by Spygineer
Created by ItzRealBryce
Let the Salty 'Another one' Comments flood

also Before commenting "Gm0d I want it!!!1!11" Visit the origanal Gmod Page:

Fnaf 3 sounds
Created by egon.wendelken
Update: now all sounds should work fine but still if any sound does not work tell me.

FNAF 4 | N. Chica Pack
Created by EndyArts
Welcome to my Nightmare Chica Pack SFM release!

Models + Port by: Endy

Glowing Inside to Jack-O-Chica
The plate on the cupcake is a bodygroup

Poster credits:

Heres a link to my DA...
FNAF 4: Nightmare Foxy and Mangle
Created by TF541Productions
Model by: HectorMKG
Permission to Upload:

Ported/fixed up by: TF541Productions

HUGE Thanks to: RobGamings for fixing the phong and the bumpmaps!

Message from TF:
Hey everyone! TF here. Th...
FNAF Mask SL Nights 4
Created by Raz
Model : RazarTonic
Porting : Clino Animation

Image : RazarTonic


Fnaf Sister Location - Funtime Spring Bonnie (Fan-Made)
Here's my first SFM model and workshop item. More model is coming. Have a "Fun Time" while using the model ;D.
Model by: Katamas
Ported by: Devilukijo
Eye Texture: GaboCOart
Textures: Devilukijo and me
My youtube:
FNaF Sister Location: Control Room + More!
A recreation of the control room, button, and vents (by The 64th Gamer) + The Magician Doll and Balloon Boy esque doll (Made by Austinthebear) from the FNaF Sister Location trailer!

I didn't hold back on Polygons
-158,790 for Control Room
-72,038 for ven...
FNaF Sister Location: Primary Control Module
First Picture by Dr-dash
Second and Third Picture by The 64th Gamer
Modeled by The 64th Gamer
Egyptian Lady by Zylae
Ennard mask and Baby heads by Austinthebear

A great model of the Primary Control Room from FNaF SL's Steam page!

Hope yo...
FNAF SL | Scooping room | By James SFM
Created by James (DND)
i dont even care anymore

James SFM\Scooping Room\scooping room.mdl
FNAF SPRING TRAP by ConfederateJoe
Created by ConfederateJoe
Finally! A solid Spring Trap rendition!
Version 1.1, there are some minor bugs and model changes pending for an update in the near future.
Gmod OUT!
Fnaf World - Adventure Toy Freddy V2
Porting this was the pain in the ass.
So enjoy the model :D
Model, Port and Textures: Katamas

Blender: Modeling
Coding: Notepad
Porting: Crowbar

Bodygroup for Normal right hand and for Microphoned right hand. No moveable finger, sorry, I can't...
FNaF World - Bubba
Created by Dank
Model made by Wiirexu -

Ported by Red_Eye -

Icon and preview images by RobGamings -

Uploaded with permission of Wiirexu by DarkKnightPL - http://da...
FNAF World - The Mimic Ball
Created by FZone96
"Because nobody needed a model of that smiley"
I made a model anyways, so take it and love it, or else Virtua Freddy is coming to get you! XD jk

Model and Textures made by me
Eye Textures made by Splinks
FNAF World © Scott Cawthon

Fnaf World Adventure Nightmares
Created by AustinTheBear
This pack will be updated later on once all of the models are done but you can expect more stuff like this.
Basic Characters
Foxy Added And Fixes
Chica Added
Final Update:
Jack O Chica And Pumpkin Added

Ported By: C...
Fnaf World Adventure Spring Bonnie UPDATE (offical Release)
Created by delta gaming
Yes this is a reupload

Finally after so much wait. So muck working. So much hype it's finally here Adventure Spring Bonnie V.2 vs Superman. Ok that's enough of that but yes after muck work it's here Adventure Spring Bonnie. This model is by the very tal...
Fnaf World Adventure Springtrap
Created by AustinTheBear
The Release of Adventure Springtrap Made by Me and ported by Spygineer
This wasnt much but hey one of many adventure models by me to come.
Also this is a request from ScantCypress53 he paid $8.50 for this.

Posters by:
FNaF World All Sound Effects
All the sound effects have their original name from which they were exported from the MFA file. I am sorry if you wanted me to label them. Scott did label some right though :T

FNaF World\4th.wav
FNaF World\alarm2.wav
FNaF World\attack1.wav...
fnaf world browboy
Created by delta gaming
This is not my model it is by Wiirexu and inspired by zalae. YES I WAS GIVEN PERMISSION

HUGE thanks to Detonatress for spending multiple hours teaching me to port and fixing the eye glitch.


art als...
FNaF World Character Pack - Endoskeletons V2 - Fixed Materials
Created by Dank
After so many months I've realized that the materials on the models didn't worked due to lack of any kind of bump map. It's fixed now! I've also replaced textures of Endos, because, I honestly wasn't happy with them.

Modeled and Ported by DarkKnightPL -...
FNAF World Crying_Child_V.2
Created by CutieTree
First of many FNAF World things I am making, Hope you like it ;P

Photoshop- Texturing
Blender- modeling/rigging


FNaF World: 8 bit Overworld Asset Pack!
Yes, I know this (at the moment) is lackluster, but trust me, I will try to get a model or two (or 5-6 on weekends) every day for this. I am just putting this out here now for hype, and that I have not many friends to test it :(
Now, this will soon be a p...
FNaF World: Chop N Roll and Metal Man
Includes Chop N Roll and Metal man along with their other variations from FNaF World.

Models and porting by me.

Thanks to MsGoldenFazbear for the textures!...
FNaF World: Purpleguy
MODEL BY: Austinthebear

The 64th Gamer\8-bit\Adventure Purple Guy\adv purple guy.mdl
FNAF WORLD:Scott Cawthon
Created by Z A M E S №1
Model by:Nick Forels

FNAF2 - Toy Cupcake V2
Created by RobGamings
Model made in cinema 4D
Transported in Blender

Modeled and Transported by: RobGamings
FNaF2 Endoskeleton V2 by Spygineer
Created by kimo

Preview image by Hitsquad.


Several skins!
Bodygroups for Freddy's hat, and a few other things.
Props made in Blender
Ported from Blender
Map (as a model) by "The 64th Gamer"
Conversion to map (from model) by "Salamance"
Toys by "DarkKnightPL"
Ported by "RobGamings"
Created by RobGamings
Get map here :
Props made in Blender
Ported from Blender
FNAF4 Secret Chest by ConfederateJoe
Created by ConfederateJoe
Today we start with the secret chest. The others come later.

Thanks to Tyhpoon Cinema for making these models possible! Go check them out!

The chest is fully, and I mean fully rigged.
The textures are ...
FNaF: Balloon Boy Pack
Hope you enjoy! Its the best I could do!

Some rules for downloading this model:
1- Don't use in fangames without permission
2- Don't steal textures for other models
3- Don't redistribute unless it is a port to another software.

Modeled, textured, ...
FNAF: Sister Location Ending Cutscene - Sound
Created by ItsMeJoshie
The ending sound for when you beat custom night

Springtrap Cutscene

Owner of sound and game: Scott Cawthon

Now Public!

Fnaf sl springtrap cutscene.wav
FNAF: SL - Funtime Foxy
Created by TF541Productions
Model by: MinifigJoeSFM
Ported/fixed up by: TF541Productions

Note (From TF): Sorry if it lags your SFM. I beleive in total it's 300,000 verts, with everybody part being a separate .smd)

A message from MinifigJoe:
"Greetings SFM community. I?m exc...
FNaF:SL | Custom Night Sounds
Created by FNAFplayer2016
All sounds belong to Scott Cawthon and Leon Riskin

ballora theme.wav
custom night menu theme.wav
drag me to the crusher.wav
FNAFWorld- AdvBonnie V2
Created by CutieTree
Model by Zylae
Ported by Dirty_tree
Icon Image by Austin
Icon Image Edited by Dirty_Tree
poster #2 by DariusAce

crowbar- porting
Photoshop- Editing
Blender- modeling/rigging

Youtube- https://www.y...
FNaM map (Read description)
Created by Mikequeen123
this was the first map i worked hard on so, please tell me if you have any problems with it and i will try to fix it

Now for gmod (not in workshop. Look in discussions to find it)

the preview images are some old pics i made with the map.

---Rooms Made--...
Folding Chair
Created by Pearl
Just a chair.

Now with extra magic!
It leveled up and gained more bones!

Foxy.exe lines
Created by mot-datrix (Chaz)
I have officially ripped Foxy's lines in Foxy.exe for all you nuggets who are too lazy.

foxy lines.wav
Fredbear's Family Diner Map
Created by AustinTheBear
This Is The New Fredbear's Family Diner Map by me i thought i wanted to make a fredbears map for a while so i thought ill make it and here we are now.
Wall Textures: Goldguy0710
Map: AustinTheBear

Updates: 3 Versions of the Map containing Day Night An...
Friday the 13th - Prop Pack
Created by Gypsy Meg
[img] [/img]

update discontinued

Contains a random selection of props from Friday the 13th

All models belong to gun media and illfonic

For Friday the 13th Structures, go[url={LINK REMOVED}...
Frontline Supply Drop - Props - Part 1
Created by SedimentarySFM

Now available for SFM! This pack includes all the map props created for the Frontline! TF2 community pro...
Frontline Supply Drop - Props - Part 2
Created by SedimentarySFM

Now available for SFM! This pack includes all the map props created for the Frontline! TF2 community pro...
Created by V92
An Unlit Warehouse for Posing


There's not much to say for this one. A friend asked me for an unlit warehouse map fo...
Fu**boys sound!
Created by Xorces
space funeral

fuckboys\Space Funeral - One-Eighty-One (Battle Theme).mp3
Funtime Foxy! (FNaF Sister Location) Qutiix Design!
Created by Qutiix
Added a material revamp version!

This is first model in workshop with over 1 million polygons!

Porting, Rigging, optimizing and fix up by: Red_Eye
Modeling, textureing, design by: Qutiix

Workshop Icon render by: Gold94Chica!

This is n
Funtime Freddy! (FNaF Sister Location) Qutiix Design!
Created by Qutiix
Porting, Rigging, optimizing and fix up by: Red_Eye
Modeling, textureing, design by: Qutiix
Eye texture: HandsomeRhysie/Jerememez

Lmao soon to be preview image is gonna be by Gold94Chica!

This is not supposed to be accurate!! Its my own design!! ...
Furniture - Stuff | Bendy and the ink machine
Created by Kiryа
Textures ripped from the game

Models belongs to TheMeatlyGames...

Some models made by me...bla-bla-bla

Some models have flexes.. bla-bla-blaaa

Some models may have small size or incorrect uv mapping..BLA-BLA-BLA

Posters made by Ferg .3.


FunTime Cupcake Fan Made
Created by Mango[Se]
My first model =3

Model by : Mango
Porting by : half5life

Furniture For Home And Office [ 95 Models ]
Created by Настюшка :3
Furniture For Home And Office [ 95 Models ]


Furniture From Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
Created by Valve Artists
Furniture From Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

Furniture [ 147 Models ]
Created by NeneroG⭐
Моя группа / My group

Gabe Newell - SFM Models
Created by ❤Sinty❤
The creator of all that is holy. The god of every case or crate. The key and hat master. It's Gabe, Gabe Newell aka Gaben. He is now in sfm with a better model than ever. My body was not ready for this! This includes both a normal and a young verson of him...
Gameboy Advance
" Who are you? "

Gameboy Advance - paintable with 5 skins for screen
Gameboy Advance SP - paintable with 5 skins for screen
Gameboy Advance Cartridge - 10 skins

Version for Garry's Mod :
Garbage Can
Created by Populus
Garbage Can

Gaster Blaster (Undertale)
Created by Pipann
The (in)famous and destructive Gaster Blaster weapon from Undertale.

This model also gave me a lot of trouble, mostly the bodygroups. >:( But everything should work as intended now! And as usual, let me know if if you run into any trouble with it. Ratin...
Genji - Overwatch
Created by [N-cognito]
- Major Overhaul
- Updated materials
- Model now uses the Overwatch Skeleton, allowing me to include the original animations that I've ported

NOTICE: I have remade this with the proper assets, which means any saves using the
Genji [Oni] - Overwatch
Created by [N-cognito]

I'm really tired. There are probably some issues, so let me know so I can fix them quickly.

- A few animations (All Emotes, along ...
Genji [Young/Sparrow] - Overwatch
Created by [N-cognito]
I actually did it.


- Vastly improved metal shaders (Thanks to Speeder!)
- Face and Body have been properly merged (from young_genji_bdoy & young_genji_head -> youn...
Genji's Weapons - Overwatch
Created by [N-cognito]
Update 3
- Added golden skins for Epics


- Major Overhaul
- Updated materials
- Model now uses the Overwatch Skeleton

NOTICE: I have remade this with the proper assets, which means any saves using
Genji: Sentai - Overwatch
Created by ✨Majora✨
This is actually a D.Va and Tracer port in disguise.

Here's the legendary skin for Genji, Sentai.

He comes with his Shurikens, Dragonblade, and Wakizashi (with additional gold skins). If the weapons happen to be a bit too big for you, you shou...
Gentleman Animation (Alpha)
Created by Zanto96
Finally Here is it the Sfm gentleman animation Have fun using it Hope it works
the splinks file works on all splinks animatronics and nightmares
the emodels springtrap v4 file works on tigennas springbonnie too


animation\gentleman animation emo...
GLaDOS - The Lab
Created by tetTris
The GLaDOS model from the Robot Repair game in the VR game: "The Lab" complete with animated textures!
ye, I figured out how to get Source 2 models into Source 1, well, sorta.
It's parctially compatible with the animations from the S1 GLaDOS model, A few...
Created by Masterlegodude
Reuploaded due to an uploading error, hopefully it works now

An edit of the glasses that came with Bloocobalt's Enhanced Citizen pack that makes the glasses fit each of the Half Life 2 citizens, that includes almost any custom character models th...
GO Bank (CS:GO)
Created by MacD11
CS:GO's Bank

Two versions are included, one with the static props and one without for anyone who would like to create a scenebuild

Requires CS:GO's assets in SFM, click this link to find out how to import it:
Gold94Chica (with Updated Textures)
Created by FZone96
Here are the updated textures for the Gold94Chica model. I hope you have a good use for it.

Bip textures also made by Gold94Chica


Requires (I guess):
Goomy model. (Pokemon XY)
Created by Carl
Praise Goomy!
Goomy from Pokemon XY in sfm. (Faceposing and shiny form comming soon)
Ported from:
Original model by Random Talking Bush on, I just ported it to sfm

Grab Bag #1: Misc. Requests and Stuff!
Created by Anomidae
POSTER 1: Red Sky At Night By ZeÜberMedic
POSTER 2: Gamble GrabBag By Silvermace
POSTER 3: [url=http://ste...
Grand piano [Battle Carnival]
Created by MARK2580
Grand piano prop from the game Battle Carnival

  • WMZ - Z230289182916
  • WMR - R172079828218
  • Yandex money - 41001776878245

Grand Theft Auto V Michael Part 2
Created by ArachnitCZ

Gravity Gun Remaster
Created by BlueFlytrap
Updated March 27th
-Fixed v_superphyscannon_noenv.mdl using wrong materials.
-Lowered space on disk.

Updated January 22th
-Replaced incorrect vtf. My bad.

Updated January 20th
-Substantially reduced normalmap aliasing a...
Gray Mann for SFM
Created by Rebbacus
Check out this short old guy I modeled, you can have him in your SFMs now

Green Hill Zone V2
Created by Hyperchaotix

After the success of my previous (rather blocky) Green Hill Zone map, I've created a brand new map!

Green Screen Room
Created by RedSkittleFoxy c:
here is ma green screenmap with glad lighting

Steam profile:

Portal Adventure - Escapent Greenlight page:

You musnt credit its free to all/u can gi...
Grillby (Undertale)
Created by Pipann
Grillby is a fire monster, and owner and proprietor of Grillby's. He is a silent character, and doesn't speak up unless he finds it necessary. His best customer is Sans, who visits the bar daily and even owns a tab.

This character was a difficult one. T...
Created by Pipann
But what is a bartender without his bar? Just tender.

This map is actually a model and my first "level-like" creation for SFM. Considering its size this is more beneficial than it being a real map, as it doesn't have to depend on standardized map lighti...
Created by Super Chief
BMX from Grand Teft Auto V

How to change color
1) Right click the model, Add Override Materials.
2) Right click the model again, Show in Element Viewer, Model.
3) In the list search "Materials"
4)In Materials list search "body"
5) Right ...
GTA V Police Pack
Created by MrVideoFreak
This pack contains 5 police models from GTA V.


This was not made by me. I only ported to SFM.

Will take down at author's request!
GTA5 apartament TV
Created by MARK2580
Shelf model with a TV, speakers, and other stuff...


Guard and Purple Guy (Beta)
Created by ARoboCat
Enjoy the update

Purple Guy models/player/quentindylanp/purpleguy_(dark and human) .mdl
Guard models/player/guard_pack/guard_ (01-09) .mdl

*This is not my model but I fixed errors...
Guitar Hero Models for SFM
Created by Vintage Sniper
AT LONG they are on SFM.....orgianlly made by fatigue some years ago and some reskins done by me, here is your favourite Gibson Les Paul, SG, Flying V, Firebird, SG and other guitars to reskins like Jackson Randy Rhoads.......HAVE FUN EVERYONE...
Guitar Hero World Tour Models
Created by Vintage Sniper
Guitar Hero World Tour models Now avalible for SFM.......I did try to do the Guitar Hero 3 models but there was too many problems with associated files so I uploaded this instead, I would of done both though. Due to some models disappering at certain angle...
Gwen Tennyson
Created by Jacey
* Model and Textures designed by Skuddbutt
* Revised by Anfrien (WinterMyth)
* Second render by Drake Powers[]
* Third render by Jessica
* Fo
H2O Delirious
This is an improved model of the original workshop upload.

H2O Delirious model. Has all the basics, such as eye, brow, mouth movement.

The mask is bodygroupable, and the clown face paint is skingroupable. Face and fingers are posable.

Half Life 2: Prison Soldier radio chatter
In the Nova Prospekt chapter of Half Life 2, the player will hear some very unique voices, those from the Combine Prison Soldier. They have a deeper more "human" voice but it is still heavily masked. A lot of the radio chatter IS difficult to understand so...
Half Life Computer VOX/Announcement system
Created by ItsameWario
Straight from {BLACK MESA CLASSIFIED INFORMATION}'s own magical mouth!

Half Life Computer VOX\zulu.wav
Half Life Computer VOX\zone.wav
Half Life Computer VOX\zero.wav
Half Life Computer VOX\yourself.wav
Half Life Computer VOX\your.wav
Halo 5: Guardians - Master Chief
Created by ✨Majora✨
Thanks to Soul_ for the rigged Techsuits, Revolution for ripping Chief's textures, BlueFlytrap for his various fixes to normals and material edits, and the people at Xentax for their somewhat nice import script.

It's a quick port of the Chief, he's got...
Halo Reach Civilian Vehicles
Created by LTurmoil47

There you go eveyone! The Halo Reach Civilian Vehicles! All models have movable doors and tires, so you can animate them. And as an added bonus for this pack, the Civilian Transport Vessel ...
Created by XR0N0S
Just...Have Fun ,':D
Modeled and ported by me

Harry Enfield
Created by Caleb
Loadsamoney! Lol, i forgot to rename it.

HashtagMC's Air Shaft Pack
Created by Black Eyeliner \m/
Ever needed some air shafts in your map? Want to see the Scout crouching through air shafts in ctf_well, want Gordon Freeman to explore the citadels ventilation system or a counter-terrorist to hide behind a vent duct? If you answered one of these question...
HashtagMC's Mann Co. Amplifiers & Cabinets
Created by Black Eyeliner \m/
These are low-poly Team Fortress 2-themed models of guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets, manufactured by RED Amplification, BLU Speaker Systems, Mann Co. and HashtagMC. Most models come in 4 colours, each one in three variant...
Hatty Hattington - (Revised Spy)
Created by Pte Jack
As requested, Hatty Is a Spy!!!

This is a revised Spy Model with importable Spy Sequences. (warning, hands will disappear into the head in some sequences and will have to be manually adjusted if used!)

Model has its own primary textures but uses some of...
HD Bullets
Created by Panic
A pack which contains bullets, both the casing and the bullet. SFM Ready.

Reupload because version was not available elsewhere.

Dominic Struczynski - Originally download...
HD Circus Baby! (FNaF Sister Location) Qutiix Design
Created by Qutiix
Here is a revamped version of my previous release of the Circus Baby in my Design!!

The porting of this one was done by the one and only Red_Eye who is doing a wonderful job as always!

So enjoy this new version with Face flexes, HD Normal Maps, Revamped ...
HD Finger Spinner


10 skins - 1 paintable, 3 metallic, 3 custom pattern and etc..
2 bones - Use them to spin the spinner dummy.


HD Football Ball
Created by Milireso
Just a football/soccer ball. I hope you'll like it. Feel free to use it in your videos or wherever you'd like to.
Simple, black and white design
If you want version in different colour/text/logo tell me in comments.
8.6in diameter
Hedorah Flight Form DMX
Created by UltramanUltimo
And for good measure, he's a dmx of Hedorah's flight form, ta make it easier for yahs kiddies.

hedorah flight form.dmx
Hello Neighbor - Crow
Created by AngryGal
Who could it know that Neighbor has crow as his pet.

This is the official model from the Hello Neighbor game.

Model belongs to DynamicPixels and tinyBuild
Model riped, rigged and ported to SFM by me

Model is small, so add scale control to make i...
Hello Neighbor - Neighbor and Protagonist V3
Created by AngryGal
"You're killing me"

Enjoy the final release of this versions :D

These are the original models from the Hello Neighbor game.

Models belong to DynamicPixels and tinyBuild
Models rigged and fixed by HayStudios
Models riped and ported to SFM by me
Hello Neighbor - The Thing (Shadow Guy)
Created by AngryGal
"ERROR 4041003063666"

This is the original model from the Hello Neighbor game.

Model belongs to DynamicPixels and tinyBuild
Model rigged and fixed by HayStudios
Model riped and ported to SFM by me

it has eye flexes (happy, angry, bored...)

Hello Neighbor Alpha 2 - Player's House
Created by AngryGal
"So tell me please, what are you hiding?"

These are the official models from the Hello Neighbor game.

I was working on this and finally finished it, so enjoy! :P
and yes it has props, every prop is rigged so you can move any object you want, it's no...