STAR WARS™ Empire at War: Gold Pack

STAR WARS™ Empire at War: Gold Pack

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FOC Alliance - Star Trek TOS 4.5 by Nomada_Firefox
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Sep 4, 2017 @ 3:09am
Mar 13 @ 2:03am
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FOC Alliance - Star Trek TOS 4.5 by Nomada_Firefox

This is a complete new conversion for the game Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption, it replaces the SW stuff by Star Trek stuff.

This version adds several changes in the Mod making it compatible with the Steam version.

Star Trek TOS is a very unique mod where you can play space and ground battles set at a Milky Way galaxy where you can play with the Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Gorn, Hydran, ISC, Lyran and Mirak. Additionally, you will find the Pirates of Orion as enemies. Following the time eras from TOS to TMP.

Be advise, the units, specially the space units have been set thinking how unit from a weaker class and era can not defeat a higher class and more modern unit. By this reason, a Battlecruiser from TOS perhaps can defeat a frigate from TMP but it can not defeat a Battlecruiser from TMP. I recomend you search information about class and units in the internet, they all them very known, specially from Star Trek, Starfleet Command games.

About ground units. Most of the designs were taken from the old Star Trek New Worlds game and I have made most of them for the mod.

You can find inside the mod files a complete readme with units descriptions and credits. Thanks to everybody sharing their stuff with me for this mod.

The mod path from this mod is Modpath=..\..\..\workshop\content\32470\1127805040

Two useful recomendations:

-Because it can corrupt savegames, I recomend you deactivate the steam cloud option from the game properties.

-Another recomendation about savegames do not loading. Install Steam out the c;\program files , set in the Steam exe, the runme.exe and runme2.exe in the \steamapps\common\Star Wars Empire at War, and the StarwarsG.exe, all them with compability start as administrator.

Check this video about it:

After it, save your games several times with new files and better in a day count where you have not played any battle.

This is a set of recomendation thinking avoiding the corrupt savegames. I have tested them and they can work but I do not guarantee nothing.

Follow my mods and new incoming versions at
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A88mph May 18 @ 9:17am 
I agree with Firefox. There is a YouTube channel called "Midnight's Edge" that has a few videos talking about why Discovery has its complete disreguard for Star Trek's continuity. 1.) The IP is split up between CBS and Paramount, so when J.J. made his Trek, he could not legally use the canon designs for ANYTHING in the TV shows.

2.) The higher ups, who planed on using Star Trek just to launch their diet Netflix, truley just did not care for continuity. So they didn't bother ironing out the Legal issues to makes the tech and uniforms look "Cage-Era TOS".
Nomada_Firefox  [author] May 18 @ 12:31am 
I do not discuss if they look better or worse. I discuss the style from designs. I do not like re-designs, they look as if they could not use the work previously made by a matter of proud.

Anyway, if you are waiting me following the same path, it does not go to happen. There are 5 TV series, several films and games saying how things should be really........and of course I do not go to make new models, I did not make them before and I will not make them now. There are other better people for this type of work and really I do not see anybody making new models from Discovery or other new stupid films.
Miyu Noir [Ger] May 17 @ 12:56pm 
In Discovery are 3 Ships with an realy wellmade Design,as they are The Walker Class (Shenzhou) The Cardenas Class (Yaeger) and the Nimitz Class (Europa).But thts just my taste :)
And yes the Klingon overhaul was a disapointment,while there Cultural background was done nicely.
A88mph May 16 @ 7:28pm 
After playing the campaign for a bit. I'm finding shield regeneration to be a bit too quick. And then once the game lets a ships shields go down, then they get torn up like paper in an instant.
Nomada_Firefox  [author] May 16 @ 12:32am 
@Sandstorm1. Discovery is a good tv serie but not from the perspective from a Star Trek pure film. If the next season is similar to the one, it will be a mix between terror & action film. I liked the first season because each episode was very well made. I do not know if the season 2 will be made with the same amount of work. Anyway, it is better than the last big screen films. Probably because it is R-rated. Look Deadpool film, it is R-rated and by this reason is very good.

At my opinion somethings can not be made for all viewers because you lose a lot of detail and I see a film for all viewers as a mistake because the people with money are people adult.
Sandstorm1 May 15 @ 9:47pm 
So how do you think the R-rated star trek will turn out? I think it'll be bad.
Nomada_Firefox  [author] May 15 @ 4:36am 
I liked the new TV serie but........not the ship designs, specially from Klingons. Other thing which I do not like, it is the new face from the Klingons. Everything is send the previously released to the trash. A shame.
rickest_morty75 May 15 @ 4:15am 
Nomada_Firefox  [author] May 15 @ 4:15am 
rickest_morty75 May 15 @ 4:14am 
when are you going to add the new ships from star trek discovery?