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WOTC Flawless
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Feb 24, 2019 @ 7:57am
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WOTC Flawless

Original version can be found at:

Currently, if you complete a mission with no fatalities and no damage received, you receive
a Flawless rating ( i.e., a pat on the back for a job well done).

This mod gives the player an additional reward, above and beyond the usual reward for the
mission in the form of Resources, Common Items, and Rare Items.

This mod has also integrated the Achievement System mod logic, and supports a number
of achievements related to completing a mission with a flawless rating.

An additional reward system has been added for terror missions. You now have a chance
to receive a new Rookie recruit as a reward for job well done on terror missions.


You can change the values in

ResourceLootTable - specifies a list of resources you can receive.

Each entry is of the form:
TemplateName,Min Reward Amount,Max Reward Amount

There must be at least one item in the list. No spaces allowed.
The sequence numbers must be continuous from 0 to the max index.

ItemLootTable - specifies a list of common items you can receive.

Each entry is of the form:

There must be at least one item in the list.
The sequence numbers must be continuous from 0 to the max index.

RareItemLootTable - specifies a list of rare items you can receive.

Each entry is of the form:

There must be at least one item in the list.
The sequence numbers must be continuous from 0 to the max index.

ChanceForItemLoot- specifies the percentage chance
of getting an item reward. Default 20.

ChanceForRareItemLoot- specifies the percentage chance
of getting a rare item reward. Default 5.

Adding an Item to the Loot Table

Most template names can be found in
Steam\SteamApps\common\XCOM 2\Development\SrcOrig\XComGame\Classes
in files beginning with "X2ItemDefault". I make no guarantees
that all templates will work, so modify at your own risk.
Templates from other mods will *probably* work, but again
try at your own risk.

NOTE: Do not completely remove any of the loot tables or ...
"Bad Things May Happen" (tm). The code will not correctly handle
missing lists, it needs at least 1 item present.

To completely turn off item rewards, you will need to set both
ChanceForItemLoot and ChanceForRareItemLoot to zero.

This mod has been changed to support Achievements. To enable
achievements, you will need to download the "Mod Achievement System" at:

This other mod is not required to run Flawless - just to enable
the achievement portion.

NOTE: I have not been able to get the Achievements to work
correctly with an existing campaign. You may need to start a new
campaign. Any issues with achievements will need to be directed
to the author of the Mod Achievement System.


This mod now gives a random Rookie as a reward for doing well on a terror mission.
You start out with a 20 percent chance of getting this reward if you save the minimum 6 people.
Every person beyond that adds to your percent chance, all the way up to 100% if you save everyone.
An associated achievement has also been added for when you recieve a Rookie reward.

GiveTerrorRewardFlag: Turns this reward on/off. Default value Y.
BaseTerrorRewardChance - the base percent chance of getting this reward when you save the
minimal 6 people. Default value = 20.


A sequence of reward messages can be found in
They are specified in an array called

Each message has a prefix of the form [IMAGENAME] to specify which image will appear with the message,
see the comments in the WotcFlawless.int localization file for details.

If you get bored with the existing messages, and feel creative, you
can add to the list or change existing messages.
Just be sure the sequence numbers are unbroken
from 0 to the max sequence number.


Set this value to N to turn off the ability point reward.

Set this value to specify the range of ability points that can be awarded. ( in this case between 2 to 4 points can be awarded )

Be sure to make a backup of your config file after you make changes.
I anticipate having to make additional changes to either loot
table entries or logic, and republishing will overwrite any changes
you've made.

Images for the reward messages provided by neIVIesis. Much thanks for his idea on implementing this change
and working on the images.

No Class Overrides


9/13/2017 Added additional ability point reward. Additional reward text.
7/13/2018 Changed code to allow compatibity with mods which override UIMissionSummary.
2/24/2019 Changed code to allow a unique image to appear for each reward message. Changed the Julian reward message to only appear after the tower mission.

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GargakOfTheEast Feb 10 @ 9:18pm 
This mod is really good, and it should have been an original game mechanic.

My only complaint is that the rewards have wide variance, sometimes being inconsequential, and sometimes being amazing. But, of course, I just need to learn how to edit the config file and I might adjust the loot to something I feel is more "fair."

Though I am playing on normal difficulty. Maybe big rewards are more justified on Commander or higher difficulty.
krj12  [author] Jan 17 @ 4:23am 
Not familiar with quick start mod, but it should work fine with a new game or a game in progress. I've not had any issues with crashes.
Fuedrakia Jan 17 @ 12:37am 
Hi, I was just wondering if this works with Quick Start, or with starting a new game, as I think its causing my game to crash.
LightenedDark Jan 10 @ 8:03pm 
But the real question is, can we get someone to share their MakeHealsPersist ini file so that we can actually use the mod with all the new heals out there: various stasis vest items, grubby's vest heal modifications, gremlin remote heal, medibot gremlin remote heal, heal grenade, psi focuser item, various perk or medic class abilities, etc. I've followed it's instructions and still can't get my additions to work.
[DBH]*Whismerhill*{SSgt} Dec 29, 2019 @ 8:24pm 
I did the same as Dragon32 and I feel like it helps not have that "OMG I need to reload for the flawless rating" sentiment
this way it's a bonus but nothing over the top
Dragon32 Nov 24, 2019 @ 8:45am 
I've massively nerfed the rewards a Flawless mission gives, so it's more of a pat on the back than anything else.
yes_commander Nov 24, 2019 @ 5:48am 
Yeah, I'm kind of feeling what Charlemagne brings up -- I've been using this for quite a while and I find that it causes me to worry about small injuries more than I should, or to put it a different way, it incentivizes savescumming which is fine, but I've been trying to avoid that myself except for specific bugs (map mods having wonky tiles, mod-added abilities that don't work how the text would indicate, that sort of thing).

I really enjoy what this mod does, it's a great addition, providing some gratification when you do well on harder missions, but it's a double-edged Steven Seagal-shaped sword that has the potential to apply immense, direct tai chi pressure to the savescum center of the brain. Again, great mod, I'd absolutely give it a high score if I were a score-giver-outer, but I think for my own enjoyment of the game I have to let it go.
Charlemagne Nov 19, 2019 @ 7:18pm 
Thanks, but after considering Make Heals Persist, I think not. As much as I now love flawless missions, and hate to lose them, I still think I have to earn the rewards. Flawless, means because it was perfect and no one was hit.
Tim_ Nov 19, 2019 @ 5:34pm 
As krj12 said, "Make Heals Persist" is a great mod to go with this one here. The other tip I would suggest is giving all your soldiers stasis vests - lets them heal up to 2hp per turn each up to 4 times during a mission - meaning up to 8 health healing per soldier automatically. That and a medic in your team and those 'flawless' missions are not quite so rare to achieve, if you are careful. :)
krj12  [author] Nov 19, 2019 @ 5:08pm 
Get "Make Heals Persist", and that won't be an issue anymore. :)