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A Better ADVENT: War of the Chosen
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Sep 2, 2017 @ 2:51pm
Nov 24, 2018 @ 2:02am
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A Better ADVENT: War of the Chosen

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-- A Better ADVENT --
-- Enemy Overhaul for War of the Chosen --
-- by DerBK --

Requires XCOM2 version: War of the Chosen
Requires DLC: none
Requires other mods: none

FAQ, General Info and Troubleshooting for my mods can be found here:

A Better FAQ

A Better ADVENT is an ambitious enemy and AI overhaul for XCOM2: War of the Chosen, introducing new enemies with their own abilities, behavior and equipment.

The goal of the mod is making the tactical layer of the game more exciting. This is done through enemy variants and by completely overhauling the AI. This mod’s goal is not just to add more enemies to the game. It adds “better” enemies that open up new lines of gameplay with their impact on combat tactics. To that end, a high priority has been put on making AI changes and improvements, both global (Mimic beacon behaviour, engagement ranges, …) and local (Snipers stay back, Shotgunners flank, …).

With the combination of smarter AI, more resourceful enemies and new endgame challenges like the Prime Enemies, the game gains a lot of extra challenge that can’t just be neutered by one or two dominant strategies. All the things in A Better ADVENT are designed to work together. The mod doesn’t just add a bunch of unconnected random stuff, it directly improves the core gameplay of XCOM2.

Fair Warning: A Better ADVENT is considerably harder than the vanilla game.I suggest playing at least one difficulty setting lower than you are used to for the first ABA campaign, as there is a lot of new things to learn.


Any modder is allowed to pilfer, re-use or re-upload any of ABAs assets, scripts, doodads and thingamajigs in any way or form that he wants to. This of course doesn't extend to the assets that i took myself from other people like Kobazco's Elite Viper or Long War Studio's Muton Centurion and Drones. When in doubt, just ask.
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DerBK  [author] Jan 20 @ 6:49am 
Yes, 6+2 is what i recommend for ABC Plus.

When i built ABA enemies, i was balancing around the vanilla squad sizes, so that's why i recommend it as a default.

But i actually even prefer playing with bigger squadsize and podsize myself. Just more going on which makes for more interesting decisions imo. Got a run going on on Twitch actually. If you are interested in seeing how the game looks with ABC+, you can check it out in one of the vods: https://www.twitch.tv/derbk/videos
JDBEST Jan 20 @ 3:11am 
thanks for the fast reply i ment to post on that mod size sorry so 6+2 is recommended for plus? i read your note you consider vanilla size the optimal way to play your mod can i ask why?
DerBK  [author] Jan 20 @ 3:00am 
This mod doesn't change enemy pod counts and sizes, so you should just keep the vanilla XCOM squad size (4+2) as well.

If you want to play with 6+2, there is this on my Workshop to increase the enemy numbers: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1143032623
JDBEST Jan 20 @ 2:58am 
Hey whats the recommended squad size for your mod? 6+2 from the school?
RambelZambel Jan 19 @ 12:32pm 
i have the same prob with too many boomers(+ lost get boring and irritating fast), so i deactivated the lost with a mod(Wotc without the lost)
DerBK  [author] Jan 19 @ 11:57am 
Sounds like you got unlucky, the Boomers are fairly rare. And in any case, killing one is just an extra grenade explosion. Not exactly game-changing *shrug*

Better luck with the next mod i guess. If that already upsets you, then uninstalling ABA is probably for the best, considering what is coming up later ^^
Scrim Jan 19 @ 10:47am 
yeah, uninstalled after the 5th lost swarm appearing in mission 2 of the game.
That level of repetition isnt fun. The advent variety was a selling point. Forcing us to kill lost for 15 turns is insane.
Scrim Jan 19 @ 10:42am 
i have to imagine lost boomers are an aprils fools joke or something?
the very first lost mission had (3!) of them in the first 2 turns.
I've killed something like 40 lost and now im just bored because they blow up, and automatically respawn the next group.

great idea m8
DerBK  [author] Jan 18 @ 2:17am 
Yeah, the modders behind the Dragonpunk team moved on, so that mod hasn't seen any maintenance at all. Might be that it's got issues, i don't really know. Haven't used a Second Wave mod other than Point-Based NCE in forever.
RambelZambel Jan 18 @ 2:01am 
secondwave plus is buggy as hell, many random chrashes u will get for sure, and its the only one with epigenetics, sadly,
it does work with with chosen ai mods, but u have to deactivate the 2 chosen lines in the ai.ini from a better advent, just to be sure