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Evac All - WotC
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Sep 2, 2017 @ 10:06am
Sep 10, 2017 @ 5:43pm
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Evac All - WotC


This version of Evac All is for the War of the Chosen expansion only. Please use the original Evac All mod for the original XCOM2.

If you are subscribed to both mods, make sure you only have the correct version of this mod activated for the game you are playing, not both of them.

Translations for the new config page requested. See the topic here: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/1126395106/1474221865200290492/


This mod adds an "Evac All" ability to soldier ability bars when they are in an active evac zone. Clicking this button will evac all soldiers currently in the evac zone instead of needing to click the evac button on each individual soldier.

Soldiers not in the evac zone will remain, exactly as before - this mod doesn't add any gameplay change, it's purely an interface change.

Many thanks to the volunteers providing translations for this mod:

esurnir, Lord Yanaek - French
Jack Kwan - Traditional Chinese
Albeoris - Russian
Josemsar, jazzlutty - Spanish
Hamachi - Korean
almasmario - Italian
acosys, Marck - German
Kubak1000 - Polish
nobita - Japanese
This mod is also availble through nexusmods at: http://nexusmods.com/xcom2/mods/99


This mod supports the Mod Config Menu for in-game configuration, if installed. Otherwise configuration options can be found in the XComEvacAll_WotC_Defaults.ini file in the mod's config folder.


This mod is compatible with existing saves, but will not take effect until the next time you begin a mission after installing the mod. Loading a saved game in-mission from before the installation will work, but no Evac All ability will appear until the next mission.

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Jan 3 @ 2:32am
PINNED: MCM Translations Requested
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Gdunsel Mar 2 @ 1:33pm 
Never had a problem and love this mod - well done!
tracktwo  [author] Feb 6 @ 12:16pm 
@BoromiRofGeo: See also the comment by ADVENT Avenger on how to find WotC-breaking mods. I'll quote the important bit again:

"If anyone has a problem with this mod not kicking in, you are currently using one of your other mods that has a X2AmbientNarrativeCriteria hook. This hook breaks WOTC mods, and this one shows the most. You need to stop using the legacy mods and find new versions. You can find out what mods you have that are broken in WOTC by searching inside "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\268500" for anything that contains X2AmbientNarrativeCriteria and ends with .UC."
Dragon32 Feb 6 @ 9:56am 
Read that bunch of links I posted 22nd January.
BoromiRofGeo Feb 6 @ 1:38am 
doesnt seem to work with my wotc. i have this load order >>> https://prnt.sc/mh6jnh
Rhetorikolas Feb 5 @ 1:14am 
@Dragon32 - Helpful advice, thanks
Dragon32 Jan 22 @ 11:03am 
@Element UK:
Not sure if you're aware of all of this, but:
Some great Mod Troubleshooting advice.
That recommends the excellent Community Mod Launcher [github.com], which everyone who uses mods should be using.
This guide gives some more detailed advice on using the Community Mod Launcher: Troubleshooting: Mods not working properly / at all
If you've just switched from the Firaxis Launcher or are forced to use it, read the "Mods not activating/deactivating properly in WOTC" section of Mod not working? Mods still have their effects after you disable them?
Element UK Jan 22 @ 8:40am 
I have removed all mods with 'Legacy' in the title and made sure no Legacy lines are left in the 'DefaultModOptions' file. Still no joy though. Something's messing it up obviously, I just can't figure out what
[FOAD]Iron Jan 19 @ 12:32pm 
Time saver.
Element UK Jan 15 @ 12:42am 
Thanks tracktwo
tracktwo  [author] Jan 14 @ 3:06pm 
@Element UK I'm not sure if it's related to the new DLC or not, but there has been a bit of a spike in compatibility problems in the last few months. If you look back a little earlier in the discussion here you should see a post from ADVENT Avenger. He tracked down the root cause to be some WOTC incompatible mods that silently break ability-adding mods like this one.