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[WOTC] - K's Officer Class
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Sep 2, 2017 @ 5:21am
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[WOTC] - K's Officer Class

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XCOM 2 - [WOTC]: K's Mod List - (Updated 17th July 2018)
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My Original Officer Class Mod - Updated for WOTC and completely overhauled from scratch.

For an alternative version that uses Pistol only - (Both work together aswell!) :)

Highly recommend my Military Rank changes which completely overhauls all faction ranks and standard ranks and icons.
The Class Details
Officer: "The Officer serves as our Squad Leaders, capable of providing extra morale and support. They're also trained in the use of pistols and swords and can train skills to further enhance themselves and their troops."

- Primary Weapon - Pistol.
- Secondary Weapon - Sword/Blade.
- Restricted to the above weapon set only.
- Can only be recruited via the GTS unless you have no Officer's at all.
- Has stats that progress over time via rank increases.
- Pistol/Blade skills or Support Tree providing Buffs for Squad.
- Has custom unlockable improvements and stats via GTS.

Skill Tree:
Base skill - "Focus Fire" - The Officer identifies a target for soldiers to focus fire on - +15 Aim against said target.
Base skill - "Fire Pistol"
Base Skill - "Sword Slice"

Combat Efficency:

[2] - "Binoculars" - Allows the Officer to utilise his binoculars, increasing his viewing distance temporarily.
[3] - "Blademaster" - Deal +2 extra damage on all sword attacks and have +10 Aim.
[4] - "Withdraw" - The Officer orders a soldier to attempt tactically withdraw from their location, leaving them to take a defensive action of their choice.
[5] - "CommandPresence" - The Officer provides extra morale with his inspiring presence on the field. Provides a +15 Will Bonus to the Entire Squad.
[6] - "Combat Presence" - Allows the Officer to assign an extra action to a soldier.
[7] - "Bladestorm" - Free sword attacks on enemies that enter or attack from melee range.

Tactical Options:

[2] - "Return Fire" - Allows the Officer to Return Fire with his Pistol.
[3] - "CombatOrders" - The Officer provides orders to the entire squad in battle providing a +5 bonus to Offense.
[4] - "Charge" - The Officer orders the squad to make progress towards the enemy - +2 Movement.
[5] - "Take Cover" - The Officer orders the designated soldier to take cover providing a +45% defense bonus.
[6] - "Appoint DSIC" - The Officer Designates a squad member to be his Second in Charge. This Squad Member gains several combat bonuses to various skills for the duration of the mission.
(+25 Dodge, +2 Damage for all secondary weapons, +15% aim)
[7] - "Ever Vigilant" - The Officer is now always on guard when they have finished considering tactical options - Gain overwatch stance automatically when all AP spent.
Extra Information
Initial Mod :
- No longer requires additional files like Pre-WOTC version did. Instead it utilises excellent work from the "Primary Pistols mod" or "Primary Secondaries" which can be found on the workshop or below links.
Primary Pistols
Primary Secondaries

Thank you to author for this.
Compatibility works:
- Now works with the "Promotion Screen" mod which changes the new WOTC screen to default over the old one.

Hope you enjoy :)
Copyright 2017 CCA @ Lt. A.Kouassi


***Check out my other mods ***
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Mar 25 @ 1:31pm
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Lieutenant A.Kouassi
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Jame 17 hours ago 
Ive googled, and all I could find is a topic on the Nexus about someone making a framework for such a thing, but I couldnt find if he released it or not.

anyways any help would be much appreciated!
Jame 17 hours ago 
Hey, Had a question for you, Im learning how to mod XCom, and i was wondering how you were able to make Class specific Ranks, Im looking to make a mod for mainly me and a friend, for the HALO Universe ranks, but for specific classes(Other mod's classes). My friend is into the whole Theme Gameplay, and Im trying to suprise him :P
brandonlee503 Jul 16 @ 12:00pm 
Would like to see this combined with the Balistic Shields. Is there a way to edit the .ini file to do so?
brandonlee503 Jul 15 @ 2:20pm 
Will the new Pistol perks found in LW2 WOTC Class mod be added to the pool of abilities here?
ALargeFallingAnvil Jul 12 @ 9:54am 
I apologize if you've answered this before but this is one of my favorite mods and i have to ask: do you have any intent to support this mod with Musashi's RPG overhaul? It's a fantastic mod and i'd love to keep playing with it. Thanks so much for making this!
unfortunely it din't work :"(
Lieutenant A.Kouassi  [author] Jul 3 @ 5:28am 
@ATF_Coldblooded - The class file name is called "WOTC_OfficerClass"

add that to the "name here" part :)
ATF_Coldblooded Carebear || Jul 3 @ 12:12am 
here a question: if using the console to change one class to this class what would it be called??
makesoldieraclass " Name here" "officer"
makesoldieraclass " Name here" officer
both fail so the question is what it's codename in file would be?

thank for your time
| Oz | Vash May 1 @ 9:21pm 
@Iridar Do you know how to edit the ini? If so you can do it yourself. I even have a Zealot based off SC. Its lil things I've done, but not published. Im learning how to but not there yet. I messed around with this one and made the class Sub-Commander hes training under the Commander him or herself under (you the Commander) and basically gives buffs ((oders) from the back line and gets his hands dirty when needed =). Its pretty fun.
will this one conflict with LW2 Leader pack mod ?