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Therium-2 (Outdated)
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Sep 2, 2017 @ 12:20am
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Therium-2 (Outdated)

You no longer need to subscribe to this mod to play Therium-2. It's now officially included with Overgrowth. This is still available to download only for old mods that require this.

Currently the largest mod for Overgrowth.
Made by T2-Dev.
Detailed changelogs for each version can be found here, along with detailed articles and news updates.

Therium-2 is packed with all sorts of new innovations in Overgrowth custom mods with a total of 46 Levels, around 350 Dialogues and a deep storyline and lore that keeps the campaign moving forwards through twists and turns.

There is full backstory and lore on every single aspect of Therium-2, down to each level, every single building, every character and enemy. You can take multiple paths throughout the campaign, every single one unique in storyline, feeling, gameplay and visual style. Search through every nook and cranny to find pieces of environmental storytelling and uncover deep lore full of secrets.

Levels are replayable, giving players access to different play styles, unique outcomes, secrets, easter eggs and dialogue. Every single level can be beaten non-lethally or lethally, giving significantly different results. Every single level can be played with either combat or stealth, to the point where every enemy can be creatively bypassed.

Performance is optimized so that even the worst of computers have a chance of running Therium-2, especially when compared to the default Overgrowth story; yet each level still keeps its own unique visual style and identity, never distracting you from gameplay but still making each level a sight to behold. The average Therium-2 level has about an 80 to 90 FPS increase compared to the Overgrowth story.

A challenge to behold: Therium-2 is significantly more difficult and tense than the Overgrowth campaign and Lugaru campaign combined, giving veterans of Overgrowth a true fight, while giving newer players a challenge to take and defeat.


It's a chilly night in the Cinderbreathe Empry - 671, 40th of Spurhelm. A heavy knock arrives on your door: it's the guards. Without stating their reasons, you're taken by force and brought to a strange land; the stone grows, high as towers and nearly as sturdy in unnatural, sculpted formations. The spring air is cold, but the sun shines - not like you're going to be seeing it soon.

Prison is strange: stranger when you don't understand the circumstances. Save for you, not a single prisoner is held within the half-built walls of the prison. What goes on in the private castle within the Empry is unknown to the public, let alone you, but you can't help but wonder: why were you brought here, to a prison so recently built it doesn't house a single person? You can't remember committing any recent crimes.

The only life here are insects and busy guards, working with mallets, nails and wood panels: construction, and lots of it. The interiors are visibly unfinished: the ceiling is raw stone, the walls are stuck together and there's a very noticeable (mostly concealed) hole within your cell, bringing a cold and bitter draft...

In the morning of the 42nd of Spurhelm, a spotted white and orange fur arm pops through the thinly layered wooden boards of your cell, only to drop a key. Whoever the mysterious rabbit is, you'll have to thank him later. Now's your chance.

You need to escape and get back home as soon as possible, and by any means necessary. Your sister is waiting for you to return, after all.

Your journey began with the simple intention of finding home. It ended with the face of Preuwyn being changed forever.



Q: How do I enable Therium-2?

A: Go into your Mods menu and click the checkbox next to Therium-2's title.

Q: Do I need to play the first Therium / how relevant is the first Therium?

A: Therium-1 is just about irrelevant in every single way. You don't need to play it.

Q: How do I read notes/books in-game?

A: Press the attack button while you're near one and not in combat.

Q: How can I use Therium-2's assets in the editor?

A: Under the Load menu, there is a new category called "Therium-2". Under that category is nearly every Therium-2 asset, weapon and NPC.

Q: Can I use Therium-2's assets in the editor for my custom map/campaign?

A: Absolutely. Just make sure to leave Therium-2 as a dependency on the Steam Workshop.

Q: How can I find Therium-2's TCRF folder/Therium-2's installation directory?

A: By default, it's Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/2500/1126025778
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Erik Jul 3 @ 3:33pm 
Holy shit, this mod is infinitely better than the official campaign and hass saved this game for me
ENIGMA Apr 21 @ 1:34am 
I wanna say thanks for making this. I really enjoyed the story it has even though I'm sure I have some bits of it wrong it was still very fun to try and understand it all and trying to piece it all together, overall it was a very interesting story and I like how it even included the main story plus the easteregg ending was great yet the entire thing held a decent difficulty all the way through and a interesting story.
Constance  [author] Mar 15 @ 9:12am 
@Badbutcher You can check the .ogg files in Data/Music.
Badbutcher Mar 15 @ 1:40am 
Where is the music for the mod? I really like the battle and ambient music when you first meet the red eyed bunnies but all i can find is lugaru and overgrowth music.
ThatGuyFromThatPlace Mar 3 @ 8:21pm 
This campaign spolied me
I now can't find a single campaign that lives up to its quality
This surpasses even the base Overgrowth campaign
I'm just coming back to here to say that this is the best mod I've ever played. Not "One of", I mean THE BEST mod that I have ever played. I got so invested into the story, all the lore and everything, I've had a massive itch to play something with story for the past few years that nothing in all that time could scratch and this did the trick. Thank you, very much.
Oakguy Jan 8 @ 8:54pm 
i had the same problem and i figured out that you have to have the textures settings on max. Don't worry about preformance too much because the texture setting doesnt seem to affect my FPS.
Ocivius Jan 8 @ 6:39pm 
for some reason i keep seeing white square textures where the "A" and "B" labels are supposed to be so i dont know what gates im going through. does anyone know a fix?
Farreep Jan 6 @ 9:40am 
Congrats on making it into the official release, Therium team! Well deserved! :steamhappy:
Constance  [author] Jan 4 @ 8:35am 
@Night_Rage™ As strange as that is, that's a bug with Overgrowth. No idea what could be causing it. You should report it to bugs@wolfire.com