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Hunting and Food Mechanics (Complex)
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Sep 1, 2017 @ 12:16pm
Sep 26, 2017 @ 8:51am
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Hunting and Food Mechanics (Complex)

Hunt enemies for meat!

Attention: You can no longer melt ice in a refinery. You must build a Water Heater to melt ice.
Attention: The Hydroponics block now works like an assembler instead of a refinery

- Wolves drop wolf meat
- Spiders drop spider meat
- Hunger rate is much faster
- Added new models for items

Wolves dropping components make no sense, so i modified the "Hunger and Thirst (Advanced Life Support Systems)" mod to be able to generate food from enemies. I also got tired many of the items using nickel ingot as a placeholder, so i made some rudimentary models in Sketchup. This is a standalone mod, you only need this and the text hud api mod. If this mod is too complex try the simple version.

Simple version:

* Slowed hydroponics production to 1/10th
* Added food, water, ammo to drop containers
* Added Luxury Meal, requiring meat from both earthlike and alien creatures
* Replaced Oxygen Generator with Water Heater to melt ice instead of refinery
* Brought back Organic material from grass to put in bioreactor to generate moss food and water
* Made alien grass give organic
* Increased meat foods satisfaction to 45%
* Made drop container parachutes open at 500m for speed mod compatibility
* Slowed hunger and thirst rates to 75%
* Deleted broken resupply station block
* Implemented Crop Grower mod mechanics into Hydroponics block
* Added seeds to drop containers, different containers give different seed bags
* Added Carbon, Potassium and Phosphorus ores to asteroids and mars rocks from "Gen's Materials and Components" mod by Geneticus
* You can make hydroponics nutrient solution by either putting organic material in bioreactor, or refining Carbon, Potassium and Phosphorus and building a nutrient solution using the hydroponics production block
* Added spiritplumber[FUG]'s Waste Management (yes, you now poop and produce biowaste bags)
* Put biowaste bags into bioreactor to produce hydroponics nutrients
* added mod settings/config file (thanks spiritplumber[FUG])
* added fatigue system (off by default, turn on in config file) (thanks spiritplumber[FUG])
* made all grass types give organic material
* changed the way drop container inventory is modified, for compatibility with other drop container mods

* Added furniture aware hunger mechanics (thanks spiritplumber[FUG])
- sitting in chairs/seats triggers eating immediately (add "noms" to the block name)
- treadmills gives power, adds fatigue ("treadmill" needs to be in the name)
- beds recover fatigue ("bed" needs to be in the name)
- toilets triggers excrement ("toilet" needs to be in the name)

* Some changes to the food satisfaction percentages

You can now modify the thirst and hunger rate, threshold, starvation damage, excrement, etc. The config file is typically in "C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngineers\Storage\1125648900.sbm_FoodSystem\ConfigData.xml"

How to make food:
1. Put the meat in the bioreactor
2. Put processed meat in the food production module (it's an assembler)
3. Switch to the production tab
4. If you already have an assembler you might need to switch from assembler to food production module
5. Select a food to produce
6. Put the produced food in your inventory
7. Wait for your hunger to reach below 30% to automatically eat

How to make drinkable water:
1. Put ice in Water Heater
2. Put grey water canister in Water Filtration block
3. Put clean water canister in Food Production Module
4. Assemble a water packet
5. Put water packet in inventory
6. Wait for thirst to reach below 30% to automatically drink

How to use Hydroponics:
1) Get seeds from drop containers, put in hydroponics block
2) Mine grass on planets to gather organic material
3a) Put organic material in bioreactor to produce nutrient solution
3b) Alternatively, refine carbon, potassium and phosphorus and put ingots in hydroponics block, and make nutrient solution in the hydroponics production menu
4) Put nutrient solution in hydroponics block
5) Make sure hydroponics block has enough clean water canisters
6) Produce the crop you want
7) Wait. It takes about 20 minutes per crop.

Food Hunger/Thirst Satisfaction Percentage:

Water: 60%
Coffee: 100%
Moss Meal*: 10%
Raw Tomatoes*: 15%
Raw Carrots*: 15%
Raw Cucumbers*: 15%
MartianSpecial: 35%
Vegan Food: 35%
Spider Omelette: 45%
Spider Meal: 45%
Wolf Steak: 45%
Wolf Burger: 70%
Luxury Meal: 100%
(* only refills if your hunger is 50% or below)

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spiritplumber[FUG]  [author] Feb 8 @ 3:56pm 
This is now obsolete, please use Daily Needs Mk4 Simplified
LoneWolf Fifer Dec 23, 2018 @ 9:09pm 
You got plans for this mod in the future for updates or graph it's just wondering. Great work
LoneWolf Fifer Dec 9, 2018 @ 7:17pm 
Good work
Casper Nov 27, 2018 @ 1:43am 
hey alex, could you add me to discuss this mod...i have locally patched this mod to fix some of the issues that been mentioned in the comments and also added in some new features. thanks
Casper Oct 30, 2018 @ 3:00am 
mod doesnt take into account when the paused..meaning if the game is paused my thirst % still decreases
McCloud Jr Oct 19, 2018 @ 8:15pm 
......or that
DMMWolf Oct 19, 2018 @ 4:06pm 
Screw updating.......... keen just jank the idea and make it core mechanics. Let them keep it up to date
McCloud Jr Sep 30, 2018 @ 4:51pm 
Please update this
Greyson XMG Sep 17, 2018 @ 10:39pm 
I agree with Graywolf. Causing a crash. A little loving would go a long way.
Graywolf Aug 23, 2018 @ 2:21pm 
Your mod is causing a game crash. Happens when closing the game session to go back to main menu.