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Biotic Class Redux
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Biotic Class Redux

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Warp your surroundings with dark energy with the Biotic Class! Spec yourself as a Vanguard that charges into the fray, an Adept that can attack from afar, or a Guardian that can take a lot of incoming fire.

Biotics are somewhat akin to psi-operatives, their measurement of strength is similar to psi-operatives for instance, their abilities don't quite work on normal rules, etc.

However, biotics are the opposite of psi-ops in one key area: biotics are effectively born, not trained.

You will only able to gain biotics through either rookies lucky enough to be able to grow their biotic powers, or from resistance fighters XCOM can gain as reward units as they fight against ADVENT. This class will not appear as an option in the Guerilla Training School.

Biotics use Bullpups and Shotguns as their primaries.

Biotics also have their own secondary weapon, biotic amps, which have the following requirements:

Biotic Amp - requires that a capable biotic be found among XCOM forces, or recruited from the resistance.

Advanced Biotic Amp - Requires Psionics to be researched.

In a vanilla game, the schematic costs are 70 supplies, 10 elerium dust and alloys, and 2 sectoid corpses.

Elerium Biotic Amp

In a vanilla game, this requires the Gatekeeper autopsy. Schematic costs 200 supplies, 10 alloys, 15 elerium dust, and a Gatekeeper corpse.

Known Issues

Known Questions
Which .ini do I have to edit for GTS availability?
XComClassData.ini, located at (where XCOM 2 is installed)\steamapps\workshop\content\268500\1125004715\Config, change NumInForcedDeck to 4. This will enable GTS training for the class. Will also make it work with Commander's Choice.

Kvalyr for his invisible psi-amps mod, plus for helping me out when I was just starting out as a modder.

Musashi, for I used his void strike animations for this mod's biotic teleport and charge animations.

Xylthixlm, for his perk icon pack this mod uses.

LeaderEnemyBoss, for letting me use Singularity from his mod for this mod's Singularity.

E X T R A T H I C C, for providing sounds from the ME games in a usable format

and EA and Bioware, for making and publishing the Mass Effect series that I've put approximately too much hours into.
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Iridar May 10 @ 11:18am 
Charge doesn't bypass overwatch, at least not from another enemy, not the one I'm charging to.
Y_uanZ Apr 16 @ 3:52am 
i was confused about the secondary weapon of biotics. Is biotics supposed to be able to equip Amp from Grimmy's Loot or only the original Amp weapon build?
duanelocsin Apr 15 @ 11:21pm 
did the Biotic class get nerfed a week ago or something?

Using that ability to "biotic shot" (little icon with the cross hair) only gives 1-3 damage now.

It was always a reliable combination of 'warp' and that biotic shot with a shotgun that made the biotic class such a powerhouse relatively early.

May need to have a look if I can change the damage in the class.ini
brackeer Apr 8 @ 11:56am 
I wanted to use this class, cool abilities. But I do not want to play with a shotgun, and Bullpups is useless. In my opinion ...
RealityMachina  [author] Apr 5 @ 7:40pm 
Yeah I use Psi Offence as their attack stat, so any items that boost it will work for Biotics.
Church.exe Apr 5 @ 2:21am 
do things like mind amps affect biotic attacks? I would guess so since the biotic amps say extra psi and so do things such as mind amps but im not sure
roomby Mar 20 @ 4:14am 
Dear author. In my opinion, there is an error in your mod - in the localization file "XComGame.int" there is a text like "<Ability: WarpShotAmount />" and others. None of this works. The game does not display barrier points, cooldown, ammo cost.... Can it be fixed like that?
≡R≡ Acorns Mar 17 @ 12:59am 
Tae Mar 2 @ 3:48pm 
hope this mod add in rpgo
ScrmblesThDethDealr Feb 12 @ 2:44pm 
AEGIS and Saving Barrier don't work. Make sure you don't take these talents and expect to not die. I have seen them fail on several occasions and have never seen them work.