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SWR Not Created Equal WotC
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Aug 31, 2017 @ 1:03pm
Sep 3, 2017 @ 11:58am
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SWR Not Created Equal WotC

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Second Wave Remastered
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Second Wave Remastered: Not Created Equal WotC. (UPDATED V.5)

A vanilla randomizer for Rookie Starting stats based on Enemy Within, and now it works for War of the Chosen!

***Vanilla Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=626232835

It generally follows the distribution from the first game, but adds hacking.
Offense: 55-75, 10% chance of 80.
Mobility: 1/3 chance 11, 1/3 for 12, 1/6 for 13, 1/6 for 14
Will: Should fall in the traditional 25-60 range. Crit to 62.
Hacking:1/3 for 0, 1/3 for 5, 1/6 for 10, 1/6 for 15

A Vanilla version of EladDV's Second Wave Reborn Mod's implementation of NCE. Very similar, except it uses the old EW Rollstat function, modifies only the original random stats (and hacking, since it's new), and no RedFog. Thanks to him for the help!

You can modify ranges in XComNCE.ini
As a side note, this does not modify the stats of units already above the Rookie rank, including reward characters, whose stats will use the character base stats and level up from there.

V.2 Update Notes: Due to popular demand, additional optional stats were added. They are left disabled by default, but now you may randomize Health, Dodge, Defense, and Crit Chance. You may now also choose to disable the 50% crit chance on high rolls, keeping the values to your defined ranges. Note: Defense and Crit Chance have no ready in-Armory display.

V.3 Update Notes: Added a small addendum to the XComGameData_CharacterStats.ini so that it randomizes correctly for players on “Rookie” level difficulty. Randomization should no longer hang after the first month. Added an additional safeguard to prevent Aliens from Randomizing.

V.3.1 Update Note: Minor addition to the previous Update. This plugs a small loophole where Rulers would get Randomized stats if a new campaign was started.

V.4 Update Notes: As requested, there is now the option to randomize SPARK starting stats. To use this feature, simply go to the XComNCE.ini and make bIsRandSparks=true . As of V.5, Sparks have their own custom ranges for randomization.

V.5 Update Notes: The WotC Update. This mod is now fully compatible with War of the Chosen, and it's been beefed up a bit. It is automatically set to Randomize Normal Soldiers and Faction Heroes ( bIsRandHeroes=true ), and each Faction's Hero has their own randomization ranges. You can customize these ranges by altering the same values you would for a normal soldier, but within their respective section. Each stat generally starts with an identifier such as Reap, Skirm, or Temp. The same holds true for SPARKs, who have had ranges added as well. While you can change the ranges, avoid changing the Template Offsets, because that is what allows a squaddie-level unit to be randomized, and if changed will stop that unit's randomization.

V.5.1 Update Notes: Fixed a bug with Will generation stopping later randomization. Will Ranges have been adjusted for WotC. The repurposing of Will has made the old ranges less playable, reverting to normal ranges. Faction Hero will Intervals lowered to increase diversity.

V.5.2 Update Notes: Added Armor to Optional Randomization Options. Just switch bIsRandArmor=true when you want to use. Also customizable in the NCE.ini, base settings are 0-1 (25% crit for 2) for soldiers, 0-2 (20% Crit for 3) for Sparks.
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Mertius  [author] Oct 20 @ 12:36pm 
@Reid Randomize Alien stats? Hmm. IIRC, EladDV had an Epigenetics mod for that. That should do the trick!
Reid Oct 18 @ 9:55am 
Do not you know of any mod that does the same with enemies?
JesusC Oct 13 @ 11:23am 
@Meritus No worries! Thanks for the great mod. I'll channel that old UFO Defense technique of hiring 20 new rookies and immediately firing 18 of them. :)
Mertius  [author] Oct 13 @ 11:15am 
@JesusC Oh, I have to admit this doesn't add any UI features like that, and I hate to say I don't know of any mods that add it either. :(
JesusC Oct 13 @ 10:27am 
Is there a way to see the stats on recruits before recruiting them? Or another mod that would do so?
Mertius  [author] Aug 22 @ 11:45pm 
@Anubis-Bastet The Offsets were used to ensure that Sparks and Faction Heroes are still randomized. They start at level one, and as such had different starting stats from the normal soldier template. Since randomization checks against the standard template (to see if something should be considered randomized already), the offsets helped ensure it didn't consider the different starting stats as a sign the soldier was already randomized.
Values were:
Laharl Aug 22 @ 11:39am 
So, I'm working through some old configs, and I need a bit of help. I don't remember what the default faction hero stat offsets from template were, so i can't tell if they've been changed. But what do those even do?
Mertius  [author] May 13 @ 1:00pm 
@Koopa Troopa Sorry for the late reply. I have thought about this before, and I've been tempted to raise the minimum, but I honestly think I'll keep it as is. I personally like the occasional added challenge of planning around characters that have good stats, but initially are critically low in one field like hacking. While it's true that it can introduce an issue with the first missions where you cannot select soldiers, subsequent missions allow you to choose, meaning that careful planning mitigates the weakness. To me, it's just another challenge to work around.

That said, there's a reason while I'll help with any .ini questions. Not everyone wants to play the way I do, so I encourage you to edit it as you see fit. I'm sorry if it was a hassle, but I do hope (now that you have the settings the way you like) you'll still be able to enjoy the mod.
Koopa Troopa May 2 @ 1:39am 
Hey Mertius, I really like this mod and have been playing with it a lot lately. I just wanted to give some constructive criticism: maybe it's not the best to have the hack score go as low as zero. I lost more than one mission because my guys could not open some objective, be it a door or a chest or something, and I couldn't figure out why. After a lot of digging I finally figured out the problem, and then went into your mod and fixed the problem myself. This is a big hassle, though. I would make the minimum hack ability 1, there really is no reason to make it zero. It's a game-breaking problem, as in, you can lose an entire campaign because of that.
Killcatalyst Apr 30 @ 6:32pm 
@Mertius - So that's what bIsRollCrit=true does! I was kinda lost about that one, but now that I know about it I'll leave it on. My reaper's merrily running around the map because of that, but she's the only one with that kind of movement so I guess I did get lucky :)
Once again, thank you for this mod Mertius (*tips hat in appreciation*)!