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[WOTC] New Promotion Screen by Default
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Aug 31, 2017 @ 6:33am
Nov 29, 2017 @ 11:40am
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[WOTC] New Promotion Screen by Default

This will only work with War of the Chosen!

War of the chosen has two promotion interfaces. The old and trusted two column one and the slick new horizontal one that you get for Resistance Heroes and from the Training Centre. This mod eliminates the use of the old promotion interface for visual consistency.

You must have built a Training Centre in order to buy abilities with points. Without it it will simply allow you to select rankup abilities.

As a consequence SPARKs can now buy extra skills with XCom AP like a normal soldier could. They don't gain a line of XCom Abilities though.

Psi Operatives keep their old upgrade screen because they have their own unique promotion system.

Known Issues
Entering the promotion screen while on the gamepad control scheme crashes the game.

This mod overrides UIArmory_PromotionHero and will almost certainly not work with any other mod that overrides it.

You can edit the XComPromotionUIMod.ini file to change some options.
* Setting APRequiresTrainingCenter to false will let you spend AP on abilities without needing to build a Training Center
* Setting RevealAllAbilities to true will show you abilities that would normally be hidden because a soldier lacks the ranks.

Custom Classes
This mod will try to look at a class' ability data and try to switch between 1, 2 or 3 abilities per rank automatically. However if that is not enough or not working as you need it you can manually override this behaviour with a .ini setting. Additionally you can change the cost of specific perks for a class.

Read this topic for details.

Credits and Thanks
* Robojumper who helped get this started, helped solve bugs and who is just generally a very helpful person to other modders.
* Musashi who contributed the additional abilities per rank and brigadier rank support.
* GingerAvalanche who contributed a compatibility feature for other mods who inherit from PromotionUI classes

License and Github
This mods code is available under the MIT license on Github[github.com]
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Apr 17 @ 5:27pm
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Tzarnal - MoonWolf
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Y_uanZ Apr 17 @ 7:07am 
Found an issue when the mod highlander is activated, i can't see the deck in promotion screen.
As i remove highlander , deck line comes out again. Any clue why that happen?
P O R L O L O L Apr 15 @ 3:18am 
I have some mod classes that can rank up to Brigadier but this mod is only showing up to Colonel, how do I get Brigadier to show like the fourth screenshot?
Bernard Lowe Mar 9 @ 4:54pm 
Using this mod with a controller, there don't seem to be any problems regarding crashes while using one, so anyone else should be fine :47_thumb_up:
initium Mar 5 @ 10:55pm 
Thanks for the info. I had look in the XComClassData ini, with my limited understanding of code, to see if I could spot anything, but for each template there are only the original 7 rankings, so I can't see how an 8th ranking (Brigadier) has been called into the template for it to show in the game.

As for the persistence of the bug. Yep it's still there when deactivating, even after unsubbing from all LW2 mods and clearing the files manually, plus using the troubleshooting guide you posted. Thanks for that.

I'll drop a heads up in the LW Officer Perk Pack mod, but I'm really not sure where the bug is coming from. It could be this mod as I haven't got the LW Officer Perk Pack on my PC anymore.

-- Edited --
I've continued to play my latest campaign (Legend Dif) and the soldiers are ranking however some ranks are missing an ability or copying one or both from the prior rank. It only effects the vanilla classes.
Dragon32 Mar 4 @ 9:58am 
AFAIK, for the Brigadier rank to show it needs to be defined for a class in XComClassData.ini

The rank exists in the base game, it's used in the last mission. I haven't used the Leader Pack WotC conversion, but plan to sometime in the future, have you posted over there?

What happens if you (temporarily) disable this mod and see what the vanilla promotion screens look like? If it still persists then it's not this mod's issue.
initium Mar 3 @ 5:21pm 

Thanks for responding. Much appreciated.

I have unsubbed and resubbed this mod after working through the troubleshooting steps. I'm still getting the Brigadier promo on vanilla units, but I've got the additional XCOM perks in the tree now (only completed Gatecrasher).
No idea what's going on, but I've decided to play the campaign and what ever happens at reaching Brigadier, happens 8)

This mod working fine prior to subbing to LW Officer Perk and LW SMG mod. I cant imagine the SMG doing anything to touch promotions, which leaves LW Officer Perk. What I think has happened is LW Officer Perk mod brought in a bit of code that this mod has picked up and reset itself to show Brigadier. I just cant't see where, though the pinned discussion seems to hint at that been the case. I'm just not educated in coding to know for certain.
Dragon32 Mar 3 @ 4:35pm 
:) glad someone reads them.

Brigadier rank is added by "LW2 Classes and Perks" but not, IIRC, the WotC conversion of the Leader Pack. Other mods may also add that rank.

I'm using "LW2 Classes and Perks" with this mod in my latest play through and whilst I have the Brigadier rank I've got soldiers with multiple Training Center abilities.

The Community Mod Launcher won't solve this, you'll need to work out which mod is changing stuff.
initium Mar 3 @ 3:29pm 
Before you point or repost the troubleshooting guide, I have done all 3 steps =)
I'm very glad you look around and post these too. Thank you.

I do have a question for you and Tzarnel though. Would the Alternative Mod Launcher help solve this issue?
initium Mar 3 @ 1:58pm 
I have used this mod in my last 2 campaigns without a hitch. I recently added the LW Officer perk and started a new campaign. After Gatecrasher I promoted my soldiers to find they all had a "Brigadier" promotion and the additional XCOM abilities (3rd line) was empty or limited to 1 additional ability. I'll assume that the "Brigadier" rank has borrowed the abilities to fill it, as there are no additional abilities for this rank in the game.

At first I thought the LW Officer Perk mod was the culprit, but I think now it's a combination of LW Officer mod changing this mod. I removed LW Officer Perk Mod and validated my game files - But I'm still getting the same problem with vanilla units. Custom units are correctly showing Colonel as the highest rank.
DosDeosos Feb 12 @ 5:58am 
The Brigadier rank appear next to my Colonel rank for Grenadier class. It seems this mod does support Brigadier for some reason and I want to remove it because I don't get to use it anyways. any ideas how to remove it?