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Aug 30, 2017 @ 1:27pm
Jan 13 @ 9:43pm
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Make Durgz from a few simple ingredients.

This item is a GModStore ripoff. It's a free, but less impressive, version of a paid addon.

Are you tired of only being able to get drug lab addons for money on GModStore? Tired of pointless custom fonts and menus just to make some money? Then STDrugs is for you!

STDrugs is a free GDrugs alternative that will never actually overthrow GDrugs. To cook certain drugs, you'll need a drug lab and some ingredients. Put a known formula in, and it creates your drug. Put some random ingredients in, and it creates a useless bucket of sludge. Other drugs require a pot, some soil, and a bottle of water to grow. These cannot be produced incorrectly.

I made this because my server and a friend's server could always use a drug cooking addon, but I was willing to put down zero dollars towards anything on that great website that has only changed its name twice now.

This is NOT a leak. This whole addon was created over a few days, with additions, revisions, and fixes over two more days.

You can spawn all of the ingredients and labs in any gamemode, but only DarkRP supports getting money.

Features and Contents
A lab with ten custom ingredients to make five different drugs
A pot with four custom seeds to make four different drugs
A drug bank to sell drugs to and CVars[] to change earnings
Semi-FUNctionality in any gamemode
Only one additional addon required

For server owners: Since this addon only contains LUA files, do not put this addon in a resource.AddWorkshop(). Also, a few of these recipes require the durgz_water to be available to players.

Note that this addon may not work perfectly, as there are a lot of things I'm thinking of right now that could go wrong. If anything goes wrong, that means script errors, incorrect calculations, or anything else, leave it in a comment below.

Known "Issues"
The drug bank doesn't do what it says it should if the gamemode isn't DarkRP


SweptThrone does not endorse the use, sale, purchase, or manufacturing - illegal or otherwise - of any drugs or other miscellaneous illicit substances. All information was gathered from WIkipedia, and no effort was put forth to test the accuracy of the recipes in the real world. Do not do drugs. They can and will ruin your life. Seriously.

-SweptThrone, Throneco CEO

Me - Most of the code
Valve - Lab and ingredient models and sounds
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Aug 30, 2017 @ 7:45pm
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WehKings Nov 16 @ 4:55pm 
I can make drugs forget that this exist
TheTIM333 Nov 1 @ 1:27pm 
Heroin - Acetic Anyhydride, Morhpine
Meth - Caustic Soda, Hydrogen Chloride, Muriatic Acid
Aspirin - Acetic Anyhiride, Salicylic Acid,
Beer - Malted Barley, Yeast, Water
LSD - Lysergic Acid, Diethylamine
Stalol Oct 14 @ 7:39am 
how much cook time for the meth and heroine?
Oh okey, i didn't thinking that this water will work
SweptThrone  [author] Sep 21 @ 2:26pm 
nope, use durgz water
The water is missing, so i can't plant seed
spagger Sep 7 @ 5:07pm 
spagger Sep 7 @ 5:07pm 
water is missing
Gamer588 Aug 29 @ 10:35am 
how i kann get dear models for entitys
Melow Aug 5 @ 12:52am 
yes, this just problem of server where im played, sorry to trouble you