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Doctor Mandarbs Map-Pack (WotC)
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Aug 30, 2017 @ 12:06pm
Dec 14, 2017 @ 9:53am
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Doctor Mandarbs Map-Pack (WotC)

A Word of Warning, since Oct. 20th 2017 XCOM 2 and the modding tools for War of the Chosen have been patched. Most of the bugs and errors that happened to us map makers appear to have been fixed. Now I don't trust XCOM further then I can throw the game. If you run into map parts that are not loading, missing roofs, walls, cars, or some other bugs, feel free to report them. But don't repport NetIndex Error's or some other minor error's. Those are things that I can't change.

A few PCP's and Parcels have been deactivated by me, because they where reported to be causing crashes. Again, those crashes happen because of bugs in the Game / Program not because I scripted them in.

Now go and enjoy the game, and expect a few more PCP to hit this Mod in the next few weeks.

Note for the TLE DLC - YES I will make a map pack for that DLC too, and after that's done, more will follow for this mod too!

My extra Map pieces! - For War of the Chosen

You like XCOM 2 as much as I do, but kinda get sick to see almost always the same map pieces? Welcome to my Map Project! This Mod ONLY works for XCOM 2 - War of the Chosen!

I have to rebuild every single PCP that you know from my XCOM 2 Map Pack. But with time, we will make this Map Pack great!


Q: What is this mod?
A: This is my original Map Mod that worked on XCOM 2 but since War of the Chosen broke all old mods, I recreated my Mod for War of the Chosen.

Q: Why is the mod in Beta?
A: Because I may forget to move rats, pigeons and othe minor details to the correct location, or forget to include them at all. There might also still be elements that are missing or broken after the transition to War of the Chosen.

Q: Do you know "Parcel Maps EC" by eclipsezr?
A: Yes, I do. In fact a handfull of PCPs in my modpack were designed by him. He gave them to me to incorporate them into my map pack, because they did not fit into his own mod.

Q: What are PCP and Parcel?
A: In short, PCP are the things that fill up the map layout and connect parcels together. Think of PCP as roads (dirt, regular, highway etc) and water streams, or sometimes cliff sides and patches of wooded area. Parcels on the other hand are houses, and bigger map pieces.
Here is an interesting presentation that show's how it works: https://twvideo01.ubm-us.net/o1/vault/gdc2018/presentations/Hess_Brian_PlotAndParcel.pdf

Currently included (395 PCP & 10 Parcel):

PCP - City Center: + 223 / 223
PCP - Slums: + 172 / 178 [2 deactivated]
PCP - Small Town: + 8 / 182
PCP - Wilderness: + 0 / 363
PCP - Rooftops: + 0 / 20
PCP - Trains + 0 / 34

Parcel - City Center: + 6 / 6 (Finished) [4 deactivated]
Parcel - Small Town: + 4 / 4 (Finished)

Check "Change Notes" to find out what has been added!
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T.w² | String_Cheese Aug 24 @ 12:51am 
I tried reading this description and i dont understand most of the linge lmao
Dragon32 Jun 11 @ 8:26am 
Just a thought, but you've not got the non-WotC version subscribed too? IIRC the only times I've seen that's been when loading non-WotC mods in WotC. Like cosmetics. But I haven't seen it that often.
Oh. Maybe the Missing Packages mods are helping me out here...
Alexandr Jun 11 @ 2:06am 
Precisely. And I dunno why it'd appear ONLY if this mod is active, unless that asset is being SUCCESSFULLY loaded elsewhere and is being overwritten with a bad version from this. :I It's weird, but if nobody else has it, that's on me and my load order/modlist.
Dragon32 Jun 10 @ 2:26pm 
Not seen that myself, AFAIK that chequerboard pattern is indicative of a missing texture.
Alexandr Jun 10 @ 1:23pm 
花兔: Why the hell do you do nothing but post absolute garbage like that every single mod page? A question that's been answered a dozen times already in the comments AND IN THAT MOD'S DESCRIPTION.
Alexandr Jun 10 @ 1:22pm 
Odd query, but... is there any reason for this mod to be causing something as weird as the checkerboard graphic on map pieces? I was seeing them a lot, and one map I finally got frustrated and disabled all the map mods I had (all 5! I keep things light this time around) and found that I could still load the map I was on, meaning it wasn't requiring any of the map mods to function. Enabled each of the others and tested and only when this one flipped on did a particular campfire and busted-up RV switch to being covered in checkerboard placeholder graphics. Only thing I can think of that might be the cause is having this mod's built-in asset files being 'bad' or whatever you'd wanna call it. I'm just curious if anyone else has seen this issue crop up while using this pack before. Love the City Center PCP bits, even if you don't see city center maps in WotC as much anymore, so I hate to lose the pack!
动感黑丝 Jun 3 @ 11:36am 
Compatible with

Doctor Mandarbs Map - Pack (TLE)
=[NK]= Col. Jack O'Neil Nov 2, 2018 @ 3:17pm 
Haha, thank you doc! :)
Void Light Nov 2, 2018 @ 10:17am 
So far both map pack seem to work fine with each other, Thanks for the help!
Doctor Mandarb  [author] Nov 2, 2018 @ 7:29am 
To all, who are interested to learn... or know:

As long as modders name their own creations in a unique way, and do not overwrite existing files, there shouldn't be any problems. Maps, when being created load up a Plot. Within a plot are placeholders to PCPs and Parcels. If a modder adds more PCPs (correctly) to a tileset the game will try to load up a random PCP from the list.

All of us, who add more PCP and Parcels, add to the Games ability to expant those RNG lists. Because we add more variants. Therefore, a mission map feels fresher. After all, the game most often comes with only 2 (sometimes 4) variants for each PCP.

For a good presentation on how all that works, have a read in this pdf file (page 17 contains the PCP part):