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Force Fix Dino Mod [ANY DINO BREEDING]
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Aug 30, 2017 @ 7:18am
Nov 3, 2017 @ 11:52am
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Force Fix Dino Mod [ANY DINO BREEDING]

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Adds a potion that will fix your dino - will make it rideable, breedable, and more!
Should work with all dinos and 100% stackable with other mods! (So for example you will be able to use Classic Flyers + be able to breed Griffins)
It will also randomize the gender again so if you want to change your creatures' gender you can.

- If you do it on something that doesn't have a sex to start with. Put 1 in 1 of them, which will make it a female, then put 2 in the second one which will make it a male. If you use Super Spyglass, you can see the new updated sex on them. That's the only way to view them.
- Works on modded & DLC creatures.
- If you are on a server you wont actually see the gender change or the mating bar but it still technically works.
- If the dino doesnt have a gender at start it should first be a female. Just enable wondering and see when the dinos start to have the love heart icon.
- It doesnt make all dinos rideable, this feature was built to work only on specific dinos. The other features should work on all dinos though.


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Mar 30 @ 3:08pm
Apr 1 @ 3:35pm
Worked at first, but now it does not?
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Xador Aug 10 @ 1:38am 
Having trouble with some primal fear creatures, like the demonic thorny dragon. The sex change works fine, also breeding after sex change, but not for like celestials and demonics. I did manage to get it running once, but never again after that (mating cd minded)
1TAPPED Jul 21 @ 4:01pm 
yea im pretty sure this mod is not getting the updates that i was before\
Lucas Raposa Jul 21 @ 3:23pm 
its not working
Little One Jun 17 @ 9:48pm 
Anyway to get this updated! It seems to be a cool thing but its not working
Flix Jun 17 @ 9:23pm 
This mod isn't working on our server, tried it on rock golems and mantis and nothing happened
God Himself May 19 @ 10:32am 
how can i speed up gestation
MaQ May 8 @ 4:24pm 
@DanielGlossop thanks buddy any luck with rock elementals?
DanielGlossop May 6 @ 8:58am 
@MaQ i am using for breeding on abberation and extinction and works like a charm
MaQ May 4 @ 10:54am 
@Tbjbu2, hey just wondering if this mod is still compatible with current ark releases ? thanks in advance
settecorvi Mar 18 @ 10:43pm 
For some reason, this causes egg-laying creatures like the ice wyvern and deinonychus (after using the potion to switch its sex) to gestate rather than lay eggs. Not sure if this was intentional?