A Lost Room

A Lost Room

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A Lost Room Full Walkthrough
By Cruel Byte
A complete walkthrough made by the developers ;)
First Room
Main Room

There are two keys on the main room: the blue and the green. Also, there’s half blowtorch, a lighter and the blacklight lantern.

On the next image: highlighted in green are the green padlock and the location of the green key (inside the drawer); highlighted in purple is the blacklight lantern; highlighted in red is the location of half blowtorch.
On the next image, there’s the same place, without the two doors. You’ll be able to see half blowtorch, and the valve you get when opening the padlock.

On this image, there’s the other side of the room. On it, highlighted in blue, there’s the blue padlock and the blue key’s location (behind the pillow and the cardboard box); highlighted in red, there’s the place where you should put the valve you got on the cabinet.

Also, the chain will be destroyed by the blowtorch. When you combine both blowtorch items, and light it with the lighter, you can approach any chain part with the lighter, and it will break after a few seconds. What you’ll find inside will be on the next picture.

You’ll need to use this with the blacklight lantern to get some info from the board.
On the next image, you’ll see the lantern pointed at the right place, to reveal some numbers; and on the following, the the lantern combined with the card, showing the right numbers combination, which is 3187.
PS: The start talk (from Dr. Travis) says you are subject number 3187. So you can get a hint from there!

On this image, there’s all the frames and paintings of the room. Behind it, there’s the lighter you’ll use later. Its approximate location is highlighted in blue.
Also on this image, you can see the exit door, with the red handle. When you get the red key from the next room, you should use it there, to finally exit.

When you put the valve on its right place, a secret passage will open, leading you to the secret room. Everything from there will be covered on the next chapter, and the next image shows where the door opens.

Hidden Room

On this room, you’ll find two keys: red and yellow. Also, there’s the other blowtorch part, which you’ll need to destroy the chain.
On the next image, you’ll find highlighted in red the other blowtorch part.

On the other side, there’s the safe with the keypad, where you should enter the code you found: 3187.
Inside there, you’ll find the yellow key.

And where will you use it? Inside the bathtub, under the dead body’s legs, there’s a chest, locked with a yellow padlock.

Combining the yellow key with the yellow padlock, you’ll be able to open the chest. In there, what will you find? The red key!
Just get it to the exit door, and let’s go to the next room!
Second Room
On this room, you’ll find one object that you can take it to the rest of the game: the tape player. Also, you’ll find the first tape that you can play, to get to know a little bit more of the lore, and there’s a hint in there also!
So, let’s go to the sub-rooms.

Main Corridor

This is the first corridor you’ll find when entering the room. All of these doors are locked, and cannot be opened in any way. The only one that does anything is already open, and takes you to the switches area.
But also, in here, you’ll find the switches’ correct combination. On a table, you’ll find a magazine. Flip it over, and it will show you a color-code of which switches should be on and off.

The correct sequence is: switches 2, 5 and 7 on, and all the others off.
And that’s all on this room.

Switches Room

This is the room where you’ll find the switches. You already know the sequence, so just insert it!
Also, this room takes you to the clinic, which has some nice items.


On this room, on the table, you’ll find the tape player.
Grab it, and get to the morgue on the next room!


In here, you’ll find the first tape. You’ll hear a little bit about the lore, and also get the same hint you got on the main corridor, but in audio! It’s behind that small counter.

And that’s all on these rooms! Since you’ve already inserted the right combination, let’s go to the next room!
Third Room
Third Room
This is the biggest room (or rooms) of the whole game. It’s a big warehouse, with side rooms on both sides. You can only exit through one of the two doors of the room on your right, the other doors can’t be opened.

You open the door by inserting the right combination on a keypad. We’ll need five items to find out this combination: four pictures showing one number each, and one color-code combination showing the right sequence.

Also, there’s some items in here you’ll need on some of the next rooms. We’ll show where in this chapter, and then just reference it in the future.

So, without longer delays, let’s go!
Main Room

On this room, you’ll find the four pictures, along with a keycard for the next room, and a cog you’ll need on the last room before the endgame. Also, there’s another tape.

Because this room is the quite big, here’s an aerial map with all the items locations, and then there will be some specific shots of all the items, individually.

Highlighted in blue, there’s the locations of all four pictures; highlighted in red, is the location of the keycard; and highlighted in green, there’s the cog.

And now, here’s the locations in scene of all the four pictures:

Here’s the location of the keycard:

And here’s the location of the cog:
PS: inside this box, there’s some cogs. Anyone of the big cogs will serve the purpose.

And also, here’s the location of the tape:

Left Room

This is a purely decorative room. Check everything out, mess around with stuff, but there’s nothing really important here.

Right Room

In this room, you’ll find the keypad, and the right sequence for the numbers.
Over the big cabinet there will be a notebook. On it, there will be a stick, showing the right sequence:

Combining all four images with the sequence, you’ll find this:

You can see each picture shows a guy making a number with its hands. And the sequence shows their shirts’ colors.
This combination will give you the code 0924.

Just put it in the keypad, and go to the next room!
Fourth Room
On this room, you’ll need the keycard from the previous room.
What you need to do is put it on keycard reader by the door; this will show you a system error; then you’ll have to reboot the system, then put the card again, and go to the next room!
Also, you can get another tape in here.
And finally, you’ll find the solution of the next room’s puzzle in here! Two in one!

So, let’s put the keycard in the keycard reader. It will show you this:

Just leave the keycard lying around somewhere, and let’s go to the next steps.
Now, let’s go to the place where you’ll find two items you’ll need: the tape, and golf balls. It’s all in this cabinet:
PS: There’s a basketball hoop on the previous room. Get this basketball there and practice a little! ;)

So, removing a door and a cardboard box, we’ll get the item’s locations:
Highlighted in green, there’s the tape.
Highlighted in red, there’s the can with some golf balls inside.

On the other side, there’s a big printer, and a small space between it and the wall. If you look closely, there’s a “reset” button in there. Take the golf ball, and throw it in there.

And then, just use the keycard on the reader again, and let’s go to the next room!
...Or not!
As the beginning of this chapter says, the solution to the next room’s puzzle is here.
The next room has a door with a keypad, and you need the password.
On a table, there’s a clipboard, covered in blood:

Taking a closer look at the clipboard, you’ll find this:
So, 7538. Now let’s move on to the next room!
Fifth Room
So...Yeah. Nothing in this room. Just stuff to play, and look around, and mess with stuff.

There’s lots of doors in there, and they’re for the future! Right now, just the door with the keypad will open. Just put the code you found on the previous room (7538), and let’s move on!
Sixth Room
This room starts completely dark. If you want, go back to the first room and take the flashlight!

So, the items you’ll find in this room are: a fuse, a fuse box, a tape, a clipboard, and a clock.
Also, there’s a purple key, that you’ll use on the next room.

The fuse box is on your left when you enter the room.

You can get the fuse on the most distant edge of the room.

Put it in the box, and all lights will turn on.

Everything on, now you can see!
Let’s solve the puzzle and open the door.

It revolves around this clock:

You’ll need to change its hands to show a specific time, which is 5 o’clock.
But how can we find the time?

A tape will tell you the time of its recording, which is 5pm. You can find the tape in this drawer:

Also, there’s a clipboard with a message about some specific time, which is also 5pm. You can find it here:

So, change the clock’s hands to show 5 o’clock, and the door will unlock. Time for the next (and last!) room!
But, before going, where’s that purple key?

You can find it in here:

Yes, the same desk where you find the clipboard!

And now, let’s go to the next room!
Seventh Room
This room consists of two sub-rooms. The red and creepy corridor and the small room on the right.

This room can lead to the exit door (which has LOTS of bars covering it), and the door by the right, locked with a keypad, which will lead to the other sub-room. So, how do we find the right numbers?

If you look closely, you’ll find that on some red floors, there’s a nearly invisible number. You have to look at them from the exit (barred) door to the door leading to the previous room, but the sequence is from the previous room’s door to the exit door.
Let’s show them:

So, the sequence (since the sequence is from the door to the previous room to the door for the next room) is 9665!

Also, right by the exit door, you’ll find a tape.

If you listen to it, the scientist will say some numbers. If you put them together, what will you get? 9665!

Insert it in the keypad, and let’s go to the next sub-room!

Control Room

In this room, you’ll open those bars that are blocking your path. What you’ll need is:
The purple key from the last room, the cog from the third room, and a keycard.

So, when you enter the room, on your right, there’s a wardrobe with a purple lock.

Use the purple lock from the previous room here, and this is what you’ll get:

The keycard!

If you turn around, you’ll find a box with a keycard reader.

Use the keycard there, open the doors, and this is what you’ll find:

Now, remember the cog from the third room?
Fit it in there, go to the red corridor, and watch the bars go away and the door open!
Eighth Room

Hey, you reached the endgame! In here you’ll find a model of the whole complex (even future areas!), a board showing the time you took to finish the game, and a beautiful and well-lit place for a change.