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A small loan of a million mods
You can now be our lord and saviour donald trump and give everyone a small loan of a million dollars!
Throw money at the dirty peasants of skyrim which explode into a small loan of a million septims and perhaps one day they can be as MLG as donald million...
Ancient Sheikah Armor
Created by CallMeCal
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''Have you heard the legend of the ''Shadow Folk''? They are the Sheikah...the shadows of the Hylians. They say they swore allegiance to the King of Hyrule and guarded the Royal Family...''...
Another Sleep Mod
Created by Pevey
This mod causes your character to play the default sleep animations in Skyrim for going to bed and waking up (just like NPCs).

This mod requires SKSE
SKSE stands for Skyrim Script Extender. It expands the functionality available to modders.
Assassin with Bee Movie Script
Created by PoH |
As the title says... There's an assassin with the entire bee movie script in your game! The Location of this Assassin is Windpeak Inn located in Dawnstar. It's the first building when you enter Dawnstar. The Assassin is just called Assassin.

She doesn'...
Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
Created by 🐍 Sai'Raks

Table of Contents:
What does this mod have to offer
How to get
Version History
Works with these mods
Known mod conflicts
Known issues and bugs

Battle Nazeems
Created by Boom Stick
Tired of the same old conjure spells? Wish you could enslave a particularly despicable citizen to fight your battles for you? Well wait no more!

This mod adds four new conjure spells, all centered around Nazeem!
The spell tomes can either be *borrowed*...
Created by Hvergelmir
The popular Skyrim mod has finally arrived for on Steam Workshop!
[And has recently been released for Skyrim Special Edition as well on for PC and XB1]

In case there's any confusion. I am the original author of Beards
Bonds of Matrimony - Divorce
Created by Momo
This mod allows you to divorce your spouse, without the need of console commands, smoothly, simply and at the same time without breaking immersion.

A statue, which can be found at the bottom of the pool, below the waterfall at Bard's Leap Summit, allows...
Bonds of Matrimony - Khajiit
Created by Momo
This mod intends to add Khajiit to the list of possible races and people who the player character can marry.

You can find these two Khajiit in the Winking Skeever in Solitude. Going by the name of Khamuzi and Do'Zah. By following the standard Bonds of M...
Brotherhood -Final Fantasy X-
Created by Shigen

Title : Brotherhood -Final Fantasy X-
Version : 1 .2

Author : Shigen02

==This is "Not Lore-f...
Classic Classes and Birthsigns
Created by Sadrin
☼ Classic Classes and Birthsigns ☼
by: Kearsage

☼ Latest Versions ☼
Ver 2.4
- Witchhunter now has Conjuration as a Major Skill instead of Restoration. This brings it in line with skill distribution in both Morrowind and Oblivion.
- Acrobatics Second...
Clothing and Smithing Pack
Created by ThirteenOranges
This mod adds many clothing and armor sets based on unatainable (and unbranded) faction specific sets and adds new smithing options. These new varieties are renamed in a lore-friendly fashion and DO NOT change the originals.


- Armor a...
Clyde the Imga follower
Created by muppetpuppet
Updated to be super sneaky, and less siting, 1.68 exported

Looking for the Kong to your King, the Clyde to your Clint.
He's here Clyde the Imga. A proud specimen of the Elven vassal race of the Imga, The Apeman of Valenwood.
He'll join you on your ...
Correct Race Height
Created by onixmoon1
This mod changes the heights of the playable races to oblivion race heights

Race: Units | Centimeters | Feet
Altmer: 1.08 - 1.1 | 193.04 - 195.58 | 6' 4" - 6' 5"
Argonian: 1 - 1.03 | 177.80 - 182.88 | 5' 10...
Crafting: Scimitar (And Improved Scimitar!!)
A simple mod that adds a crafting recipe for the Scimitar. It also adds an improved version of the Scimitar, thats faster and does more damage. Just go to a forge, and craft the weapons.

-1 Iron Ingot
-2 Leather Strips
-2 Steel Ingots

Custom Family Home
Created by WitchRiser

This mod gives you the possibility to move your entire family (children
& spouse) to any home you want: be it a house from a mod, a house
you made yourself or any place of the game. They will have a normal AI
(they will do what they always do and ...
Diverse Priests
Created by captainlhurgoyf
If you look in the Creation Kit, you'll see that there are four recolours of the priest's robes - red, green, grey, and brown - but none of them are used in the game. This mod aims to fix that.

Now, all priests of Kynareth will wear green, priests of Di...
Double Helix Sword (Majora's Mask)
Created by Dwarven Mudcrab
The sword Fierce Diety/Oni Link uses in The Legend of Zelda Majora's mask. This weapon doesn't do much damage, but it has a long range attack. It levels up Destruction magic when used. This is to represent the special attack Fierce Diety uses when Link has...
Dust to Dust, Enhanced Restoration
Created by DrSphinctanium
Turn Undead ain't no damn fear spell!

Blast Undead weenie, Turn Undead now Banishes undead that are a significantly lower level than you.

Features Include;
- Turn Lesser Undead banishes Undead below 20% of Player Level
- Turn Undead banishes Undead...
Faces with Character, Follower Face Tweaks
Created by DrSphinctanium
Who needs ugly friends?!

This mod alters the faces of some of the original followers to give them more interesting mugs.

Characters Currently Altered;
- Jenassa
- Belrand (A.k.a. Bellend)
- Vorstag
- Aranea

If this purdy bunch break your heart...
Family Farm
Created by maritah524
The old destroyed Farm is now a home for a family of Kahjii:

Tsavashi - Father 🌸 The Saber Cat that's wanderng around! {Don't worry, he won't bite! ...but do mind his warnings, just in case}
Ralajma - Mother
Jo'rina - Daughter

You're allowed a bed ...
Final Fantasy 7 AC Weapon Apocalypse and Fusion v4.1b
Created by mach1991
Final Fantasy 7 AC Weapon Apocalypse v4.1b

My first mod for Skyrim. (i am not so good with english)
This is a simple mod which adds a Apocalypse 2h version from the 1h Apocalypse...
Gizmodians FF7 Ultima Blade Skyrim Version
Created by mach1991
Gizmodians FF7 Ultima Blade Skyrim Version

This is a mod which adds the Ultima Blade (Gizmodian) from Oblivion to Skyrim.
I also added a retextured version from the sword that i ...
Guarded Borders
Created by captainlhurgoyf
Quoth TV Tropes's WMG page on the game: "There will be a logical reason for why you can't cross borders this time. Since Todd Howard already said you are arrested and awaiting execution for crossing the border in this game, it makes sense you won't cross t...
Honorus - The Holy Claymore
Created by Enpremi
- High resolution textures.
- Can be crafted at forge, but requires Steel smithing perk.
- Slightly stronger than an Ebony Greatsword, fully upgrade-able.
- Both one-handed and two-handed versions can be obtained at the Temple of Divines in Solitude...
Horns Are Forever!
Created by Chilean Wolf
As of August 18th 2013:

-Added support for vanilla NPCs.
-Included Argonian Decapitation Fix.

As of July 6th 2012:

Horns on ...
Iron Swords but They're Worth One More Gold
Created by Chocolate Milk
This mod changes absolutely nothing except make iron swords worth one more gold piece. Enjoy your +1 gold pieces, you greedy sh*ts....
Josh's Skill Capes
Created by Josh_2
Show off your achievements with these dashing capes.

What is this?

+ Adds 56 custom capes to the game all using custom meshes and textures.
+ 2 capes for each skill, a bright version and a darker version.
+ 3 capes for the 3 main...
Keerava and Talen Jei | No Longer Angry After Thieves Guild Quest
Created by Yosheiß
Be sure to check out the Haelga variant here!

After playing through 'Taking Care of Business' which is a Thieves Guild quest, Keerava and Talen Jei will continue to dislike you...
Lakeview Merchant Camp
Created by Hamrock
Too tired to walk to town after that hard night of smithing, brewing and enchanting? This group of traveling merchants seeks to gain profit from your troubles and therefore settled right infront of Pinewatch.

This mod comes with 4 new merchants who sett...
Monster Contracts
Created by Lord Macdog
*Mod is now being updated!*.

-Monster Contracts, inspired by The Witcher 3. Have you ever wanted to be a monster hunter in skyrim? Now you can! Join the Protectors, a guild of professional Monster Hunters and take on contracts! Don't be fooled though, t...
Moonpath HD texture pack
Created by muppetpuppet
This pack contains 2K textures for the Moonpath to Elsweyr mod..Only useful if you play Moonpath to Elsweyr. If you'd like to experience the jungle and desert enviroments of Elsweyr simply try

Moonpath to Elsweyr
Created by muppetpuppet
Announcing my new project Oberon's Court
View the teaser trailer here.
support it by visiting my greenlight concept here

If ...
Mulstraug's Perks
Created by Tony from Dominos
Many perk changes to Skyrim for a more enhanced feel of aligning your character to one skill tree over another.

Mulstraug's Spells, Mulstraug's Perks, and Mulstraug's Races & Settings were designed to work together as one complete game modification... I...
New Markarth Adventures
Created by MadFrenchie
--------"RISE OF THE FORSWORN"--------

This mod is just about to make Markarth and the Forsworn a bit more consistant...


- H...
Player Homes Zelda House Music
Created by Goodest Boy
This simple mod replaces music from player homes to the house theme music from Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. (Google it if you need to be reminded of how it sounds like.) Now your homes are cozier than ever! It is recommended that your...
Pure Waters
Created by Laast
1 000 000+ actual subscribers!!!


Révision 13 - 16 oct 2014
- Complete recast of the original mod.

This is a pure, clean, and natural water, as it should be in the cold mountains of Skyrim. This mod provides water with complete overhau...
Social Awareness, Better Guard Dialogue
Created by DrSphinctanium
Get recognised for the Hero you really are!
[Just a heads up, this is not for the Faceless Guard Helmets, link at the bottom]

You know how it is,
You picked up a Two-Hander once to defend yourselves and the guards wont let you live it down...
You're ...
Spycrab over Mudcrab
Created by Dafini
The endangered species of Spycrab's fate is in your hands

Kill them, Ignore them, possibly even Cook them

This IS the spy from Team Fortress 2, just to clarify

Summon Mudcrab Spell
Created by Twitch-McLovin
Ever felt the spontaneous need to summon a mudcrab? no? well to bad. Now there is a spell to summon these poor little left out guys. Simply download the mod and you can have your own little crab to fight by yourside loyaly. you can find the tome in the Riv...
TFCG - Final Fantasy Weapons
Please read the description carefully, because it says where to get the weapons, and what weapons are available at the moment, and ones that will be available in the future. Thanks you for reading, Wolf.

If you love the mod, please feel free to donate ...
Temple of Jon
Created by Petalled Pariah
Ever felt your skyrim was missing something, or was void of personnality? Well look no further. This is a humorous mod aimed at enriching the soul through devout following of the teachings of Jon Jafari, the almighty JonTron.

To clarify this mod is NOT ...
The Border
Created by bdr
The finest "warhammer" crafted in the forge with one pickaxe. Hits rediculously hard but takes a while to swing. Please do not take this mod seriously....
The Forgotten Island
Created by DJ Red Rad
The Forgotten Island

Here is the new trailer showcasing the 1.5 build of the Forgotten Island.

The 1.5 build has been released 10/9/16
General adjustments
Decorated the Island more
New Quest From Kalila
Added mor...
The Legend of Zelda - The Silver and Golden Gauntlets
Created by JKalenad
Rumors tell of gauntlets forged by citizens of a long-dead tribe that lived in the desert. These gauntlets were enchanted to allow the wearer to lift incredible loads, allowing the dwindling civilization to build shelters they desperately needed. A day cam...
The Legend of Zelda - Dominion Rod
Created by JKalenad
I am no longer updating my mods on the Steam Workshop, and I am very unlikely to add new ones to the Workshop.
I recommend seeking them out on the Nexus or integrated into the mod I am focusing on, [url=
The Legend of Zelda - Fire, Ice and Light Arrows
Created by JKalenad
Dawnguard version coming soon!

This mod is NOT supposed to be a cheat, so I do not at all want to put more arrows in the shrine chests, no matter how many people ask.
However, I am considering and adding more shrines throughout Skyrim. For instance, a...
The Legend of Zelda - Giant's Knife / Biggoron's Sword
Created by JKalenad
''They say that Biggoron's Sword is super sharp and will never break.''
- Gossip Stone

The story goes that the giants that take residence in Fallowstone Cave carry with them an ancient broken sword that somehow has retained the colors on its hilt. Why...
The Legend of Zelda - Hylian Goddess Spells
Created by JKalenad
I am no longer updating my mods on the Steam Workshop, and I am very unlikely to add new ones to the Workshop.
I recommend seeking them out on the Nexus or integrated into the mod I am focusing on, [url=
The Legend of Zelda - Kokiri, Razor and Gilded Sword
Created by JKalenad
I am no longer updating my mods on the Steam Workshop, and I am very unlikely to add new ones to the Workshop.
I recommend seeking them out on the Nexus or integrated into the mod I am focusing on, [url=
The Legend of Zelda - Megaton Hammer
Created by JKalenad
I am no longer updating my mods on the Steam Workshop, and I am very unlikely to add new ones to the Workshop.
I recommend seeking them out on the Nexus or integrated into the mod I am focusing on, [url=
The Legend of Zelda - Mirror Shield of the Desert
Created by JKalenad
''My country lay within a vast desert. When the sun rose into the sky, a burning wind punished my lands, searing the world. And when the moon climbed into the dark of night, a frigid gale pierced our homes. No matter when it came, the wind carried the same...
The Legend of Zelda - Mirror Shield of the Great Sea
Created by JKalenad
[Artifact Edition, No DLC required]

Years ago, the whole of Tamriel was covered by a vast ocean, with islands scattered throughout it. One island was home to a vast temple dedicated to the earth. Resting within was a shield that could reflect magic, for...
The Legend of Zelda - Mirror Shield of the Great Sea (Smithing Edition)
Created by JKalenad
[No DLC required]

NOTE: This version will no longer update. Any new fixes will only apply to the original version:[/url...
The Legend of Zelda - Terminan Hero's Shield
Created by JKalenad
I am no longer updating my mods on the Steam Workshop, and I am very unlikely to add new ones to the Workshop.
I recommend seeking them out on the Nexus or integrated into the mod I am focusing on, [url=
The Legend of Zelda - The Blade of Evil's Bane (Skyforge Editon)
Created by JKalenad
aka Eldergleam Edition, Whiterun Edition, or Triforce of Power version
No DLC required!

NOTE: This mod is finished and offered as-is, so I wo'n't be modifying anything about it.

This mod expands on CaptainRC's craftable Master Sword mo...
The Legend of Zelda - The Great Fairy's Sword Reimagined
Created by JKalenad
''WHAT!?'' I hear you exclaim as you spit out your Nintendo Cereal System, ''You call that a Great Fairy's Sword!? Where's the garish color scheme? The utterly unrealistic shape? Why doesn't it look like a 13 year old piece of plastic, and why is it modele...
True Bladesman, Sword Perks for Daggers
Created by DrSphinctanium
Daggers aren't just for mages?! Get outta town!

- The One-Handed Perk 'Bladesman' now adds critical hits to daggers as well as swords

If you like the mod, don't forget give us a rating!...
Vain Banding, Helmetless Armour Perks
Created by DrSphinctanium
Put down those head buckets, friend!
Disappointed at the stopping power of your brittle cheekbones?

Fret no more, Vain banding is here!
A new technology forged by tiny dwemer hands and polished with a fine moon sugar resin, mysterious entities have gi...
Vindicator - The Holy Greatsword
Created by Enpremi
BOTH one-handen and two-handed
Slightly stronger than Ebony swords, both versions fully upgrade-able.
- Using High quality textures, but simple models so it doesn't take ages to load!
- Can be upgraded in forge with just a torch and the sword, to giv...
Wisplicker Pahmar follower
Created by muppetpuppet
Want your own Pahmar(tigerlike) Khajiit Follower then try out Wisplicker Denborn. Find him in Falkreath Forest (mapmarker visible).

Its just a small taste of Elsweyr in SKyrim

But for More! Please Check...
Zelda - Darknut Battlesword
Created by Overmind5000
For those who played Twilight Princess, will recognize this grand buster sword wielded by darknuts.
The blade's recipe is one ingot of steel, 5 of ebony, and 3 leather strips, along with an Ebony smithing perk.
Note that this will be implemented in a muc...