Age of Empires II: HD Edition

Age of Empires II: HD Edition

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Enhanced Blood
Created by Silent Ape
Note: This is for all dlcs aswell as the basegame. If you want the corpses to remain longer, you might want to check out my Enhanced Dat (No Decay) mod. (currently not up-to...
Enhanced Bolts
Created by Silent Ape
Modifies the appearance of the Scorpion/Galeon/War Wagon projectiles

If you're further interested in my work, check out my website at
There you can have a look at all my other AoE 2 mods as well....
Enhanced Farms
Created by Silent Ape
Alters the farms texture as seen on the screenshots :)

Relevant mods:
Enhanced Rice Farms For Enhanced Water
Enhanced Flames
Created by Silent Ape
This mod alters the appearance of the flames as seen on the screenshots. It is based on the original flames sprites.
Since it is rather difficult to demonstrate an animation via pictures, I added a small gif.

Multiplayer compatible.

If you're furt...
Enhanced Rubble
Created by Silent Ape
Changes the default rubble of destroyed buildings to those seen on the screenshot.
Since it is simply a graphic mod, it should be multiplayer compatible.
Constructive feedback is much appreciated, as this is my very first mod.

If you're further inte...
Enhanced Sinking
Created by Silent Ape
edit: Added the caravel

As seen on the screenshots/gifs, Enhanced Sinking alters the appearance of sinking ships. Sadly the amount of frames can't be changed without datafile-moding, therefore it might look somewhat 'clunky' depending on game-spe...
Genitour Reskin
Created by fijiacorn
Well I recently decided to get into modding unit graphics, and so here is my first one. It is a reskin for the genitour, making him look more European. It just changes the graphics, not the icon. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! All credit goes to Erechel on Age ...
Graphics Reshuffle - Cataphract to Centurion
Created by Jorritkarwehr
Makes Cataphracts look like Centurions. Multiplayer compatible....
Fishing Ship Reskin
Created by julianbaba4
A simple reskin for the Fishing Ship.

Nothing special, but nice if you want something different :P

Taken from Gallas' Battleship Blood mod at:
Bridge Reskin (julianbaba4)
Created by julianbaba4
Replaces those puke green sewer bridges with these lovely medieval style ones :D

Taken from Pesqueira Graphic Pack:

These mods from the Steam ...
Building Shadow Fix
Created by gagman
Almost every black building shadow is replaced by an transparent one
(except Town Center, Gates/Walls and some Editor objects)

The Forgotten
The African Kingdoms
The Rise of the Rajas

Black Bear
Created by Jorritkarwehr
A darker bear variant....
Cavalier Reskin
Created by julianbaba4
A reskin for the Cavalier.

Made by monsterslayer at:

Requested by gearwar47.

These mods from the Steam Workshop may alter how Age of Empires II: HD Edition functions, and are not c...
Achtung! 31 Civs!_rv
Created by teban0721
Tiny UI Mod.
This Mod sorts civilizations by expansions. (AoK to AoR) ⇔ (AoR to AoK version)

by Teban
Zetnus's Gravel Pit v2
Created by Zetnus
Fight your enemies in an abandoned stone mine!
You will find lots of stone, rocks, cliffs and hills on this map. The nearest wood source may be a while away from you, but remember - there is usually wood at the edges of the map.

The layout is similar...
Zetnus's Black Forest Rivers V2
Created by Zetnus
It's Black Forest ... with rivers.

I have tried to create a Black Forest style map, but with a couple of rivers snaking through the middle. You may be separated from the other players by water, or you might on the same piece of land as an ally ... or ...
Wingless Hussar
Created by ᚹᛁᚾᛞᛁᚱ
This mod replaces the original Hussar with a wingless one. The unit is essentially the same, minus the wings.

Multiplayer compatible....
Ozhara's Extended Texture Pack V8 - WIP
Created by Ozhara
This is my Extended Texture Pack V8.

Right now this mod is wip. So the content isn't final and may/will change.
Your feedback regarding it's current state is much appreciated, so in case you think anything should be worked on/changed - tell me!

Spearman Reskin
Created by julianbaba4
A cool reskin for the Spearman! Looks like a Dark Age Spearman or Town Militia.

Graphics taken from iron gc's mod pack:

These mods from the Steam Workshop may alter how Age of Empires...
Streamlined Main Menu - Teutonic Might
Created by Dasso_
Customized main menu, Teutonic Knight themed by Dasso!

Credit to Creative Assembly for the image....
Heavy cavalery archer reskin
Created by Emetann
This mod changes the front of the horse, marking a better difference with the normal cavalery archer

Credits to Dave3377...
Improved Asian Building
Created by Huanglukuzhu
I deleted last one by accident, now I upload it again.

If possible, I will create new graphics for the rest two buildings -- the university and the dock.

PS: Special thanks to the author of Korean Building mod, I take its university for my monastery....
Improved Asian Buildings #2
Created by julianbaba4
This mod is mean't to be used alongside Huanglukuzhu's "Improved Asian Building" Mod.

The TC Center Roof & Monastery was taken from Huanglukuzhu.
The Dock & Trade Workshop I made myself, while also adding flags to the Monastery :P

Also includes ta...
Jorgito's Teutonic Knight
Created by julianbaba4
Replaces the Teutonic Knight.

Made by Jorgito, taken from:

These mods from the Steam Workshop may alter how Age of Empires II: HD Edition functions, and are not c...
Julian's Fire Ship Reskins
Created by julianbaba4
Replaces the Fire Ship & Fast Fire Ship.

Fire Ships are one of the toughest ships in the game yet their designs are small and kinda plain compared to other ships that are less tough, like the Galley line or the Cannon Galleon.

My reskins help to refl...
Julian's War Galley Reskin
Created by julianbaba4
An awesome reskin I made for the War Galley!

Update: The hull (and shadow) are longer now so that the sail doesn't seem too big by comparison. I also added some extra junk to the deck so it's not as empty.

Enjoy :3

These mods from the Steam Work...
Light Cavalry Re-Skin (Kalaaver's Rekins)
Created by Kalaaver
A reskin for Light Cavalry, they are supposed to look like there in Fedual/Castle and there bringing
a new era about, or the dawn of the next age (Fedual/Castle).
Original Magyar Huszar
Created by julianbaba4
The old Magyar Huszar replaces the new one!
I've always loved how this unit looks similar to the Greek soldier on the AOE 1 cover :P

Taken from Tomcelmic's mod pack at:
New Custom AI - ResonanceBot 5-1c
Created by Resonance22
ResonanceBot 5-1c Description: (PLAYS RISE OF THE RAJAS)
Click 'Subscribe' to download a very challenging and advanced Custom AI for Age of Empires II: HD Edition. I designed this AI to provide the most fun experience...