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How to Describe Enemy Positions (like a pro)
By Commiebloc
Right way to point out enemies for new players and old.
Contact close
If your Squad is moving up and you encounter an enemy, yell out in local:
"Contact close, North! By the building!"
Everyone around you instantly knows there's enemies North of you and to get to cover.

If you know where enemies are close to someone:
"Squad lead, you've got contact close, they're just to your North, down the street."

Since your Squad lead knows what the street is, and (hopefully) which way North is, it won't take him long to find cover and point his rifle North.

Enemies at bearing
This is a very good way of calling out enemies, but only useful for people right next to you. If someone isn't right next to you, whatever you are calling out will probably be at a very different bearing from their perspective.
Generally, you should only use this callout in local chat.

If you tell your Squad Leader "There's enemies 165 from me" and he's on the other side of the map, it tells him nothing.

If you say to the people around you "5 enemy infantry bearing 165, about 200m, moving North across the field" they get where the enemies are and what to expect.

Other examples:
-"There's a couple guys prone in the field bearing 218, 50 meters"
-"There's an RPG bearing 123, 100 meters. He went prone behind the sand dune."
-"There's a sniper bearing 228 in the 2 story yellow house. I saw him peaking his head out of the left window, top floor."
-"Enemy APC bearing 018, behind the small building"
-"Enemy squad moving in the treeline at 077. I saw 2 or 3 but I think there's more."
-"There's infantry 338, in the purple smoke."
Enemies relative to capture point
This is the best way to call out enemies in Squad or command chat. It's not the most precise way to describe enemy position, but it's short, very easy to understand, and accurate.

Landmarks are a great way to describe enemy positions. In Counter Strike, all the areas of the map are given special names, like Mid or B Tunns or CT Spawn. Real soldiers will make up names for notable features in the area they're operating, like "Hamburger Hill" in Vietnam, or "Spartan Ridge" in Afghanistan.
In Squad flags make the best landmarks on the map, because they have unique names, and those names are handily written on the map.
Capture points are the center of attention. Most good players will generally already be thinking about where things are relative to the flags. This makes your description very easy to understand.

Don't use flags that aren't on that layout of the map as landmarks. No one will know what you are talking about, unless it's really obvious, like Radio Station on Chora, which has a 20m radio tower.

"3 enemies 200m South West of Market, behind the berm."
"Enemy squad coming in to Village from the North"
"Enemy BTR in the field West of District Center"
"Enemy logi headed through orchard, heading towards hemp farm."
"There's an Stryker about 300m North West of Outskirts."

Enemies relative to FOBs
FOBs are sites of major action in Squad.
If you are calling out enemies relative to a FOB make sure you specify whether it's relative to the HAB (the spawn) or the radio.

Make sure that if your team has more than one FOB you specify which one you're talking about:
-The South West FOB
-The Market FOB
-The C7 FOB

"In the HAB" means there's enemies inside the HAB, and you're likely to get shot if you spawn there.

The same rules go for caches on insurgency.
Enemies at grid square
The most precise way to call out locations is with map grid squares.

You have your map squares: A7
Which are divided into keypads (the smaller squares): A7-3
Which are divided into subkeys (no lines): A7-3-2

You call positions "A7 keypad 3 subkey 2"

However, it takes a lot of work to interpret coordinates, so only use this if you need to pass very precise locations.
Enemy vehicles
Vehicles are the most valuable units in the game, both strategically, and in tickets. Kill an abadoned transport truck, it costs the enemy 6 tickets. That's a lot.

Vehicles move quick and can be gone before you finish the sentence. Unless the vehicle is staying around the same area, maybe parked, or shooting up your guys. Try and figure out where it's going and where it will be in the next couple minutes.

Here are the basic types of vehicle:
-Logi -- Logistics truck. "Lod-gee". They need logis to build FOBs, and FOBs to win. A full logi is worth a lot more than an empty one.
-Transport -- Like the logi, makes a big difference if it's full. If you see a pile of guys in back, say so.
Abandoned truck won't do much, but kill it for an easy 6 tickets.
-MTLB -- Russian tractor. "M T L B" or "shitbox". Looks like shitbox tractor. Sounds like shitbox tractor. Pay attention to what is on top, it can carry anything from a piddly machine gun to a big auto cannon.
-30mm BTR -- Commonly called a "30". Same as regular BTR but has giant gun that makes "Wump wump" sound. Watch out for these.
-SPG techie -- White 1980s Toyota Hilux with a long tube on a stick. Shoots AT rockets further than RPG can.
-MRAP -- The really big humvee.
-CROWS -- Humvee with the same turret as the Stryker. Can snipe really far.
Enemies relative to your position
"Squad lead there's a machine gunner in the building to my South West"
Don't do this. Just don't.
Your Squad leader is already overwhelmed. He doesn't need to waste his time trying to find you on the map, and figure out which building you're talking about.
Make things easy for your squad leader.
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Ludnificent Oct 12, 2017 @ 2:53pm 
That's.. a lot of information for something as simple as I don't know.. real military battle drills?


The point is to keep it simple.
Greyling Oct 12, 2017 @ 11:19am 
call "Alpha 7", not "A7" please. since some people struggle with "i" and "e" and furthermore words are more clear in radio.
PAPA PUTIN Oct 8, 2017 @ 3:52am 
Give a good ol ADDRAC
[ZSU] ¡Matador! Oct 5, 2017 @ 2:03am 
freaking awsome guide. pretty funny too :)
Stormsolid Oct 4, 2017 @ 4:24pm 
I love your 30mil btr description... "Same as regular BTR but has giant gun that makes "Wump wump" sound." Actually pretty true haha
cratercrab Sep 30, 2017 @ 6:19am 
Enemies relative to your position - amen to that, it happens often and its really overwhelming when you have to open your map as SL every 2 minutes and find the person who called that out