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Making Textures In
By wolfgar7474
This guide will help make good textures for the game. It may not be exact and correct but it seems to look good.
The link is not easy to get you will have to try and do the best you can. After you get you need to look for the 800 effect add-on in the same website. I will not link this cause it has spam on the page. Sorry it's up to you to do this. After you have completed those 2 steps you are ready to make textures. is the place i go for textures. They have 3d textures, seamless textures, materials, 3d brushes, and 3d objects.
Making Texture
.CM-color metal
.NG-no gloss
.ALPHA-alpha mask

Ok now that you have Paint and the Effect Addon lets get started.
Ok this is a low poly 3d plant texture. This will make it easy to show several Methods of texturing with one texture.

After you open a pic make sure that the background for the 3D texture is deleted.
You can do this with the magic wand.

Make sure you Delete all the little areas also like in this picture all between the branches. This will make it so that you can see through this area. If not it will be black it the game.

Once you have that all deleted go to files of at top left and open a new project at 1024 x 1024 You can make this larger or smaller depending on quality of your pic. I prefer 1024 because it still looks good but doesnt require so much mod space. Remember to be in incriments of resolution. 512 x 512, 1024 x 1024, 2048 x 2048, 4096 x 4096.

Once you have your 1024 x1024 select all and delete all the white.

Now go back to your image and select all and control c copy and control v paste on Blank 1024 x 1024 and center it best you can. There should ne no white for this part of the project.
In the layer icon on top right of paint is properties. Click this. This will allow you to adjust the translusency of the texture.

Adjust this slider to about 60 to 70. This is now a cm. texture. I would label this texture for a example and save it in the mod folder textures\models\cubes of your mod.

This is what your texture should look like when you save and convert to dds and imort to your mod folder. has a automatic dds convertor in the save directory. As you save your texture it will ask save as, jpg png dds choose dds. This will save you a step from having to use the DDs convertor.

Ok now that you have a .cm lets make a .ng no gloss which is ironic cause this is what i use to make gloss lol. Just back up one on the top left arrow to undo the translucency adjustment on the 1024 image. This will reset it to be whole visible again. Now go to the effect tab at the top. and click the one called normalizer
This is now your .ng If you leave it like it is and save it. It will make your object real shiny. If you adjust the slider in the layer tab like you did the cm then you can adjust it to be less shiny. I like about 100 for a plain opaque at a bright look. for a shinier object like a plate adjust to 180 to 220 depending. Now that you have your adjusted .ng save to your mod folder like before as This covers plain opaque and shiny opaque but wait waht about the 3d look. Thats where the Alpha Mask comes in.

Ok lets make this bush 3d. Now back up one again with the arrow at the top left to undo the normal. ng. Go to the effects tab again and this time click colors and color extract and select Alpha mode.
Ok there is a alpha mask now save that as in your mod folder and you are set.

Metal Texture. This is much easier. Upload a texture make it 1024 x 1024 and save it to your Mod folder as Back Up 1 at the tab top left and then make it a normal and save to your folder as This is it for metal texture easy huh. No need to adjust slider for translusency or anything. Hope this guide helps have any questions I'll do the best i can to answer. Thanks.