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Animated-Botany (.7 Ready)
Type: Mod
Mod category: Block
Version: 0.7
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Aug 22, 2017 @ 3:03pm
Mar 10 @ 5:51am
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Animated-Botany (.7 Ready)

In 1 collection by wolfgar7474
Wolfgar's Crafting Mods
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Botany al new description 2-16-2018

Mod includes
- Banana leaf plant
- Bush
- Exotic Plant
- Flower 1
- Flower 2
- HalfLog Planter-(NEW)
- Mix Sapling
- Purple Leaf Sapling
- RedLeaf Sapling
- RockPlant
- Roman Plant Pot
- Vine 2-(NEW)
- Vinewall
- Window Planter 1
- Window Planter 2

Fixed the window planter names

Update- added Lods to the botany table. sorry for not adding in first place. Removed 1000 faces before adding lods to the table. Should have better performance reading now. Fixed the collision on the saplings so you can now walk through them like vanilla plants. With collision added to the root of the plant the plant should place much easier also.
In creative aim at root to destroy. In single player just aim at roots and use hammer or hold F to pick up. the indicator does not light up but it will still pick it up. thanks everyone for the continued support and hope you enjoy the better performance and placing of plants.

For bug reports you can report here in discussion or come join my discord channel

Donations are welcome.

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wolfgar7474  [author] Mar 10 @ 5:52am 
Update- fixed issue with planters not working
wolfgar7474  [author] Feb 17 @ 6:47am 
haha your welcome. i think Keen will have a big list to fix starting monday morning. I bet they are super excited ;)
shortybsd Feb 17 @ 12:28am 
Awesome job again, you are the man! Thank you so much. Now it will be easier to look through logs and track down if it is mod related causing all these wacky bugs or if it is just the pre-alpha Keen released lol. Thanks again!
wolfgar7474  [author] Feb 16 @ 9:55pm 
Update- Thanks to the report of shortybsd i fixed a bad copy paste. I also redid the Icons that needed to be redone. i also made several plants on a variant to clean up inventory. I fixed the bounding box the Planter table.
wolfgar7474  [author] Feb 16 @ 8:05pm 
matter of fact with 3607 subscribers i should redo them now ;)
wolfgar7474  [author] Feb 16 @ 8:00pm 
ya these icons are horrible at the time i didnt have good software to do them right. One of these day i need to make new ones.
wolfgar7474  [author] Feb 16 @ 7:58pm 
wow what happened there haha. sorry i will get a fix out. Not sure why i didnt get any messages before i updated.
shortybsd Feb 16 @ 7:55pm 
Thank you so much! One more thing then you will be golden. You have improper headers on line 7 for PurpleLeafSapling.sbc. It was a mishaps with a copy and paste. The model is missing the filename as well "". Here is a fix Pastebin []. Not for sure what you supposed to have for BananaLeafPlant, PurpleLeafSapling? Anyways awesome job and sorry to be a pest. lol
wolfgar7474  [author] Feb 15 @ 10:09am 
Took all morning to track down the problem with this. Because of a simple copy paste error on my part i was getting false error messages( again my fault not the system) I finally found it and i was not getting any messages anymore. Hope this fixes things.
wolfgar7474  [author] Feb 14 @ 11:31pm 
Thanks I must of fixed this before they made changes and forgot to go back and fix. I am getting tons of errors sorry about that. I will fix this first thing in the morning.