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Pandora's Box (Legacy - Read description)
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Aug 22, 2017 @ 1:58pm
Jun 17, 2019 @ 10:51am
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Pandora's Box (Legacy - Read description)

----------PANDORA'S BOX----------

Attention all Pandora's Box users, please heed this message: Pandora's Box V4.0 will be the final update
for this mod. I have decided to reboot the project anew.

This may sound sudden for many, but I feel this has been a long time coming. V4.0 Became a massive beast,
and I was starting to acquire burnout. I feel it is for the best that a remake is done. We will be able
to perform cleanup I wouldn't be able to do otherwise, and safely trim whatever fat we have garnered without
causing trouble for those still using the now legacy Pandora's Box.

A majority of the features you have come to know and love will trickle into the new project over time... so
don't be concerned about things like homing capturepods and nameable pets being scrapped. I still want
to offer that stuff. Expect a lot of spring cleaning, and changes
to the very balance of the new project though.

I don't know when this new mod will be available. The process will likely take a long time, and I don't
want to rush things. In the end, I hope to be able to deliver a truly extensive, non-intrusive content
mod users will be able to enjoy.

The original project will not be removed, and will remain for legacy sake, as well as to keep users that
use it stable. (When the new mod releases, I will incorporate placeholder spawntypes to deal with
ones that would be left over from the old mod if people migrate.)

That said, I hope you continue enjoying this project... It has been an absolute pleasure developing
for you, and I hope to be able to continue doing that going forward. Plans are still loose right now...
but we'll work things out.

Goodbye. (For now.)


Growing tired of seeing the exact same forms of unique monsters? Want to see new unique monsters? Looking for some
enhancements and improvements? Well Pandora's Box could provide just what you're looking for!

Pandora's Box aims to add variations to unique monsters, add new monsters of it's own, and make other tweaks
and enhancements intended to improve quality of life revolving around monsters and other aspects of Starbound.

I work on it as I go... but I plan on doing much more with it.


-This isn't a mod that can be installed and uninstalled at will. It adds new unique monsters
of it's own, and any planets that pull from it's spawntypes will NOT work if you
uninstall. You will either have to clear an affected planet's files, or reinstall the mod.
(Making backups of your universe files is highly advised.)



Steam Workshop Branch -

Steam Workshop Unstable Branch -

Chucklefish Forums branch -

The Pandora's Box Q/A -

Asset Redistribution and Alteration Terms -

Spicer Content -

Discord -



-2000+ Variations for vanilla unique monsters.
(So many colorations!)

-40+ New unique monsters, and extended monster families.
(Such vibrant zoos!)

-Enhancements and adjustments to the pet system
(Homing capture pods, name-able pets, items that extend your pet limit, pets have stat-affecting personalities, and several helpful objects and tools to make utilizing pets more fun, and comfortable!)

-Aims to introduce thoughtful features across the board.
(Monsters are our main focus, but we also add things like new techs, and new hoverbike colors!)

-Asset IDs utilize tags, lowering the chance of asset duplicate conflictions with other mods!
(We're expanding with care!)

-A devotion to bring the community a mod with thought, care, and love poured into every aspect of it!
(I'm a Starbounder at heart, and aim to create and coordinate a resource that can mesh with Starbound playthroughs!)



This mod incorporates some assets from other mods and users. (Various contributions, pulls with permission, and from mods with open asset permissions.) The credits list is too long for the description, so have a link to that instead!

Link to the Mod's Credit Thread -


All that said, I hope you enjoy using Pandora's Box as much as I do developing it!
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red3dred Jan 13 @ 2:31am 
@Daboudreaux2 the concept behind the boxes is that they're left alone in open areas and they will start doing the opening-closing animation that means "They are working", and will spawn monsters at random intervals.

Darkness may matter, i don't remember myself, but yeah, that's all there should be to it.
Daboudreaux2 Jan 12 @ 1:25pm 
huh? the box worked for a while, then just closed and won't work again. sometimes when I place one it works, then i move it and it stops working. what is the pattern with this thing?
Daboudreaux2 Jan 11 @ 5:16pm 
oh I figured it out
Daboudreaux2 Jan 11 @ 5:07pm 
I cannot figure out how to open pandora's box. am I supposed to leave it sitting there for a few minutes or do something to it? I cannot interact with it.
Coendu Dec 29, 2019 @ 6:49pm 
can somebody send a link ar anything to download an old version of the mod like 3.5.1 beacuse i like more the old monster variations than the actual ones
Swoopy251 Dec 18, 2019 @ 3:19pm 
What can I make with portobello mushrooms and how?
Saint-in-Chief Dec 13, 2019 @ 1:06pm 
@xRaiizy Why not?
ed Nov 17, 2019 @ 2:02pm 
xRaiizy Nov 15, 2019 @ 8:22am 
why someone would capture a generated monster lmfao
ed Sep 26, 2019 @ 1:26pm 
hello, i know this mod isn't being worked on anymore but whenever i put a newly captured pet into the utility to rename it the preview image changes to the wrong coloration of the monster (and in the case of procedurally generated monsters, a completely different monster altogether). i don't know if it's this mod or an incompatibility with another mod that's causing it; if anyone knows anything about this i would love to hear!