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Double Happy vs The Infinite Sadness
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Players: Single-player
Dec 5, 2012 @ 2:17pm
Jan 23, 2013 @ 8:48pm
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Pink and Blue explore CHAOS THEORY

It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing
can ultimately cause a typhoon half way around the world.
- Chaos Theory

Pink and Blue's previous adventure saw them mess within the realm of physics in
QUANTUMLY ENTANGLED. Limbs in Pink, Blue, Green and Yellow were flailing about all over the place!

This time our heroes are unwittingly exploring a mathematical field of study - Chaos Theory. That and they're using a butterfly as a weapon...which is probably one of the strangest thing they've ever done - probably has something to do with the fact the writer of this episode is Scott Edgar[] from Australian comedic musical trio Tripod[]! Scott's wacky imagination plus the Double Happy universe, divided by 145 seconds equals the latest webisode - The Butterfly Defect!

But for you there's no fancy equations required - head to the Double Happy YouTube channel to watch The Butterfly Defect and see what is giving Blue the creepies!

Chris Larkin chimed in again to look after the sound design - you can check out his profile HERE[].


Our most recent posts on Indie DB delve in to the pre-production of our webisodes - Chris[] takes us through concept and asset creation, and Alex[] runs through the animation pipeline. Our profile will be the place to go for backstage info around the game as it happens!

BRB. Eating π
The DH Team[/url

What do Quantum Physics and Rabbits have in common?
What we're doing
In exploring the Double Happy game world, we have produced the first few of a planned series of webisodes to share. They’re short scenarios ‘in the life of’ our rabbits heroes Pink and Blue, who normally find themselves in a humorous situation for viewers to enjoy. Part to help build an audience, and part just because we can, here's an insight in to what our animators have been up to lately.

We started by producing skits; these were collections of ‘idle’ type animations which were originally created for the actual game. (before we moved to a 3D Unity pipeline, more on that another time!) They could almost be considered ‘proof of concept’ content which we then wrapped up with a custom animation where the rabbits interacted with each other. These skits were played on big screens at AVCon 2012 – a convention in our town Adelaide, South Australia where we were presenting the concept for the game. We didn’t have any kind of playable demo at all, but the interest these skits (which played frequently on those screens for 2 days) created in our game was really encouraging.

Balloons and Tails is a good example of these – and you can see more of the skits on our YouTube channel!

The next iteration of these animations was to take them to the next level – take Pink and Blue out of their stationary position on a background and let them roam free in different environments. Thus, the webisode was born! The first of which is Raining Drool – a story about love and loss, joy and pain, and digestion issues in colossal annelids.
Raining Drool

So what DO Quantum Physics and Rabbits have in common?
Today we released our second webisode – Quantumly Entangled.
The Double Happy Rabbits Pink and Blue are going about their day to day when they happen upon a rare phenomenon. Quantum Entanglement. Whatever that means.
Quantumly Entangled

Let us know what you think! Are you doing anything similar? Have you noticed using extra content (wallpapers, mini stories/webisodes etc) has increased the number of eyeballs on your game? Love to hear your story!

The DH Team[/url

Double Happy vs The Infinite Sadness

“Lord of the Rings meets Looney Tunes, Abe's Odyssey and Machinarium in the epic adventure game that is Double Happy vs. The Infinite Sadness!”

Double Happy vs The Infinite Sadness is an episodic, hybrid game that combines the point and click adventuring of games like Machinarium and The Monkey Island series with action based mini games and mind bending puzzles.

Each episode sees the Double Happy Rabbits fighting the corruption The Infinite Sadness has brought to one of the Isles of the Ancients. Each island has a unique art style, story and inhabitants, with our heroes Pink and Blue driving the episode to a conclusion that isn't always the expected 'happy ending'. Wrapped up in a beautifully realised art style, Double Happy takes place in a complex world reminiscent of the Oddworld series.

Double Happy vs The Infinite Sadness is a game made by artists for artists. It has a surprising and engaging narrative brought to life through rich animation, characters and environments. Our favorite games surprise and inspire us artistically, while challenging our brains and reflexes...this is what we are striving to bring to Double Happy vs The Infinite Sadness.

Episode 1 takes place on the Island of Pharos and we are currently in production of a short demo to showcase the first few screens.

The Hive Totem of Light once shone out over the whole of the island of Pharos, giving energy to the plants, the people and keeping the ecosystem in balance. The totem itself is an enormous spire growing from the centre of the island and atop its upmost peak is a glowing insect hive, pulsing with energy. Not only essential to the ecosystem, but the touch of its light would also allow the souls of the inhabitants to pass on to the afterlife.

The bugs that tend the hive are known as the Glitzers. They feed from the surround lands and begin to glow similarly to the hive when they are well fed. When they are well fed they are ready to breed, and thus find their way back to the Hive again by following the light and ultimately, to find a mate.

Centuries ago, a clan of denizens called the Oolark discovered the Glitzers held an electrical current and could be harnessed as batteries or lights. All they needed to do was wait for them to feed until they glowed brightly, then complete a circuit by joining their left legs with their right. Although it resulted in the relatively early death of the Glitzer, they were able to power all sorts of electrical equipment. These Oolark soon set out and captured the Totem Hive of Light to use as their own. They built a fortified tower around the totem, surrounded it in steel clad panels and concrete, sealing it off from the rest of the island.

The result of throwing the island into darkness has now turned it to decay and rot. With an eco-system thrown swiftly out of balance, flora and fauna are faced with extinction. Most of the vegetation is long dead, and now reduced to a boggy swampland, filled with creatures struggling to survive, foraging on fungus, bugs and each other to live.

It is a dark time for the island of Pharos, the Oolark have pushed this island's ecosystem to the brink, and now they too have become victims of their own actions.

Is it possible to restore the balance?

Can Pink and Blue possibly undo the wrongs that have been done?

Support the cause and find out! Or visit to learn more.
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Puffy the destroyer May 31, 2013 @ 8:54am 
they are not exactly...... bright are they ?
RedScorp Apr 14, 2013 @ 6:13pm 
Looks very nice concept art and design, but the game itself looks like impossible due to no sense story and clicking around!
AuntieWeasel Apr 11, 2013 @ 3:48am 
These guys have been working with the online concept art community, hosting art contents with neat prizes. I don't know if that's where some of these ideas come from, but at least it's kept their creative juices flowing. I'm guessing this one will look spectacular.
alb55 Apr 9, 2013 @ 4:24am 
keep it down
Treble Cleff Mar 21, 2013 @ 6:01pm 
Looks fantastic!!
Phie Mar 7, 2013 @ 2:20pm 
I've just watched the videos and I totally fell in love with DoubleHappy! Want to play sooo badly! If you ever need can count me in! :D
Mivh Mar 4, 2013 @ 3:00am 
Great concept art ! I really hope you've planned to realease an artbook :)
Silly Feb 26, 2013 @ 6:06am 
I've been waiting for this game since Dansie was interviewed on the Blender podcast!
I hope it will be fun to play... and let me know if you need a playtester! :D
Saint Feb 12, 2013 @ 11:15pm 
Love the crazyness and VERY interested to see this greenlit this is going on my wishlist!!!
PleaseAndThanks Feb 11, 2013 @ 2:33am 
duz it have guns?