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Rollercoaster of Doom
Created by Techni
I just smashed this rollercoeaster together.
It was supposted to be bigger, but theres a limit on the amount of items i can have in a map.

I hope you enjoy it, and remeber to leave me some feedback :)...
Secret Enterance
Created by JessicaTTG
After you escaped GLaDOS's tests, she had no idea where you were. At the door, you read a sign that said,
"ESCAPE ELEVATOR THIS WAY". When you got on the elevator, your plans failed. GLaDOS stopped the elevator at this test chamber. However, for you to be...
Simple but Dangerous
Created by Dtren
Watch where you are...
Skrrrt part 1
Created by Mink
The robots have learnt to skrrrt. so they make skrrt maps now. uh uh....
Skrrrt Part 2 (not so eeeezz)
Created by Mink
The skrrt's are getting more clever. uh no. we must be more clever than dem. This is not imposiibro BRO but its very very hard....
A clean, behind-the-scenes styled test chamber that requires the player to manipulate a rotating portal device, located in the center of the map, to finish....
Created by =[TekiTeky]=
easy one :P...
Testchamb 2FORT 2.0
Created by ケイト
Hi everyone
This is my first map, a recreation of Team Fortress 2's 2Fort.

I made it completely with PeTI or the in-game editor with the BEEMOD and Style Changer (1950s/1960s style works really good with 2fort), you can find then here:

The Amazing Multi-press [Mechanism]
Created by Timoteeei
One button but each of the pushes performs a specific action, and this actions can be repeated. Now i used a laser relay logic to implement this mechanism, it has the improved time of respond and reset.

Updated: Improved a design to show up clearly ho...
The Ball & Cubes [Puzzle]
Created by Timoteeei
Only one ball and so much intended use for it... but for open the exit door you need a cube

This is not just a map, this is a puzzle with some great "A-HA" moment. If you know what to do it is easy to realize, very easy. Do not overthink one crazy idea ...
The Inquisition: Part One
Created by srs bsnss
"Up" & "Down"


Walkthrough by josepezdj

Set after the awakening of GLaDOS, you are taken through a testing track involving th...
The journey
Created by Smerthergoul
Reach the end to go back to the start...
The Lemon Files: Chapter 1
Created by Acid Regulation
Chapter 1. "When life gives you lemons, get mad. No.. Wait.. That doesn't sound right.. GREG!.. Whatever.. Hey! You there! Yeah, you. Press that green button that says "Subscribe" so we can start testing..."


The Lemon Files: Chapter 2
Created by Acid Regulation
Chapter 2. "Alright, about those lemons. I'm pretty sure it was something to get mad about. Maybe squeezing them gets me anywhere..."


Made with BEEmod and Hammer.

The Lemon Files: Chapter 3
Created by Acid Regulation
Chapter 3. "...Squeezing those lemons and getting the damn juice into my eyes definitely got me mad. Check that, mad as hell! But still it's not what I was really mad about..."


Made with BEEmod and Hammer.
The Lemon Files: Chapter 4
Created by Acid Regulation
Chapter 4. "...All this lemon juice gave me an idea. Why don't we SELL this sour, unlikeable, urine looking stuff? Pour in 12 tons of sugar, makes those kids smile faster than you can say billionaire."


Made w...
The Lemon Files: Chapter 5
Created by Acid Regulation
Chapter 5. "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade... That sounds about right... The lab boys told me that I can't put 12 tons of sugar into one glass of lemonade... Makes those kids hyperactive, makes their parents divorce eachother, makes me no profit...
The Lemon Files: Final Chapter
Created by Acid Regulation
Final Chapter. "When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life’s manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could g...
The Quest For True Happiness
Created by Ezekel
So this is a bit of a pseudo 'boss-battle' style of map in that you are fighting to unlock true happiness (afterall you can't really appreciate happiness without some strife first). it might be a lil too hard currently, so i might tone it down a bit...
The Return of the Companion Cube
Created by Basil 🌻
B.E.E. mod used.

Have fun! ;3...
The Small Slow Test [Parody]
Created by Timoteeei
Difficulty: Easy
Average time: From a few sec up to two-three min :D (Think before acting)

Does everyone knows those tiny maps 1x1x1 size, which was not a "Test" at all?

I'm represent to YOU, my dear test subject, the new tiny map. One cube, one bu...
Wheatley's Sequel
Created by UMNSE
Do not adjust your monitor. What you see here is correct: the long-delayed sequel to Wheatley's Detour is here! Featuring the return of such stars as Chell, her spuddy-buddy GLaDOS, and everyone's favourite, Darren Lamb[/str...
Created by Thumper
The sphere is Wilson. Wilson is your friend, always take him with you!...
Wolfenstein 3D E1M1 with Turrets
Created by carl.kenner
Wolfenstein 3D, Escape From Wolfenstein, Level 1
Difficulty: I Am Death Incarnate
(Now optionally supports Razer Hydra)

Level 2: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=78243105
DooM E1M1: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetai...
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