Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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Biznasty L4D2 Pack
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Biled - My Eyes! (Music Included)
Created by Qwazzy
An idea that somebody imparted to me that I liked, and decided to make a reality.

Not much to say. When a Boomer pukes on you, you'll hear a familiar Spongebob soundbite - "My eyes! MY EYES!"

This verson has the vanilla music alongside it....
Boomer Wario
Created by LeftyGreenMario
Please support us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/MarioBabyLuigi

Wario win! Yahoe! Wario's deh wiener!

Yes, things didn't turn out so well when the supposed "virus" struck. The WarioWare company, with its utter disregard for the health o...
Charger Cena
Created by Jeroen1602
This mods changes the sound of the charger to: https://youtu.be/enMReCEcHiM (And his name is John Cena.)
why would you do this?
I don't know!!

If someone can create a better model you're free to do so. And then please send it to me so I can use i...
CI replaced with Storm Troopers
Created by Stay Puft
Update: Now includes gore effects.

Like the title says, this replaces the common infected with Storm Troopers. Best suited for Star Wars themed levels.
Commander Shepard
Created by Voikanaa
"You're not even alive... not really. You're just a machine, and machines can be broken."

Lieutenant Commander Shepard is the human protagonist of Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3.
Shepard was born on ...
CrazyRabbit's Tactical Flashlight
Created by CrazyRabbit
An improved looking flashlight using a combination of the original L4D2 and Half Life 2 flashlight textures together and applying a blue LED tint. Makes the flashlight seem brighter in dark areas. View comparison.

Join my Steam Group - [url=http://steam...
Filthy Frank Molotov
Created by UgLee
Have you ever been roasted before, my nigga? You haven't? Well MY NIGGA, NOW YOU'VE BEEN ROASTED, YEAAOW!!

Replaces the various sounds of the molotov with Frank's "ROASTED" segment from Loser Reads Hate Comments 3...
Private Investigator Coach
Created by 👻Ninja Nub🍕
Coach puts on his trench coat and fingerless gloves to investigate some zombies!
With a shotgun.
Or maybe an axe.
Either way the zombies aren't gonna be walking once the day's over.

Outfit originally modeled by kojipro, ported and rigged by me....
Dora We Did It Saferoom Music
Created by Frankly Franky
We Did It!

What It Does
This mod changes the saferoom music into Dora's We Did It song.

I do take requests for other sound mods. I'm still learning how to make them but if I can pull this off, I can probably mak...
Gorillaz (Demon Days) Concert
Created by EXTRA thicc
(For fans of Gorillaz, by a fan of Gorillaz) I couldn't live with myself if I didn't do this mod. There have been NO concert mods of the Gorillaz and no one has attempted to do so, so guess who threw their hat into the ring and decided to "Feel Good" about...
Guinness - Pills
Created by Tя!cky ツ
Lovely day for a Guinness ☘️

When you deploy there's no bottle cap on. But you see a bottle cap when you carry them or about to pick them up. This mod also has a Bottle Open "Deploy' sound file.

HD Trevor Philips
Created by Niko Bellic
"My name's Tre-vor! What's your name?"

That's probably the last thing he'd ask while zombies are eating people alive. This mod replaces Ellis with Trevor Philips from Grand Theft Auto V (PC). Includes HD models and textures. Proper HD normals coming soo...
Hitler Witch
Created by Spartan464748
I have made a disturbed hitler in the role of a witch!!!

- Hitler is talking and screaming too :P


and the mod does not, in any way, propagate nazism.

Hitler zombies !!! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=231930698...
Honoka Rochelle (57*44 RNG)
Created by 徒手开根号
Replaces Rochelle with Honoka from the Dead or Alive series ; Bikini has forty-four random textures,Shirt has fifty-seven random textures.Texture from Ellie. Enjoy :D
The original version of the author EbolaChanV666|アンジェラ

Plus a separate Bikini rand...
Improved Blood Textures
Created by BakaKemono
Adds higher resolution textures for splatters and wounds. Splatter textures cover a wider area while splats/blobs of blood are cover less which helps to diversify the way blood appears.

Note: Blood not layering on top of each other is a bug with the Sou...
Iron Man MARK3
Created by Ti!3
replace survivor Nick
Created by Diabolic_Lemon
I hear something. I think it's JOOOHHNNN CEEENNAAA!

I do not take credit for sound effects they belong to the original creators/owners.

Xmas Spitter
Created by Kitten Mayhem
Ho ho ho, here comes the Christmas Spitter!

She's spreading holiday cheer by, well, spitting on everyone like she usually does.

Close enough?

Eh, she might have to learn some manners.

Nevertheless, a very happy Christmas time to all of you! 🎅
Windows XP Startup for Defib Resurrection
Created by Panchy
Adds the Windows XP startup sound for when you revive someone with the defibrillator...
Monsters inc Theme Song Credits Music
How anybody haven't made this yet?????

Anyways, replaces the credits music (themonsterswithin) for the main theme of Monsters INC.

Works on both L4D1 and L4D2 maps tho.

You may like these other ones (idk)

My Name's Not Rick! Horde [CI]
Created by lil corn dog vert
Replaces the sound of the horde with Patrick's roar...
Nicolas Cage "Dark Carnival Games" mod [HD]
Created by Waterpater
This changes the games at Dark Carnival Nicolas Cage style....
Pink Guy Hunter [Sound mod]
Created by Huddeys
Ey boss!
This mod replaces Hunter's sounds with voices of the FilthyFrank's character Pink Guy
FilthyFrank's youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TVFilthyFrank

Pink skin: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=653792060

Shrek Tank
Created by MasterGir
He'll make jelly from your eyes.

Comes with Shrek voice clips and All Star tank music.

If the music doesn't work then another mod is conflicting with this one. Disable the other mod(s) to fix it.

Credit goes to GormlessTosser for making ...
SlenderMan V2
Created by Splinks2
This is a piece I wanted to do to help bring awarness of the fundraiser
"Narrators uNIGHTed"

This fundraiser was to help the 12 year old girl that was brutally attacked and
and stabbed a total of 19 times from two of her classmates that did so to a
Team Fortress 2 Pain Pills
Created by widzu95 [⇄]
New painpills' skin. It looks like the small health pickup from Team Fortress 2 (TF2)....
Team Health Counter
Created by Rayman1103
This addon adds a health counter for Survivor teammates. Now you can see how much health they actually have in numbers, allowing for a more accurate display of their health....
WELCOME TO THE RICE FIELDS mega-hoard alert-FilthyFrank
Created by Souleater77724