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Rebirth 4.1
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Add M/S Ships Class
Created by aladinaleks

The mod adds Golem, Moebius fighters, pirates shps ( Ravers) and split shps, on all industrial modules are S and M class.

Thank UniTrader (forum egosoft), boojum (forum Elite Games), for their support and patience.

Argon Privateer Start
Created by Eightball
Thanks to: Yorrick and w.evans and Observe without whom I could not have completed this before my patience ran out.

Mod description:
A new game start for pirates who work for a "legitimate" faction.
"Embark on your maiden voyage as a Privateer, fig...
Created by stndbye
Assign high skilled crew for L/XL sized vessels and stations automatically.

* Shipyards now supply trained personnel for newly built vessels, but wont add them to squad.
* Your marine officer also got promoted, and now has to take care of employee se...
Created by stndbye
Ship&station crews gain skills while working. Only skills relevant for the employee are trained (except for specialists).
If used together with AutoCrew, it will reduce the initial skills for auto-hired employees so there is space for improvement.

Black Market Seminars
Created by strudo76
** Note that I am no longer playing or modding Rebirth.
** Anyone is permitted to use or modify this mod to continue development

This mod adds each of the available virtual seminars to appear in the trader inventory of black marketeers. Virtual seminar...
Build Titurel
Created by nidaren

Game version needed: 4.00+ - using it in any different build may cause errors!

This mod is savegame compatible and can be removed anytime. Please note that constructed ships already present in game, won't be lost.

Build Titurel - Higher Requirements
Created by nidaren

Game version needed: 4.00 / 4.10+ - using it in any different build may cause errors!

This mod requires Build Titurel to work properly.

This ...
Builder Ship Speed
Created by aladinaleks
Small mod.

Increases the speed to 350 m/s

Has bothered to wait hour when the builder arrives....
Camera and Zoom
Created by aladinaleks
A small mode, increases the camera's range and the camera's approach to the object at the zero distance of the coordinate axis. Now you can view objects closer....
Canteran ship pack
Created by beaver1981
For additional changes to "Lost Sectors" download:


These changes have formerly been included.


This pa...
Cargo Drone Plus
Created by aladinaleks
Increased hold - 50,000.

Save time loading / discharging of ships. Now you don't need to buy a lot of drones.
Combat enhancement scripts
Created by beaver1981
AI scripts & overhauled drones for a better combat experience. Based on "Better turrets" by Cicero111.

This is WIP but should work as intended. Please report if you see something strange.

Craft weapon mod parts
Created by
Upgrade low-grade weapon modification parts to medium-grade and medium-grade to high-grade....
Crew Fix OnFired
Created by aladinaleks
Due to a bug of the game, all the appointment is terminated NPC settled administratively dock. This mod will dismiss the NPC with Skunk without sending to a station, that will prevent overcrowding in the control module of station.

DeVries Builder Ship Upgrade
Created by eMYNOCK
MynoCorp Technologies is proud to Present:

The DeVries Builder Ship Upgrade.

Canteran Builderships are now allowed to build a wider variation of Stations.


Mining Stations:

Badlands Colony (modified with an add...
Enhanced Money Transfer
Created by Wysiwyg
Enhanced Money Transfer

== Introduction ==

MitchTech Corporation is proud to release its first update for the Pride of Albion user interface software. This small mod will improve productivity for pilots managing many stations and large accounts. The ...
Exploration Light
Created by Nodus Cursorius
As an explorer, I felt the distance provided by the Skunk's spotlight required a ceremonial "licking" of textures before it would properly illuminate the dark unknown. No sense in stumbling into Xenthulhu.

Doubled the range and inten...
Exploration Software
Created by Chudnofsky
Automated exploration, with Trade subscriptions!

This mod adds a Software Extension called "Exploration Software" to Mechanics, available in MK1, MK2 and MK3. MK1 will allow ships to explore a sector and all contained stations, MK2 allows exploration of...
Extra Surplus Info
Created by jth
Changes the message that you get in the logbook when a credit surplus is returned to you to include the station and zone names

Received surplus of -xxxxxx Credits from Uma Keppel


Received surplus of -xxxxxx Credits from Uma Keppel at Water Dist...
Fly-by Claiming
Created by Assailer
Fly-by Claiming
Version 1.08

Flying within 500 meters of an abandoned ship will get it claimed with a new (5/5/5) pilot provided.

There are no known compatibility issues with any other mods, also uninstalling shall not affect your save games.

Fly-by InfoScan
Created by Assailer
Fly-by InfoScan
Version 1.01

Flying around known stations will unlock info points without searching for them.

Attention: The HUD must be configured to Station Scan Mode to have the scanning activated. (MENU-1-1)

There are no known compatibility i...
Fly-by Lockbox
Created by Assailer
Fly-by Lockbox
Version 1.00

Lockboxes within 1km range will spawn their content and disappear. Locks will be unlocked automatically.

There are no known compatibility issues with any other mods, also uninstalling shall not affect your save games.

Fly-by Looting
Created by Assailer
Fly-by Looting
Version 1.09

Flying around 5-15km to any crates will loot them into Skunk's inventory.
This way you can focus on killing enemies, so there is no need to slow down for looting. Watch out for illegal wares!

Your scanner type will defi...
Fly-by Repair
Created by Assailer
Fly-by Repair
Version 1.00

Flying around player owned small/medium ships will slowly repair their hull. Ships must have 90% charged shield (out of combat) and located within 10-30km range.

Your scanner type will define the operational range:
- Basi...
Fly-by Subscribe
Created by Assailer
Fly-by Subscribe
Version 1.08

Flying near to any friendly station will permanently subscribe to trade offers, and it will be cancelled once the station becomes hostile.

This way you are still required to do a some exploration, but the subscription i...
Fusion Reactors Optimized
Created by nidaren
Optimized Fusion Reactors Production

Hey Everyone!

Mod is savegame compatible and can be removed / added anytime.

Game version needed: 4.00 / 4.10+ - using it in any older or newer build may cause errors!

Galaxy Station Range v1.4 (for XR v4.00+)
Created by Dave Hedgehog
Allows setting station Managers and Architects subordinate range to Galaxy. Stations only if the radar dish is built.

Due to a foul up by myself, this mod no longer has the same Steam Workshop ID as the original. While it is technical...
Hunter Ships
Created by aladinaleks
Patrol ships.

1) Bloodhound - (Class XL)
2)Bulldog - (Class L)

Build in Albion and OMICRON Lira

3) Rhinoceros - (Class L) - Rhinoceros - Mining ship (gas, minerals). Based on O'Neal. Added: 12 HIT / MA Turret, 2 Plasma / JET LR Turret, 4 Shields...
Inventory Crafts Items Marked
Created by Loltak
Add a * to all inventory components names used into a craft as well as final Crafted items (*C) or gifts (*CG).
SETA items are marked with *s , as once you get it you can sell excess parts.
No need to remember which you can safely sell.It marks only vani...
Ledda Industrial Construction Shop
Created by nidaren
Ledda Industrial Construction Shop

Game version needed: 4.00 / 4.10+ - using it in any different build may cause errors!

Now also compatible with existing savegames and games!

Mod adds Ledda Industrial Construction S...
Ledda Ship Tech Fab Fusion Reactors
Created by nidaren
Ledda Ship-Tech Fab

Game version needed: 4.00+ / 4.10+ - using it in any different build may cause errors!

Now also compatible with existing savegames and games!

Mod adds Ledda Industrial Ship-Tech Fab in Smokestac...
Marine Rebalance
Created by Walker Evans
Simple mod rebalancing the boarding of capital ships.

The stable variant of v0.54 is uploaded here. Experimental variant/s using code that is undergoing testing, or where different balance points are used, is/are usually available. A link to that/thos...
Miscellaneous Combat Tweaks
Created by Walker Evans
A set of tweaks that change capship-to-capship combat both in-zone and out-of-zone.

This mod is a combination of my two mods: Miscellaneous IZ Combat Tweaks[forum.egosoft.com] (MICT), and [url=http://forum.egosoft...
Created by Assailer

Update: 1.05
- Updated credit rewards.

Update: 1.04
- Added fallback to major reward case. Due to factional filtering the target could have sneaked away without a donation.

Update: 1.03
- Missionaries can be assigned to wo...
MitchTech Station Logistics
Created by Wysiwyg
MitchTech Station Logistics

Summary - X3:Commodity Logistics Software (CLS Mk2) style station traders for X-Rebirth

+++++ ANOUNCEMENT +++++
2016/07/31 - v1.34 - Fixes multi-cargo type ships not able to assign waypoints...
More Crew
Created by angel618
Increases the max NPC in the crew quarters form 6 to 15

author - Euclid+angel618 version 1.35 date 2015-03-18
More view range
Created by Van-Fim
Significantly increase the viewing range...
Omicron Ship Upgrades & Fixes
Created by H.E.I.N.Z
Fulmekron and Olmekron Ship Upgrades

Changes for Olmekron:

shield generator upgrades (MK2 shield generators)

fix for shield generator groups (Engines have working Shields now) -> fixed in 2.5. beta

Changes for Fulmekron:

shield generator ...
Open Map Universe
Created by aladinaleks
Support lng Rus / Eng

Opens the entire map of the Universe. You must switch to the old menu.

Start a new game is not necessary.


Открывает всю карту вселенной. Необходимо переключиться на старое меню.

Новую игру начинать не н...
Player Shipyards
Created by keriv136
Version 2.1 as been released as of 07/10/2016
- Should fix all issues with shipyard for compatibility with latest version of Rebirth

Version 2.0 is the latest version as of 07/17/2015
-- You can now sell ships to your own ship dealer for a 50% mark up...
Created by SkyWølf
This little mod lets you recycle all that useless ship wreckage in your inventory into metal scraps.

Just talk to a friendly junk dealer and ask him to recycle your shipwrecks. Each wreck yields between one to three scraps and the junk dealer will take ...
Scaldis Cargo Fix
Created by nidaren
Hey Everyone!

Game version needed: 4.00 / 4.10+ - using it in any different build may cause errors!

Extension will now update existing Scaldises as well.

This mod fixes Scaldis' fragmented cargo space into one unified b...
Secret Stash
Created by Assailer
Secret Stash
Version 1.0

Having a secret stash on Skunk helps you sneak past police cargo scanning. You will see a new log entry every time authority scans your ship while you have illegal wares on board. As expected, they won't find anything illegal.....
Show Skills
Created by Rysten
Shows hireable character's skills upon asking them. (Image from ver 2.5 of X:R)
Savegame compatable.

NOTE: I no longer play XR. However, the script should continue working with future updates without issue.

Working as of 4.0 beta.

Updated for 3.1...
Side Bar Extender
Created by Chudnofsky
Adds the possibility to add new entries to the sidebar. See http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=371181 and the included example files for HowTo and further description...
Standart Player Shipyards
Created by aladinaleks
The mod adds 3 shipyard in Albion, Devris and Omicron Lyrae

This is a standard shipyard with all the attendant possibilities of building any vessels as factional and ships added any mod.

Shipyards fully staffed.

Stronger Ship Hulls
Created by nidaren
Hey Everyone!

Updated to 4.00 / 4.10+ Home of Light

Game version needed: 4.00 / 4.10+ - using it in any older build may cause errors!

Mod is savegame compatible and can be removed / added any time.

Super Transport
Created by aladinaleks
For XR 4.10+ / RUS/ ENG

Created a new weapon, the laser-beam. Very good for shooting fighters, more accurate than the standard laser.


SuperTransport - [url]https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_VqoKkw3WE-4agOSseUG_36...
Titurel Engine Fix
Created by nidaren
Hey Everyone!

Game version needed: 4.00 / 4.10+ - using it in any different build may cause errors!

This mod is still needed in 4.00+: (in my humble opinion)
  • Titurel's one mainsail engine is still
Trade Menu Cargo Hold Filter
Created by trujoh
Compatible to patch 4.30 and newer. Patch 3.5x and 3.6x are also supported.

This a little UI mod. It adds a new filter to the trade menu which filters the trade list by the cargo type of the selected ship. If you click the button a second time it will o...
Vanfim's galaxy
Created by Van-Fim
This mod adds systems, weapons:
"Eternal Freedom"
"Gaian Star"
"Two Stars"

new game is not required

New background in the menu

The mechanic now sells new improvements for the skunk (Item "Products" -> "Next"):
Created by STB2199
Patch 4.1

Version 1.03

Virtual Seminars spawn after close up mission

Not savegame bounded

Turn on/off the Mod anytime...
Xenon Hunt 3 Light
Created by aladinaleks
This mod adds docking bays to Xenon I and K and allows you to capture them like in the Xenon Hunt mod.
The author of the original Xenon Hunt is not supporting his mod actively anymore and, therefore, allowed me to continue his work with this mod.

Yet Another Trader v2.03c (XR 4.00)
Created by Dave Hedgehog
IMPORTANT : If you use YAT v1.2 stop your ships (recommended) and remove mod. This is a new version not a drop in update.

What is it?

Yet Another Trader is an automated trading and mining script.

Changes from v1.x
no Jump Fuel for Player Ships
Created by escaflow
Version: 1.0
X:Rebirth Testet Version: 4.0

Completely remove the need for Jump Fuel for Player Ships.
Should be compatible with any mod out there.

Just unsubscribe, no Save edit needed.

Known issues 
None so far.
If you Fin...
Betty Plus
Created by Litauen
Betty tells when shields reach 75%, 50%, 25%.

I was in a dogfight recently enjoying great World War X and Explore and Salvage mods and got tired always looking at my shields and sometimes I forgot to boost them with T1 T2 T3 etc. Original Betty tells m...
CSI: Compilation
Created by Assailer
Capital Ship Improvements: Compilation
Version 1.03

Your capital ships will gather inventory items/ammo in their fly path. The gathered loot will be transferred to Skunk's inventory. Their scan range is limited to 5km.
Watch out for illegal wares!
Copilot Convo v1.6 (XR 4.0)
Created by Dave Hedgehog
Copilot Convo v1.6


Interim update for /t file useage.
Capital commands no longer unavailable for ships out of squad.
Began command update run, more work to do for next release.

What is it?
Created by Bix'
This little crappy mod allows you to hire trade agents, which monitor station prices, without Smalltalk and directly from space !

HUGE timesaver, and freakless station monitoring !

Please note :
The dialog is only available for fix traders (i.e....
Hull Repair Laser
Created by janda
Adds a new weapon to the Skunk that can repair the hull of objects.
It does not repair shields and comes in an extra slot so you can equip it in addition to the heavy/mining laser (and all other weapons). You can't sell the hull repair laser as its perman...
NPCs Gain XP
Created by janda
Employees slowly gain experience.

Each hour all your employees have the chance to passively improve one random skill by 1 star.
Your employees perform better with higher skills.
E.g. am engineer repairs more hull and works faster.
The maxim...