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Simple Economy
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Simple Economy

-- 简单经济学 --
-- Simple Economy --
Implemented a new shopping system, where players can now earn gold in game.
Use dedicated items to earn gold.
Click on the icon at the top left corner to open the shop interface, and use gold to buy items.
Rare items will be reshuffled every 3 days in the morning.
Prices will vary seasonally.

Feeling hungry? Use the shop to buy fresh food.
Needing a Beefalo Hat but the Beefalos are extinct? You can purchase Beefalo Horns and Wool in store.
The Miner's Hat is out of fuel? Go buy some Glowing Berries.
Dug out all the Berry Bushes? You can now buy unlimited of those in shop!
Running low on fertilizers? Grab some rot from the store!
Waiting too long for those eggs to rot? Buy rotten eggs directly from the shop!
Want to get some nice flooring without having to dig around? Purchase them in store!
No time to craft armors while being chased by mobs? Insta-buy them!
Can't defeat Bearger before winter? Buy its fur directly.
You can also buy the Canary and summon the Misery Toadstool anytime!
Etc, etc...
As long as you've got the cash :P

How to earn gold?
Use dedicated items: Midas Wand, Lucky Charm, and Gold Digger.

Dedicated Items
These items can be purchased in store and provide different ways to earn cash.
They can only be bought and cannot be crafted.

Midas Wand

The first one comes with startup and has 35 durability.
Right clicking the ground will disintegrate everything in a small range into gold.
The amount of gold dropped is 1/3 of its price. In the case for rare items, it’s 5% of the price. If an item has durability then its price varies depending on remaining durability.
Depending on your shopping level, you have up to 25% chance to insta-kill a mob with low health. The amount of gold gained depends on its max health.

Lucky Charm

500 Durability, uses the slot of clothes or necklace.
When worn, it grants chance to obtain gold while doing the following actions: walking, picking/harvesting, eating, catching mobs, fishing, and being attacked
Every time gold is earned through these actions, durability will decrease by 1.

Gold Digger

No durability, increases movement speed by 25%
Grants chance to earn gold when chopping trees or attacking mobs.
When used as a tool, it is less effective than the regular ones (takes twice the time to get the work done).

VIP Card

When the VIP card is in the inventory, the player will obtain a certain rate of discount.
Higher the shopping level, higher the discount rate.
Discount rate will be displayed on the VIP card as durability %. It will also be displayed in the shop interface.

Players will obtain one Midas Wand upon entering the game, which is the only way to farm for gold in the early game. Please take care of its durability until you’ve earned enough gold to buy a second one.
Midas Wand's durability depends on the inventory slot an item would take, one stack OR a single item would use up 1/35 durability.
You can purchase the Lucky Charm or the Gold Digger for different ways to obtain gold.

As long as you have enough gold, you can disregard Midas Wand's durability and use it to disintegrate useless items.
The 4 categories: food, clothes, smithcraft and resources will have fluctuating prices depending on the season, ranging from 50%~150% of the base price.
Rare items will be reshuffled every 3rd day in the morning,

items will vary from player to player. Higher the shopping level, more the items that will be listed.
The first rare item is set to be a random blueprint.
Disintegrating a rare item will only refund 10% of its price.
Green arrows indicate a discount; red arrows indicate inflation.
Crafted goods are usually sold for 150% of the sum of prices of its ingredients. Ex: 1 wooden floor = 60g, 4 logs=40g
You can take advantage of the price fluctuations: buy only at lowest price and sell/disintegrate when the prices are inflated.

Shopping level
Shopping level will increase upon gaining or spending gold. It affects the listing of rare items and the use of special merchandise:
VIP card: When the VIP card is in the player's inventory, a higher shopping level grants a higher discount rate. Discount rate will be displayed as the VIP card's durability.
Midas Wand: With a higher shopping level, you can insta-kill mobs with higher remaining health.
Rare item list: Higher the shopping level, more the categories of rare items will be displayed (food, clothes, smithcraft, resources, treasures)

Right click a merchandise to buy 10 at once.
Ctrl+click on the icon in the left upper corner to see in a chat message how much gold you have.
Ctrl+shift+click on the icon to see in a floating text how much gold you have.
Items bought as a ghost will drop onto the ground next to the character (Ex: Life-Giving Amulet).

Debug Console:
Enter in debug "GetPlayer().components.seplayerstatus:DoDeltaCoin(1000)" to obtain 1000 gold.
If Caves are not enabled, please input: ThePlayer.components.seplayerstatus:DoDeltaCoin(1000)
If Caves are enabled, please check if the word "Remote" is displayed in the chatbox before hitting enter. If not, press ctrl to make it appear.
This code will only work if you are the administrator of the server.

Special Thank!!
Jason Brock

English Translation by AppleMomo
And thanks Virus_J

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