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retractable landing gear
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Aug 18, 2017 @ 11:56pm
Jan 14 @ 8:18am
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retractable landing gear

First: please leave feedback, its frustrating to get nothing back (thumb up).

This Mod contains two retractable and one folding landing gear blocks for large and small grids. The Script for the animation is working only on the client, so there should no negative impact to the server simspeed.

- Turn the block OFF and they retract (not if locked)
- Turn the block ON and they extend
(i decided to make it work, also without power)

- The gears are designed to look good without blocks around, but they are also designed to fit between blocks

Known issues:
- If you change the color after placing the block, the subpart will not change the color, reloading the world fixed it (choose color before placing)
- The collossion box is fix, if the gear is retracted, the collision box is still extended (you have to live with this until collision box is moddable, sorry)
- Animated parts are pink boxes in offline mode (steam offline), no fix for now

- retractable LG: 3x2x1 (like the vanilla LG)
- retractable LG: 1x2x1
- folding LG: 3x3x1

To be clear:
- this is not a piston
- it is a landing gear block with animation
- collision box is not moving

Thanks to:
JustBurn, for the BaseAnima Script, needs a while to get it up and running for LandingGear Block, but it works.
Thx for sharing. See JustBurns Example Mod: (not required for this mod)

Harag, for the SE Block Tools for Blender.
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May 20 @ 3:29am
Bug/Problem reports (LG)
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Drustyy 19 hours ago 
Looks great but eveytime i try to land my ship anywhere the landing gear gets stuck in the floor and i have to destroy the floor under it. any known fix???
Mike Loeven Sep 23 @ 6:52am 
thats why I suggested looking at the maglock mod for reference since it can lock at any distance from the block to its furthest point
Takeshi  [author] Sep 23 @ 3:52am 
@Mike, i had early tests with this idea, but i remember that the checks are not done every frame. So if the gear sinks too fast into ground you miss the lock point and the gear sinks until the next collision box will hit.
@Muir, thx
MuirMadness Sep 19 @ 10:58am 
works really nice thanks
Mike Loeven Sep 18 @ 12:51am 
@Takeshi You could take a page from the Maglock mod and just use a very long lock range with minimal collision. The unfolded legs would be non physical and serve as indicators of the distance at which a lock is possible. yes it may look odd to see the gear clipping but i think its better than having invisible collision boxes when retracted.
Takeshi  [author] Aug 30 @ 8:28am 
@Reaver, because the Collision box has ever the size of un-retracted gear, i will not add larger versions. You will have everytime collisions with invisible things and people will not like it.
Reaver119 Aug 29 @ 5:30pm 
Hi Takeshi - first up, thanks for this! Fantastic mod - like your plane parts, this is a staple for pretty much anything I build in SE.

Quick request: is there any chance you could add large-block/small-grid versions (15x10x5 retracting, 5x10x5 retracting, 15x15x5 folding) for SSGL builds?
Takeshi  [author] Aug 18 @ 1:35am 
It is possible but i can not invest the time
Netherspark Aug 17 @ 4:02pm 
Could you make a retractable Connector block on the same principle?
Takeshi  [author] Aug 15 @ 12:17pm 
please read mod description, thx