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For Up to date Information[] on Zoology, how it works, the pet emotional systems, installation settings and what it means to be a core mod please visit the Zoology Information Center[]

What is Zoology?
(the short version)

Zoology is a mod that changes how Dinos act and behave, how they interact with players and other dinos, and adds a layer of in-game discovery based partially on the games fictional Dossier creator, Helena.  

Like Helena you will study the creatures that roam the ARK, gain knowledge from your study and use that knowledge to live a better life on the ARK. With that knowledge you will gain additional bonuses for your pets as you learn the Zoology Engrams, learn the Pack Mule Engram and you will be able to increases your pets weight carrying ability.  Learn the Hunting Beast Engram to train your pets to hunt. Learn them all or just the ones you need. 

Zoology brings behavioral change and emotional baggage to the ARK.  Dinos, wild and tamed, have level of morale and can suffer from stress, are intelligent enough (some of them) to flee from their predators, and predators will only hunt when hungry.   

Zoology changes the core game.  It changes the behavior of wild creatures. Animal’s speed (both for tamed pets and wild animals) is reduced while injured, or torpid. Animals have varied stats, varied speed and oxygen, varied weight limits. Animals now only eat when they are hungry, or you get too close. The well fed Rex is a relaxed Rex. Animals also only attack and feed on certain other animals, they have a food chain that they follow.. It adds additional stats to the dinos, the most important to a player being Loyalty, Morale and Stress.

Install on a server[] or for single player[].

Please review the tribe settings[] as well.

For more information on Zoology, how it works, the pet loyalty and emotional systems, installation settings and more visit the Zoology Information Center[]

For all bug reports and suggestions please see the pinned discussion here:

Thanks to

Timmy Carbine. Timmy and I bounced ideas a lot. A good sounding board is invaluable, and he has artistic talent as shown in the Zoology logo he made for this mod. Check out his workshop and his YouTube Channel.

The Ark Modding Community[]. The people there are like people everywhere, mostly harmless

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.
It is expressly forbidden to use the Zoology mod on any server offering any form of "pay to win" service to it's players. If you are unsure if your server is "pay to win" then it probably is.

For Up to date Information[] on Zoology, how it works, the pet emotional systems, installation settings and what it means to be a core mod please visit the Zoology Information Center[]
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Glog  [author] 6 hours ago 
That looks like what I would expect to see, previously tamed dinos are vanilla dinos and wont have the Zoology stuff.
Justice 10 hours ago 
Well, I followed the instructions, did the dino wipe, placed it first in list.
Here is what we do know :

Shows up as the hosted mod on the server
TLC dinos have their old faces/models/textures
Loyalty icons show and loyalty is gained(I have green now with a Dimorphodon)
Cannot tame adults
Cannot tame creatures knocked out via conventional methods
Can passive tame all tameable creatures
Magnifying and X icons show
Notebook shows
Contemplation and cataloguing works
New engrams, recipes and crafts work

Is it more likely that it works and the bug is that the pre existing tamed dinos do not have their models affected because they wouldn't have been updated(as they are not a part of the dino wipe)?

If you feel it's still not correct, how do 'reinstall' ? Or clean uninstall.
Glog  [author] Feb 19 @ 3:08pm 
I think the mod was not installed correctly
Justice Feb 19 @ 12:09pm 
Thanks Glog, after going around the map today I found any non tamed Wolves, Bears, etc. are back to the old model. Seems to not affected preexisting tames!
Glog  [author] Feb 19 @ 10:02am 
I have not updated tlc creatures yet. It is possible they are getting the new skins but nothing else new will work and I am not sure about the new skins. Zoology might not be installed properly
Justice Feb 19 @ 8:53am 
That is what I thought however my 'TLC' creatures are using the correct/new mesh/models.

Does contemplating always take the same amount of time. It feels like it has a longer duration on some occasions. And the delay between no longer studying and the contemplation is also a bit varied. I once studied a Scorpion for about half a minute and what felt like a minute later it began contemplating for longer than several seconds(I presumed all contemplation is five seconds post study).

For someone whom usually understands things quickly, I'm not so good with this one!

Valkyrie Feb 19 @ 4:45am 
Until WC update the devkit Zoology will have the old dinos. And once WC update the devkit Glog has to spend however long incorporating everything into his mod.

Just to clarify, because it wasn't clear in what you said, you can look at the dino for a good minute to study it before looking away, you don't have to look for 5 or so seconds, look away, then look back. Contemplating is more or less calculating the amount of time you just spent studying the creature.

Also, when you meet the study requirements, after making the last study note, you get another sequence of 'contemplation' and notemaking before 'learning' that dino.

As for the notebook thing, someone else tested it, which confirmed what Glog eluded to at the time. I also tested it. It seems to be purely 'cosmetic' as far as the functionality goes.
Justice Feb 19 @ 4:16am 
Hey team, did Glog stealth update the mod to fix the graphic issue with the wolves post TLC? All affected TLC dinos are showing correctly for me in the game. *Though the apes have a broken animation* Does that mean Zoology did not install fully?
Justice Feb 19 @ 4:12am 
Thank you Glog

@Valkyrie @Syndan,

Actually Glog has commented that there is an issue, or that the young showing as zero is potentially a bug within the notebook system. I question whether it's visual or mechanical as even after it goes to zero, the species certification should still be awarded provided the issue is a visual thing only.

Thank you Valkyrie for explaining about the contemplation.
To clarify then:

Learn pre requisites = unlocks magnifying icon
Get close enough see magnifying glass = you are studying
Study any creature in that species (including young if required) until the time is complete
[Meet the five second requirement and study for at least (one second?) after each study attempt, look away to enact contemplation - count in notebook will increase and time studied is logged]
Repeat the above until species is learned [certification also has a delay as contemplation is not instant]

Is that accurate?
Glog  [author] Feb 18 @ 11:57pm 
Syndan - look at the OP_Scale setting, 1 is default 0.5 is half 2 is double