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Touhou Survivors [L4D1 and L4D2 Pack (Better quality)]
Created by =GTX-BOOM=

-=本模組有升級版本, 詳情如下=-

Touhou Survivors Pack Fixed [L4D1/2 Survivors Replacem...
Hitler Hunter - Sound Mod
Created by Slavfox
A sound mod to go with the Hitler hunter skin. The dialogue comes from the movie "Der Untergang".

This mod does not, in any way, propagate nazism.

Update: Video added thanks to mr. Myles Bennet Dyson. Thanks a lot!

Update 2: This is a four years o...
Neptune Rebirth 3 (Ellis)
Created by Adult Neptune
A new version of the Neptune victory model, Replace ellis instead of bill as allways, Have fun ;)

Credits: Blanec [Original Mod] NepPH [Hexing]

- Replaced Ellis
- HD Texture from Re;Birth 3
- No name and Face animation

Version 2.1
- Add Jig...
Kugimiya Rie auto-shotgun sound
Created by kyuuu
replace auto-shotgun sound with baka hentai u ru sa i...
Tda Yowane Haku Append (v2) (BILL)
Created by CaptainBigButt
Tda Yowane Haku Append - Version 2
(Bill Replacement)

Revision 2
July 22, 2015

  • Tda: Original model
  • Vezon: Original Haku concept, face model
  • C
Fall in Death part 2 of 2
Created by CastorJudo
Fall in Death Beta public v1.1 Part 2
Warning : You need to subscribe for the 2 parts to play

Survivors by helicopter crashed in a small town, they will have to survive in the mountains.

4 coop and versus map...
Fall in Death part 1 of 2
Created by CastorJudo
Fall in Death Beta public v1.1 Part 1
Warning : You need to subscribe for the 2 parts to play

Survivors by helicopter crashed in a small town, they will have to survive in the mountains.

4 coop and versus ma...
COD:GHOSTS Vector CRB & Honey Badger(UZI & Mac10)
Created by Cele
Actually i have done this job before that FP6,but like i said before,sounds stopped me,so i changed my mind and try to use sound from gamebanana instead of one extracted from the game,in fact i dont like CODG sound much either.Considered of possibility of ...
Created by Cele
Maybe this is the last slot for Ghosts weapons,As u know,apart from the hidden ones,all of the regular guns have been replaced,as for the SPAS slot,theres no more shell-by-shell reloading semi-automatic or automatic shotgun in Ghosts game,therefore i dont ...
Created by Cele
Along with the L115 animations,this tough gun is released as well,a little modificated about the firing animation,to show how is the bolt system works and u can see the shell ejecti...
Created by Cele
As i concerned,and of coz u,its time for a grenade launcher add-on for GHSOTS weapon collection,but the L4D2 logic isnt compatible with this model,so i wrote a script to give it 6 rounds capacity to kill zombies,which is compatible with solo or host game p...
COD:GHOSTS MK14 EBR(Military Sniper)
Created by Cele
Another long break since previous Ghosts weapon,today i will show u the MK14 EBR,i didnt use its original scope due to the exported LOD,it kinda sucks,and GM6 scope for instead

Replace Military Sniper

HUD icon:
Created by Cele
Today i will bring u a new release with first try on particle effects,this gun is a really cool and powerful thing but it may not give u a good performance in game due to its huge scope,i tested myself,indeed.

Replacing Hunting Rifle

HUD icon:
COD:GHOSTS M9A1(Pistols)
Created by Cele
OK,this little thing has ruined me 3 months,yes,i have been making this since 3 months ago and many unexpected probelms screwed my progress,so i prepared to make others first,the ripper,the SC2010,and it finally has been released after 3 months intermitte...
Created by Cele
Looks like kind of the raging bull and fires .44 rounds,also according to the extracted folder name from the game,we can basiclly judge it as a RB,another magnum skin i brought u, anothe...
Created by Cele
lets get back to my origin:GHOSTS weapon set,i know u guys really like GHOSTS stuff and i wont let u down.and check this out,a truly big gun is coming to kick ur as5,will u spend a weekend to play with him? :3,as5♂we♂can.hah,just a joke,time to slay zombie...
COD:GHOSTS L115A3 Sniper Rifle(AWP)
Created by Cele
no more hidding under the grass,just grab it and blow these zombies head up.the most powerful looking AI AW sniper rifle series in COD history can be avaliable in ur loot case,take care of the zombies around u and use this gun wisely,this is lethal to ur t...
Created by Cele
After tweaking the AW AK12 a lot,finally its tme to release it

along with updated AW AK12

Model,Texture:Activision Infinity Ward
BattleField4 SPAS-12(SPAS)
Created by Cele
As u have been waiting for long,one of the two autoshotguns is time to get out,its not difficult to make a autoshot model but its hard to find a proper and worthy one to make,so i decided to make this first,the model is the same as the BF3 SPAS made by Twi...
Benelli M1014 HQ
Created by Cele
An HQ modification for the default M1014 slot,HD texture by Tigg and badass sound by Navaro

Source engine texture converting,animation:Cele
Preview by:SIXX...
COD:BO2 Mauser C96(Pistols)
Created by Cele
Balabala,another classic gun from COD:BO2,the MC96 on its ported...umm...its not on its own ported anims,rather,its on KF2 Berreta ones that a little modified by me and some of the single part of mine,Replacing these pistols in L4D2

Likewise,i made a [u...
Kantai Collection - Akatsuki · Hibiki/Верный · Ikazuchi & Inazuma Casual Version
Replace Ellis, Coach, Nick, Rochelle


-firstperson arms


- models:エボシ

-New HD ...
GenJi Katana
Created by ClearSkyC

i have been playing OverWatch, i like genji's unique skill, so i made his katana for l4d2, hope you like it.

Blizzard - Model; Textures; Sound;
Me - Animations; Materials; Compile.


no sound version - http://ste...
iPhone 6 with WhatsApp for Pills (Core)
Created by Ellie
Very complex coding with more than 100 proxies to create the most complex "texture" in any Source Engine game, period.

This mod replaces...
CSGO Karambit (Machete)
Created by Yafeu Fula
Updated Version. Reuploaded Karambit Mod (Machete)

With better:
  • Rigging
  • Animation port
  • Sounds
  • Rng (In short, Random Knife Skins
BO2 M1911 [Real Anim]
Created by Yafeu Fula

○ The Pistols

• Original Model
• Original Animations
• Original Textures
• Original Sound
• Original Wa...
Umaru the Jockey Sounds
Created by Flactine
Replaced jockey's sound with Umaru's sound in "Himouto! Umaru-chan".
My second work since I started making L4D2 mods....
Plutia's Noire Plushy pipe bomb
Replaces the pipe bomb with Plutia's DLC weapon, the Noire Plushy, from Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.

-256px Texture
-Adjusted first and third person clipping with player model (if you find the viewmodel annoying, increase your viewmodel...
黑恶势力 玩家四人组
Created by Gordon Walkedby
a meme from China's Internet.
which means "evil people".
replaces the models of l4d2 four players

[Note]Do not reupload my addon to other websites.
Medkit Model <The Man Who Changed China>
Created by Gordon Walkedby
this is a book,
<The Man Who Changed China>
it replaces the model of the medkit

About this book :

[Note]Do not reupload my addon to other websites.
[Jockey Sound Mod]Gepao Jockey!
Created by HL2 AWPP
Jockey Sound Mod!
Mr.Ge Present

See the blue cat! Learn blue cat! I have a position I proud! Come to Jockey in L4D2 teach you more position!
Replace the jockey sound effects of various kinds of behavior

Thank Chih Hu Che Yeh provide cover!

Add 30 ...
Poi Pick Up Sounds
Created by Luna
Yay 10k subs :cinnamon2:, thank you all.
Replaces the pick up sound with Poi from Kancolle.
Its the first Poi in the video fyi....
Hoppou the Hunter (Kancolle)
Created by JazzMcNade
It's Hoppou the Northern Princess from Kancolle as...a hunter. Don't underestimate her as she'll rip your face off before you can say "Kawaii desu ne." Honestly I thought this would turn out as cute at first, but it instead became yandere style terrifying....
Prinz Eugen Replacement for Francis (Kancolle)
Created by JazzMcNade
German Heavy Crusier Prinz Eugen

-hud icons
-Jigglebones for pendant, pigtails, bangs, bust, ribbons, and skirt
-firstperson arms
-boomer bile textures

Nick varient [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedet...
[纯黑] Jockey Sound
Created by K"ashimura♦






Neptune Older (Megadimension Neptunia VII)
"Blanec - Lady White Heart Present......" - Blanec

Blanec - White Heart, I'm back for long time to make some Left 4 Dead 2 mod as I have found new Megadimension Neptunia model and I release too soon before anyone else get it so today is Neptune in Adult...
FUCK YOU Rifle Sound
Created by Judge Candy
Replaces the gayass normal M14 sound with a beautiful FUCK YOU by Van Darkholme. Goes great with my other addon, the NCR Dongsquadron Anti-Sperg Rifle. Combine them both to create the ultimate tranny/chimp/autist/feminist/fedorasperg killer.

Also #black...
Adult Neptune Swimsult VII (Coach)
Created by The Wind Rises
Adult Neptune Swimsult from Megadimension Neptunia VII(DLC)
Replaces Coach
Ellis version: HERE

First person arms
HUD Icons
Jiggle Bone
Eye Blinking

Uzume (MegaDimension Neptunia VII)
Created by The Wind Rises
Uzume from Megadimension Neptunia VII
Replaces Rochelle

First person arms
HUD Icons
Jiggle Bone
Eye Blinking

Model by ComplieHeart.
Ripped by jh10001 and me.

Thank for testing: [url=h...
Yes - Roundabout for Death
Created by Dona Máxima
Death music replaced with that part of Yes - Roundabout. Now you will want to die more times. Works with both L4D1 and L4D2 campaigns.


L4D1 Version (2,43MB) is [url=https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21AGI1_13OChSzAw...
Virtual Youtuber-Kizuna Ai
Created by Mia
*I made this mod in a short time so it still has bugs. I will fix this after I come home (●´ω`●)*

DESCRIPTION: BEST CUTEST YOUTUBER IN THE WORLD!!!! You dont need brofist anymore...

Replaces: Zoey

-Facial animation
-FPS arms
(4 pack L4D1) CPU Candidate Maid Pack
Created by Anila
only for CPU Candidate same as Cosplay pack :3
Uni - Bill
Nepgear - Zoey
Ram - Francis
Rom - Louis

No faceposing
Final Project Mod, Bye bye!!! Tks for use my mod for long time <3...
CPU candidates Cosplay Pack
Created by Anila
My gift for Halloween: Cosplay Pack for CPU candidates

Uni: Bill
Nepgear: Zoey
Ram: Francis
Rom: Louis

Happy Halloween!!! >0<

No flex animation, jigglebones...
V22 Osprey
Created by Lt. Rocky

The helicopter gets it rough. If Francis were to have any lasting influence in the world of fiction, its that helicopters must by inex...
Created by MLUI
Original MOD address: http://www.gamemaps.com/details/5960

*add new mutation more difficult

Poi Launcher
Created by Management
Thank you all for subscribing and giving the mod a try. I appreciate all of the comments and feedback that has been given to me. I'm glad so many of you have enjoyed it.

Please be aware that I have not played L4D2 in quite some time, so I won't be worki...
Poi Pistols
Created by Management
Another mod request from a different user.... I introduce to you... The poi pistols! Enjoy.

I had no idea something like this already existed in the workshop by another user (sorry bro!). Mine is different and includes the pistol's original firing sound...
Ayaya, ayaya! Pickup sound
Created by MasterWiky
"Ayaya, ayaya!" of kiniro mosaic replacement for the pickup sound.

I am ashamed of the low amount of weird mods for L4D2, so I'm putting my effort in.

PD: If it glitches, no problem. Accept it. Embrace it....
Noire Audio Part 3
Created by Moon Knight
Part 3 of 3
This changes Rochelles audio, includes The Passing dlc
Noire Audio Pack ...
Noire Audio Part 1
Created by Moon Knight
Part 1 of 3
This changes Rochelles audio
Noire Audio Pack ...
Van Darkholme Smoker Sound Mod
Created by Nailgun Jesus
This mod replaces smoker sounds with your favorite Dungeon Master, Van Darkholme....
Shinjigen Game Neptune VII Theme
Created by Neprainu
This Mod includes the opening animation, the main menu, the main menu background animation, map icons and loading screen.In addition, the mod also replaced the vending machine, fireworks, desktop wallpaper and concert posters. I hope you will love it.

Created by Neptune QTG

How to install:
  1. Switch your Steam language to English first.
  2. Download these fonts from the link below:
    Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1y9T93knt9pEJO8V0pJ-Ble8xHXqRcuvD
Kawakaze-kai for Francis(KanColle)
Created by Peakness Yang
Replaces Francis for Kawakaze-kai from the Kantai Collection

Voice Pack: 江风(Kawakaze) [www.gamemaps.com]
-View model arms
-Minor Jiggle bones on hair,skirt and more
-In-game, lobby, and incap pictures
Yamakaze-kai for Zoey(KanColle)
Created by Peakness Yang
Replaces Zoey for Yamakaze-kai from the Kantai Collection

Voice Pack: 山风(Yamakaze) [www.gamemaps.com]
-View model arms
-Minor Jiggle bones on hair,skirt and more
-In-game, lobby, and incap pictures
Shimakaze-kai for Rochelle(KanColle)
Created by Peakness Yang
Replaces Rochelle for Shimakaze from the Kantai Collection

Voice Pack: 岛风(Shimakaze) [www.gamemaps.com]
-View model arms
-Minor Jiggle bones on hair,headdress and skrit
-In-game, lobby, and incap pictures
Amatukaze-kai for Nick(KanColle)
Created by Peakness Yang
Replaces Nick for Amatukaze from the Kantai Collection

Voice Pack: 天津风(Amatukaze) [www.gamemaps.com]
-View model arms
-Minor Jiggle bones on hair
-In-game, lobby, and incap pictures
-change a new sk...
Surprise Mother****er - Pipebomb Explosion sound(Louder)
Created by Rashed UAE5

Original author: Th3 ZuRd0

Minor bug:
It also works when the oxygen and Propane tanks explode. (MunkeyThrust thanks for reporting)...
Cinematic Lighting Effects
Created by Red Schism
Changes most light sprites and some particle effects into a more "Hollywood stylized" effect.

Adds horizontal flare to pathway lights, changes 3rd person flashlight glow to a smaller more realistic glow, new sun glare, and changes various other glowing li...
"Purple Dream" SCAR (Desert Rifle)
The Left 4 Dead 2 version of my SCAR Skin "Purple Dream" from Killing Floor 2.

I just applied my material, all the credits for the original model goes to Lt.Rocky, thanks to him for allowing me to use his model.

Amatsukaze Voice Pack for Nick (Kantai Collection)
Created by Suzuya✘
How to install voice pack

1. Subscribe and wait for add-on to be downloaded on steam then launch the game and wait for it to download add-on again.After that close the game.

2. Empty these folder and don't forget backup
(This ...
Yuudachi Voice Pack for Ellis (Kantai Collection)
Created by Suzuya✘
How to install voice pack

1. Subscribe and wait for add-on to be downloaded on steam then launch the game and wait for it to download add-on again.After that close the game.

2. Empty these folder (Don't forget backup)
(This is...
Tank music (Mega Dimension Neptune VII)
This mod replace the music of Tank, include 4 musics of encounter Tank, final boss Tank, and two of Black Concert Tanks.

Encounter Tank: <Dancing girl> (Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 & Re;Birth1)
Final boss Tank: <URANUS> (Mega Dimension Neptune VII)
Rainbow Six Siege Bandit (Ellis)
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Well hello everyone, once again i bring you another character from Rainbow Six Siege, this one is Bandit also know as the Shock Master from the GSG-9 operators, he will replace Ellis as he also comes with custom arms and VGUI, so yeah, so i hope you guys l...
Van-Sama Fuck You Weapon Push/Shove Sound (Gachimuchi/哲♂学/レスリングシリーズ)
Created by Ms.Kanna
Hello Bros!
This small mod replaces all pushing/shoving sound into Van Darkholme's "Fxxk You/FA Q" Sound" Push all Zombies with mighty Dungeon♂Master's power

Thank you sir♂...
NEKOPARA - Chocola ( Rochelle )
Created by 이슬비
Mhhn what to say? Because a lot of people want to play as a Cat Maid and go around to kill some zombies. And im just trying to make their dream come true...

- Credits:
+ Model and Texture from CM3D2
+ Port and Compile: Me....
[Hunter sound mod]Hitler Hunter Noise Fixed version
Created by WillSawJason
Replaces the Hunter's sounds with the voice from Hitler!

Say goodbye to the NOISE!!!!
This is Noise Fixed version,enjoy it!
The original version because the audio file error does not only lead to sonic boom, some audio in the game...
[Tank Sound Mod]Billy Herrington tank v1.0
Created by WillSawJason
Replaces most of the tank's sounds with the voice from Billy Herrington!!!!enjoy!

If you have any suggestions please tell me!

[Boomer Sound Mod]Lowsing Boomer Noise Fixed version
Created by WillSawJason
Replaces most of the Boomer's sounds with the voice from Lowsing!

Say goodbye to the NOISE!!!!
This is Noise Fixed version,enjoy it!
The original version because the audio file error does not only lead to sonic boom, some audi...
[jockey Sound Mod]Ge Ping Jockey Noise Fixed version
Created by WillSawJason
Replaces most of the Jockey's sounds with the voice from Ge Ping!

Say goodbye to the NOISE!!!!
This is Noise Fixed version,enjoy it!
The original version because the audio file error does not only lead to sonic boom, some audio...
Acg Zombies Hud
Acg Zombies Hud...
Improved Bots (Advanced)
Created by Ziggy
Simply subscribing to this addon isn't enough. There is a config file that you need to make a simple edit to in order to get the advanced features of this addon to work properly. If you do no...
Neptunia 8 pack
Created by [HTT✰] Ayase Eli
My 8 pack ported from L4Dmaps.

Ellis- Neptune
Nick- Blanc
Rochelle- Noire
Coach- Vert
Zoey- Nepgear
Bill- Uni
Francis- Ram
Louis- Rom

------For custom names please download from here:
(L4D2 4 pack) Neptunia Little sisters to replace L4D1 survivors
Created by [HTT✰] Ayase Eli
My 4 little sisters survivor pack ported and fixed from L4Dmaps

Uni- Bill
Ram- Francis
Rom- Louis...
Gachimuchi + Loud Nigra Charger Sounds
Created by frogger
Replaces most of the Charger sounds with Loud Nigra screams and Gachimuchi audio. For example, the charge shouts are replaced with AAAAAAAGGHHH and one of the pounding sounds is replaced with "Take it, boy!".

"Gachimuchi" is a trend from Japan where you...
Questionable Ethics 2 (QE Alpha Test)
Created by Sorin
"Remember... me?"...
Questionable Ethics
Created by Sorin
KantaiCollection Akatsuki-Class Combat Versoin
Created by uuz
Replace L4D2 Survivors

This characters are Game-character of 「艦隊これくしょん」''Kantai Collection''.
Akatsuki · Hibiki/Верный · Ikazuchi & Inazuma

No Combat Versoin : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=486696953

KantaiCollection AkatsukiClass Voice
Created by uuz
KantaiCollection AkatsukiClass Models:
Combat Versoin : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=532226551
No Combat Versoin : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=486696953

Voice Pack is not complete, because the voice f...
Guichu sound V2
Created by ~Elfen Lied~
this is a mod about the sound
infact i think only chinese can understand...
Gui Chu sound
Created by ~Elfen Lied~
this is a mod about the sound
infact i think only chinese can understand
Hibiki loading
这次还是加载界面- -(表示就14张完全装不完...
Hibiki medicine chest
Like the point of praise it(喜欢的就点赞吧!!!!!!)...
The sixth eviction team LOADING(Kancolle)
The sixth eviction team LOADING (like praise)
Hibiki gif door
The Ultimate Mod Testing and Reviewing Area V6.54
Created by мяFunreal
In these maps you can test any of your mods in a friendly environment.

Never again do you have to wade trough a campaign to find that one entity you search, Simply load up one of these maps and walk right up to it!

If you load the main TUMTaRA ma
Lens Flare From Metal Gear Solid V
It's This Lens Flares Of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Battlefield 4 Lens Flares Style
It's new lens flares fot L4D2 from Battlefield 4!...
Is the Order a Rabbit? Loading Screen 点兔高清加载画面
Created by 九条阔怜
Replace all officical campign loading screens.

Most of these original image are in Super HD (higher than 1080p). Enjoy yourself. XD


此 MOD 的图片大多是超高清的,原图分辨率比 1080p 还要大
Poi Special Infected Claw Sound 特感POI攻击音效
Created by 九条阔怜
Add a "POI" into the attacking sounds of special infected.

POI~ Poi~ Poi? POIIIIII! (。˘•ε•˘。)



给特感攻击音效加上 POI~
20HUD - Menu
Created by 九条阔怜
Setup Guide:

  1. Switch your Steam language to English first.

  2. Download this MOD from the link below, and then copy it to left4dead2\addons.
    Link: [url]https://drive.google.com/open?id=1I2xaU4WtvUl9
Poi~ Shoving Sound
Created by 九条阔怜
This addon is modified with sounds from 496476772.

POI attacking sound for Infected:
伤害指示器:躺枪 / Get shot even when lying down
Created by 九条阔怜
Replace the hit indicator with one of the popular Japanese emoticons.

恰饼了,你的表情会是这样子的 → _(:з」∠)_


TAGS: kaomoji カオモジ Japanese Emoticons Text Faces...
Neptune Finish Theme
It from Hyperdimension Neptunia Re Birth1 and it will changing theme as neptune finish theme on l4d 2...
Crescent Rose Scythe (Fire Axe)
Created by Jacey
* Blood added when killing

Model designed in the 3D Custom Girl program by an "Unknown User"...
Anime Pick Up Sound
Oi Pohwaran here (aka Ene)
I am here with a Mod I normaly use for myself.
But since you asked for it I choose to upload it ^-^

This is a Mod that change the sound when you pick up items to more of a "Joink" sound
Just need to Sub...
Choujigen Game Neptune: The Animation Credit Song
Well this is a MOD that replace the Credit Song with the song "Neptune☆Sagashite"
(Baka Valve censure a bit of the name because they are Bakas)

If you need help or about Mod Request
Use this Link Plz: [url=http://steamcommunity.com/shared...
kujou karen tank bgm
Created by 便乘人
This's your rem!(Tank concrete chunk)
Created by 徒手开根号
This is your rem ! Re:Life in a different world from zero

RE:0 This your rem/ram (Molotov): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1196059526

Hyperdimension Neptunia Purple Heart's Sword replace machete
I got a lot help from my seniors,though there is still long way to go,i'll continue it unremittingly.
And truly thanks you for using my model,i'm glad to see your comments.
Do not comment my bad English ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ Just comment the model

Van's sound for healing
Replace the healing sound with our favourite master---Van Darkholme's sound


Thank you♂ for subscribing ,sir♂


https://space.bilibili.com/12250777#!/ ٩(๑>◡<๑)۶
m1911a1 Aria
Created by 槐音Grsomiprs
This MOD modifies the pistola,It has a new sound.It comes from the animation Aria the Scarlet Ammo,New animation effects.Welcome to subscribe to and give my WORKSHOP thumb up.


xu ming medkit +1s +1s+1s +1s+1s +1s+1s +1s
Created by 音响
We can use firstaid to xu ming
This is zhangzhe
We need to mo it
Let‘s xu ming
+1s +1s+1s +1s+1s +1s+1s +1s+1s +1s+1s +1s
Nepgear Door
Hyperdimension Neptunia
Nepgear Door

2016 / 08 / 18 Update More Nepgear !!!...
Hyperdimension Neptunia - Healthbar(HUD)
The healthbar is use the material from Neptune

The head will be remove when someone down

And I do not know how to fix it.

1.Add red dot Crosshair

Thanks for Thleia...
Megatagmension Blanc + Neptune vs. Zombies Title Screen Background(s)
Created by Nepu
Changes The Title screen background and music to the opening of Megatagmension Blanc + Neptune vs. Zombies. Compared to the title screen version I shortened it slightly so it would loop better. Also note this is a video not static images, and the backg...
g pan particles
Created by Neptune QTG
What is it?
It replaces bile particles
[ShunFeng] Tank
Created by K"ashimura♦
Add a dress to tank.
Clothing from China's express company.
If you like this piece of work.Welcome to subscribe!


[BO3] Peacekeeper MK2 - SG552 (CSS Weapon)
Created by Jacob_LHh3
Peacekeeper MK2 - lightweight design of a sub-machine gun with range and accuracy of an assault rifle. It can be unlocked in MP via Supply Drops and in ZM you can find it in Mystery Box on map Revelations. It is the successor to the Peacekeeper from Black ...
Rainbow Six Siege 416-C Carbine
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Well hello everyone, as i come back again i bring you another replacement but this one is a weapon one, so this is the 416-C Carbine also knows as the Jager's rifle, it will replace the
and it uses Cele's animations from his [url=http://stea...
Updated Weapon Effects.
Created by AyyKyu
Give your guns a punch they truly needed!

Check the patch out for a more realistic look.

透明门transparent door(援交打折限定版)
Created by 非洲量产西瓜
No.6 Kuchikutai For L4D2 Survivors(KanColle)
Created by Peakness Yang
Replaces L4D2 survivors for No.6 Kuchikutai from Kantai Collection

Voice Pack: 第六驱逐队(No.6 Kuchikutai) [www.gamemaps.com]
-View model arms
-Minor Jiggle bones on hair,skirt and more
-In-game, lobby, and inca...
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