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YoYo November Competition 2012
Please play and rate all of the games in this collection.

After December 10th a winner will be chosen by YoYo Games based on each games overall rating.

Details of this competition can be found in the announcements discussion forum.
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Created by mesterman
AdditionBlocks is a fast-paced game to test your addition speed and skills. AdditionBlocks features multiple speed and difficulty levels, 20 achievements, unlockable special blocks and hidden levels.

Destroy the falling sum blocks by click on the adjace...
Angry Chicken: Christmas!
Created by DarkAeon

Use the left/right arrow keys to move.
Use the mouseclick to interact.
Use the <delete> key to pause/unpause.

Did you wrote a letter to Santa? Because Angry Chicken surely did and stole ALL the presents that is going to throw at you...
Beard Pixies
Created by Enriquo Pablez
Beard Pixies is a game about growing beards. As a beard pixie, your task is to grow a beard, whether the owner of the face likes it or not. As you purchase upgrades to improve your beard growing skills, so too the man will purchase new razors to combat the...
Beasts of Darkness
Created by Arthur
YoYoCompNov2012 - You fight the battle between light and darkess, by shining your lights on evil ceatures called Beasts of Darkness...
Created by GJS649
Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. Update 1.1. is here.
This includes...
- 3 new levels, finishing the first world
- A bigger view (look at the screenshots)
- Introducing the moving platforms ( the regular ones, you can manipulate them in the n...
Castles And Conquerors - Hunted
Created by Edgy
NOTICE: The game is back up we have rebuilt and improved the game since our past problems with corruption. Plans for updates are back on.

A top down rpg with tons of gear, monsters, and character customization. Each direction out of town takes you to a...
Created by Jam Man
Birdstrike is a unique concept based around the idea of being a seagull and pooping on cars and people to cause road accidents, there are 3 unlockables one of which changes the game below are the ingame instructions:
Poop on cars and people for points
Created by BscotchSeth
GERBLINS! GERBLINS EVERYWHERE! Innocent Blergs are infected and turning into vicious Gerblins! Only you can save them, armed with Professor Blerg's miracle cure: The GERBLIN POTION! Seamlessly blending influences from various classic genres, GERBLINS is an...
Green Orb
Created by jaekkl
Move: Arrow key's
Continue: Enter
Restart: Backspace...
Created by szoept
(c) 2012 james street

This game is inspired by Buddhist meditations on presence of mind, and as such is to be an excercise in this discipline. The point of the game is to absorb the elements of your psyche that threaten to overtake y...
I accidently made Polybius
Created by Threef
At first this game was supposed to be Bullet Hell with unique time travel aspect, but at some point I realised that creating decent graphics is beyond my reach. Just to add some fun I added random colors to enemies, and walls, and floor... and that's how I...
Created by ScorpiusG
Genre: Bullet-hell Vertical Shooter

Tool Used: Game Maker: Studio (Free Version)

Current Version: 0.0.4

Inspired by many Japanese bullet-hell shooter titles, Hellscape involves a world that the lands had been corrupted by the evil Necromancer. As ...
Galaxy War
Created by Stef Morojna
Galaxy is in danger and the War begins.
You are the one of the few survivors of Galaxy.
Destroy the enemy!! Find the final enemy's destructive power and confront it!!
Can you save the Galaxy from the destruction?

Fly through three worlds and show ...
Burst the Ball
Created by Roman_Warrior
Use the mouse and click on the ball to burst it. Random balls give you extra lives. Beat the highscore and add your name. Good luck, Click away and have fun!!!...
Crazy Tracks
Created by diegocrusius
In Crazy Tracks, you must lead a little train to the end of 45 stages. You must do that before it runs out of fuel, and you can also collect some gold in the way too.

In order to do all that, you must click on glowing tracks to change the train's cours...
Created by Avolition
"Far into the future, space has become our home. Like our current home, we have been irresponsible. Space is becoming littered with waste and refuse. The Contingency is trying to change it all. Facing resistance from megacorporations all over the universe...
Key Catcher
Created by Roman_Warrior
Object of the game : Type in the letters you see on the screen as they drop to the bottom and get a high score. The heart letters give you extra lives. If you miss a letter you loose a life. When your lives are gone ...Game Over!
Note: the letters come d...
Kronorift 1.1.1 (Broken)
Created by Undare
The corruption broke the bounds of his own dimention to spread chaos across the City of Kronoxys (the last frontier of Defence).
With your Fast Levitation power to move Everywhere, the Old relics of power and In-game Suply shop, you have to choose one Mig...
Koala vs Octopus
Created by BrionS
It’s an Octopus Invasion! Help Koala stock up on cheeseburgers before the Octopus Apocalypse. Koala must push all the cheeseburgers into his house and close the doors without any octopuses inside.

It starts out easy but gets more challenging. No one ...
Let It Fall
Created by Second Reality
Let It Fall is a fun little game. It is simple, yet addictive!
The goal is to let your block fall at the right moment in different levels and difficulties.

FEATURES (v0.7.8)
-catchy background music
-4 (and a lot more to come) different levels
-a tu...
Created by Charls Barkly
Play this physics based Action Arcade game!

Save astronauts from Flying Explosive Pigs, Space Ships, Evil Grabby Aliens and Vortex's in this score chasing particle filled game.

If you want to learn how to play this game please follow the youtube link...
Non Verbal Storytelling using Shapes
Created by dojoearth
A non verbal storytelling that attempts at showing relationships between shapes without the use of dialog or textures.
Created by bgstratt
Action Packed Infinite Sidescrolling Shooter. Run through randomly generated levels dodging missiles, turrets, mines and shooting enemies. No two games are alike. Collect coins to upgrade your bullets, health and to add perks like second chance or doubl...
Created by JKong
Responding to a distress call, you arrive at the space station "Phaeton." The power is out, and it seems like no one else is around, but as you venture into the station, you quickly discover that there is a lone survivor.

Your mission is clear. Rescue ...
Project Starship [Updated Again :D]
Created by Arabong
Yes, an other starship game :D !

WASD move the starship
Left mouse= main laser
Right mouse= missiles (if you have them)
Middle Mouse (Press it) = TheBigLaser
Spacebar= objects

that's only a concept, but i posted it on november competition too!
Santa's Christmas Misadventure
Created by Gem
It's the day before Christmas and Greg Elf Snatcher has struck again. He has stolen all of Santa's Elfs and locked them up. The fate of Christmas now lies in your hands. Save the Elf's and stop Greg Elf Snatcher from destroying Christmas.
New update is no...
Save the Pikakiri
Created by El Sato
Your friend pikakiri has been kidnapped by the doctor (woah so original) and only you (and your rifle, flamehtrower and drill) can save him!
Burn, shoot and drill your way through this fun adventure game! exploration, destruction, huge bosses, it has ever...
SuperBlocklet 0.3
Created by Jestern
Plese Note: This games deveopment is currently paused. I feel like working on a top down adventure, and so I will, and once that gets boring i'll be back on this project.

A basic platformer built on my new Super Block Engine 3!!!
My stratagy is to u...
The New Neon Space
Created by originalcheese
The New Neon Space!

Fight to the death in your green ship and defeat as many enemies as you can!

With 2 modes: Normal and Survival, each designed to push you to your tactical limits!

Including many varying enemies....
Created by EZ ICE
Search for weapons and usable items to see how long you can survive!


IMPORTANT: Get near objects to interact with them or pick them up.

Getting back to updating my game! Added a Sprint meter right above the health bar. Press Space to r...
Save the Princess
Created by Brawkward
Hey, Buddy! It's time to save the princess! But what if she doesn't want to be saved?

This small platformer explores a story in which an over-eager hero tries to save a reluctant princess.

All music is from the original Cave Story and was obtained fr...
Space Potatoes
Created by Scorcher24
This is a take on the robotron genre in space.
I hope you have as much fun playing as I had making it.

The game let's you fight hordes of enemies and bosses in wave based spawns.
While playing you level up and can also select some perks as a togg...
Spoiler Alert
Created by JeffJ
Should now once again be working fully on Steam. If any problems occur, please report them. Thanks!

Your typical conventional Super Mario-eque platform game... Turned 180 degrees around.

Spoiler Alert has already been complete...
Squadron Elite
Created by Anaazak
This is a wicked game like the old 2D plane shooters. They are so much fun to see if you can hit all the planes. I would love it if it could get lots of rates. Try it out and subscrbe. Tell me in the comments what your score was and ill send you a little s...
Turtle Termination
In Turtle Termination you must protect the turtles from a range of natural disasters, from volcanic erruptions, meteor showers, earthquakes and more. Turtle Termination was made in 72 hours for the GameMaker Community Jan #8. The theme of this Jam was "Dis...
Vector Lander V2.0
Created by spec757
1/4/15 After 2 years of focusing on my stinking job I'm back at the code. Upgraded to version 2.0.
Fixed bugs with X-Box controller thrust.

New features:
Multiple landers.
Larger levels.
Wide screen view.

In the works:
Randomized levels.
World War 2 - War in the West 1939-1941
Created by Skibbi
Nazi Germany has invaded Poland and started the largest war ever!
Fight in the Battle of France, Greek-Italian war and Battle of Greece.
Arrow keys to move the gun and crosshair, Z to shoot....
Zombie Survival Training
Created by lazytiger

Added another outfit and weapon


This is Zed.

He is a genetically cloned zombie created for one purpose. To die.

Do not feel pity for him, rest assured he feels nothing for you. In fact, he feels nothing at all, except ...