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Chernarus 2035
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Aug 17, 2017 @ 2:12pm
Jul 6, 2018 @ 3:04pm
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Chernarus 2035

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This mod is no longer being developed by me.

APL-SA Licensed

Chernarus 2035 is the Eastern area of the fictional country of Chernarus, the arma 2 map. This mod aims to be a slight re-master and overhaul to some locations of Chernarus in line with the original terrain. The terrain size has been increased from 225km2 to 419km2, a number of new islands large and small have been created off the coast of Chernarus, ranging from a Nuclear Power Plant to a large island with an airfield a some small settlements, to nearly a dozen smaller islands to fill in the gaps.

The world name is below if you need to know what it is.

The addon name is below if you need to know what it is.

Other notable features:
-Overhauled Grass Configs & Textures
-Beautiful Lighting, Sky, and Cloud Configs
-Many structures have added interiors by Argument and myself
-Utes Island + Chernarus merged
-Post-Catastrophe Setting (Garbage and abandoned vehicles)
-Nuclear Power Plants
-Swamp areas
-A large landmass expansion in the eastern ocean is being worked on


This mod originally was named "South Zagoria Terrain"
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Crazy Mike
Feb 14 @ 1:54am
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Nikolas Jul 30 @ 10:34am 
Is there a version without the apocalyptic stuff?
Smilee Jul 18 @ 5:33am 
Looking good so far
Kieran Jul 5 @ 11:14am 
Your map is perfect, Can you transfer your map to DayZ SA?
Crazy Mike  [author] Jun 29 @ 6:09pm 
@onlyjuststeve its actually high quality settings but overridden since low drastically changed the visuals for the worse, I think i also threw in some other settings tweaks like removing the option to hide all shadows for gameplay balance, but that might have been a different mod i made
ゲーマープロ Jun 29 @ 2:54am 
I would also like the map to be editable, that is to say, you can edit it yourself and you can play your way, if you want more action they put more zombies, if they want less action they put less zombies and other things, and well the map seems to me very scary with the sound effects they have, I have been scared many times
ゲーマープロ Jun 29 @ 2:52am 
I have a big problem and it is that it cannot pass the map or the mission because there are too many zombies and it is just me and a team of 8 and those 8 were useless and left me 2 survivors, me and the AI, and there are no large suitcases what which means that I do not have space for some things like ammunition, that in vehicles there is too much ammunition and more things and other things that I do not even think are of much use but at some point they could serve me and I do not have them in my hand
Comunista_CZ Jun 10 @ 1:41pm 
Will there ever be an extension to east chernarus?
OnlyJustSteve May 13 @ 1:49am 
Just a heads up
This map will lock your HDR to low quality and you wont be able to change it.
💀ʐօʍɮɨʟɨռǟ💀 May 3 @ 3:25am 
message me Ben
Ben May 2 @ 7:50pm 
I was thinking about editing this map for my own personal use and was wondering if I could get the source files?