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[TFA] The Patriot
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Aug 16, 2017 @ 10:14pm
Oct 13, 2018 @ 8:18pm
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[TFA] The Patriot

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The Patriot is an assault rifle from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater(MGS3). The Patriot was a modified version of the XM16E1 and operates like one. However, because of the shortened barrel and the stock removal, it is lighter. It also has it's front sight and fire selectors removed. The Patriot can only be fired on full-automatic mode. It was designed in order to create a carbine that combined the feel and quick handling of a handgun with the force of a rifle. The relatively light weight meant that the Patriot had a strong recoil, and was notoriously difficult to aim. The fact that The Boss used it one-handed was a testament to her skill. It used 5.56x45mm ammunition and was fitted with a hundred-round drum magazine, with the internal feed mechanism shaped like an infinity symbol (∞). The blast of the muzzle was said to resemble the sound of a threatened rattlesnake, and that no one who heard the sound would live to tell the tale. The bullets didn't leave the gun straight; they flip and twist upon leaving the gun. This "mythical" gun has infinite ammo.

This mod is only available in TFA Base.

Features :
  • c_hands

Credits :

Kojima Productions - Model and textures
MichaelJordy - Ripping model
VoDKa - Porting to GMod
"Various artists" - Other sounds
TFA - Weapon base
Blast da' Lizard - Scripts(GMod), texture edit, rigging, compile, and animations
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hecker May 24 @ 3:20pm 
but actually is on an roblox game
called ''Apocalypse Rising 2''
bigboss May 23 @ 10:28am 
hecker idk what to say
hecker May 20 @ 12:29pm 
its from metal gear solid 3
hecker May 20 @ 12:28pm 
in fact this is an roblox game gun
hecker Apr 1 @ 10:13am 
i know this is from a roblox game but it has pretty good graphics
FrankoDanko Feb 21 @ 3:33pm 
peepee gun, very phallic...
joe Jan 21 @ 2:26pm 
Goldddd Nov 19, 2022 @ 7:16pm 
Gun broke, it's nothing but an error.
No i didn't do anything wrong with it, It was fine before.
akdeleS (Jum) Sep 8, 2022 @ 12:18pm 
what a thrill
yxL Jul 31, 2022 @ 7:02pm