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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Aug 16, 2017 @ 3:50pm
Sep 15, 2019 @ 4:07am
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Adds brand new full lifecycles, capabilities & colourations for all manner of insects, diplopods, gastropods, arachnids and other cave-dwelling creatures!

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- Reduced Scorpion Tail Sting's Torpidity: Max Torpor Amount is now 200 (Was 300, Vanilla is 100), Melee Damage Multiplier is now 4 (Was 5, Vanilla is 3) and have changed the Torpor's build-up duration to match Vanilla (10 seconds)
- Disabled Fall Damage for Karkinos
- Keen Eye: Now has a crosshair when throwing creatures (hold C) or when jumping (hold Space)!
- Disabled Wild Karkinos Aggro to untamed fish
- Shoulder Pet: Meganerua can now be shoulder mounted by players!
- Onycs can now be tamed with Blood Packs which are now their most effective food!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Comment pictures/videos of your raised babies/adults and I'll feature them up here on the page!

New Features!

Mod ID: 1112780816

New Resources & General Features
- New resources: Venom and Anti-Venom which are produced by the creatures and can be used as substitutes for Narcotics & Stimulants!
- All Insects, Diplopods, Gastropods & Arachnids can now breed and are guaranteed twins, with a 50% chance of triplets!
- All Arthropods (except Karkinos) & Achatina are now twice as likely to develop mutations and can have up to twice as many total mutations as other creatures!
- New unique abilities and attacks for all creatures included!
- Breedable Achatina, Araneo, Dung Beetles, Mantis, Pulmonoscorpius, Lymantria, Karkinos, Onyc, Coelacanth, Sabertooth Salmon, Piranha, Trilobite & Aberrant Versions!
- Tameable & Breedable Jug Bugs, Eurypterids, Leeches, Lampreys, Ammonites, Cnidaria & Meganeura

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- Honey will not spoil, instead it will turn into Crystallized Honey which does not spoil and can be changed back to regular Honey at a 2-1 ratio in a cooking pot
- Full life cycles and breedable Bees including Larvae shoulder pets
- Improved Lifecycles for Bees - Transferrable imprints from Larvae stage & Queen Bees being only female and only able to breed with drones from a different Queen (which pass on the stats of that Queen)
- Moths able to land on walls and ceilings
- Full life cycles for Moths including ridable Caterpillars
- Improved Lifecycles for Moths - Transferrable imprints from Caterpillar stage
- Fully climable Spiders, walk on walls and ceilings
- Improved Lifecycles for Spiders - Eggs actually carried on back during pregnancy
- Scorpions able to attack while moving
- Scorpions able to grab their prey
- Improved Lifecycles for Scorpions - Babies must stay close to the mother or they lose their imprint
- Full life cycles for Scorpions with producable Spermatophores
- Improved Lifecycles for Dung Beetles - Breeding is only available if the parents hold enough feces
- Versatile Taming for Mantises - Tame with any Metal Tools
- Full life cycles for Arthros with producable Spermatophores
- Improved Lifecycles for Snails - Actual clones, no more level 1 ones and no genders: all Snails able to breed with all others
- New floor walking and hanging animations for Bats
- Breedable Titanboa
- Titanboa passively produce Venom
- Improved general lifecycles - Multiple eggs produced instead of guaranteed twins/triplets


Plus: Several brand new creatures with unique life-cycles and uses!


Thank you so much to the Ark Modding Discord, they've been a massive help and I can't understate enough what a wealth of knowledge is in that chat. If you're an aspiring modder and want to get involved, come check it out![] Especially big thanks to [Biggums[/b] for helping me get the functionality for the Dung Beetles working in my mod and helping me really get to grips with the Graph Editor!
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Lone Ranger Oct 8 @ 1:59pm 
@We are Captains of the Sky do you have a discord or some other way of contact? I am now a victim of the twitter banhammer due to an autocarrot error.
You can add Seeker tameable :D ?
We can ride Onyc ?
Lone Ranger Jul 30 @ 4:58pm 
@HC_Warriorplayer I talked to him on Twitter and he just posted a comment.
We are Captains of the Sky  [author] Jul 30 @ 7:35am 
Hey guys, really sorry for the long delay between updates. I'm currently working a job that demands most of my time and energy. But fear not I'll be making updates whenever I'm able to, for the moment I'm mainly focused on bug fixes rather then implementing new features, but I'll be looking into all I can to complete this mod!
HC_Warriorplayer Jul 25 @ 2:44am 
@Lone_Ranger how do you know that? Does he post somewhere else or so?
AnyOrphan Jul 24 @ 4:51pm 
One thing you may want to look in to to make this mod more compatible, go the same route as the Immersive Flight Reborn mod. add in an Evolver engram that transforms Vanilla creatures into these new badass ones. Would help immensely with any kind of compatibility issues.
Lone Ranger Jul 23 @ 11:54am 
Good news guys! This mod is not dead, the creator is just trying to find the time to update it.
HC_Warriorplayer Jul 13 @ 7:15am 
@Wyrden333 they do yes but this mod is too old for that, that function is pretty new to most mods as far as I know and this one here just wasn't updated with it. I loved this mod but as the
mod author disappeared I just found other mods that are much better done and have more features than this one
Wyrden333 Jul 12 @ 12:10pm 
That's really sad, love the idea of the mod as there aint really a reason for insects not being breedable in Ark. Was hoping as I believe other remaps have such a function.