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Team Fortress 2

The Treasure Sniper

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Items (3)
The Bandanakubra
Created by Kaymon95
Double the protection against rainfall and bird poop

Hat and bandana combo for Sniper, team-colored

3 lods, paintable
Normal maps by Evan
The Explorer's Supporter
Created by Kaymon95
When you're travelling across the world to haunted Mayan temples or overgrown vicious jungles, you've gotta suit up. Ya gotta bring all the necessities:

Your telescope!
Some rope!
A treasure map!
Your sweet belt buckle from Scouts!
That compass you ...
The Treasure Trousers
Created by Kaymon95
Rainforest-resistant and super stylish.

Pants and boots for Sniper

3 lods, paintable
Normal maps by Evan
In 1 collection by Kaymon95
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