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Space Just Got Real (1.186 Update 3)
Created by Dr. Novikov
Update 3 for 1.186
1. Reduced the bloom around displays and light emitting blocks.

Update 2 for 1.186

1. Reduced the amount of light emitted by atmosphere.
2. Got rid of the annoying blue tint on Earth.
3. Made cave entrances le...
Terra - realistic geography
Created by Duke of Lorraine
"Earth is the cradle of Humanity. But one cannot live in a cradle forever" - Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

The Earth, 3rd planet of the Sol system, is for now the sole habitable planet known to man.

This planet is based on accurate landscape data, making co...
Luna - realistic geography
Created by Duke of Lorraine
"that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" - Neil Armstrong

The Moon is the only natural satellite of Earth and, for now, the only place out of Earth where human have walked. It is not habitable minus the possibility of surface stations...
Real Mars (IRL Grav + Atmo)
Created by Xilthis
This version of "Real Mars" also has IRL surface gravity (.376g) and surface atmospheric density (less than 1% of earth).

It is otherwise identical.

For the normal version with higher gravity and atmosphere supporting atmospheric engines:
Created by GHOSTXV
Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest in the Solar System.
It is a giant planet with a mass one-thousandth that of the Sun, but two and
a half times that of all the other planets in the Solar System combined. Jupiter
is a gas giant...
Saturn HD
Created by GHOSTXV
Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second-largest in the Solar System, after Jupiter.
It is a gas giant with an average radius about nine times that of Earth. Although it has only
one-eighth the average density of Earth, with its larger vo...
Venus - now with Atmospheric AND Lava Damage.
Created by entspeak
NOTE: Due to the way the game works, if you spawned the planet into your world before Nov 17, 2017, and you’re having issues with seeing cloud layers (some are black or missing), you may have to respawn the planet.

Venus, second planet from the sun, is ...
Created by DeltaGhost88
Postion from Sun - 8th
Gravity - 0.886g
Primary Resource - Ice...
Created by DeltaGhost88
Postion from Sun - 9th
Gravity - 1.14g
Primary Resource - Ice...
Created by entspeak
This is the first custom planet intended for my future Mercury to Mars update.

Custom heightmaps based on the height data in the recently released Global Digital Elevation Map of Mercury (USGS Astrogeology Science Center). The complete real world topogr...
Created by GHOSTXV
you must put my Ghosts CloudLayer textures mod in world before it will show up in your mod folder then

open my mod 773189417 in mod folder OS/Users/your comps name/appdata/Roaming/space enginneers\mods

way it works go into you Space engineers folde...
Spectre Cockpit [DX9/DX11]
Created by Tumble
Greetings fellow engineers!

"Today, a collaboration of Azimuth Industries and Tartaross Inc has finally shipped.
It was never supposed to come, but the shipment to the Gemini sector had 1 extra cockpit in it's cargo.
One bold engineer outposted in the...
[DX11] Dark Mechanicus - Orb Cockpit [Updated]
Created by KhorneSyrup
Description - This is an orb shaped cockpit. Given to all of you as a gift from the Dark Gods.

Current Function - Soup Kitchen

Planned Function - Fish Bowl

Developer - KhorneSyrup

Available On - Small Ship

Survival Ready - Yes.

(DX11) Cockpit
Created by Eikester
Small Ship Cockpit

Same size and Recipe as the Fighter Cockpit (3x4x6) with a different Design

Survival Ready
Construction Models
Conveyor Ports for Oxygen System

Uses Textures of the existing Cockpits so Credits to Darth Biom...
MA Fighter Gunner Cockpit
Created by AutoMcDonough
FGC for short. Cockpit for gunner, fits behind Fighter Cockpit and matches style.
Compatible with rearth's Advanced Combat Systems mod.

If ACS mod is active, this cockpit will co...
Ball Cockpit
Created by Spacebar
Ball/Orb Cockpit for my upcoming Steam Punk mod collection. Seat model by Entity325. The chrome and select parts are colorable. It's functional and survival ready, conveyor port on back should be working now....
(DX11 ONLY) Fighter Cockpit 2.0
Created by Darth Biomech
First of all, this mod doesn't mean that I returned to modding.
I just saw the "updated" Fighter Cockpit model and thought that it was barely changed. I thought it will be only logical if I'd updated my own work, of which I thinked ...
Dark Mechanicus - Marauder Cockpit
Created by KhorneSyrup
I've been away for quite some time now. But now I'm at a point where I can actually do some work again finally.. I appreciate everyones Patience and support over the last two years or so. Consider this my return. Cheers!

Description - Marauder Cockpit....
[DX11] Dark Mechanicus - B.U.S. Cockpit [Fixed]
Created by KhorneSyrup
Description - The B.U.S. Cockpit, or Battle and Utility Supplemental Cockpit is an armored cockpit designed for small ships.

Current Function - DishWasher

Planned Function - Litter Box

Developer - KhorneSyrup

Available On - Small Ship

Dark Mechanicus - ARCM Cockpit
Created by KhorneSyrup
Description - Cockpit size is 1x2x4. Can you ride it with no handlebars?

Current Function - Oyster shucker

Planned Function - Your mom?

Developer - KhorneSyrup

Available On - Small Ship

Survival Ready - Yes.

Recolorable - Yes.

Build S...
S - Atmospheric Thruster 2 - DX11
Created by Sektan
S - Atmospheric Thruster 2 - DX11

Atmospheric Thruster for PLANET'S

Now you can build ship for the atmosphere.

These thrusters are functional only in the atmosphere

DX11 - DX9

Survival ready

Twice as strong than van...
S - Thruster - DX11
Created by Sektan
S - Thruster

DX11 - DX9

I had idea about my thruster, so here it is.

Build Progress Models I will improve.

My workshop

If you like...
S - Thruster 3 - DX11
Created by Sektan
S - Thruster 3

DX11 - DX9 - standard thruster sound

ForceMagnitude - 2700000
MaxPowerConsumption - 10.72

"SteelPlate" Count="100"
"Construction" Count="70"
"LargeTube" Count="50"
"Thrust" Count=...
S - Anubis - side thruster - DX11
Created by Sektan
S - Anubis - side thruster

DX9 also DX11

Big thruster 7x5x19

Force Magnitude - 123000000
MaxPowerConsumption - 1000

My workshop

If you like my mods, join to my group ...
S - Cratos thruster - DX11
Created by Sektan
S - Cratos thruster - DX11

DX11 - DX9

Survival ready

Cratos is strong thruster


Cratos thruster
ForceMagnitude - 234000000
MaxPowerConsumption - 1998

Imhotep thruster
ForceMagnitude - 117000000
MaxPowerConsumption - 999

S - AV Atmospheric Thruster - DX11
Created by Sektan
S - AV Atmospheric Thruster - DX11

Atmospheric Thrusters - only large but for Large also Small ships

Little stronger then vanila

DX11 - DX9

Survival ready

My works...
Carbon Fibre Blocks Mod Pack~(DX-11 Ready)
Created by SEModder4
Carbon Armor Blocks and Connectors Mod Pack For(DX9/DX11 Modes)
=>All Credit goes to Lionel for making t
(DX11) Kolt - Command Console Pack
Created by Eikester
Fully working remake of Kolts Command Console Pack

This is a Replacement for the original Ko
Beton (Concrete armor)
Created by gornyakmaniac
This is updated version of derCoda's Beton mod.
UPD. Since derCoda updated original mod to DX11, my version will be ...
(DX11) Better Piston
Created by Eikester
This Mod adds a new Piston variants with an actual Piston look

Large Grid:
15 Meters max Length
0.002 MW

Small Grid:
3 Meters max Length
0.0002 MW

Construction Models
Survival Ready

As always have Fun and check ou...
Attachments - large to small grid without limits!
Created by Digi
This is a different version of Electronics Panel mod but with significant differences, as requested by its users :}

Basically this mod adds a lageship/station block that allows p...
(DX11) Iris Door
Created by Eikester
Iris Door


I thought now with the new Renderer (partially) in place and all the new Models its time to bring you this fully functional Iris Door. I tried to give it a look that matches the new...
S - Conveyors
Created by Sektan
S - Conveyors

Colorable stripe

Large / Small ship

Survival ready

Added adaptor - but not necessary to use

My workshop

!!!!!! AND AGAIN !...
(DX11) Eikesters Decorations and more - Part I
Created by Eikester
Get Part II here: Eikesters Decorations and more - Part II

This Mod currently contains:

Bed (Double and Single) - Passenger Seat
Side Table (Centered, Left and Right aligned)...
Azimuth Passenger Seat & Open Cockpit~(DX-11 Ready)
Created by SEModder4
Azimuth Industries does it again!

I am proud to present the Azimuth Passenger and Open Cockpit

Equipped with leather seats and Azimuth Logo :D

=>Now is DX-9 and DX-11 Compatible.

=>Fully Colorable

=>Full Construction models.

=>One Open c...
(DX11) Blast Door
Created by Eikester
Large Blast/Hangar Door

12x7x1 Total size
10x5x1 opening

Construction Models


Have Fun :)

(DX11) Advertising LCDs
Created by Eikester
This Mods adds a couple of LCDs meant for Advertising

1x1 Wall, Bottom, Top Mounted
1x2 Wall, Bottom, Top Mounted
2x1 Wall, Bottom, Top Mounted
1x1 Advertising Pillar (rotating!)

Own Category, all Colorable, Construction Models, Surviva...
S - Guns - All at once - DX11
Created by Sektan
S Guns - All at once

All guns at once. I will add more.

DX9 - DX11

My workshop

If you like my mods, join to my group for easy ch...
S - Magnetic wheels - DX11
Created by Sektan
S - Magnetic wheels - DX11

I'm back, this is the first mod after pause. I will continue to do updates old mods.

Magnetic wheel 3x3 - small ships

DX11 - DX9

Survival ready

Update 1 with a spherical collision is mainly for ...
Albion Weapons Pack Series 1 - In Limbo
Created by The Painted Target
Note: Over my head in uni right now and will not be working on this for a little while. I overestimated my free time. Thanks for understanding.

Greetings, Engineers! The Painted Target here. I present the Albion Weapons Pack (Series 1) for Space Enginee...
LCD Sci-fi interface pack
Created by AssHunter
dx 9/11...
S - Signs 3 / LCD - DX11
Created by Sektan
S - Signs 3

New Signs as LCD

My workshop

If you like my mods, join to my group for easy checking of new maps.
[url={LINK REMOVED}...
VCZ Gravity Plates and Catwalks
Created by Vicizlat
Small ship Gravity Plate (3x3x1), large ship Gravity Plate (1x1x1 half-block) and large ship Gravity Catwalk (1x1x1 same size as Steel Catwalk). Cheap to build but has reduced gravity field size of m...
(DX11) Kitchen
Created by Eikester
This Mod brings you a set of Kitchen Blocks

Contains a total of 10 Blocks, colorable, survival ready, construction Models etc.
Currently only for Large Grid, a proper Small Grid version will take a while

Table & Chair Combo ...
[NEW VERSION AVALIABLE] Maintenance Tunnels
Created by Argual


The following blocks will be removed from the next version (Separate mod, you can still use them with this one):
T-shaped Vent, T-...
HUD Colors
Created by Skinface
A simple HUD mod to add colors to the main status bars....
[codecat]ccAIReactors [DX11 ONLY] PUBLIC
Created by Inferi
This pack is and will now be public "I like to give a big thank you to the ones that donated"

Reactorpack from [codecat]ccAI


If you love my mods, please donate : [url=
Power Cable Blocks
Created by KaosKnite
These blocks function as regular blocks but simulate power cables and are for adding some decoration to your creations. These cable blocks are colorable and have low collisions so they can be walked or driven over. There are different types of cable bloc...
Hover Engines
Created by EctoSage
These hover engines are designed to work best on planets, but will actually function out of atmosphere, at a greatly reduced power, to find out more, watch this video:

-Increased thr...
S - Airtight Door - DX11
Created by Sektan
S - Airtight Door

DX11 - DX9

New Airtight Door - 5x3, 1x1, 3x3, 3x2..............................

My workshop

If you like my mods, join to my group for easy checking of n...
Slim Containers — exactly what says on the tin
Created by Cheetah
Sometimes, a full-sized medium or large cargo container is just too much. Sometimes, a stack of small containers is just too little.

This is a pack of slim cargo boxes for all your slim stashing needs! (Seriously, why no one in the modder community thou...
Mexpex Warfare Industries V1.0.2
Created by PhoenixTheSage
An official Mexpex approved rebalance & collection!
v1.0.1+ - Compatibility for 1.186.101 and script fixes/optimizations

Welcome to Mexpex Warfare Industries! Your end-all be-all of fine battleship weaponry!

Now with MUZZLE
(DX11)Power Lines
Created by Darth Biomech
Description: Simple mod that adds decorative block in form of powerline thingies. It's intended use is to connect separate buildings on a planetary base into single grid with shared power consumption.

Check my [url=
Reaction Control System (Hydro & Ion)
Created by nukeguard
The Reaction Control System for Large and Small ships allows you to keep your ship positioned in space without burning through your hydrogen supply, and also allows you to make fine tuned movements when docking.

-one smallship RCS is capable of lifting ...
Tubular Tanks
Created by Argual
This mod adds Tube-shaped tanks to all grids, including a small 1x1x1 tank for small grids next to the medium 3x3x3 tanks. They are mostly balanced, the inventory size for them (which is used to store bottles) is as large as the original tanks, but it shou...
Shuurai_Warp_Drive Updated!
Created by Zanzikahn
This is a re-upload. The previous workshop was not working on dedicated Servers(i.e. was not being placed).

This is the taste of what's to come. Ever thought with technology being advanced far enough to go form planet to planet that things should look ...
Passage Intersections + More
Created by AViegarien
Adds 3 Junctions for Passage blocks, A varient of all Passages with Interior Lights, 4 Passages with LCD displays, a Passage Door, Passage Air Vent, and Passage Stairs. All passages can be built on small grids. Blocks that have an open floor/celing have en...
(DX11) Round Glass Windows
Created by Eikester
This Mod adds 6 new Blocks for Large Ship/Station and Small Ship:

Window 1x1 Flat Round
Window 1x1 Flat Round Inverted
Window 1x1 Round
Window 1x1 Round Inverted
Window 1x1 Round Corner
Window 1x1 Round Corner Inverted

Made to fit the Round Armo...
(DX11)Deep Space Transceiver
Created by Darth Biomech
Description: Deep Space Transceiver is an extremely powerful large 20 meters antenna dish, 7x7x9 blocks. It is capable on sending and receiving data at distances up to 2 million km. It is perfect choice for establishing communications between...
Maglev Rail
Created by DraygoKorvan
Maglev Rails

Enhance your game with working rails. Mod by Shaostoul and Draygo.

Contains the following blocks:
Straight 1
Straight 3
Straight 9
Straight 27

3 Small curve blocks
5 Medium curve blocks

1 6x1 Ramp block

1 3x3 Cross...
(DX11)Big Gate
Created by Darth Biomech
Description: 1x2x3 large gate, designed for cargo bays and main entrances to stations or capital ships.

Check my thread[]

Please, stop asking for different doors. I will NOT do same block twice, ...
Ladder - climbable!
Created by Digi
This mod adds some ladder blocks. Players can climb these ladders and can mostly hold onto them while the ship is flying.

By default the use/interact key or X on the gamepad can be used to grab on to ladders. You can change the bind in the config (see b...
(DX11) Boarding Ramp
Created by Eikester
Boarding Ramp

Small and Large Grid
1x1x3 (Large)
5x1x15 (Small)

DX9 & 11
No Construction Model (will be added soon)

Advanced Door

(DX11)Docking Ring
Created by Darth Biomech
Description: six block complect containing: docking ring segment and segment corner, docking ring clamp and clamp corner, and two variants of airlock. Docking clamp is functioning as a merge block, and consists out or two blocks: Docking Clamp Part ...
retractable landing gear
Created by Takeshi
First: please leave feedback, its frustrating to get nothing back (thumb up).

This Mod contains two retractable and one folding landing gear blocks for large and small grids. The Script for the animation is working only on the client, so there should no...
S - Vault Door
Created by Sektan
S - Vault Door

Vault Door - 5x3x1

Advanced door


My workshop

Here is DONATE link - [url=
VCZ Multifloor Elevator
Created by Vicizlat
Works on moving grids. Keep in mind to fly in a straight line or be gentle while turning or the player using the elevator may get flung out violently when they reach their desired floor.

Player hosted multiplayer is working some of the time
GSF Pulse Cannons
Created by [GSF] Neimoh
5/19/18 Update!
- I've finally got the center offsets fixed so you can now place the XL Citadels and the static weapons align to the rear now.

3/24/18 Major Update!
- We've added recoil to Medium, Large and Citadel turrets! Thanks to Digi's code from ...
Weapon Rack
Created by Eikester
Weapon Rack

you can place up to 10 Rifles on this Rack.
Additionaly it has an Inventory (it is a Cargo Container) to allow storing Ammo (and only Ammo) for your Rifles.

To access the Inventory aim at the Drawers at the bottom.
To place or ...
Sci-Fi LCD Panels Volume I
Created by bonceneg
Thanks to Dr. Novikov for permission to use his mod "Eyes Just Got Clear"
Fusion Reactor [DX9/DX11]
Created by IshyDaFishy
Lancaster Inc.
Fusion Reactor [DX9 / DX11]

The Lancaster Inc. research department has developed a brand new power source, the fusion reactor! After lots of experimenting with ice our researchers found a way...
Titan Engine 2017
Created by Doctor Octoganapus
Titan Engine 2017 Edit

Most of this mods issues fixed themselves over time however the new changes to thruster damage called for an update to bring it more up to date with how vanilla thrusters are now treated.

Changes Include: Thruster damage, Effec...
Dark Mechanicus - HellBlade Thruster [UPDATED]
Created by KhorneSyrup
Description - An unholy thruster Ripped from the hull of a HellBlade. Use wisely.
As of 10/16/2017 Now comes in four flavors. Also it's hydrogen now >_> <_<

Current Function - Thruster

Planned Function - Fancy Lighter or something.

Developer - Kh...
XPAR Elegant Solar
Created by Craig P
(Sounds like Keen changed something again and the mod is broken again.)

Solar panels both larger and smaller than vanilla. Balanced, survival-ready. Lighter than vanilla panels because vanilla panels are oddly heavy.

Use a variety of 1x1x3 panels for...
Helicarrier Thruster MK II
Created by Rider
Helicarrier Thruster MK II
They work in atmo and space (in space 20% more thrust and power usage)



Thrust: 15MN
Power: 30.36MW


Thrust: 90MN
Power: 225.36MW

X-Large ...
Awesome mix Vol.1 ("Guardians of the galaxy" Soundtrack.)
Created by FloydTheSandwich
A collection of Pop songs (for sound Block) from the Guardians of the galaxy Movie.

These songs include...

"Hooked On A Feeling" Performed by Blue suede,
Max's Commercial LCD Pack
Created by Maxyall
To-do list:
Ad Astra Industries
Arrialis Industries
Gen-Tek Mineralogical
Gen's Performance Parts and Restorations
"B.C.N: British Colonial navy,its motto is "for Queen and colony"
Global Dynamic...
[Mexpex] Large Hydrogen Thruster Revamp
Created by Mexpex
Large Hydrogen Thruster - Vanilla Revamp

They do not replace vanilla

This is a mod is a visual revamp of the vanilla large hydrogen thruster models.
Its a mod for those who wants a higher visual fidelity instead of placeholder mod...
Hammerman decoration pack (DX11)
Created by PeterHammerman
Decoration pack V3.0

Now compatible with DX11

Pack contain:

- Floor/ceiling (large & small ship)
- Wall straight (Large and small ship)
- Wall corner (Large)
- Wall inv corner (Large)
- Lockers (L + S)
- Armory (L + S)
- Suit lockers (Femal...
Tubular Storage
Created by Argual
1x1x1 and 3x3x3 Cargo Containers.

They come in armored (+ 150/15/5 Steel Plate layer) and unarmored variants.
They are balanced.

This mod is an addition to my other pipe conveyor mod which adds similarly functioning conveyor tubes in many shapes.
Pipe Conveyor Expansion
Created by Argual
Argual Industries proudly presents you the new dual-layer steel tubes!

Are You tired of seeing those boring Conveyor Tubes everywhere? You want to add some Conveyors to the outside of Your ship, but You fear they get blown up too easy? Well, then this i...
[Mexpex] Adv Exploration Thruster
Created by Mexpex
Advanced Exploration Thruster - By Mexpex

To ease space to planet exploration Mexpex Industries has developed a thruster prototype called the AE Thruster.

Survival - Yes
LOD models - Yes(4 steps)

Size(small ship): 7x3x8
In atmosphere - 30...
beacon security [temp]
Created by RulerofDiscord
just a temp replacement since the original got removed. this will go away once the orinigal mod has been uploaded by its creator again....
UOH Airtight Hangar Door - Fixed
Created by Visentinel
--Original mod updated at original page

This mod bring a "new" airtight door with the new block design. The opening height is just doubled compare to the vanilla version.

- Fixed Airtightness

Mod Made by UOH
Original link to broken mod - http://s...
Hollow Planet Clean-Up
Created by Meridius_IX

This mod will perform a clean-up of any grid that falls beneath the planet surface.

Clean-up Specifications

- If a grid is past 1/3 of the distance from the surface to the planet center, it will be removed....
Easy NPC Takeovers
Created by Meridius_IX

Capturing NPC grids can be an exercise in frustration - having to grind down all the terminal blocks and reweld them to take ownership. Now there's an easier way!

This mod adds a new way to take control of NPC grids.

Huge tha...
NPC Clean-Up and Performance
Created by Meridius_IX

This is a mod that scans for NPC grids (Space Pirate, etc) and removes them when certain conditions are met. The clean-up parameters are customizable, so individuals and server admins can adjust the settings to their specific needs....
Corruption - PvE Combat
Created by Meridius_IX

This mod adds several new pirate drones to provide a more challenging Player vs Environment (PvE) experience. Many of the drones included make use of custom behaviors, making them a bit more unpredictable when compared to vanilla p...
Factions Logo LCD Panels
Created by bonceneg
All panels only for widescreen LCD screens.

Dr. Novikov's mod "Eyes Just Got Clear" used:
Created by Ironhospital
- all Colors
- Opening and Closing of Security window
- only large
- new cube without closure

Thanks for the feedback :-)

small window:
USEA Programmable block
Created by Riverey

My first ever mod for Space Engineers and my first proper 3d model!

I was looking to get a smallship prog. block that could be placed inside of the ship. Vanila one just doesn't feel right because...
S - Moon Project - preview4 - cockpits
Created by Sektan
S - Moon Project - preview4

Moon Project cockpits - WIP

Only LARGE grid

1x passenger seat
5x cockpit
2x console
1x LCD

Moon Project is still WIP

Moon Project

Trailer 1 - https://ww...
UOH | Holed Armor Blocks v1.1
Created by Uohcnam



Hi Engineers!

There is my last decorative block mod for SE! This mod add about twenty new blocks for the aestetic o...
Rotary Airlock
Created by nukeguard
The Rotary Airlock, designed with atmosphere in mind. No more will you depressurize your rooms by accidentally opening the wrong doors, the Rotary Airlock keeps that vaccuum away from your precious air and keeps its seal 100% of the time.

Built like any...
Colorful Icons
Created by typekcz
Are you tired of that bluish color of all icons?
If yes, I have solution for you!

This mod contains colored original textures of:
  • Ores
  • Ingots
  • Components
  • Weapons and tools
  • B
ModXBlock (ENG)
Created by Sergey
This mod adds blocks with increased characteristics but more expensive for creation.
Attention! Mod is developing still. If you find any bug, you are welcome to write about it in comments.

Mod language: English.
Russian version of the mod you can inst...
Rotor Variety
Created by Argual
This mod adds some extra advanced rotors into the game.


Small Grid:
>- 1x1x1 Small Advanced Rotor

Large and Small Grid:
>- 3x3x1 Broad Advanced Rotor
>- 3x3x1 Broad Advanced Hollow Rotor
>- 5x5x1 Wide Advanced Rotor
>- 5x5x1 Wide ...
Shaostoul - Solar Panels
Created by Shaostoul
Shaostoul presents: Solar Panels
Expanding your universe since May 2014!

Mod details:
-All blocks are in a "Shaostoul" tab.
Large & small grid variants

Available blocks:
13 Solar panel windows

Bugs, glitches, err...
[BETA] Defense Shields - Mod Pack
Created by DarkStar
IMPORTANT INFO - The upcoming v1.0 is imminent (Wednesday at the latest). All existing Shields in savegames will be wiped out with the coming release, sadly this was unavoidable. If for whatever reason you want to continue to use the old versio...
LY_Thruster package
Created by 一半丶
If you like this module, please help to evaluate it so that more people can see it !
It includes: (Large/Small)
Atmo Thrust 1x1x1 || 1x1x1(oblique) || 3x3x2
Ion Thrusters 1x1x1 || 1x1x1(oblique) || 3x3x2
Pulse Thruster 1x1x1 || 1x1x1(obliq...
[VSI] Recolorable Thrusters
Created by Darkmist
Void Star Industries proudly presents the technology to recolor any thruster flames from the control panel. No more predefined flame colors that don't match your paint job. Simply go into the thruster's control paneland set your preferred color with th
Nanobot Build and Repair System
Created by Dummy08
Nanobot build and repair system
for small and large ships/stations (automatic welding/grindig/cleanup system)

  • This system could repair damaged, build projected and grind marked/enemy blocks wi
AI French voice
Created by Marcus
Il n'y a pas assez de Francais dans Space ?

Alors voici un Pack de 75 sons pour le Bloc Sonore en Francais !

--- Discussions: ---
"Bonjour Capitaine"
"Bonjour Ingénieur"
"Bonjour Capitaine comment va"
"Au revoir Capitaine"
"Au revoir Ingénieur"...
Tactical Station StarTrek Enterprise D
Created by Ironhospital
Tactical Station StarTreK Enterprise D.
I have divided the station into four parts.
The reason is a better distribution of the blocks.
There remains a larger construction area

Features: ButtonPanel...
Created by Ironhospital


- all colors
- just small
- air capable

Feedback desired. :-)

other mod:
Created by Ironhospital
- colorable
- Smal and Large
- Light and Heavy

Thanks for the support Xariman...
Triangle Windows
Created by Ironhospital
- Colorable
- Large 1 x 1
- Light
- ready for SURVIVAL

New Cube: Corner_Window

Thanks for the support Xariman...
Created by Ironhospital
- Colorable
- Large
- EdgeType: Light
- ready for SURVIVAL

- 11 Cube

- 1x Door
- 1x Rund_Ligh

The original cube will not overwrite !!!
Unfortunately, the original cube (corner round) is not airtight. That's why I've created a custom cube corn...
Sloping Window Glass
Created by Ironhospital
- Colorable
- Large 1 x 1
- Light
- ready for SURVIVAL

Thanks for the support Xariman...
Epstein Drive - Functional Version
Created by Dondelium
Re-upload of another mod with additional script.
Originally created by 🍄 and Vlack.
Original Mod here.

This version provides 70.0 MN of thrust and requires ...
Sci-Fi LCD Panels Volume II
Created by bonceneg
Second volume of Sci-Fi LCD Panels.

To use place LCD block and choose the texture from dropdown menu. Enjoy...
Static Holographic Projectors
Created by Harag
Holographic projection tables that display a planet. These are cosmetic blocks made out of a modest 1700 triangles each.

There is now a version of this proj...
Skallabjorns Retro Solar, Programing and Antenna Blocks
Created by Skallabjorn
*** Please do not edit my mods and repost them without permission, and in some case the permission of the original author. I take the trouble to get permission to edit and repost, you should as well. ***

I have taken a VERY old and abandoned mod and u...
Large Armor Gates [WIP] (DX11)
Created by MMaster
Airtight Armor Gates [WIP]
Block mod by MMaster & Eikester

Modified Airtight Hangar Door with minimalistic design & colorable texture that goes better together with vanilla armor blocks. It is 2 times faster than Hangar Door with 2 times more po...
MCM Rocinante AirLock
Created by moderncolin
Model Made by Me (Moderncolin)
The Expanse Rocinante Art Work by (ryan dening)

<Size x="12" y="10" z="3" />
Vanilla Construction Stage

<Size x="12" y="10" z="3" />
Vanilla Construction Stage...
MCM Rocinante Back Thruster
Created by moderncolin
Model Made by Me(Moderncolin)
The Expanse Rocinante Art Work by (ryan dening)

<Size x="5" y="5" z="4" />
Vanilla Construction Stage

Gyroscope +1000%
Created by Prof.Liebstrumpf

This adds a new Gyroscope with 1000% more POWER!

Balanced Ressource, Buildtime and Power....
Sektan Signs 2 - DX11
Created by Sektan
Sektan Signs 2

( Still is small problem with signs for terminals )

Separate signs with own category

My workshop

If you like my asteroids, join to my group for easy check...