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a collection of items i fidn satisfying
Items (23)
Big Pink Cookie
Created by Totolook
As the Valve has his great snackbar, also the Mann Co. Has his own.
The most popular snack is the big pink cookie the Heavy's favourite....
Banana Blast!
Created by Whomobile
Sometimes you just need a fruity drink to pull you through a rough stalemate.

Note: Banana Blast may contain traces of non-banana items including but not limited to:
- heavy metals
- banana-like substances
- small animals
- questionable liquids
- actual ...
Battle Banana
Created by Gadget
Battle Banana

o Heavy secondary weapon
o Jiggle bones
o Bite bodygroup
o 2 LODs

Feel free to talk about stats in the discussions section.

The Pepper Pack v2
Created by CoBalt
Red Hot Edition

- 2 LODs
- Paintable
- For Scout and Pyro
- Good storage space

- Better model and texture!
- BLU is now a green pepper!
- Hip new buttons!
- Spicier!

Mod Download:
Change the criteria []...
The Minivich(Bar Slider)
Tiny Slider for a heavy on the go!
Small in size big on taste!

Bar slider is a tiny burger ment to come in 4

Idea for this item is:
75% less healing(75 health gained)
75% faster eating time (1 Second)
75% faster recharge(7.5 Seconds)

This item...
the Log-Cake-hatt
why eat a hand-full of cake
when you can have a hat-full of cake
With this coming christmas
and momma's great baking
we have ourself a good ol' log cake hatt...
A Fairy Cake
Created by Gadget
A Fairy Cake

o Heavy Secondary Item
o 2 LODs
o 2 Styles (Cookie and Cherry)
o 2 Bodygroups (Whole and Bite)

It's a cupcake for the Heavy.

Feel free to suggest a better name.

I might add some sprinkles and work a bit more on the bite bodygrou...
The Ice Cream Sandvich
Created by Lejean
The heavy's favorite summer time snack.

A cookie wrapper with 3 kinds of ice cream. Chocolate, strawberry, and ofcourse the all time standard, vodka!

Mod available at TF2Mods!

Fixed some shadowing issue...
Cringle's Cookie
Created by SNIPA

Christmas item 2011...
Space Cream Sandvich
Created by * ReznorsRage *
Life never tasted so nommy! Icecream in a melt free delectable dry cube.

Want to see it in the round? Click below to check out the model:

Space Cream WIP (View in 3D[])
*Updated* Cake for Heavy (+ youtube video)
Created by Peka
How about an enchanted, unspoilable, moonsugar topped cake from the Izkhanav ruins for the Heavy?

Festive Fruitcake
Created by crazy-g
It doesn't add up: fruit good, cake great, fruitcake nasty crap.

Negative voice responses upon eating!
Christmas / winter food for Heavy.
Custom festive plate for throwing at people.

After eating:
-60 HP
3 seconds of rage-induced crit boost

The Banana Bar
Introducing the newest addition to the Mann co Monkeynautics line of space products "The Banana Bar!" This space snack is perfect for any Monkeynaut in need of high amounts of potassium. In fact this bar has the same amount of potassium as 1,253 bananas. Y...
Holiday Healthpack (Large)
Created by Jman
Delicious gingerbread large healthpack....
The Artillery Sentry
Created by Rotzlöffel
"Sentry ahead!"

Feel free to try the mod:
Ammo Bandito
Created by Jukebox
Saving Private Intel

Paintable belt

Model and stuff by Jukebox
SFM Promos by Bloodfart...
The Tack Driver
MANN CO. has entered the 1911 game with The Tack Driver, it hits hard and hits where it counts. Based off my personal favorite platform, the M1911A1.

2 styles-
1: The MANN CO. Service Issue
2: The MANN CO. Custom Shop

3 LOD’s


Mod now available ...
Sky-High Tops
And they said stapling bits of card in the shape of wings to your shoes would only slow you down!

Concept/design: Fudgie Wudgie
Model/rigging: The Heartsman
Texture/paint: Frying Dutchman
Idea/inspiration: Merczy...
Mann Co's Special Sauce
Created by donhonk
Get Lost in the Sauce! (While Supplies Last.)...
The Cosmic Cleaver
Created by InfectedPotato
The finest in astro-cutlery....