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@CMCSSC_MK20_SSR Beta test
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Aug 12 @ 6:20am
Oct 15 @ 9:37pm
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@CMCSSC_MK20_SSR Beta test

This is my first mod for ARMA 3,and the first part of my SCAR family!

Sorry my bad English,just enjoy the mod!
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GrizzlyBear83 Oct 27 @ 9:06am 
I noticed the zero setting. Anyway, thanks, for the mod!
knightsmk11mod0  [author] Oct 25 @ 6:25am 
GrizzlyBear83,I just test the AMS scope and have no problem with it ,but did you notice that the default AMS scope is set the zero to 500?
GrizzlyBear83 Oct 25 @ 3:23am 
The texture problem must be on my end, it does not look as crisp as on the screenshot above. My apologies.
GrizzlyBear83 Oct 25 @ 3:21am 
Cool to hear knightsmk11mod0, I really dig the rifle. Maybe the texture is on my end. Anyway, should I do anything specific regarding the scopes? I'd like to use the Ams scope but I just couldn't get any good hits with it. The rifle is sweet though
KICKASS Oct 24 @ 11:04pm 
knightsmk11mod0  [author] Oct 24 @ 10:51pm 
GrizzlyBear83,I already use 4096X4096 texture size,but you know it's really hard to let every part of your UV get the better resolution in your template,I'm still learning and working to improve my texture.
About the PEQ-15TOP,I use the vanilla MXM hand animations you can test the MXM,MK18 ABR or SMA scar ,the top mount can't aligned many guns,I think the top mount aligned some specific guns like M4 or MK18,HK416 that have the similar front parts.
About the sniper scope,I test in Virtual arsenal,I use one scope but different guns like M40A3,M2010,MK11,MK18 ABRand my gun to shoot the 500M target, I aims the heat and shoot 5-10 magzine for each guns I fount the Hit rate almost the same,but I will still test the zero problem,thanks for your suggest,I will continue working on it.
GrizzlyBear83 Oct 24 @ 1:34pm 
I like it, this has potential, but you should have higher resolution textures on the weapon itself, but more importantly, after going through most vanilla and RHS scopes, most sniper scopes misses the target wildly even at 100 meters. With ACOG and ELCAN scopes I can get a good hit att 100+ meters. If I put a PEQ-15 box on top of the rifle rail the PEQ-box sinks down half way through the rifle, any PEQ or flashlight mounted on the side appear normal. I hope to see a update for accuracy with sniper scopes.
lizardbolo Oct 16 @ 10:35am 
Thanks for the fast update. Works fine now.

KICKASS Oct 16 @ 6:55am 
knightsmk11mod0  [author] Oct 15 @ 9:52pm 
yesterday I test it all day and can"t find the texture problem but I reset the texture path in OB and repack it try to find out why,sorry about that!