Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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How to use & Questions
Hey! In this guide i'll give you a detailed instruction on how to use this bot.
If you're new to steam leveling you came to the right place! Enjoy
Why increase my level?
Why should I increase my Steam Level? Does it have any advantages?

If you're interested in leveling your Steam profile you found the right bot. Steam leveling has many advantages
- For every Badge / Set of a game you'll get 1 random emoticon and 1 random profile background from the game set you crafted.
- Every Steam level gives you an additional 5 friends slots to your friendlist (Level 1 = 250 friends)
- For every Badge / Set you get a completly random coupon for a game which can be redeemed in the steam store.
- You get 1 showcase every 10 levels ( 1st showcase at level 10).
- Your booster packs chances to drop are increased by +20% every 10 levels.
How to use the bot
When you're on the bot's profile simply add him as a friend. The bot should accept your request insantly (except if there's no space on his friend list). He'll send you a message when he accepted you.

After that you can chat with the bot. If you'd like to buy sets from the bot simply type !buy [Number of Keys] and he'll send you a trade offer. Make sure your keys are tradeable!

If you're a supplier and want to sell sets to the bot simply type !sell [Number of Keys]. The bot will send you a trade offer with his keys for your sets.
The following commands can be written to the bot

- !help --> Sends you a quick guide with the important informations.
- !level [desired steam level] --> The bot automatically calculates how much Sets and how much keys you'll need to get on that level you entered.
- !buy [amount of keys] --> Sends you a trade offer with your keys for the bot's sets.
- !sell [amount of keys] --> Sends you a trade offer with your sets for the bot's keys.
- !buyany [amount of keys] --> Sends you a trade offer with completly random sets which you could've crafted already.
- !buyone [amount of keys] --> Sends you a trade offer with only 1 Set per game, so you'll have more badges.
- !check --> the bot loads his inventory and tells you how many sets there are and how many sets there are which you have not crafted yet.
- !sellcheck --> the bot loads your inventory and tells you how many sets the bot can buy from you for how many keys.
- !proof --> gives credits to the script owner.
How do i craft badges?
Click on your profile. From there you'll see on the right "Badges" simply click on it and you'll be brought to the page. It will tell you what badges you can craft. Click then on the blue "ready" button and you crafted a badge.

Is there a way to craft badges faster?
Yes, you can press F5 while crafting badges, this will reload the page but the badge will be completed, so you saved some seconds in your life :p

I want to craft a badge more times than 5
Unfortunately this is impossible with a normal badge and with a foil badge. You can only craft badges unlimited times when there's a sale, like the summer sale or winter sale.

An error occurred while sending you the trade. Steam trades could be down please try again
Steam has a limit of sending trades in a time. Simply keep trying till it sends you the trade or try again in 5-10 minutes till the other trades are done.

The bot says I do not have enough keys, but i have 1 in my inventory
This error happens when users are buying keys from the steam market. They have a 7 day ban and can't be traded. We recommend buying keys {LINK REMOVED}

Can i pay with tf2 keys or gems?
No, unfortunately not, you can only buy sets with Cs:Go keys

The bot sent me sets i already had
That can happen, the bot only scans your normal badges and not your foil badges. If this error happend to you post a thread in the group. The owner will discuss with you then.

My question isn't listed here
That's not a problem! Post a thread in the group or post a comment in the group and the owner will contact you as soon as possible!
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Go to (Soulbies) Jan 13 @ 6:07pm 
Do you accept Spectrum 2 Case Keys?
DING DING  [author] Jan 5 @ 8:30am 
You got mobile auth?
Kiri Jan 4 @ 1:39am 
Hey I have a CS key in my inventory but for some reason it wont take it, it is not trade banned, the thing says this "You're unavailable to trade, please try again later :)"