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Log Wall Gates
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Aug 9, 2017 @ 7:33am
May 10 @ 2:16pm
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Log Wall Gates

A simple mod to allow your to build gates out of your log walls.

Now updated to width of 3 log walls so vehicles fit. Must have 3 log walls in a row to build.

To build a gate, have a saw, hammer and 2xrope and 2x Log in your inventory, then walk right up to and face the log walls and right click for option to build the gate.

To operate the gate, walk right up to and face it from either side and right click on the ground for option to open or close it.

Works with "LogWallUpgrade" Mod -> Thanks nightmare6445

Enjoy the safety!


Workshop ID: 1105347046
Mod ID: PZGate
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M700N Jun 27 @ 1:03am 
I would love there to be an option of removing the gates. As I built one in the wrong place and it is really bugging me that I cannot remove it.
Noorac Jun 21 @ 9:03am 
Ahh, I see. Well, that is beyond me. Didn't stumble upon any squares moddata files. I guess I'll just build around and have something else in the space where the gate used to be. I'm sure it'll look good in the end. If it's an easy fix to update so it can be removed it would be much appriciated, but don't sweat it. It's a good looking gate, and I'm glad it exists either way. Thanks!
nolanritchie  [author] Jun 21 @ 8:08am 
when gate is built, it sets that info in the squares moddata. thats why just removing the log walls will not remove the open close option, bc the square moddata will still have the "gate is built here" kind of status which triggers the options.
Noorac Jun 21 @ 7:59am 
You mean the double doors? Honestly I like yours better.

The "open gate" only pops up if there are placed more log walls in the same spot after disassembling. Other kind of walls doesn't give the pop up. Somehow I'll set up the logs in a different direction so that it won't look wierd.

If you continue to support/update your mod tho, wouldn't it be possible to have the coordinates saved in a txt file in the mod folder. I'm guessing now they are saved in the .bin's map coordinates? It would be great to just go into the folder and delete the file if it needs removal. Or, of course, an option in game to remove them.
nolanritchie  [author] Jun 21 @ 7:29am 
ya i never really considered the removal of a gate when making this. but gates are in base game now so why need this?
Noorac Jun 21 @ 1:47am 
Why is there no way to remove the gates? As @Gacsam says, it's XXZ placement. So I did, but it turned out ZXX for me. No biggie, I gather material to make another gate.. This time it's placed XXZ. I disassemble the gate that is placed wrong, and all the graphical parts. And build another log wall there. But it's still possible to open it. As said in another post, the gate is "on the tile". But there is no way to remove the gate from the tile? I tried to disable to mod, save, then re-enable. But the gate is still "written" on the tile. I don't mean to be harsh, but creating something that can't be removed from the game(without disabling the mod completely) isn't good practice.

I love the mod, but it's hard to argue for it if I end up having "ghost"-gates in places I don't want them.
Gacsam Jun 18 @ 7:05am 
To those checking comments for help: 2 wood logs, 2 rope (NOT sheet rope), 1 hammer and 3 log walls in a row. You have to be close to the wall and facing it.
Also, if I'm understanding Jonesy correctly, log gate goes XXZ, Z is the log you're aiming at. (not centred XZX)
MrSnot Jun 17 @ 11:30pm 
hey guys use 'ROPE' not 'Sheet Rope'
avengerminigun Jun 8 @ 5:17pm 
needs a garage door opener button for in car
master_of_code May 30 @ 4:04am 
Couldn't disassemble gates: It gives planks and nails upon "disassembling" but gates still presist. P.S: Dedicated server.