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Ranger/Archer Powers.
Created by DanielSeab
Legends say that all true Rangers of Tamriel have the ability to understand and learn the power of the Ancient Rangers. They say that the last two books were hidden in a chest, near Falkreath Watchtower...
It is up to you now, if you are a true Ranger, g...
(Yet Another) Ranger Mod
Created by A__Gun
Full description below

If you like my work, please rate it :)

Version History
  • a1.6 New Winter variant of the armor. At the moment its's stats and everything are identical to the normal armor, it just looks differ
A Riverwood Home
Created by Lonewolf-T85
A new player home located on the very outskirts of Riverwood, includes a bed, Alchemy station and an Enchantment Table. Also has gems, gold coins, potions and a weapon and a new suit of armour. This home was made for people just starting the game and want ...
Archers - Master Eagle Eye
Created by Grunt
The Archers Eagle Eye Perk now provides 2 additional ranks, plus an Eagle Eye Focus ability at the 2nd rank to help compensate for the increased effort.

Eagle Eye: Student: More extensive training provides roughly +12% to +20% increase to zoom over stan...
Created by rebel-o-conner
This mod adds craftable backpacks which increase the carry capacity by 150. 6 different colors.
It adds also a craftable duffle bag which increases the carry capacity by 300 but decrease the sneak skill by 10.

The bags use the body slot 47 and can hav...
Scout Armor - Forest,Land and Snow Capes
Created by DoODABoOM

This mod have been Splitted in 3 parts for those having trouble to download the full package:

Scout Armor - Armor Only
Scout Armor
Created by DoODABoOM
This mod have been Splitted in 3 parts for those having trouble to download this package:

Scout Armor - Armor Only

Scout Armor - Weapons Only
Scout Armor - Armor Only
Created by DoODABoOM

This mod have been Splitted in 3 parts for those having trouble to download the full package:

Scout Armor - Armor Only
Clothing and Smithing Pack
Created by ThirteenOranges
This mod adds many clothing and armor sets based on unatainable (and unbranded) faction specific sets and adds new smithing options. These new varieties are renamed in a lore-friendly fashion and DO NOT change the originals.


- Armor a...
Craftable Module - Base
Created by A__Gun
This is part of the Craftable mod available here
All Craftable modules are fully compatible with each other, but do not use the modules at the same time as the full mod, as this will cause conflic...
Craftable Module - Ancient Nords
Created by A__Gun
This is part of the Craftable mod available here
All Craftable modules are fully compatible with each other, but do not use the modules at the same time as the full mod, as this will cause conflic...
Lockpick Pro
Created by bruce wang
Mod created by Kenney Vleugels. Uploaded by FreeTheEnslaved.


This mod adds a bar at the top of the screen while picking a lock which shows you the 'sweet spot' of the lock. It also shows the health of the current ...
Ranger Class Kit
Created by Ragnarok
For those with a passion for archery, Inside Faendal's house in Riverwood you will find a chest with your name on it. On top are 2 books. One book teaches you various perks in the Archery, Sneak, Speech and Illusion trees. The other book teaches you how to...
The Smithing Chest
Created by Zero
This is a Chest for every ingot in this Game. It is near the Blackforge in Whiterun
Pls Comment...
Arrow Upgrading
Created by SirRottet
I constantly got sick of having a lot of arrows that were not useful to me so I made this mod to fix this problem. The arrows are now upgradeable to the next arrow rank. They are upgraded at the forge in the Misc tab. The ratio for conversion is 20:10. Exa...
Automatic Item Storage
Created by Manilla Turtle
This mod adds new containers to every buyable house in skyrim that, when activated, allow the player to quickly and easily store their ingredients, food, smithing supplies, soul gems, and jewelry in a few simple clicks. Its purpose is your make your life e...
Chests of Combat
Created by GIndustries
This Mod adds new chest to Helgen to allow the player to start with a certain archetype, the chest include The Archers Chest, The Berserkers Chest, The Mages Chest, and The Warriors Chest and More. each chest offers leftover items from the chest previous o...
Helgen starting items (Ranger)
Created by Deadvenom
A chest is placed inside the helgen room in the start of the game. It has money, potions, weapons and enchanted armor,...
Dimitar's Ranger Master's Armor v.3.0 (unenchanted)
Created by Dimitar
Ranger Master's Armor
''Ranger Master's Armor'' is a lore friendly,stand alone,light armor set for all genders and races based on Merser Frey's Armor.You can find it in Skyforge,Whiterun.

Ranger Master Armor was donned by the master of Ranger's Guild i...
Followers can Relax
Created by King Coin
4/25/15 -- No I am not going to charge for this.

UPDATE: If you'd like to be able to tell Serana to relax as well, use this patch file in addition to this mod:

As always, if you do no...
Stealth Archery Path (4-12)
Created by soco11
An Alternate path for those who prefer to use the bow in stealth mode. Four levels of Deadly Aim (4x-12x) and a new Perk named Decoy and a restructured perk tree.

There are two other versions of this mod. A 3-6x damage and a 3-9x damage. Just search for...
Unread Books Glow
Created by duggelz
Unread Books Glow by duggelz

Books which you have not read yet will have a visible glow. When you read a book for the first time, its glow will disappear. All copies of the same title are considered the same book, so once you've read one "Cats of Skyr...
Ranger Cabins
Created by Jack the Hack
A mod that adds cabins in various locations for Ranger type characters to live in.
Its inspired by the Ranger's Apprentice series of books, which I think are brilliant. If you are looking for a more fitting attire I highly reccomend NoseGoblin's Assassi...
Blacksmith Storage Chests - Automatic Smithing Storage
Created by kryptopyr
This mod adds non-respawning storage chests to the blacksmiths in the five major cities, plus Riverwood, and the Skyforge.

For t...
Master of Enchanting
Created by Miraak
This mod makes base enchantments a lot stronger. If you don't understand what a base enchantment is, it is the threshold of how powerful an enchantment has to be. Here is a list of changes I made to each enchantment.

Fortify Base Alchemy: 8%--->15%
Random Alternate Start
Created by Syclonix
Don't forget to vote if you like this mod!

Be anyone you want to be. Choose from 21 different loadouts then get randomly thrown somewhere in the vast land of Skyrim. Will you end up in the royal court of Solitude's magnificent Blue Palace or will you en...
Ninja Jump & 18 Arrows stick before fade (Standard)
Created by MedicineManRx
This mod allows you to jump slightly higher and further with a slightly reduced fall velocity,
and allows for up to 18 arrows to stick in enemy’s before they start to disappear.

I chose 18 because somewhere around 20 the game likes to turn them into qu...
Starter chest - Whiterun
Created by grendal.wise
This adds a chest just to the side of the drunken huntsman in whiterun
this is an early chest for (cheaters)

This adds basic stuff like elven weapons and the skelenton key

Guys seen as this is my most popular mod please say in the comments what else...
Ranger Class
Created by Weadyen
The main change in this race mod is that iv always wanted to be a ranger class but the only races that were "good" at archery and lock-picking were races i didn't like, so i made this mod based off of the nord race, just changed the skills and i added a ta...
Sounds of Skyrim - Civilization
Created by Cliffworms
Civilization focuses on adding 223 new sound effects to cities, villages, farms and remote locations where civilization is present. In cities, you can hear the sound of a hammer being used by a villager repairing something, children playing, dogs barking o...
Hermit's Tree House
Created by Crim5on Duck
Quick note: To install, click the green 'subscribe' button above this description and it will automatically download the next time you start Skyrim!

==== Hermits Tree House ====

Hermits Tree house is ideal for players starting e...
Complete Skyforge
Created by karstux
This is a little convenience mod that adds a Smelter, Workbench and Tanning Rack to the Skyforge....
Build Your Own Home
Created by SupernastyPants
Welcome to Build Your Own Home, the mod where you do just as the title suggests. This mod exploded to be the 3rd* most endorsed house mod on Nexus ( ). And now I can finally upload it here.

Yes thats right! YOU bu...
More Dragon Loot
Created by Vony256
This little mod makes dragons drop more loot. You should allways get something enchanted to make it worth while dragon hunting.

This mod should also now be compatible with the Deadly Dragons Mod....
Created by snakster
Elegant, PC-friendly UI mod for Skyrim with many advanced features. All improvements seamlessly integrate with the style of the original interface. Version 5 includes better crafting, enchanting, alchemy and smithing menus and several other enhancements.
Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One
Created by manny_gt
Mannygt's Mods

the "All In One version" is here :)

Version 1.1


v1.0 - Initial release
v1.1 - Remove unnecessary references in mod
- On the Nexus there are the ESM version and the 2x brighter too

* OVER...
Amazing Follower Tweaks
Created by rezzzman
Multiple followers. Manage outfits, spells, combat style, home assignment and level up. Make werewolves or vampires lords. Followers ride horses, make camp, avoid traps, ignore friendly fire, toggle city/standard outfits & helmets, pose, dance, and more......
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Whiterun Exterior
Created by Aplestormy
Please check out my other Mod (Towns and Villages Enhanced), that Adds new levels of detail to towns and villages around skyrim! :) (Similar to this one, but for whole villages!)

Follow m...
Enhanced Soundtrack (Part 2 - Everything Else)
Created by Enigmus
This mod adds (adds! old tracks still here) tons of feetable music tracks to the game. I dont know what else to say, just test it, it's great!

This part contain "everything else" sounds :D

All credits goes to Tribalx13
Huskies and Co. Mounts and Followers 2.8.2
Created by gg77
"Huskies" allow you to summon Huskies (with a New Armored Husky) and other Dogs (German Shepherd, ”Shiba Inu”, ”Akita Inu”, Painted Dog) Mounts and (-simple-) Followers wherever you want.

You can easily DISMISS when you want with a "Spell tome:Dismiss S...
Wear Circlets with Hoods
Created by BlueRadley
This is for the people who wanted me to add regular hoods to my previous mod allowing circlets with hooded robes. This allows you to wear circlets with any hood, including hooded robes. This is my third mod.

There are far too many hoods to list each one...
The Archer's Arsenal ~ Special Arrows and More! (v1.5)
Created by Kali
-- No Requirements :D --

The life of an archer in Skyrim can be rather boring and monotonous. Shoot, kill, shoot, get the point.

The Archer's Arsenal is a lore-friendly mod that aims to enrich the skill of archery, providing more ways to g...
Immediate Dragons
Created by P13Darksight
Dragons will be enabled immediatly.
Will now work with both Games already in play and those that are not in play. Should also work with alternate starts as well now.

Revised Assassin
Created by Torinsoul
This mod adds new perks,perk ranks,and tweaks.This mod made be some what op but it's ment for players the use master settings.

Perks & Tweaks

Recovery rank 2-Heal spells heal 100% more

Regenration rank 2-regenrate magic 100% faster

Deadly Bas...
House Markers
Created by Slam Dunc
House Markers is a very simple mod that adds, well, markers to all of the vanilla player homes in Skyrim, Breezehome, Honeyside, Vlindrel Hall, Hjerim, and Proudspire Manor. These markers make it much easier to get to your home as quickly as possible.

Horses for Followers
Created by Spudgunner
Followers & hirelings can ride horses instead of running behind. You can buy them from any of the city stables. Just mount your own horse and your companion will mount theirs. The followers horse will track the player's horse to prevent them from gettin...
Tundra Home Version 1.4
Created by XxCrescentxX
A lore friendly home that lays near Rorikstead, you will find it in your map under the name 'Tundra Cottage'. Inside you will find an enchanting table, alchemy table, cooking pot, fire, food and other necessities. I'm really sorry to infrom everyone that t...
Hardy Giants 1.0 - WG
Makes giants 2x bigger and increases their health by 2x.

Version: 1.0
Author: WarriorG0el

I love clear feedback, good or bad! Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see in this mod, or any bugs that I can fix.

Release Notes:

1.0 (R...
Enhanced Soundtrack (Part 1 - Explore)
Created by Enigmus
This mod adds (adds! old tracks still here) tons of feetable music tracks to the game. I dont know what else to say, just test it, it's great!

This part contain explore sounds.

All credits goes to Tribalx13
"Crafter's Storage" - Vanilla
Created by casiporvida
Inventory mod
The inventory mod seen is the irreplaceable and incredible SkyUI!

Regarding DLC
Dragonborn edition [url=
Huntress Leara Frey
Created by Chape
The Huntress Leara Frey is a combat ranger. She's armed with an ebony bow, Nord hero arrows and 2 steel skyforge war axes. She also wears the Princess of the Woods armour, with cloak and a leatherback pack which increases her carry capacity

You can rec...
Archer's Companion - Dawnguard Edition
Created by Carlzilla
This version is for Dawnguard users only. If you don't have Dawnguard installed you need to use this version:

I felt like archery sort of became eclipsed in th...
Long Range Archer (Dawnguard Edition)
Created by Caden

If you donot have Dawnguard visit my vanilla version:

This is a simple mod that increases the ZOOM when you have activated the EAGLE EYE perk, the zoom is increased by...
Hunter's Tree Lodge
Created by Jarell
Ok there you go! Tree Lodge has now officially left its rlease state and is curently Version 1.1

Originally i've created this mod for myself with no intentions of publishing, especially with so many other Tree house mods out there...
Yet, he...
Earth (Masser)
Created by TrentisN
The Earth has been replaced by texture that are nearly 3 times better in quality.
Earth Texture Map - 16K
Earth Bump Map - 16k
Cloud Map - 8k
Water Reflection Mask Map - 16k
Volumetric Atmosphere added

All the basically means it's god da...
Plant Trees
Created by Ratsofatsorat
Update v0.5:

* NEW TREES: Four types of Aspen trees are now available to plant.
* NEW ITEM: The Staff of Efflorescence. "Paint" flowers across the land to decorate your forests. Flowers are not persistent, so go wild!
* Sloping and floating trees shou...
"Better Females by Bella" - CORE FILES
Created by ZeroFrag
I liked this mod a lot but was annoyed when I could only find a customized version on the workshop. This one is the default version of the mod including Bella's textures and makeup unlike the custom version that is located elsewhere on the workshop.

Lightweight Potions and Poisons
Created by JustinOther
Drops the weights all of potions and poisons from 0.5 to 0.1.

Currently supports *only Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Spanish Skyrim installations.

Revision 5: Added Czech support. Dawnguard potions reweighed ...
Riverwood Tower
Created by zippythepinhead
Hi, this is a little mod I made to test out the new CK. It's a tower above Riverwood with a place to sleep and craft stuff. It's great for new characters.

It's got a work bench, forge, sharpening wheel, tanning rack, chopping block, a patio with a sme...
Cozy Riverwood Home
Created by Gwae
A super cozy, warm and pretty home in riverwood aimed at, but not limited to starter characters.

I like my houses to feel warm and cozy, this mod does just that! I wanted a home that actually made me feel at home, I wanted my clutter and my things, with...
Ice Mountain Homestead (Player Home)
Created by JRC

This is as it says in the title; a Player owned home. It has all the must-haves; forge, tanning rack, workbench, smelter, grindstone, alchemy table, enchanting table, mannequins, weapon racks, display cases and plenty of storage.

The house is ...
Olde Homestead
Created by Kryssaira
I don't update this mod, as I've been using it "as is" since it's creation. The mannequins are subject to the usual "Bugthesda" issues, and I've noticed that my bookshelves are off kilter (the books sit too high) however, bookshelves are one of THE most co...
Hunter's Cabin of Riverwood
Created by Okiir
---- The Hunter's Cabin of Riverwood ----
---------------- Starter Home -----------------

On Skyrim Nexus:

Big thanks to TacticalAce for the Mod Review on Youtube:
Rangers Lodge - A lore friendly house mod
Created by Back2Murder
While these huge house mods are all fancy and amazing. They are just not for me. I like to keep my Skyrim experience as lore friendly as possible and this nice little player house will do just that! This mod will add a Rangers Lodge close to Whiterun wich ...
Woodsman's Shack - Ranger or Hunter player home
Created by B1gBadDaddy

If you like this mod please rate and comment.

Woodsman's Shack is geared toward a Ranger/Hunter class. It is an exterior home situat...
Hunting Stand (Riften)
Created by StealthMachine
This is my first mod which will be part of a set. This mod adds a hunting stand in the Rift. The stand is located near the Rift Watchtower and the dawnguard redwater skooma den (if you have dawnguard). This mod goes great with Woodsman's Shack - Ranger or ...
Agility (WIP)
Created by Krassz
Agility merges the sneak tree with a new tree similar to acrobatics from Oblivion. Jumping increases your Agility experience and your Agility skill level directly increases your jump height when you acquire the relevant perk. Run speed included.

This mo...
Breezehome Improved
Created by Shayo

This mod improves numerous aspects of Breezehome, found in Whiterun. I've added numerous chests, a full crafting station featuring all the necessary tools for a blacksmith and more weapon plaques. Certain elements of the layout found in Bre...
Noble Whiterun Breezehome & Basement Halls Expansion
Created by Gatti12
You are the Thane of Whiterun and need a noble hall? You like your Breezehome but it is too small and common for the needs of an adventurer and hero? No problem, just add a basement to your house.

BUT why should you use THIS mod when there are so ma...
Hunters Fort
Created by JRC

This mod was requested by a subcriber awhile ago and I've just got around to finishing it. This is a player owned fort, it comes with all the essentials such as all the blacksmithing objects, storage, mannequins, weapon racks, bookshelves etc.
Rich Merchants 10x
Created by hhrhhr
All traders have 10 times more cash...
Katanas Of Skill
Created by MontyX
You can create 17 Katanas at the forge, with 2X steel & Leather Strips.
Weapons can also be Tempered.
Does not require the Steel Smithing Perk. This is not a weapon enchantment.
There was no point making one for the One-handed skill,
as the Blades Swo...
Perkless Illusion
Created by SERV3
Become a master of illusion by reading a book.

This mod adds a book that sets your illusion skill to 100 and adds all illusion perks, which can be found on a barrel on the opposite side of the saw mill to Riverwood, next to the stairs to the wooden plat...
Perkless Light Armour
Created by SERV3
Become a master of light armour by reading a book.

This mod adds a book which sets your light armor skill to 100 and adds all light armor perks, which can be found on a barrel in Faendal's garden in Riverwood - to the left of the door to his house.

Perkless Block
Created by SERV3
Become a master of blocking by reading a book.

This mod adds a book which sets your block skill to 100 and adds all block perks, which can be found on a barrel to the right of the stairs to the right of the door to the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood.
Perkless Archery
Created by SERV3
Become a master archer by reading a book.

This mod adds a book which sets your archery skill to 100 and adds all archery perks, which can be found on a barrel to the left of the upper door to the Riverwood Trader in Riverwood.

Note to haters: This mo...
Insanity's Celtic Katana
Created by InsanitySorrow

Latest updated version of Skyrim


Adds a new Katana into the game, a Celtic Katana. The model and textures are all new, no retexturing here.

FreeCraft - Hearthfire
Created by SERV3
Crafting building materials and food from the Hearthfire DLC does not require items.

Official FreeCraft collection

Find the FAQ Here[]

FreeCraft - Dragonborn
Created by SERV3
Crafting weapons and armour from the Dragonborn DLC does not require items.

Official FreeCraft collection

Find the FAQ Here[]

This is the ...
Jaxonz Positioner
Created by Jaxonz
Move objects, furniture, mannequins, weapon plaques, and just about anything else with Jaxonz Positioner.
No more fumbling around! Positioner gives you fine motor skills to move things around with absolute accuracy.

Positioner i...
Created by Allosaurus
A small penthouse near Whiterun with everything you need to relax after a hard day of killing dragons. I basically wanted a house that had everything I needed but without having to run around lots of rooms.

Features include:
• Skills table: Smelter wit...
HighRes colored Magechainmail Armor
Created by Tellurric
Light Chainmail Armor, with High Resolution textures in 7 different colors.
The Armor uses a copy of the Original meshes from the Adeptrobe,
the Textures are based on the orginal version from Bethesdas HighRes-Texturpack.
The Mod is complete Standal...
Hearthfire Houses Fix. Lakeview Manor.
Created by Shadowman
Added display cases activators to all weapon displays in Lakeview Manor.
Fixed mannequin wandering bug.
Ability to place staff to large display case (for all game, not only in Hearthfire houses).

Requires Hearthfire

[url={LINK REMOVED}...
Insanity's Glass Bow
Created by InsanitySorrow



A new Bow for Skyrim!, Yep you read that right xD

This adds a new Glass Bow into the game, the bow is completetly new, meani...
Created by Evil Mr Pumpkins


== Race == Woodelf (MALE ONLY)

== Location == Riverwood,the blacksmiths (Next to the steps in a chest ) ==

Ranger Armor Retexture Request By spartanman111
Created by Wyzen
A ranger armor retexture requested by spartanman111 it is located at the falkreath blacksmith in a chest next to the armor bench just like my other mod. A dark green retexture of the nightengale and theives guild armors combined to match and look just cool...
Lakeview Manor Basement Addition
Created by stephenlovatt079
This is just a simple addition to the current basement of the Lakeview manor, it adds several mannequins, weapon plaques and racks, display cases and storage options, also with an alchemy and enchanters station.

This is my first mod, so any feedback wou...
Lakeview Manor Lounge (storeroom conversion)
Created by jecoil
This is my third Lakeview Manor mod. This one is for those who want additional bookstorage space without sacrificing the Main Hall Master Bedroom. To do this, I have taken the Storage room (north wing) and converted it into a lounge.

The idea behind t...
Nordic Soundtrack Overhaul
Created by Teagon
***Manual installation option for both Skyrim and Skyrim SE just added ! See link down bellow***

This mod replaces Skyrim music that you were listening for countless hours with something new and fresh.


Created by Arthmoor
A simple village expansion for Kynesgrove.

It has always bothered me to some extent that Kynesgrove gets major attention during the main quest, even with its own guard contingent, yet is nothing more than one inn and a few people in a small camp. Given ...
Created by Arthmoor
A simple village expansion for Ivarstead.

Ivarstead always seemed like it should be more to me. There are a number of people living in the inn on a permanent basis. While the game indicates it is a village in decline due to fewer and fewer visitors comi...
Craftable Guns
Created by Grey Wolf Jack

This is a simple mod that adds craftable and fireable Flintlock Muskets, Flintlock Pistols, Flintlock Blunderbusses, Musket Balls, and Musket Shot to Skyrim. The Flintlock Musket, Flintlock Pistol, Flintlock Bl...
Dwemer Longrifle
Created by Araanim
An ancient weapon of the Dwarves, long since forgotten. The Dwemer Longrifle is a powerful combination of alchemy and engineering that the Dwarves created to defend themselves from the brutality of Dragon domination. The technology has been all but lost,...
Skyrim Wildlife Overhaul
Created by gothic2392
Welcome to Skyrim Wildlife Overhaul Version 1.3 (North American Animals)

All hides now tannable. You may need to drop/reaquire the new hides to get them to show up in the crafting menu.

New Animal Additions:
Giant Short-Faced Bear- This massive Plei...
The Lookout
Created by flashyraccoon
Latest Version: 2.2

1) Description
2) Q&A
3) My other mods
4) Change log

***** this mod was cleaned with TES5Edit v. 3.1.1 *****



Own the best view in all ...
Improved Lakeview Exterior with Greenhouse
Created by jecoil
This is my fourth Lakeview Manor mod. This mod improves the exterior landscape without turning your quaint country estate into a fortress or a shopping mall.

Things added by this mod:

1) Improved landscape to give better view of the lake.

2) Ro...
Helgen Armory Starting Gear
Created by Ausfin
This small mod adds an Imperial Armory to Helgen Keep filled with all the loot you want to play your new character how you want, right from the start.

The armory includes:

-Imperial Heavy Armor Set (Full Helm and Normal)
-Imperial Heavy Shield
Helgen - The Resurrection *WIP*
Created by Caden


Short quest now added with 2 great items to get thru the quest (If quest dialog doesnt start for you thn look in the ...
Dwemer Warehouse Player Home
Created by Vanquish0171
An abandoned Dwemer warehouse that has been converted into a player home. Conveniently located right outside Helgen.

Amenities include:

12 Chests
20 Display Cases
12 Mannequins
10 Shrines
1584 Book Spaces
72 Planter Spaces
9 Dragon Priest Mask ...
Riverwood Overlook Tower
Created by Crispnflaky
Player tower home with all the basics overlooking Riverwood, functional and practical for a single adventurer until you can afford a real home for the spouse. Key to front door is from Helgen. Map Marker allows direct fast travel to second floor with no ...
Ancient Watchtowers
Created by cyberglum
"Ancient Watchtowers, built by Skyrim's High Kings of old. Waystations, check points and defences, these stone edifices dot the landscape from east to west across Whiterun Hold. Nowadays they provide both shelter for tired travellers as well as hideouts fo...
Adal Matar, the lost Stronghold
Created by MadFrenchie
Fight against the Thalmor and discover a new storyline leading
to The Lost Orcish Stronghold of Adal Matar.

- VERSION : 1.1 DATE :...
The Aldmeri Domain
Created by MadFrenchie
The Thalmor sent a member of the Aldmeri Council in Haafingar, to reinforce their influence on Skyrim. Find your way to infiltrate the Aldmeri Domain. Assassinate the member of the Council.

- This mod is on the top 5 skyrim mods of the week n°48 / watch...
The Frontier to Cyrodiil
Created by MadFrenchie
The Thalmor closed the Frontier to Cyrodiil...For you to discover why !

-This mod is on the Gamespot top 5 mod of the week, watch the video from 2.00

South Dragon Bridge
Created by MadFrenchie
--------"SOUTH DRAGON BRIDGE"--------

"The Thalmor landed in the town of Dragon Bridge, for you to discover why."

Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch
Created by Arthmoor
This mod is no longer being supported and will receive no further updates. We have moved on to the Special Edition.

A comprehensive bugfixing mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Legendary Edition. The goal of the Unofficial Skyri...
Hypno's Start Stones: Ranger
Created by Hypno
As you leave helgen the first large rock on the left side of the path is now a Start Stone, filled with items so the player can have the starting equipment necessary to role-play the themed class

*Please do not use with any of my other Start Stone mods ...
Created by caluyadiver
Drogo the SabreCat Follower

-. Drogo is a dark SabreCat with red eyes
-. very friendly, yet a predator if not following as ally
-. carry cap. 1000
-. has a weak punch, he keeps enemies busy, works nice for archer
-. has a sneak bonus
-. is smaller ...
Dalyn Siblings
Created by Netherwulf
Follower / Spouse

Race: Wood Elf (Bosmer)
Gender: Male & Female
Level: 4-80 (Levels With Player)
Combat Type: csHumanMissile (Hunter).
Armor: Farm Clothes, Draugr Gauntlets, Draugr Boots.
Weapons: Imperial Bow with Steel Arrows.
Found In: The ...
Ortraug gro-Durh, Orc Follower
Created by Netherwulf
Follower / Spouse / Steward.

Race: Orc
Gender: Male
Level: 4-80 (Levels With Player)
Combat Type: Barbarian.
Armor: Draugr Cuirass, Leather Gauntlets, Leather Boots.
Weapons: ...
Bypass Bleakfalls
Created by wolfish-antics
A simple mod to make the repetitive task of retrieving the Golden Claw and the Dragonstone tablet so much less arduous. It can be a right pain having to do Bleakfalls Barrow every time you start a new character (which in mine and my friends' case seems to ...
A Blacksmith in Winterhold
Created by Ricarthal
Adds a blacksmith called Fenlok to the city of Winterhold. He lives in a small ice cave down the path between Birna's Oddments and the Jarl's Longhouse. You can visit at any time to use his smithing equipment, consisting of a smelter, forge, grindstone, wo...
Mouldy's - Real Whiterun (City)
Created by mouldy catSkin
Ever felt like whiterun just needed more? There are many mods that effect the levels of clutter and foliage in Whiterun but most of them seemed over-cluttered. My mod adds pine trees, plant life, lore friendly extras (like old market stalls, abandoned beca...
Shezrie's Old Hroldan Ver 2.0
Created by Shezrie
This mod adds a brand new town around the Old Hroldan Inn located in the Reach. There are many new shops, a secret underground town, enter able windows on all NPC houses, NPCs turn their home lights off at night, four homes the player can buy, see through ...
Winter Cabin
Created by 811tantan
Adds a small Christmas themed player cabin named "Winter Cabin" located south of Nightgate Inn. It is on the mouth of the river that flows east towards Windhelm.

-Includes Anvil(acts as forge), Alchemy Table, Tanning Rack, and Woodchopping ...
Cabin - In The Woods - Reimagined
Created by Countercruel
Hi!, and welcome to the Cabin in the woods.

if you wish to donate to my modding cause as it takes alot of time to make these creations, then please Donate to: via paypal

This mod is a compilation of all my wo...
Bypass Ustengrav
Created by wolfish-antics
If you're trying to get through the main quest of the game each time using a new character some of the dungeons can be a right pain to do again and again. Hand in hand with my Bypass Bleakfalls mod, this mod makes it quicker to get through one of the compu...
Bypass the Seven Thousand Steps
Created by wolfish-antics
Ever wondered where the Greybeards get their food from? The truth is they're not living off Klimmek's meager bag of supplies... There's a secret door which allows the kitchen staff of Dragonsreach to cater for the old wizards which will become revealed to ...
Point The Way
Created by Arthmoor
Ever travel the roads and wonder how it is people find their way? Have you noticed that the roads in many places simply don't have signs that tell you where you can go while traveling them? If you were a foreign visitor to Skyrim, you've got no hope of bei...
Riverwood Home
Created by MikkHep
Adds a small farmhouse in Riverwood behind the Sleeping Giant Inn.
This house is based on simplicity, it goes in ' vanilla ' with blending in with the regular style and desgin as other houses in Riverwood.

Key is located in a crate near the front door...
Riverwood Cabin
Created by Jamie
A small, simple cabin located just outside the south gate of Riverwood. Ideal for storing items needed for future quests!
Note: This is my first creation using the Creation Kit. I apologise if it does not meet your needs. If there is something you wish to...
War With The Aldmeri Dominion - Reinforcement Package
Created by DreadnaughtVCN
Hello fellow modders of skyrim.

The Next part of my War With the Aldmeri Dominion has been releaced. Although this is a small mod It is to prepare for my Next part of the series comming out...
Perkless One Handed
Created by SERV3
Become a master of the 1 handed skill by reading a book.

This mod adds a book which can be found on the table with armour on next to Alvor's furnace in Riverwood that sets the one handed skill to 100 and adds all one handed perks.

You can find my to...
"Dovahkiin" By Lindsey Stirling for the main menu
Created by Wolfy
Warning: If you download this mod,get rid of mods that change the main menu music,otherwise you will experience CTD's.

Do you want another song for your game?
Send me a message and I'll be happy to make one for you.

Also at [url=http://www.nexusmods...
Celtic Music In Skyrim v2.1
Created by SilentRider
Get a completely new atmosphere in the world of Skyrim!

This mod may be not lore friendly and it's not intended to be lore friendly, that's a matter of taste. I created it to get a fresh feeling when playing Skyrim over and over again.

Your Own Little Tree House (Above Helgen)
This Mod adds a small tree house near Helgen, ideal for the starting Player.

* Tree House Merchant
* Safe Storage Chests (Bandit Boss Style)
* Cooking, Blacksmithing, Alchemy, Enchanter, Tanning Rack.
* 3 Beds (One in Private Attic when ...
Breezehome Fully Upgradable Hearthfires + Dawnguard - READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU INSTALL
Created by Sku11M0nkey
Breezehome Fully Upgradeable Hearthfires + Dawnguard Edition

This is a mod that allows you to slowly upgrade Breezehome from it's humble beginnings as a little shack to a home worthy of a dragonslayer...
Extremly rich merchants
Created by WetDogFace
This mod gives anyone you can buy/sell things from around 25,000 gold

This is especially made for people who regularly steal/take items so they can sell them but find later that the merchant does not have enough gold.

Some users cannot sell i...
Hearthfires Starter Kit
Created by Shaedanna
Tired of grinding for materials for your homes? Tired of killing umpteen sabre cats for one tooth? Prefer to keep gameplay immersive?

The materials chests now have extra goodies in them. Not everything is provided; you will still need to do a certain am...
Archery Skill Books
Created by Shaedanna
A set of 5 archery skill books in Helgen Keep.

There is no story, they're just blank inside - for people who liked a booster cheat without opening the console.

Created by Shaedanna
With this mod, training only costs 5 gold per time - all the time, with every trainer. You can also train up to 100 times, not just 5 times before levelling.

Created by Shaedanna
Player home in Winterhold. Has decent amount of storage and caters for all vanilla crafting needs. Has map marker and discovery is not needed.

Real Giants
Created by Jaldisaric
Just makes giants a more traditional size
does'nt change there difficulty

the mod i am useing is a mod i am curently working on

please enjoy and give feedback...
Enhanced Whiterun
Created by modelmode
The front gate of Whiterun has an alcove on top that you can't get to... Until now. That spot always seemed like a wasted opportunity to me, so I fixed it to my liking and hopefully your's too.

This is ver 1.0 of my Enhanced Whiterun mod.

This mod h...
CMM : Cartographers Map Markers (Skyrim Edition)
Created by Feyawen
Adds over 180 Map Markers. Including Inns, Stores, Player Homes, Important Buildings, and Points of Interest.

Updated : August 23, 2016.
Apologies for the long delay on an update. To be honest, I kind of forgot this was on Steam Workshop. Up until v...
Simple Hearthfires Breezehome Basement
Simple Hearthfires Breezehome Basement is a re-envisioning of my Simple Hearthfires Breezehome, with a detailed, lore-friendly basement and more children's space, compatible with Hearthfires Multiple Adoptions. If you are already using SHFBreezehome, pleas...
Atmospheric music
Created by Miles
Atmospheric music, a skyrim mod for replacing your music bringing the game to a different atmosphere!

Where music is added:

- In taverns
- In cities
- In caves
- In the dungeons
- Main menu
- Battle
- Journey

This mod replaces the or...
Bosmer Armor Pack part 1 of 4
Created by Maty743
Parts 2, 3 and 4 are now out!
If you have performance issues with the HD textures you may want to download the low res version from my [url=
Bosmer Armor Pack part 2 of 4
Created by Maty743
Contains Elder Armor (Description in part 1). Please go to part 1 to comment/rate ect as that is what I want to be the main file. Thank you and enjoy :)...
Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim
Created by Enai Siaion
Wildcat makes combat AI more responsive, introduces combat injuries and increases lethality. The aim is to make combat more dangerous and varied and less like a water balloon fight. It accomplishes this with minimal scripting and no save bloat.

Realistic Wolf Retexture Project [KRWRP] ARTIC&DARK TIMBER
I no longer update my mods, or view comments.

------------------------What This Mod Does-----------------------
*Changes all wolves to 2 different textures, An artic wolf with a speckled gray face, and a dark timber wolf (Actually, it's supposed to be ...
Sailor's Ring
Created by Brandybuck
"Ysgramor commanded the sea-ghosts to surrender his kin, and a great gale darkened the sky. The seas thrashed and churned, and a wrathful storm appeared. Ysgramor took up the oars and rowed into the storm alone." - Yngol and the Sea-Ghosts

An heirloom o...
Earth and Moon Pack
Created by TrentisN
[Non-Lore Friendly]

This one mod adds both the Earth (as masser) and the Moon (as secunda).

Earth is massive and awesomely rigged with glow and the lights visible on the darkside. The moon is also pretty big.

TR ice axe
Created by macadamstreet
The legendary ice axe from the legendary adventurer, for a legendary adventurer you ?

this mod add the Tomb Raider Ice Axe as weapon, you can found it in the "forsaken cave" near a note and a skeleton ( lara ?).....
this weapons is not OP an...
Whiterun Ranger Home
Created by Mu5hrum
A small retreat about halfway between Whiterun and Valtheim Towers....
Shezrie's Lakeview Kitchen
Created by Shezrie
This mod puts a complete kitchen in that little misc room behind the Main Hall, in Hearthfire's Lakeview. So now, instead of using up the East Wing for a kitchen, you are free to use it as a Library or Armory and still have a working kitchen.

The kitche...
Playable Archer Race
Created by BatBoy
This is my first mod in Skyrim and it's one I always wanted.
An Archer Race.

This Race is a Wood Elf with different perks of an Archer.

-Increased Archery(15), Speech(5), Block(5), Lockpicking(5), One-Handed(5), Sneak(10), and Light Armor(5).

Unarmed Tactics (Base Game)
Created by Fishbus
Ever wanted to play though Skyrim armed with only the fists that god gave you? Well look no more as this mod helps building the ultimate punch man/woman a lot easier!

Additional perks and tweaks to help unarmed combat players.

Unfortunately a lot of ...
Viking Longhouse
Created by Vahlan
A Viking themed/inspired home, this playerhouse requires all DLCs as it contains elements from the 3.

The property is located on the edge of Dawnstar and can be fast traveled to once discovered.
A playerhorse awaits in the stable and numerous crafting ...
Riverwood Adventurer's Cottage
Created by Vahlan
Located at the bridge crossing of Riverwood, the Adventurer's Cottage is an ideal starting home or just a cozy place to store your boots.

The cottage has all the basic workstations lacated outside with the interior given to storage, bookshelves, weapon-...
Your Own Room in Jorrvaskr
All of the cool Companions get their own room, right?
So what does that say about you, forced to sleep with those seven other annoying dipshits in the same room like some sort of animal?
or maybe you're just too poor to afford a house it's whatever the p...
Solstheim Estate Player Home
I wanted a nice, giant, player home in Solstheim instead of the default Severin Manor. I also didn't want to go through those quests for it, so here it is.

It's a pretty big house with two main parts: the main house and and armory, both filled with a lo...
Snowy House
Created by SpaceMaN
Good day!
This mod adds a house near Windhelm.
(top image shows the location of the house)
I think you my new house enjoy!
Nice game.
House by the River
Created by SpaceMaN
Good day!
I present to you my new mod.
This time I made the house.
Is located near the Riverwood
See the images above.
I hope you will like it.
Hunters Tundra Camp
Created by cyberglum
Hunters Tundra Camp - a Skyrim Player Home by cyberglum

"Them ranger types never too happy with the jibba-jabba of us city folk. Sure, every now and then they'll come to town to trade their goods, skins, rare herbs and such, but they never stay. Prefer ...
The Grey
Created by Rray

A home in Solstheim that isn't a rehab of the Raven Rock house. It's location is marked on your map, undiscovered. Head east until you come to a stream, follow the stream north. As with most my ...
Cliff Cottage
Created by Rray
A one bedroom house with a full smithy in the basement, sitting high on a cliff overlooking Bruca's Leap Redoubt. Don't know where that is? No problem, it's pre-discovered on your map. Just look for the little house doohicky about half way between Solitud...
Cliff House 2
Created by Rray
The house itself was made as a request. I made the original too big. Rather than start over I just changed the interior to better fit the request, and as an added benny, the interior now also better fits the exterior. Take that Bethesda!

Tel Mos
Created by Dimonoider
A small house in mixed Dwemer and Telvanni style. Tel Mos is located near the Hillgrund's Tomb (On the way to Ivarstead). Look for map marker when you start game.

Unusual design;
All crafting stations;
Common containers and bookshelves;...
Hjerim 5 Chest Pack
Created by PANDOR1AN
Hjerim is one of the best houses in Skyrim but it has one disadvantage. There are no many chests in the house. This mod adds 4 chests and helps you categorize your items. You can find 3 chests on the upper floor and one at the secret room behind the wardro...
Complete Archery Overhaul
Created by Horrible Andy

Use this version if you have ONLY the base game installed.

Mod Description:
  • Drawn Bows now
Complete Archery Overhaul - Legendary Edition
Created by Horrible Andy
Use this version if you have DB + DG installed.

Mod Description:
  • Disabled aim auto assist.
  • Arrows/Bolts cause bleeding damage (3 points for 3 seconds).
  • Drawn Bows now drain stamina.
  • Bows/Crossbows now require a Bow String. They can
The hunter's house
Created by SpaceMaN
Всем привет.
На этот раз я сделал дом охотника.
Думаю,что мод получился хороший)
Дом можно найти недалеко от Ривервуда(смотрите скриншот выше)
Не забудьте подписаться на мою мастерскую и оценить мод)
Хорошей игры :P
Created by Horrible Andy
  • Animals no longer have the ability to report crimes. This was just super un-immersive.
  • NPC detection of crime reduced from 4000 to 1000. Changed because it seemed an un-realistic distance for someone to perfectly identify you.
  • Distance ene
Shadow Ring and Invisibility Ring
Created by bobo
I made this a long time ago for myself and decided to share now.

There are two rings.

One makes you a deadly shadow rogue (improves stealth skills, archery, daggers and CATVISION).

The other one makes you virtually invincible by boosting regen, s...
Pine Grove Cabin
Created by Mr. Wolf
A small player home north of Falkreath hidden away in a secluded forest for the dragonborn to relax in. Includes 8 mannequins, 20 Weapon racks, Personal fishing area, Archery range, Treasue room, Teleports from cabin to 7 main factions and more!

Thieves Guild Variant Armors (craftable)
Created by Frankenstein
Added new, craftable versions of the Thieves Guild armor (non-replacer) with a more menacing look than the regular one. Craftable without any perks from the beginning. Stats are only slightly better than the average Thieves Guild or leather armor.

Riverwood Cave
Created by MustardOrc
==== Riverwood Cave ====

PLEASE NOTE: This mod is not part of the Camps of Skyrim Collection. I have had this in a finished state for some time and have simply not uploaded it until now.

The Riverwood Cave is a player home in Riverwood. The entrance...
Small Cosy Cave House
Created by Thalestr 💜
This is my first house mod for Skyrim.

This is a simple and basic-ish player home in a cave which offers the basic essentials without being too massive or too small.
The project objectives for this mod were:
a) Not be in Riverwood like 492,389,843 ot...
Six6Star Studios Archery ProShop Chain
Created by Six6Star_Studios
In this simple old mod originally originally on NEXUS, we brought 2 Archery ProShops into the game. 1 in Whiterun & 1 in Markarth. The vendors that run them are Master Archery Trainers, Followers and are Marriagable. The shops operate from 7AM to 7PM and t...
Six6Star Studios Breezehome with Basement & Simple Crafting - FULL Version
Created by Six6Star_Studios
This is our remodeling of the popular Breezehome in Whiterun to be more thorough in resources, so the beginner player can grow more easily and in lore friendly ways. We made the home more appealing but not too lavish of a home. There are added abilities, p...
Additions to the Basements of Lakeview, Heljarchen and Windstad
This mod adds significant enhancements to the basement interiors of the three Hearthfires build-able homes: Lakeview, Heljarchen and Windstad, each different, each co-ordinated with the decor and atmosphere displayed in the house above. It more than double...
Additions to Lakeview DLC
Additions to Lakeview DLC is the companion mod to Additions to Lakeview. It offers unique custom storage for the Black Books and Elder Scrolls, the otherwise undroppable quest items of the DLC`s, as well as for the additional Dragon Priest masks and loot....
EECo. Whiterun Warehouse
Created by MustardOrc
The East Empire Company Whiterun Warehouse is a handy storage area used to hold many goods. Through unforseen circumstances, you end up using this room to live in Whiterun til you can pay for a real house. The door is locked but perhaps there is something ...
Woodman's Cave
Created by Rusolehti
Woodman's Cave is a little hideout, located just north of Falkreath. A map marker is in place to show it's entrance, a barred-up well.

Inside, you will find a cave with a wooden floor and two rooms. The first is made quite bare on purpose, as it houses ...
Thief's cave
Created by nzo0
This is a very simple home... Den of thieves near Ivarstead... Panoramic view... No quest or level required to access ...

Coming soon : mine ... if anyone is interested ...

Dawnguard required ...

Le mod en français : la caverne du voleur...

.. ...
Stoltkriger Refuge (English)
Created by nzo0
Single Nordic Refuge, near Whiterun, beautiful view, wanted to do stuff for my own discrete rollplay nag ... small but complete, perfect for a barbarian ...

Dawnguard required....
Main menu
Created by PixieGlum
Replacer for original Skyrim Main menu.
Includes new background and music.
On N you can found optional versions. In comments write your proposals....