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Roshan Defense . Beta .
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Aug 8, 2017 @ 6:42am
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Roshan Defense . Beta .

Genre: Hero Defense, RPG
Number of players: 1-5
Duration: 30+
The forces of Darkness once again gathered under the banner of the terrifying Leader and this time decided to destroy Roshan once and for all, but he decided not to be led by this terrible Destiny:
Roshan began a war for his independence and in order to free himself from the eternal damnation and finally to attain the desired peace, he must destroy the concentration of the Dark Forces! For this, he convinced a group of heroes to help him, in exchange for unlimited power and the chance to become his son.
Now the Fate of Roshan is in one hand, and in the other - Power over the whole world ...

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Alexander Nesterov - ideological mastermind
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EarthSaloMandr Dota Imba - scripting
Noya Moddota [] - guides

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Oct 10 @ 12:28pm
Sep 12 @ 4:17am
PINNED: Изменения- мать мучения
KMS po Dote
Aug 23 @ 9:28pm
"item not allowed for this hero" SERIOUS GAME BREAKING BUG
< >
Izuko Oct 25 @ 1:47pm 
Wisp is completely worthless... Upgrading damage/health and others are too expensive... need a major buff to be actual fun to play...
Bugs Bunny ^_^ Oct 25 @ 10:20am 
больше героев бесплатных!!!!
Peter Schmalazar Oct 23 @ 1:13pm 
Sans is a retarded thing to put in the game, unkillable, can't find the water or fire boss, no explanation for anything and PTW as fuck
MasterLopez Oct 18 @ 10:56am 
In my first review i said it was boring.. But seems good though.
If you are new, There is an option to play adventure mode so you can explore the map without worrying about defending your base.
Hooman Dieson Oct 17 @ 4:51pm 
Viro Oct 16 @ 2:58am 
Прекрасная кастомка.
MasterLopez Oct 11 @ 10:02am 
first time playing, game was 80 mins..
its kinda boring because of the Imba hero.
Also, I dont know whats happening.... I dont know what the towers and neutral creeps are for..
maybe it will be better if there will be a video explanation.. just like in old Dota/warcraft story mode :D
Дима-куница Oct 7 @ 3:47am 
до сих пор не понимаю, почему это дерьмо так долго висит на первой странице кастомок. )0)0)))

надеюсь оно скорос свалится на вторую страницу, ну а дальше на четвертую и этот позор больше ни кто и никогда не увидит! ))))))))000))0))
Rover Oct 4 @ 1:23am 
cant choose a hero
Mweh Oct 4 @ 12:56am 
Bug Update, random lone druid every game