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Record Player
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Aug 8, 2017 @ 1:03am
Aug 8, 2017 @ 6:30am
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Record Player

Record Player, animated and functional, made with Blender and Unity
Scripted to play encoded records with custom music on them.

One of the most common requests, mentions or complaints I've heard is the lack of ability to play your own music with the mp3 player. This project aims not to solve the lack of this functionality (as doing it this way is far from the ideal solution) but rather to temporarily work around it with a little bit of forward thinking, effort and creativity.

Yes, this does indeed play any audio file (given it's supported in Unity) to everyone in your lobby.
You can both start, stop and skip between tracks with using the animated buttons on the player and hotswap records on the fly. But let's be real for a moment and get the obvious out of the way;

You do NOT actually need ANY of this just to play music using assetbundles. Playing your own audio has for a very long time been supported, albeit hidden away by the artificial construct of "difficulty" in piloting Unity. I'm just being a smartass here and putting on a show, because being a smartass is what I do best.

On top of this workshop submission I'm providing you with a link to a unity package which contains everything you need to in just a couple of clicks build your own records with your music on them. Please note that I will NOT make ANY records for ANYONE. Detailed instructions and all the files that you will need are provided to you, and I expect you to use them. Comments asking for it will be ignored and deleted.

Instructions - How to make and build assetbundles for TTS - How to make custom records

Download and install Unity 5.6.2

Download and extract the TTS Modding Unity project

You can download the Unity package for the record here

For instructions on how to use it, refer to this video here:

Technical mentions, potential roadblocks and requests for help:

I'm not entirely sure how I would script autoplaying playlists. This would have to in some way be encoded on to the records, maybe a table in the name or description field. I'm open for suggestions on how to adress this.

Volume control - Not a clue on how I would control volume, maybe with a Unity C# script. If someone more knowlegable on this has any idea then I'd appreciate your ideas.

Potential copyright issues - If you don't believe the rights holder appreciates you distributing their music on the steam workshop then don't upload it. I'm borrowing tracks from Studio Killers for the mod, but please don't follow my example. Copyright infringement is not cool and can be risky, so if you insist on doing it then keep it behind closed doors.

Special thanks to my (current and past) Patreon supporters for supporting my projects:
  • Jeremy. S
  • Platypus
  • Corrodias
  • Ash Black
  • Connor

Official Discord:
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TheSumo Jun 27 @ 1:05pm 
When trying to build the AssetBundle, do I need to change all of the filess "AssetBundle" designation to the AssetBundle name that I am creating? Or just the "blank_record"'s designation?
twitchx06 Apr 14 @ 6:53pm 
Found an interesting issue on this where it spins a custom miscellaneous item loaded beneath it...Not sure how you would go about messing with that but just FYI
Alexander Knows Mar 18 @ 12:29pm 
This is so totally geek, I love this idea. Thanks.
CHRY  [author] Mar 7 @ 1:23am 
It is the same link, but glad it worked lol
Matt Mar 7 @ 1:04am 
I tried chrome and firefox the first time. This new link downloads a much bigger file aka the actual file so yeah, It works now, thank you.
CHRY  [author] Mar 6 @ 11:26pm 
I am convinced this issue is the way your browsers handle downloads (or seemingly fail to) of unity packages because the link autodownloads for myself and most other people. is the direct link to the file, maybe toss it in to a download manager to force a download rather than opening it.
Matt Mar 5 @ 8:38am 
Well, I tried that and managed to download a file, however it had no associated program. Tried a couple of times to get it to play ball with Unity but to no success. I'll try again some other time
CHRY  [author] Mar 5 @ 3:50am 
It downloads fine for me, your browser is probably just opening the file rather than downloading it. Save as should work.
Matt Mar 5 @ 3:45am 
The link sends me to a bunch of code, I expected a file or some kind
CHRY  [author] Mar 5 @ 2:11am 
What is broken about it?