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Necro's 72 hour maps
A collection of maps made by me for the tf2maps 72 hour jams

In order of date made:

PD Wasteland - created for the summer 2016 jam

CP Freeflow - created for the winter 2017 jam

CP Trailblazer - created for the summer 2017 jam
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Created by Halcyon
A player destruction map oringinally created for the 72hr summer jam.

"Collect fuel cans and take them to the tunnel to blow it open and get the supplies to the frontlines!!!"

Blu and Red must work together to blow open the tunnel so supplies can be ...
Created by Halcyon
Freeflow is a single-staged attack defend map, similar to cp_gorge.

Created for the tf2maps winter 72hr jam

Fubar - Water texture, pipe models
Neodement - Gate model
Sedisocks - Tree models

To play type in console: map workshop/8649347...
CP Trailblazer [72hr]
Created by Halcyon
Trailblazer is a 3cp map, similar to cp_powerhouse.

Created for the 2017 summer 72hour jam.

Thanks to void and the contributors to the autumn mini-pack specifically for custom content found in the map

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white Aug 15, 2017 @ 2:52am 
Это шикарно!))):steamhappy:
Lo-fi Longcat Aug 12, 2017 @ 7:27am 
these look REALLY good for being made in 72hours, congrats dude!