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Electric Fences and floors
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Aug 6, 2017 @ 11:56pm
Nov 21, 2018 @ 10:31am
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Electric Fences and floors

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Electric fences have been used as perimeter security measures during the whole span of the 20th century ranging from stun fences to lethal perimeter defense.

This mod aims to do just that :)

Electric fence is connected to you power grid and and the more power the grid has, the more damage the fence does. Injuries ranging from small burns to instant deaths with corpses set on fire by electrical currents.

mod contains:
- electric fence: works as a power conduit that tan be climbed (like sandbags) but does burn damage to anything potentially hostile that might try (animals and neutral factions included) when connected to power
- electric fence gate: gate that can be opened by anyone but that does damage to potentially hostile factions
- plasma version of the fence which has different power calculation which favours large stable power gains
- stun floor panels

fence does damage based on positive power gain in the power grid and on power stored in the batteries in the power grid. The more power stored in the grid, the more efficient the fence is.

alternate DL 1.8: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pzkw3fwkpcxxfnd/ElectricFence.rar?dl=0

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BookBurner  [author] Jun 23 @ 3:26am 
@Mlie thanks for taking this up :)
Mlie Jun 22 @ 1:15pm 
Made an update of this for RimWorld 1.1
Hope this helps anyone!
SheriffBennington Jun 15 @ 3:51am 
Message me the source on discord I'd love to try and see if I could get this going again @Bennington#4138
BookBurner  [author] Jun 15 @ 12:29am 
I am sorry, my mods are probably dead for the time being. I have taken on myself a Czech Chillout Space Engineers modlist. And I am in no position to develop mods for both games.

If anyone is willing, I will send him the source code for my mods and he can reupload them.
GIZMO Jun 12 @ 8:08am 
So? Where is the 1.1? :)
Lotus Elise Jun 11 @ 3:05am 
"Happy to hear this is still alive. My base defenses aren't complete without it" ... the same
BookBurner  [author] May 20 @ 12:51am 
Yep, it will be updated as well as the others. I already setup the RW with current version, and my mods. XML defs are updated. What I have to do now is to find time to setup the dev environment again and find out what changed in the game scripts :D

That applies for all my most used mods unfortunately.
Dreamyr May 19 @ 8:01pm 
Happy to hear this is still alive. My base defenses aren't complete without it. Thank you for all the work you put in making this.
ghaladh May 16 @ 6:03am 
I appreciate your commitment. Thanks for your hard work.
BookBurner  [author] May 14 @ 11:56pm 
ok, I finally got to the RW mods, and it seems there were changes that affect the scripts as well. I will have to setup my C# dev environment and recompile the scripts.