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[XND] Simple Plastic
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Aug 6, 2017 @ 9:14am
Oct 17, 2018 @ 10:38am
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[XND] Simple Plastic

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サポート日本語 (by Namsan)

This mod can safely be added to existing savegames, but issues may arise if you remove this from an existing savegame if there are any plastic items, plastic, or plastic flooring present.

Will conflict with Titanium+. If you prefer this mod's version of plastic, place this below Titanium+ in the load order.

I'm not aware of any other mods that this may conflict with.

If you find any bugs, please link me to a full output log and give some basic information on how you triggered the bug; this is vital information for me to be able to fix said bugs.

Simple Plastic is a mod that adds plastic to RimWorld as a standalone item, along with the ability to produce synthread.

Barky's Showcase!

Plastic can acquired through the following ways:
  • Production: Using a refinery to directly convert 70 logs/food items to 63 plastic. Somewhat quicker than converting said organics to chemfuel, then chemfuel to plastic.
  • Production: Using a refinery to convert 35 chemfuel to 70 plastic.
  • Trade: Purchased from bulk goods traders.
  • Scavenging: Found in cargo pods.
Both production methods require 'plastic' - a 900 point, industrial level research project - to be researched.

In terms of how good plastic is as a material, it serves as an intermediary between wood and steel. It fulfills the niche of being an easily producible material in the industrial era of the game which is also fairly lightweight and therefore good for building temporary structures or the first iteration of an outpost. Plastic counts as a 'metallic' material, meaning that it can be used in the production of helmets, turrets and so on, but it's naturally going to be worse in these roles than steel.

Plastic can also be used along with cloth to produce synthread at a tailoring bench. This in turn requires a spacer-level research project to be completed, along with at least a level 8 crafter. Much like component production from steel; synthread production from cloth and plastic isn't economically ideal. 40 cloth and 20 plastic makes 16 synthread.

Finally, there's plastic flooring which requires 2 pieces of plastic and is quicker to lay than concrete, but is also ugly like concrete and slightly flammable.

Mehni - for saving me from a massive headache over getting synthread production working
Marnador - for their amazing RimWorld style font

As is standard with my mods: you may include this mod in a mod pack, and you may derive from this, but please inform me if you're doing so through Ludeon Forums (preferably) or the Steam Comments Section, and give credit where credit's due.
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XeoNovaDan  [author] Feb 22 @ 9:24am 
Note for 1.1: This mod will not be updated
Lele Aug 16, 2019 @ 3:16am 

Good work!!!!
please add " make plastic from hay "
Pelador Dec 1, 2018 @ 2:12pm 
As far as synthetic materials go, there may be scope in making synthetic textiles like neoprene, maybe a combination of plastic and leathers. This would allow you to introduce the production of a synthetic leather material which would be rather niche. Also if it was realtively cheap to make and easy to work with as a textile it would allow for the realtive easier production of more comfortable furniture (quality), aswell as clothing items. Hopefully there are offsets that can be used to balance this whilst maintaining a balanced value for its use. Thinking it does not need to be a leather that would be best for armoured items or use but more as producing "comfort" related items which in Rimworld I believe is more linked to the quality of the item than the material itself. (unless there are offsets for this I'm unaware of).
Lumi MercuryDoll Oct 25, 2018 @ 4:50am 
Fair enough. Added a recipe in myself anyway as it seems logical that plasteel is made from polymer (aka plastic) and steel, at least it's how most depictions of it point at it. (There's even a real world material called like that! o.O ) With material requirements and worktime high enough i think it could be balanced around vanilla.

Also on the plsatic floor discussion, i assume decimal fractions for beauty values aren't possible?
bearhiderug Oct 25, 2018 @ 1:08am 
More of a baton then lol Thought it was a chisel at first was thinking those artists sculping jade and gold with that =D
Fair point about the chemfuel, and CORN/raider. I still disagree but am glad we could discuss it =]
Always looking forward to more [XND] in my load order!
XeoNovaDan  [author] Oct 25, 2018 @ 12:37am 
@bearhiderug - Though remember that plastic can even be made from rice and raiders, and IIRC even nutrient paste which is still ridiculously OP from that POV, which is good for biomes that have no native trees or poor tree-growing conditions (e.g. ice sheet, tundra). Varies by biome I guess, with many friendly biomes probably being better off with wood.

Also, plastic mace I'm afraid :P
bearhiderug Oct 24, 2018 @ 11:34pm 
Is that aplastic chisel in the photo????!!!!
bearhiderug Oct 24, 2018 @ 11:34pm 
I think a 0 beauty would be ideal. I use rimmsql to change it lol
bearhiderug Oct 24, 2018 @ 11:33pm 
Negative beauty is udnerstandable from that view point.
However. It requires research. It also has an extra step for its production. Two if you include the production of chemfuel. Your mod, I understand your opinions it simply makes zero logical sense to myself use plastic floors if they give - beauty. One could simply make wood floors, which wood can be easily grown. Or one steel for a floor of - beauty too with no extra production steps. There are several factors to the resources and there uses for both sides of this view, eather way a sculpture could solve the room beauty since the floors do have a nice color to them.
XeoNovaDan  [author] Oct 24, 2018 @ 10:18pm 
@bearhiderug - The ugliness was really just to counter its cheapness since I didn't want it to at least obsolesce wooden floors considering that plastic is also obtainable fairly earlygame. Use cases would probably just be for places where beauty doesn't matter too much (e.g. storage, barns) and you don't want to use more valuable mats like steel.