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Munich to Augsburg, Rosenheim & Innsbruck (Via Garmisch)
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Munich to Augsburg, Rosenheim & Innsbruck (Via Garmisch)

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Munich to Augsburg, Rosenheim & Innsbruck (Via Garmisch)

Notes - Not an official route, this will combine Munich to Garmisch,Munich to Augsburg, Munich Rosenhiem and Mittenwald: Garmisch to Innsbruck as a separate route. You will be able to Drive from Augsburg to Rosenheim (via Munich) as well as Innsbruck to Rosenheim via Munich & Garmisch. This route only has Quick Drive scenarios.

Route Requirements

Munich Augsburg -
Munich Garmish -
Munich Rosenheim -

For other things that I have done in my own time, I also have a facebook page with pictures from Scenarios and other routes that i've looked at.

Updates -
  • Fixed issue with routing from Rosenheim to Innsbruck (Fast Reverse at Munich)
  • Fixed issue with lighting in underground stations at Munich

Credits -

Munich Augsburg - Dovetail Games
Munich Garmisch - Dovetail Games
Munich Rosenhiem - Dovetail Games
Mittenwald - Dovetail Games (names mentioned in manual)
Combined Routes - Danny Leach

My Contributions as part of the team that did the original routes

(My Parts of Munich Augsburg and Garmish included under Dovetail games), not that much though really compared to London Brighton and South London Network.

  • Augsburg to just after Kissing Station
  • Around Munich Laim to the yard just after Passing (Towards Augsburg)
  • Adding 2015 Cars and Characters to Munich Garmish Route (didn't make the actual models)

Additonal Notes Also if you decide to rate down this route, you are perfectly entitled too of course, but I do ask though if you could say why you don't like it, as I welcome any constructive critism. (PS - I don't bite, if you say you don't like the route :) )
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Danny  [author] Feb 16, 2021 @ 1:59pm

Apologies it is in English though / Entschuldigung, es ist auf Englisch
Citybahnland Sachsen Feb 16, 2021 @ 1:57pm 
wie kann ich das selber machen
denn streckenbau
Danny  [author] Feb 16, 2021 @ 12:57pm 
Not asking for much there are you. Route building takes time and unfortunately, I don't have that much free time. I have to finish my own things before anything new.

Da fragst du nicht viel. Der Streckenbau braucht Zeit und leider habe ich nicht so viel Freizeit. Ich muss meine eigenen Sachen erledigen, bevor etwas Neues passiert. (Google Translate)
Citybahnland Sachsen Feb 16, 2021 @ 12:34pm 
Kannst du bitte die Strecke Dresden Cottbus
Dresden Hoyerswerda
Dresden Leipzig Berlin
Dresden Elsterwerda Rostock
Bauen das wäre sehr nett Danke im vorraus
Road Runner Oct 16, 2020 @ 9:10am 
Fantastic route
gokoruri1996 Jul 19, 2020 @ 7:01pm 
Thanks for sharing! You have made 4 separate route into a huge and detailed network! You can actually call it the South Bavarian & Tirol Network. Though the Tirolbahn (Brenner to Kufstein) by RSSLO seems to be hard to merge to this Network, it is still quite enormous. If DTG can remake the Rosenheim-Innsbruck line in the future, I wish there will be a complete South Bavarian & Tirol Network! Many thanks!:steamhappy:
Danny  [author] Feb 18, 2019 @ 5:26am 
It is possible to merge another route with different starting points but unfortunately not that easy without the correct tools (and also Innsbruck would be offset, as well as other issues too (different terrain textures - it is possible but I have no plans to do so - the work needed would be a lot more than a normal route merge)
Delfino Feb 18, 2019 @ 3:31am 
Is it possible to extend this even further with recently released route: "Brenner - Kufstein"?
Delfino Feb 15, 2019 @ 4:03pm 
Let's just start making scenarios now. I tried driving from Rosenheim to Innsbruck and the other way in one go and it's an amazing experience!
kaosfere Feb 15, 2019 @ 5:20am 
Got it! Thanks for clarifying that.