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Nuka World Nuka Cola Recipe Locations
By The Phantom Empriss
This is a guide on how to find All of the Nuka Cola Recipes and how to get the ‘Beverageer’ Achievement and trophy.
Nuka Recipes Locations
There are 15 recipes in total, and they all take advantage of the new Nuka-Cola flavors found throughout Nuka-World. Supplies are limited, so mix wisely. Here’s where you’ll find all the recipes.

To get the Achievement and Trophy you need to mix and have All 20 flavors of Nuka Cola's.



Nuka-Cide Recipe:
Nuka-Town USA – Cappy’s Cafe – Found in the backroom office behind the trader counter.

Nuka-Punch Recipe:
Grandchester Mystery Mansion – Located at the end of the tour, where you’ll encounter a lone Gunner boss. Found on a bureau with a yellow lamp.

Nuka-Rush Recipe:
Safari Adventure – Welcome Center – Left on the reception desk down the steps from the entrance.

Nuka-Xtreme Recipe:
Dry Rock Gulch – Theater – Up on the rooftop with the flag where you’ll claim the park for one of the Raider gangs, look on the small table next to the sitting corpse.

Nuka-Void Recipe:
Galactic Zone – Starlight Interstellar Theater – Found on the counter in the main theater area where the Sentry Bot is stationed.

Nuka-Cooler Recipe:
Galactic Zone – Star Market – Enter Star Market from the Star Control square. Just as you enter, turn left and look in the first shop — the recipe is on the book display case.

Nuka-Ray Recipe:
Galactic Zone – RobCo Battlezone – Found on the ground in the gift shop underneath the bleachers.

Nuka-Berry Recipe:
Kiddie Kingdom – King Cola’s Castle – Located in the dressing room backstage, on a counter beneath a lit mirror.

Nuka-Power Recipe:
Nuka-World Power Plant – Found in a large suspended office with a billiard table near the hatch. Look on the skeleton’s desk.

Nuka-Frutti Recipe:
Hubologist’s Camp – Found in the main diner camp area, on a booth table.

Nuka-Bombdrop Recipe:
Dry Rock Gulch – Mad Mulligan’s Mine (Exterior) – Look on the Nuka-themed food cart to the left of the Minecart ride, between the Bandit Roundup game.

Nuka-Sunrise Recipe:
Dry Rock Gulch – Crack the Expert lock on the exterior red door found to the right of the Theater.

Nuka-Lixir Recipe:
Kiddie Kingdom – Fun House – Complete the Fun House to access the Employees Only tunnels. Go to the computer terminal overlooking the two spinning platforms to find the recipe.

Nuka-Hearty Recipe:
Safari Adventure – Jungle Journey Theater – Go to the shack found behind the theater stage.

Nuka-Love Recipe:
Evan’s Home – Find this lonely scavenger south of Nuka-Station. Talk to him and say how frendly he is to strangers and he will give you the recipe.

:D Good Luck!
Nuka Cola Flavors
Nuka-Cola - 0004835d

Nuka-Cola Quantum - 0004835f

Newka-Cola - xx030eff

Nuka-Berry: xx030EFD

Nuka-Bombdrop xx03B8B4

Nuka-Buzz xx030F02

Nuka-Cherry: 00048360

Nuka-Cide xx030EF6

Nuka-Cooler: xx030EFA

Nuka-Cola Dark: xx024536

Nuka-Cola Quartz: xx024538

Nuka-Cola Orange: xx02453A

Nuka-Cola Victory: xx024544

Nuka-Cola Wild: xx02453D

Nuka-Fancy xx030F01

Nuka-Free xx042C39

Nuka-Fruti xx03B8B3

Nuka-Grape: xx024534

Nuka-Hearty xx042C3D

Nuka-Lixir xx042C41

Nuka-Love: xx030EFC

Nuka-Power: xx030EFE

Nuka-Punch: xx030EF7

Nuka-Ray: xx03B8B2

Nuka-Rush: xx030EF8

Nuka-Sunrise: xx042C43

Nuka-Twin: xx030F00

Nuka-Void: xx030EFB

Nuka-Xtreme: xx030EF9

For the xx for me it's 06. Whatever your load order number is will work for you.

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